08:31:35 Sav, Nickname Giver

Uhhh I dont think so missy. >:(

No marrying without my say so young one.
Raging Flames
08:31:35 Flames, Hubby, Nerd
dare me to make a good flax wolf?
Black Dahlia
08:31:09 Dahlia, Meowth
Oh yeah, saw that and congrats! :)

And I'm just eh lol I'm way too tired today, I don't have me a WP hubby...

BUT I got a free wolf that I love :3
08:31:07 Sav, Nickname Giver

Yeah I woke up this morning feeling terrible so I stayed home from school. :(

My stomach is killing me, my throat is sore and im dizzy as hell.
Pack King
08:30:36 Lauren | PK
Kylo has barely been bred to yet he produces some decent pups. Mad :p
Moonlit Wolf
08:30:30 Tristan, Hawk
Cries I said your name
Raging Flames
08:29:52 Flames, Hubby, Nerd

i really don't know XD
08:29:46 Sihae
Don't be sick! D:
08:29:32 Fade | Memory
I'm getting (wp) married to the wonderful Peaceful Vengeance <33

How are you? :)
08:29:14 KitKat/Stalker
@flames did you say something by chance? i saw my name seconds ago
08:28:53 Sav, Nickname Giver
Nope this is sick 🤢
08:28:51 KitKat/Stalker
-WP Click-

Suggestion for unbury items in inventory.

-WP Click-
Suggestion for dividing up game mail. 200+supports already!
Black Dahlia
08:28:41 Dahlia, Meowth
Lol, how so?
08:28:29 Fade | Memory
Literally one of my best days on WP EVER.
Crescent Moon Pack
08:28:22 Blue--Devil
I miss his parents though. Hokuto was such a good breeder, and Tarmes best boi :'(
08:28:18 Sav, Nickname Giver
I think im worrying myself sick :(
08:27:17 KitKat/Stalker
im quite loud
08:27:12 KitKat/Stalker
@cres haha so I got cries in the dark, noises and screams in the dark. niice
Moonlit Wolf
08:27:03 Tristan, Hawk
Thanks for that pup cries I love her
Crescent Moon Pack
08:26:45 Blue--Devil
Pffff- scream in the dark


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    || CHANGED || OPEN || Semi-Literate Wolf RP || Sign-Ups || November 15, 2020 01:11 PM

Ashen Kingdom
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They were just a normal wolf pack when the wave hit. A ripple of energy, leaving the wolves in unconcious-like states.

When they woke up, nothing was the same.

The world was different, more dangerous than they could ever imagine, and they themselves had Changed

The pack must now learn to survive in a cruel new world, and find paradise, before it's too late.

{- - - - - - - - }


1. This is a Semi-Literate so responses must be 8+ sentences. I understand if you occasionaly have Writers Block and will excuse shorter.

2. Keep everything PG-13

3. Reservations last 48 hours. You cannot double reserve.

4. No OP characters, and no Mary or Gary Sues. Characters must have flaws. Hide pineapple in Appearance if you have read rules, please read Info.

5. Be kind to each other outside of RP, inside RP fighting is aloud.

6. Use brackets of some kind when chatting outside of Roleplay.

7. Ask for permission before hurting or kiling another persons character.

8. Follow WP guidelines.

9. Must post at least 3 times per week. Try to be active best you can, and PM me if you are going to be inactive.

10. Ask me before starting any major events or natural disasters.

11. Keep genders even

12. You may have up to 2 wolves for now.

13. No swearing

14. Make sure to subsribe.

15. You cannot have 2 wolves in the same class

{ - - - - - }


Sign Ups : Your here

Discusion : -Here-

RP : -Here-

{ - - - - - }


The wolves were just a normal wolf pack, minding their own bussines throughout the day. The wolves were just completely normal, no powers or mutations. They had no idea when the [Sensored for RP secret reasons] hit, and nearly as soon as it, they were forced into unconcious-like states.

When they awoke, they had no clue what happened, and were forced into an entirely different, though still the same, world, and a new them.

Below, you can find the roles. Each wolf is required to have one of these roles, they mention the mutations and abilities your wolf will recieve, and sometimes personality traits and relations. They must have all of these characteristics, unless it is marked as Optional

Your Role may mention that is has 'Outside species DNA & Features. This means they have features of another animal. You can have up to 5 features or abilities related to that animal. The animal will be placed in the Outside Species, and the features will be added to appearance.

The Class is just the type of mutations your wolf recieves. The High Class are those who are a High Rank. The Tainted class are those who's DNA had been tainted to make their appearance change drastically or their own soul to be corrupt. Still with me? I changed my mind, hide raven in other if you have read all the info. he Gifted are those who have recieved 'gifts' of new abilities or powers. The Untouchable are those who are dangerous to get close to, wether it be the Untouchable Wolf or the creature getting close.

They are a pack, so they already know each other. There are some predetermined relationships, but other than that, the wolves should get along fairly. Not always however, and especially with the mutations, things might get a little tough in the pack relationship.

Edited at November 24, 2020 05:39 PM by Ashen Kingdom
|| CHANGED || OPEN || Semi-Literate Wolf RP || Sign-Ups || November 15, 2020 02:59 PM

Ashen Kingdom
Posts: 265
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The Alpha
- Faster reflexes and Stronger than normal
- Longer claws
- Unidentified Growth Mutation
Large Range Telepathy
Claimed by Ashen Kingdom

The Beta
- Minimal Outside Species DNA & Features
- 6 long limbs
- Faster Reflexes
- Short Range Telepathy
- 3 eyes
- Split Jaw
Claimed by Tirollyrr

The Herbalist
- Physicaly weak
- Can speak/manipulate plants
- Can't feel any emotion, at all
- Slightly enjoys pain (self and others)
- Enemies with Shaman
- Vines in fur (Unremovable)
Claimed by Moss-patch

The Shaman
- Can manipulate water
- Can speak to the dead (Through Dreams)
- Outside Marine Animal DNA & Species
- Enemies with Herbalist
Claimed by Blue Citrus

The Soldier
- Thick Scales and Skin
- Horns or Antlers
- Thin/Lizard-like tail
Blades that extend from wrists

The Master
- High level intelligence
- Can master any skill
- Low mental state
- Outside species DNA & Features

The Tank
- No fur or skin. Outside is made completely out of metal plates, each plate forming a joint.
- Robotic and slow/jagged walk, and metalic/Robotic voice.
- Will rust if wet
- Strongest wolf physicaly, but extremely slow


The Monster
- Unhinged Jaw
- Barely looks Wolf
- Quills and multiple Rows of Teeth
- Craves Flesh
Claimed by Ashen Kingdom

The Conjoined
- Once two different wolves
- Two heads and tails
- Split Personalities
- Minimal outside Species DNA & features
- Friends with Cerberus

The Lost
- White, Unblinking, and glowing eyes
- Internally rotting
- Covered in tar-like goop that can 'Suck the Soul' out of a wolf
- Mute
Claimed by Blue Citrus

The Griffin
- Bird head and wings
- Lion tail
- Skittish/Avian insticts
- Broken Speech

The Vampire
- Dark/Brooding personality
- Unnaturaly pale fur
- Red eyes
- Uncontrollable thirst for blood
- Grows bat wings (Will rip through spine and skin, causing extreme pain and lots of blood loss, but they should not die.)

The Spider
- Multiple red eyes
- Extra spider legs connected to spine
- Web sacs near jaw that can shoot webs
- Temporarily paralyzing bite
- Siblings with Scorpion

The Feline
- Big cat features & DNA
-- Thick fur along neck and scruff
- Semi-retractable longer claws
- Can see well in the dark
- Attracted to shiny or swinging objects
- Male

The Bat
- Bad eyesight
- Has excellent hearing, and can use echolocation
- Bat-like wings (Optional)
-Siblings with Owl

The Owl
- Skittish/Avian instincts
- Round owl-like face and beak
- Can't digest fur and bones
- Great Vision
- Talons, unnaturally silent
- Feathers (Optional, no wings)
Siblings with Bat

The Scorpion
- Thick skin that acts like armor
- Long and venemous scorpion tail
- Immune to posion
- Extra red eyes (Optional)
- Scales (Optional)
- Siblings with Spider

The Viper
- Forked tongue
- Scales
- Spikey, Bush Viper spikes along scruff, haunches, and paws
- Scales change color depending on mood
-Venomous bite that causes temporary loss of limb control

The Cerberus
- Ginormous, biggest wolf
- 3 heads
- Reptile tail
- Friends with Conjoined


The Spark
- Can spit electric saliva
- Static fur
- Can survive high voltage
- Must be trainee
- Sibling to Frost, Ember, Breeze, Droplet and Bud

The Frost
- Freezing Breath
- Extremely cold. Must stay by Ember or they will completely freeze over.
- Must be trainee
- Can survive very low temperatures.
- Siblings with Spark, Ember, Breeze, Droplet and Bud.
Enemies to Sun and Moon

The Ember
- Fire breath
- Extremely hot. Must stay by Frost or they will burn.
- Must be trainee
- Can survive extremely high temperatures
- Siblings with Spark, Frost, Breeze, Droplet and Bud
- Enemies with Sun, Moon and Poison

The Breeze
- Can manipulate wind
- Very fragile and light
- Wings (Optional)
- Must be trainee
- Can survive high altitudes, and a long time without air
- Siblings with Spark, Frost, Ember, Droplet and Bud
Claimed by The Snowboi

The Droplet
- Can manipulate water
- Can Breathe Underwater/Has gills
- Outside Marine Species DNA & Features
- Siblings with Spark, Frost, Ember, Breeze, and Bud

The Bud
- Can manipulate plants
- Insides are infested with plants, and their fur is covered with plants
- Cannot recall the past (Looses all memeories as they go)
- Must be trainee
- Immune to posion and does not need to breathe
Claimed by Riverwing Anxiety

The Pure
- No outside DNA or features
- Immune to telepathy
- Shy/Antisocial

The Gemstone
- Gems potrude out of fur. Can be retracted.
- Mood ring eyes and gems
- Can mimic any sound except voices except voices.
- Mute
Claimed by Ripple Pack

The Immortal
- Must be a pup
- Has golden blood
- Can't die from unnatural causes. (Falls, Drowing, Fire, Injuries)
- Can die from natural causes. (Sickness, Hunger, thirst, and age.)
- Ages very slow
- Siblings with Flicker, and Lunar
Claimed by dojejes wolf pack

The Flicker
- Must be a pup
- Can turn invisible
- Can not hold current state for more than a minute. (Constantly flickering in and out of sight)
- Siblings with Immortal, and Lunar
Claimed by Riverwing Anxiety

The Lunar
- White, glowing, unblinking eyes
- Female
- Pup
- Unnaturally wise
- Pale, stone colored pelt
- Chrystal dragon spikes running down her back
- Friends with Moon
Siblings with Immortal and Flicker
Claimed by Tirollyrr

The Unicorn
- Singular curved horn on forehead
- Can charm anyone into liking/loving them
- A HUGE player
- Albino white fur and red eyes

The Mist
- Murky fur, that is misty and body is slightly transparent
- Can predict Storms and bad weather
- Can change state ( Solid to Gas )
- Huge mood swings


The Omega
- Female
- Short range telepathy
- Outside Species DNA & Species
- Physically weak
- Mentally strong

The Butterfly
- Female
- Extremely fragile Butterfly wings
- Wings are extremely beautiful and can hypnotize any who look into them for too long
- Feathery fur and shimmering rainbow speckles, scales, and eyes
- Wings will shatter if touched by an agressive wolf
Claimed by Animalsandlife

The Dragon
- Hoards and is extremely protective over items
- Scales and dragon wings
- Male
- Can breathe fire, but it burns his throat
- If scales are touched purposely, whoever touched them becomes the Dragons Property (Dragon will get possesive and extremely protective.)

The Poison
- Poisonous blood, spit, and quills, which completely covers them. They are poisonous to the touch.
- Acid spitting fangs
- Thick shell over spine
- Enemies with Ember

The Sun
- Heated/Aggressive personality
- Loves Moon
- Can ignite into a blazing fire
- Can summon flames and spit burning lava
- When feeling intense emotions, everything around him will burn
- Enemies with Ember and Frost
- Male
Reserved for River Ripple

The Moon
- Female
- Cold/Shy personality
- Loves Sun, but lives in his shadow
- Can turn area around her freezing cold
- Everything around her will freeze when she is feeling intense emotions
- Enemies with Ember and Frost
Claimed by The Snowboi

Edited at November 25, 2020 05:14 PM by Ashen Kingdom
|| CHANGED || OPEN || Semi-Literate Wolf RP || Sign-Ups || November 15, 2020 10:05 PM

Ashen Kingdom
Posts: 265
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R A N K S - A N D - C H A R A C T E R S

Alpha : The Leader of the Pack. They have full control over everything, and manage the pack. [1/1]
{ Fen | Female | The Alpha | 5 years | Pg. 1 | Ashen Kingdom }

Beta : The second-in-command. They take over for the Alpha when needed and also act as an advisor for the Alpha. They become Alpha when the current Alpha dies. [1/1]
{ Viskryn | Male | The Beta | 4 years | Pg. 4 | Tirollyrr }

Herbalist : The healer of the pack. They treat any injuries or sicknesses in the pack, and can also act as an advisor for the Alpha. [1/1]
{ Star-gazer | Female | The Herbalist | 3 Years | Pg. 5 | Moss-patch }

Shaman : The Shaman is the pack's conection to their ancestors. They organize Rituals and 'spells' in order to speak to them. [1/1]
{ Azrael | Male | The Shaman | 3 years | Pg. 1 | Blue Citrus }

Subordinate : The members of the pack. They hunt and fight for the pack, and make sure the camp is well protected. [5/24]
{ Lillith | Female | The Lost | 5 Years | Pg. 3 | Blue Citrus }
{ Rowan | Female | The Butterfly | 4 years | Pg. 3 | Animalsandlife }
{ Opal | Female | The Gemstone | 3 years | Pg. 8 | RipplePack }
{ Aisling | Female | The Moon | 4 years | Pg. 7 | The Snowboi }
{ Loki | Male | The Monster | 6 Years | Pg. 9 | Ashen Kingdom }

Juvenile : The wolves 1-2 years of age who are training to be a Subordinate. [2/6] (Reserved for The Spark, The Frost, The Ember, and The Droplet)
{ Zenith | Male | The Bud | 2 Years | Pg. 2 | Riverwing Anxiety}
{ Alya | Female | The Breeze | 2 years | Pg. 3 | The Snowboi }

Pups : The wolves 0-1 years of age. They are not required to do any tasks. They are allowed out of camp, but have to stay with a Adult Wolf in the area. [3/3]
{ Viridian | Male | The Flicker | 1 year | Pg. 1 | Riverwing Anxiety}
{ Thyrivar | Female | The Lunar | 1 year | Pg. 4 | Tirollyrr }
{ Rune | Male | The Immortal | 1 Year | Pg. 6 | dojejes wolf pack}

Omega : The weakest member or outcast of the pack. In some cases, they might have comited a crime, but were not Exiled or Executed. They do all the dirty work that no other wolf wants to do, and normally watch the pups. [0/1] (Reserved for The Omega)

Bio male : 6/19

Bio female : 8/19

S I G N - U P S

Name :

Gender :

Role :

Rank :

Age :

Outside species :

Siblings :

Appearance : 5+ sentences

Personality : 3+ sentences

Likes :


Fears :

Other :

Edited at November 20, 2020 03:17 PM by Ashen Kingdom
|| CHANGED || OPEN || Semi-Literate Wolf RP || Sign-Ups || November 15, 2020 10:43 PM

Ashen Kingdom
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The Alpha



Outside species


Fen is very strong and muscular, with legs that are slightly on the shorter side, and huge paws, with slightly spayed toes. Her claws are abnormaly huge and long, digging into the ground at times. She has a thick and strong neck and head. She has a sloped forehead and a slightly angled downwards muzzle, with a pointed black nose. She has almond shaped eyes, which are a deep copper color and give her quite and indimidating and fierce expression

Fen has a long, plumed tail with a muscular and slightly thick body, though she isn't fat in any way. Her legs are covered in a short silver fur, which fade darker up at her upper foreleg, and quickly get darker. The majority of her torso is a dark grey, with an almost blue-ish tint. Her neck has pale silver fur, and her lower muzzle is the same color. She has a clean, jet black stripe over her nose, and large black ears. Her spine is jet black, which fades into the blueish-grey color. The black line spreads from in-between her ears down to the base of her tail, where it plumes out to silver at the tip.

The changes are not completely obvious, and she still looked the same after the transformation, other than larger paws and claws, and ever slightly longe front fangs.

Fen is very strict and controlling. She always makes sure everyone knows she is in charge, and enjoys the feeling of being in command. She alwys makes sure everyone is on task, and the rankings and pecking order is very strict. He is constantly barking out orders to the woves, and a small punishment is sure to follow if they are slacking off.

Fen is very blunt. Blurting out her thoughts before she an think about the effect it will have on the other wolves. She can often seem very mean because of this, and her indimidating and fierce appearance only makes things worse. Fe acts on instict, acting on things before thinking them through. She is extremely strong, and is a exxelent fighter.

While she may seem mean or too strict at times, she always has the best intentions at heart. She loves her pack members, well, most of them, and wants to make sure theey are all safe and happy. She may seem a little heartless to her enemies, destroying them without a second thought. But in the end, she has to live with that quilt, and just wanted to dystroy any dangers to her or her pack.

Fen can also be a little selfish at times, and in danger situations she would want to help herself first. Fen prefers to be alone, but has no problem comunicating or talking to other wolves. Fen is not the smartest wolf, and often depends on her Beta, Herbalist, and Shaman to help make the important decisions. However, she is still a quick thinker, just won't come up with the best solutions.

- Natures music, while she lays alone in the soft grass.
- Obediant and strong woves
- Her pack
- Pups
- Hunting
- Being in control

- Creatures smaller than a Raven. She has no problem crushing the little creatures underfoot, and would never eat them
- Storms or rain, being wet
- Big, unexpected changes. Fen doesn't do well with large changes.
- Humans

- Earthquakes
- Death
- Being poisoned


Edited at November 18, 2020 07:31 PM by Ashen Kingdom
|| CHANGED || OPEN || Semi-Literate Wolf RP || Sign-Ups || November 15, 2020 11:28 PM

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meaning: "The Angel of Death"




The High Class




About 30 moons, though he likes to act older and more mature than he is.

Outside species?

A leafy sea dragon


When the Lightning struck the pack Azrael was far from the bulk of the group. Lying peacefully on what was soon to be the last night of his life, staring into the water of a quiet lagoon. Fish swam just below the glassy surface, making miniscule ripples with their tails in their search for food. He was on the verge of sleep when the energy hit the shoreline. He was slammed forwards by the mysterious unstoppable force, straight into the water. The fish scattered as he floated to the bottom, knocked out cold. It was a miracle he didn't drown right there, in the silence of the deep water. But he emerged a new, more grotesque and unnatural creature. One half fish, half wolf. A mutant.

Azrael is a rather thin, slender wolf, built for agility and speed. He was always the runt of the litter, not as fast or strong as his siblings. One could always tell he was a little off. His ribcage a little too visible, his legs and muzzle a little too long, his muscles never quite filling out his frame even as he grew older and taller. His coat was previously made up of different shades of grey - dark, almost coal black on his back, fading to a lighter grey with a white patch on his chest. Now his entire color palatte has been shifted, gaining a deep, murky green tint. Strange fins in varying shades of green, that resemble loose seaweed fronds, grow from his back like spines. They fall limply over his side and trail on the ground, almost like a horse's mane and tail. His long tail is similarly weighed down by these new fins, too long and heavy to hold up on land. It instead behind him as he walks. When he is swimming or in the water, you can see his fins more clearly. His tail is actually a long, eel-like fin, mainly covered by his seaweed "mane". His paws have gotten larger and developed webbing in between the toes so he can swim more easily. The fur on his ankles is longer as well, falling over his paws like feathers on a horse. And this fur has more of the same seaweed fins, though they are smaller and there are fewer of them. His strange new trailing fins, monochrome colors and long, semi-shaggy grey coat give him an offputting gloomy, almost otherworldly appearance. Almost as if he was disintegrating before your eyes.

He has striking silver eyes, reminicent of staring into a full moon. He has no pupils after the incident, but that hasn't seemed to effect his vision. He is a creepy, unnatural mutant, but he manages to somehow simultaniously be a very graceful and proud creature. Long-legged and thin, like a character from a stop-motion Tim Burton film come to life.


Azrael comes across as a mysterious, dark and somber creature that many choose to avoid. He comes across as well-spoken, polite and reserved, if eerie and maybe a bit gloomy or apathetic. He takes great pains to appear more mature, knowledgable or wise than he actually is, and dreads being treated like a pup. This can make him act pretentious, temperamental and petty at times, if he feels like he is being ignored or talked over. He can be quite the vengeful and stubborn creature, holding onto grudges seemingly without end. And few know this better than The Medic. If you wrong him he will remember. And though he won't directly confront you about it without prompting, he will not forget what you did. Overall you must remember that this is a relatively young, immature wolf thrust into a place of high power, and he still doesn't know how to control his new abilities - or utilize his new influence. His own abilities to dream the dead back to life are still nearly foreign to him, and he can't even begin to seek out specific souls or even control when he visits the afterlife.

On a lighter note, Azrael is a very creative, intelligent soul who loves philosophizing about the world around him, and how he and the rest of the pack fits into it. This can quickly turn nihilistic, but you will see that he is a very observant, curious and insightful creature. An introvert by nature, he needs time away from the chaos and noise of pack life to unwind and think things over. He prides himself on his ability to see beauty and potential even when others don't, and he does have a knack for it. If you can get close to him you'll find a much more vibrant, intelligent and intriguing wolf - warm, open-minded, and willing to share his own strange, inner world with you.

Theme song

"Way Down We Go" by Kaleo.


Sorry it's so long, I got really into making him. ^^

If you couldn't tell he was loosely based on a kelpie, I meant it when I said the seaweed fins were like a horse mane/tail. They do actually look like natural seaweed - like long, normal-sized strands of seaweed. Not scaled up to be as big on him as they are on a leafy sea dragon (because those things are teeny.)

Also - is he allowed to have solid silver eyes with no pupils?

Edited at November 22, 2020 02:06 PM by Blue Citrus
|| CHANGED || OPEN || Semi-Literate Wolf RP || Sign-Ups || November 16, 2020 09:43 AM

Ashen Kingdom
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Blue Citrus - Accepted! I love him! ^^ He can have solid silver eyes, it really fits, and I love his appearance. :D

|| CHANGED || OPEN || Semi-Literate Wolf RP || Sign-Ups || November 16, 2020 10:05 AM

Posts: 994
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Res. The flicker?
|| CHANGED || OPEN || Semi-Literate Wolf RP || Sign-Ups || November 16, 2020 10:06 AM

Ashen Kingdom
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Riverwing - Of course! ^^

|| CHANGED || OPEN || Semi-Literate Wolf RP || Sign-Ups || November 16, 2020 11:20 AM

Posts: 994
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(Can I res the moon too)

Name : viridian, viri to family, flick to friends

Gender : male

Role : flicker

Rank : pup

Age : 1

Outside species : Role will mention if they have it. Insert the animal you are fuging with your wolf, but do the features you add in appearance. Do not add to many.


Siblings : lunar and immortal

Appearance :5+ sentences (Must have all the physical traits mentioned in the Role's info.)

It was early morning. Most wolves were asleep. But this snowy winter morning was exciting- maybe just to viri. He'd go on his first hunt later today.

Shuffling off from his mother's warmth, he trotted off and stared at his reflection on the ice sheets that drifted across the surface of the river. Viridian's eyes shifted from his violet eyes down to his stout black figure, little flecks of grey and white lining his back and a white okapi circling his legs. His tail and ears were tipped in white. Hmm.. what would happen to his reflection if he became invisible for a little while? Focusing on himself and imagining his image shimmering into the air, he dissappeared. The reflection didn't go away. Bewildered, he let down his gaurd, and returned to his mother's side, curling up into a ball and falling back asleep.

Personality :3+ sentences

Well, of course, although he is stubborn, nobody can judge an innocent pup!

Uhh.. or maybe not so innocent?

Viridian is fairly smart, just enough to let him devise clever schemes to steal your meals. He loves eating, of course, and mostly only steals food or things he's curious about. He uses his ability as an advantage. However, Viridian can still be kind- if you give him food. Even a single rabbit will make him respect you for the rest of your life.


- childish

-gets bored easily

-loves food

Likes : getting what he wants, eating

Dislikes: not getting what he wants, not eating

Fears : claustrophobia, kidnapping

Other : his flickering ability

Can someone pm me to be Viri's mother?

theme song: Sysiphyus, by andrew bird

Edited at November 17, 2020 09:03 PM by Riverwing Anxiety
|| CHANGED || OPEN || Semi-Literate Wolf RP || Sign-Ups || November 16, 2020 11:32 AM

Ashen Kingdom
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Riverwing - Accepted! And yes, you can reserve The Moon too

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