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Bloodshed Pack
12:32:05 lexiboo
12:30:47 Waffle/syrup child
Anyone know if butchers broom and elderberry work when used at the same time?
12:30:29 Genie | Swag | Bear
Don't you just love when your data chooses to be rude and refuse to load the page :")
12:30:01 Canis Dirus
and weight 1lb at the same time

You're welcome!
12:28:14 Master of Seduction

Thank you. <3
Pack Does Not Exist
12:27:44 Wooly, Rune, Former
Its amazing how pups can grow into adults in less then 24 hours, -WP Click-
12:27:19 Genie | Swag | Bear

They just be minding their own business *^* Enjoying life XD
12:27:09 Canis Dirus
wow so hilarious xD
12:26:51 Absent
@Swagger lol right?! I love it
12:25:42 Genie | Swag | Bear

They look so innocent *^*
12:25:07 Absent
@Cereal thanks

@Swagger I know right XD
Northern river
Yay i am going to have pups and they are my first two litters plus the mothers are first time moms!
12:24:03 Genie | Swag | Bear

Ok, now that's just adorable.
12:23:27 Master of Seduction

love it. ^_^
12:23:11 Master of Seduction

-YT Click-

I'm going to be adding more soon.
12:23:06 Absent
-Click- thoughts?
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Oh shit. I'm wide awake. That's not ok. I am supposed to be going to bed >.>
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Yes. :3
12:21:35 Genie | Swag | Bear

I'm just the dude filming XD


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Mutant Wolves and Animals [Open] January 15, 2021 01:22 PM

Pack King
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[This is a remake of an old RP of mine]

Its the year 2539. The human race was wiped out centuries ago due to a strange virus that hit planet earth. This virus killed off all of the humans in a matter of weeks- it was like nothing they had ever seen before. Although, whilst the top predator had been wiped out the other animals that inhibited the planet had survived. Whilst they had survived the animals were different now in their own way. Adapting and evolving to survive the virus that ran through the water and drifted in the air affecting and changing the animals. With the humans out of the way, a new predator rose to the top of the food chain this was an intelligent, cunning and strong animal. The Wolf. Although the wolves were different now, they were bigger than before, roughly the size of a polar bear. Their sight, smell and hearing were all enhanced to amazing levels. Some even adapting to have unique deformities, some that weakened them and others that strengthened them. Just like the other animals, they had changed and for the good as they needed this to survive with the new competition and threats they had now as well as the tougher prey. A particulary pack, an old pack that originated to the times where humans were still alive were still thriving especially well. Having adapted and changed to now be one of the top predators and packs in the country. So, will they survive? Trying to survive this harsh new terrain as well as the harsher prey and tougher predators that roamed the woods now. This was the Red River Pack and they were here to stay.

-Please be at least semi literate
-Follow all WP rules set out by Eve/Mods
-Attempt to do at least 2-3 replies a day to keep this active!
-If you're not going to be active for more than 2 days please let me know and we can put your character out of action for a little while.
-Your characters cannot have any powers (this is a somewhat realistic rolepay)
-No God-Modding. If there is a problem tell me and we can try and sort it out.
-No over-powered characters
-2 characters max! (If you want extra please ask me through pm- if i let you and you cant keep up with all characters i will ask you to drop a character)
-Alphas should be mates, betas canbe mates as well but dont have to be. All other romance is allowed- just make sure both characters are okay with it of course.
-No explicit romance
-Please only join if you can committ to be being active! I reserve the right to kick anyone whos not!
-Reservations can be made but will only last 24 hours!

Edited at January 15, 2021 02:56 PM by Pack King
Mutant Wolves and Animals [Open] January 15, 2021 01:33 PM

Pack King
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Evolved Prey:

Trebax's are roughly the size of a small deer and are quite difficult to take down. They live in groups of 3-10. Quick, agile and they have a nasty bite. Quicker than a wolf but a single wolf could easily take one down. Though a group of wolves is wise if you wanted to take one down. These are probably some of the most common prey.
Description: They are deep shaped with a bushy manearound their neck they puff this up for a number of reasons to seem bigger to predators, in mating season and other reasons. They have sharp canine teeth for defence that stick out of their mouth but also have herbivour teeth for eating as they are only herbivours. Both males and females have large powerful antlers.

Capra's are great climbers and are found on the moutains or at the base of them. They live in small groups of 3-7. They are the same size as a regular goat and are relatively easy to take down.
Description: Capra's apperances are similar to that out of a mountain goat apart from they have large thick horns that could easily pierce a wolfs skin.

These are small rabbit like creatures but they have sharper teeth and claws. They live either on their own or in mated pairs raising their offspring. They can easily outrun a wolf but they are probably the easiest prey to kill for a wolf as long as you have the stealth to creep up on them before they run away.
Description: As mentioned they look like similar to rabbits but have longer legs meaning they are faster and have the sharper teeth and claws. Their whole body as well is larger than an average old rabbit. Though they have these enhanced defenses they are of no threat to a wolf.

Brevis' are the same size and body shape as a duck, living by themselves or in mated pairs with their offspring. They have tough scaly skin and meat but can be seen as prey to many who are hungry enough but wouldnt be a first choice as well.
Description: They are the same size and body shape as a duck but with scaly and tough skin. Having little to no feathers on their bodies. Only on the back of their heads and on their wings. Also having a long tongue that if touches the open wound of an animal will poision the animal. Nothing fatal but the creature infected will be bed-ridden for either 1 to 2 days.

A Ditio is a very difficult prey to take down. They are the same size as a large moose, sometimes even larger. They are extremely aggressive to any and all predators, having thick skin, powerful kicks and sharp and deadly antlers as well as sharp teeth (as well as herbivour teeth). Because of their large size and strength it would take at least a small group of wolves (3 or more) to take one down and sometimes even more than that anything less would be putting their lives at risk. Females live in groups of up to 15 with a lead female whilst males live on their own and only merge with groups in mating time.
Description: Moose shaped creatures with a lion head and mane. Large antlers, sharp claws and sharp teeth. They have tough skin and are herbivours so their teeth is only for defence. The have powerful hooves they can stomp and kick with.

Altus' are large, thick skinned creatures and takes a decently sized group of wolves to take one down (4-5 maybe more). They are slow peaceful creatures until provoked and do live in groups of up to 12 normally made up of family. They are easily able to kill a wolf with even just the one.
Deescription: An Altus is an asian elephant sized and shaped creatures. They have very large tusks but have alos thicker legs almost like tree trunk legs, easily able to crush a whole wolf under.

Clarus' are strange creatures with a deadly defence. They can emit a high pitched sound that can deafen a wolf from either a few hours or a few days max. They are half the size of an average human but are quite easy to take down as long as you get to them quickly. They are solitary creatures and a single wolf could easily take one down.
Description: They have the body that is basically a large rats, whilst the head is more bird like and they have a beak with large eyes. Their tail is long and whip like as well.

A Pellis is a small elephant sized creature and are very aggressive animals. They can easily kill a wolf but would take a small group of wolves to take one down and are very dangerous to come across or mess with. Pellis' are solitary creatures.
Description: Pellis' are very much simialr to warthog with few changes. The differences are that they larger than one and they have 6 tusks instead of 2.

A Ecus' acts very similar to the common day horse and looks similar to one as well. They live in groups of up to 30 creatures. They are quick and non aggressive. They will flee at the slightest sign of danger and will almsot never fight back, the only cases that they have been fighting back is a mother over a calf. It would take 2 or more wolves to take one down
Description: They look so very similar to a common day horse but have the horns of a bull for both male and female that start at the top of their head but curl round to the side of their head so the sharp horns are either side of the eyes. They are as bulky as a bull.

A Metus is a strange creature, extremely powerful, slow and not very intelligent. They are probably the most dangerous prey to try and take down and would take almost half the pack to take one down. They live in groups of up to 9.
Description: Their body is very similar to a gorilla and the head is similar to a horses with bull horns on the top and down to the side of their head. They are rougly the size and a half of an african elephant.

Edited at January 15, 2021 02:14 PM by Pack King
Mutant Wolves and Animals [Open] January 15, 2021 02:24 PM

Pack King
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Other Predators:

These animals are roughly the same size as an old wolf but have sharper teeth and claws than before. They are slightly faster than the now wolf but are now scavengers generally and are now some of the lowest on the food chain. Living in groups of 1-6.
Description: They look like a wolf but have sharper teeth that permantly sticking out of their mouths and they also have small spikes and spines that run along their back.

Cicuta's are definitely one to be avoided. They have spikes around their heads and at the tip of their tails that excrete deadly poision which is very dangerous to wolves and can kill a wolf in a few days (the last few days of their lives is full of agony. There is a rare antidote that VERY few wolves know the reciepe to.) These creatures live in groups of 3-8, usually creating circles around younger members of the group when threatened for defence.
Description: They are the same size as an old fox but their shape is a long lion with spikes around its headand at the tip of their tail. Somewhat similar to a porcupine.

Palus' are very similar to an old crocodile but are much much larger than before. They live in the rivers/swamps. They can feel the vibrations through the water, even the smallest ones and have amazing eyesights allowing them to see through the murky water they live in. They are solitary creatures.

Exilus' are panther like creatures and are extremely stealthy. They are great swimmers and are solitary creatures, they are dangerous to a single wolf but a few wolves could easily take one down.
Descirption: They are smooth, hairless panther-like creatures with large claws and spikes/fins on the back of its head and base of its tail.

A Sagax is an extremely fast creature and lives in groups of up to 20ish animals. They are half the size of the adapted wolves but are great team-workers with excellent co-ordination. They are a dangerous as a group to a single wolf and it would take at least 4-5wolves to fend off a decent sized group of sagax's. If there is not enough wolves to fend off a group the best choice is for a wolf to run.
Description: They look rather similar to an old hyena but have a more stockier and muscular body. Their claws and teeth are much sharper though.

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Mutant Wolves and Animals [Open] January 15, 2021 02:47 PM

Pack King
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Pack Ranks:

Alpha Male: Will be chosen in the RP (PLEASE PUT IF YOUR INTERESTED IN THE SPOT)
Alpha Female: Gia / 5 years / Pack King

Beta Male: Arukhan/5 years old/~Savages~
Beta Female: Avaliable

Lead Warrior: Nefeli/7 years old/Silhouettes

-Fang/4 years old/Saratank
-Callum/5 years old/Scarecrow Ranch
-NightMoon/3.5 years old/Deathclaw

Lead Hunter: Vindyll/6 years old/Stained Red

-Blizzard/6 years old/Pack King
-Luna/4 years old/Saratank
-Dhiren/5 years 4months/Stained Red
-Atlas/3 years 8 months/Stained Red
-Sage/4 years old/Hurricane Blizzards

Lead Scout: Clarice/4 years old/AppleBottomJeans

-Anneke/4 years 6 months/Sanania
-Exos/4 years old/Pack King

Lead Healer: Seven/4 years and 9 months/Pandicorn

-Athelstan/6 years old/AppleBottomJeans

Lead Omega: Avaliable

-Damine/4.5 years old/Clockster


Edited at January 29, 2021 05:52 PM by Pack King
Mutant Wolves and Animals [Open] January 15, 2021 02:50 PM

Pack King
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Application Form:
Pack Name:
Character Name:
Apperance [Description only]
Weight [In KG]:
Height [In Inches]:
Desired Rank:
Mutant Wolves and Animals [Open] January 15, 2021 02:53 PM

Pack King
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The roleplay link will go below:

The Discussion thread:
The Roleplay thread:

Edited at January 26, 2021 04:20 PM by Pack King
Mutant Wolves and Animals [Open] January 15, 2021 02:53 PM

Pack King
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[ C H A R A C T E R - O N E]

Character Name: Gia
Age: 5 years old
Gender: Female
Appearance: Gia is a large female with a faded liver base coat, this has cream markings on top of her base. She has cream legs that go up to her under belly, the tip of her tail is also cream in colour, her cheeks are cream and her back is littered in cream speckles. Her nose, inner ears and paw pads are a soft pink in colour. Whilst her eyes are a dark ocean blue. Her coat is rather thick, keeping her nice and warm in the winter months but sometimes almost to the point of over heating in summer at times. Her build is very muscular and bulky for a female, whilst she has the muscle she also has the athletisim to her as well. Either way she remains to be one of the largest wolves in the pack which she has her alpha genes to thank for this. Gia does have a special adaptation to her and that she has very sharp, elongated hooked claws (one on each paw). Her hooked claws very obviously stand out of her paw pads and are intimidating to those that oppose her whether it be another wolf or another predator/prey. They curl around like raptor claws and are deadly sharp.
Weight: 390kg
Height: 70 inches [1.75 inches]
Gia is a rather outgoing character. She enjoys being the centre of attention and making friends with as many wolves as she can. She is very welcoming and doesnt like to exclude others from conversations or groups. She is understanding and likes to give everyone a second chance whether they may or may not deserve it. She's funny and finds it easy to get on with others. She treats everyone fairly, but she isnt afraid to put someone in their place either when she feels that she needs to. Although she is fair she can be authoraitive and makes sure everyone does follow the rules. She is also a dominant character and likes to be in control over most matters especially since she is the alpha female. She makes sure no one steps out of their rank and listens to those who are higher ranking than them. Even though she is welcoming and kind, she can turn to her aggressive side quickly if pushed to it and when she snaps it is not fun for anyone involved as she can have such an ill mannered temper and attitude. To convince someone to do something for her or to get her own way, she can be rather flirtatious/charming to others when she thinks it will help her.
Strengths: Gia being a bulky, well muscled wolf means that she has a lot of strength behind her of course. All 5 of her senses are keen and sharp as well. She is extremely intelligent meaning that she is good with thinking up tactics and plans. Gia is good with her stamina and is able to sustain a chase for a decent amount of time without getting tired, although her speed isnt fantastic. As she is a friendly wolf, its easy for her to make friendsand get on with others. She will also use her charm, wit and somewhat flirtatious behaviour to her strength.
Weaknesses: She isn't the most agile and stealthy wolf, her bulky body means that she isnt as good at stalking. Instead her rawstrength means she uses brute strength. She isnt the fastest wolf either, but her stamina makes up for it. She can also be too trusting for her own good and can give chances to those who may not deserve it. Her short temper can sometimes also get the best of her.
Fears: Thunder/Lightning- reminds her of the night her father died by a pack of Sagax's
Hobbies: Swimming, training and climbing.
Crush/Mate: Not sure as of yet.
Desired Rank: Alpha Female
Other: She of course is a long descendnt of the original alphas of the pack dating back to the human eras. She had to go through many rigorous tests and training to get to the position shes in today.

[C H A R A C T E R - T W O]

Character Name: Blizzard
Age: 6 years old
Gender: Male
Appearance: Blizzard is a decently muscled male. Not overly large but not too scrawny either. The base of his coat is a snow white colour whilst the bottom of his legs are black and the higher up you get until his under belly the black turns into balck speckles instead of just black. His nose is also black in colour and his eyes are a bright light blue in colour. His fur is medium thickness means he is warm in the winter but also keeps cool in the summer.
Weight: 300kg
Height: 62 Inches [1.55 meters]
Personality: Blizzard is a friendly wolf but also enjoys being by himself as well. He likes being in groups, especially when it comes to group hunts which is one of his favourite things to do. But he also enjoys relaxing and chilling by himself as well. He is protective over those that he loves and cares for, he can be somewhat welcoming but he is extremely untrusting and wary of those who are new and takes a while to gain his trust. He also enjoys keeping himself busy and dislikes wolves who would rather just sit around all day long and do nothing meaning he is rather fit and active.
Strengths: Blizzard is a decently strong wolf and is a decent fighter but his real skill lies within hunting. When hunting he is more useful when it comes to hunting larger creatures due to his decent body size. he is quite stealthy when he needs to be as well as agile. Plus because he likes to keep fit and active so he has great stamina and speed to him. His eyesight and sense of smell is on point as well.
Weaknesses: His hearing isnt the best and can find himself often missing small things that most other wolves would have picked up on. Though somewhat strong, he definitely is not the strongest wolf either and uses a combination of stamina, speed and strength to win a battle as he finds he has some of the best stamina in the pack.
Fears: Trsuting the wrong wolves
Hobbies: Running, swimming, climbing, fitness related stuff as well as relaxing by himself.
Crush/Mate: N/A- May be able to develope something in the RP
Desired Rank: Hunter
Other: N/A

Edited at January 25, 2021 05:37 PM by Pack King
Mutant Wolves and Animals [Open] January 15, 2021 03:24 PM

Stained Red
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May I reserve lead hunter?
Mutant Wolves and Animals [Open] January 15, 2021 04:50 PM

Pack King
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Stained Red said:
May I reserve lead hunter?

Yes, I'll reserve that for you~
Mutant Wolves and Animals [Open] January 15, 2021 06:34 PM

Posts: 553
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May I reserve Lead Warrior and Beta Female?
Not much time, if not allowed, one hunter and beta female

Edited at January 15, 2021 06:34 PM by Maleficent

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