07:25:03 Timber, Claw, A-B
Yea, I just wish it wasn't so hard :/ Im always so tired and in pain
07:24:32 Fade | Memory
Lmao poor you xD

Medication :/
It sucks -~-
Well, I'm glad your here <33
Peaceful Vengeance
07:23:02 Sage || Lost
I'm glad your feeling better, physical therapy can suck though, but it's for the best

I'm good just tired because my brain decided sleep was for the weak lmao
How come your face stings?

Nico! Hello child how are you doing?
Raging Flames
07:22:42 Flames, Hubby, Nerd
i still taste lAdYbUg AAA
07:21:11 Fade | Memory
Pretty good except for the stinging face! Happier now that you decided to be alive <33
How are you love? :)
07:21:02 Sandy/Forum Mod

Thank you ;(
07:20:49 Sandy/Forum Mod

Thank you it hurts to have lost someone so early in the new year :(
07:20:48 Sihae
I'm sorry about that :<
Nico The Ghost King
07:20:45 peaceful's Angel
hi mom
07:20:36 Timber, Claw, A-B
Im doing alright, better than I have been ^^
Physical Therapy is going to kill me though-
07:20:29 Sandy/Forum Mod

Uh all
I can say it that violence has really gotten up there now a days
moon of the moors
07:20:28 Dagon or Moor
[email protected]

I'm sorry you lost someone. :<
Dark Hunters
07:20:17 Raissa
Vian, I kinda am.
07:20:14 Evo
Agh, the new pups are so ugly
Peaceful Vengeance
07:19:53 Sage || Lost
Timber :D
Ah lots of my favorite people are online this morning. How are you as well?
L e m o n
07:19:48 Little Bean Mari
-WP Click-
Under the cover of darkness, 10 kids within the same neighborhood all escape their horrible homes, and come together at the end of the street, sticking together as they begin their journey to their new life. Running away was not their first choice, but it was the only option left.
07:19:17 Sihae
Aww what happened? :<
Peaceful Vengeance
07:19:14 Sage || Lost
Morning honey! How are you today? <3
Nico The Ghost King
07:19:01 peaceful's Angel
-WP Click-

thoughts on Gaia?
07:19:01 Timber, Claw, A-B
Peace!! :DD


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The Great Herd | Horse Rp | Open! November 11, 2020 04:58 PM

Imperial Sands
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The Great Herd

Everyone knows that wild horse herds are not uncommon. However, in one particular place. as the years have past, an unusual change has begun. One particular stallion has continued to grow and grow his herd to a size that is rarely seen among wild equines. This stallion has a draw for power, and will destroy anything in his path that might threaten that. Stealing mares, killing stallions, he had done everything to assert himself as the most dominant stallion in the Area. For now.
News of the stallion'’s Great Herd has traveled across the states, bringing in challengers who look to diminish his power, or take it over for themselves. The news of his herd has even been brought to the attention of humans who are watching diligently to see what happens. Though, for now, they are under strict orders not to interfere since it is such an anomaly and people want to see what will happen. Of course, not everyone will listen.
With what feels like the world’'s eyes on him, only time can tell what will happen. Whether he will retain his power, or, like the stallion’s before him, if he will fall in a blaze of glory.

Break Down
Basically a stallion who has beaten the odds has gathered one of the largest herds ever seen in this particular, unnamed place. He’s achieved this goal through steal other stallions’ mares, and taking over their herd. Having a large herd doesn’t go unnoticed and it is bringing a plethora of new challenges in the form of other stallions. Those who either wish to take over for themselves, or wish to steal so of his mares from out beneath him. Now, along with the natural challenges he has to face to protect his herd, he will now have to defend them from the new Bachelors coming in to ruin his day.


The name of this Rp is a WIP too. I'd love to hear some ideas.

Edited at November 11, 2020 05:10 PM by Imperial Sands
The Great Herd | Horse Rp | Open! November 11, 2020 04:59 PM

Imperial Sands
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The Roleplay Rules:
Follow all WP and Eve’s Rules
1. Be Active. Do not join never to participate. I want to see multiple posts a week, and if you go inactive for 4 days and don’t tell me, you will be kicked out.
2. Reservations last 24 hours, and that’s it. After that, if you haven’t finished the role with be opened for someone else.
3. This is a Semi-Realistic Rp with more Realistic themes. Horses should not be unnatural colors like blue or pink. And since they are all wild, they are all Mustangs.
4. Semi-Literacy is a must. Which means a paragraph of 5 sentences with decent grammar is required.
5. Stallions can steal mares from the Great Herd, just get permission from the Roleplayer of that mare first.
6. No Godmodding, Powerplaying, Perfect Characters, etc.
7. The Lead Stallion of the Great Herd is not invincible. He is open, but to Rp him I do require an Rp sample. Rp Sample will be required prior to the Reservation.
8. Make sure you read everything. If you do, put a horse breed you like in one of the other sections of your forms.
9. Foals in the Great Herd are all Sired by the Lead Stallion, and possibly the Lieutenant if there is one, and he’s lucky enough for the Lead to allow it.
10. Ask before killing characters, since it’s not your character you don’t have control over whether they die.
11. For the purpose of this Rp: No Orphaned Foals. They cannot survive without a mother or care-taker.
12. Have Fun!


Great Herd Rules

1. Lead Stallion’s & Lead Mare’s word is law.
To go against them or disobey is a punishable offense. Depending on what it was that was disobeyed will decide the severity of the punishment.

2. No outside relations with other horses.
Relations with outside horses is punishable. It could result with said outside horse being killed, and if a foal from an outside horse is born, they could be abandoned or killed.

3. Colts are kicked out between the ages of 2 and 3, whenever they start becoming a nuisance.
Once a Lead Stallion kicks a Colt out, they are no longer viewed as a friendly, and interacting with them could result in everyone involved getting harmed.

4. Do not leave the sight of the Leads without permission.
Wandering off without letting anyone know is a punishable offense. Normally not very severely unless you're sneaking off to do something bad.

5. If a foal is found to be sired from an outside stallion, the foal may be abandoned by the herd. Or worse.
This is self explanatory. No outside bloodlines will be tolerated, and a mare who foaled an outside stallion's foal will not be well received by the herd (mostly the lead stallion).
The Great Herd | Horse Rp | Open! November 11, 2020 04:59 PM

Imperial Sands
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The Roleplay Ranks

Great Herd Hierarchy

Lead Mare
She’s more so the true leader of the herd, as she is more constant. Though this is somewhat blurred in the Great Herd since the Lead Stallion is obsessed with power and thinks he is the supreme leader. However, usually the Lead Mare is the one who leads the herd to grazing grounds, water, etc. Even if the Lead Stallion is the one making decisions, her words have a lot of sway. Her position is not for challenge, another mare may take over though if she abandons the position, leaves the herd, or dies.
Lead Stallion
He is the most dominant stallion in the herd, and is in charge of protecting the herd. He may not always decide where they go, but if there is a threat he is the one who is on top of it. His soul responsibility is pretty much the safety of the herd. As the Lead Stallion he also has the right to procreate within the herd, and is the father of all current and to be foals. His position is able to be challenged for.
This is the only other adult stallion in the herd, if there is one. It is entirely up to the Lead Stallion on whether he accepts a Lieutenant. This stallion helps protect the herd from threats, though challenges for leadership are always up to the Lead Stallion to defend. He may or may not have breeding rights, that is decided by the Lead Stallion, but he may try to sneak in with the mares if the Lead isn’t paying attention.
Herd Mares
They make up most of the herd. They don’t have any differentiation in rank. As part of the herd they pretty much have foals, and do what they can to keep them safe and alive. They can leave if they can get out without the Lead Stallion noticing, or they can be stolen by a Bachelor stallion.
These are the horses between one and two. They can be fillies and colts, though once Colts reach the age of two, they are likely to be kicked out shortly. They are the foals from the year before, and help their mothers with the care of their younger siblings. These particular foals, if they are fillies, might be from a previous stallion. If their mother is stolen, they are likely to follow, but they don’t have to.
These are all the young horses under a year old. The most recent offspring of the mares, and all of the current and to be foals are the offspring of the current Lead Stallion. They are to be protected at all cost.

Other Ranks
Bachelor Stallions
These are not stallions in the herd. They are lone horses who might occasionally band together to make Bachelor Bands. They are the ones who are challenging lead stallions, or trying to steal mares from the herds to from their own.
The Great Herd | Horse Rp | Open! November 11, 2020 05:00 PM

Imperial Sands
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Important Information

Herds & Types

The Great Herd
This is the single herd in the Rp. As a herd it consists of more than two mares, with a lead stallion. The bigger a herd is, the higher status and power a Lead stallion is considered to have. The Herd is protected at all times from any danger, and is always at threat of being disturbed. Mares in the herd are always in danger of being stolen too. I am open to other herds forming later on.

Harems/Small Herds
These are the herds that consist of a Stallion and One, maybe Two, mares, and their foals/yearlings. Typically the Stallion and Mare are mates, and they’re completely dedicated to each other. There are no other stallions in the herd, and it’s a little bit harder to steal a Mare from this type of herd.

Bachelor Bands
These are the bands of horses that are exclusively made up of stallions, absolutely no mares. They travel together for safety and company, and when a stallion wants to, they’ll break away with the goal of taking over or starting a herd. There is usually one particular stallion who leads the group, and he is always the oldest.

About Mustangs
All the horses in this Rp are Mustangs. They might have other horses mixed in their genes, but they aren’t significant or recently included enough to be important enough to include. For the purpose of this rp they were all born in the wild, and have never been owned. They may have been a part of a round up, but they were never kept, instead, they were released once the round up was included.
I am find with different coat variations, just nothing unnatural as I’ve stated in the rules. They can be any color you’d actually see on a horse in real life, but I shouldn’t see pink or green horses running around. Keep in mind most mustangs are medium sized horses, so a lot of them don’t come in over 15 hands, but it’s possible some are taller. For the purpose of this rp, mustangs can be from 13 hh to 17 hh, and a few can be up to 18 hh but if I see a flux of too many horses being on the very tall end, I won't allow it anymore.

Other Information

I am fine with horses having mates and loving relationships, I know it can be fun. However there is a couple of things to keep in mind. I don't want to see any love at first sight, or becoming mates in a day. Build up to it. There should also be no real established mates in the rp, since all the mares will be in the Great Herd. The only exception is if there is an established backstory prior to the mare joining the Great Herd, and perferably it has been approved by me.

The Lead Stallion of the Great Herd is not interested in being mates with anyone. He just wants to have the power of the biggest herd, and be able to pass on his genes. There may be mares he favors above the others, and whoever makes him can include that in their form.

Like the Lead Stallion, not all stallions or mares have to be interested in having mates. It's entirely up to you on what you decide. That's where the Semi-realism can come in though, if you horses do want to find mates. I'm even okay with another herd with a different ranking dynamic forming eventually that might be based more off of mated pairs or something. I just wanted The Great Herd to be based more off of realistic aspects.
The Great Herd | Horse Rp | Open! November 11, 2020 05:01 PM

Imperial Sands
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Available Roles

The Great Herd

Lead Stallion:
Hallower | 10 Years | Den | Pg. 3

Lead Mare:
Skye | 9 Years | Imperial Sands | Pg. 1

Bjorn | 10 Years | Kampa | Pg. 2

Herd Mares:
Ausrine | 10 Years | Spellbound | Pg. 2
Imogene | 4 Years | Imperial Sands | Pg. 2
Freyja | 9 Years | Kampa | Pg. 3
Vespera | 8 Years | Ciao | Pg. 4
Thea | 11 Years | Ciao | Pg. 4
Seqouia | 6 Years | Den | Pg. 3
Mari | 5 Years | Spellbound | Pg. 5
Riona | 6 Years | Tenebris Umbra | Pg. 5
Rocky | 4 Years | FrostyK | Pg. 4
Sana | 5 Years | Anonymous Entity | Pg. 6
Calypso | 7 Years | Scorpio | Pg. 7
Scotland | 10 Years | Oh God Bees | Pg. 9
Moirai | 7 Years | Spellbound | Pg. 8
Menlilly | 5 Years & 4 Months | Outlander | Pg. 8
Cleveland | 6 Years | Oh God Bees | Pg. 8
Anselm | 6 Years | Polly | Pg. 5
Everest | 4 Years | Den | Pg. 4

Nore | 1 Year & 5 Months | Kampa | Pg. 4
Sorcha | 1 Year | Tenebris Umbra | Pg. 5
Krol | 1 Year & 2 Months | Polly | Pg. 5
Amir | 1 Year & 7 Months | Anonymous Entity | Pg. 7
Kresnik | 1 Year & 6 Months | Spellbound | Pg. 7
Asenath | 1 Year & 5 Months | Imperial Sands | Pg. 7
Tamsu | 2 Years | Den | Pg. 9

Inesa | 3 Months | Polly | Pg. 5
Aurum | 2 Months | Floofinator | Pg. 8
Orelia | 2 Weeks | Outlander | Pg. 8

Other Roles

Bachelor Stallions:
Kishor | 9 Years & 6 Months | Polly | Pg. 4
Kadar | 7 Years | Anonymous Entity | Pg. 7
Rollond | 16 Years | Kampa | Pg. 8

Bachelor Bands:
1. Ahriman | 11 Years | Spellbound Pg. 1
Iqvar | 11 Years | Kampa | Pg. 2

2. Ukko | 10 Years | Tenebris Umbra | Pg. 2
Jurek | 6 Years | Imperial Sands | Pg. 3
Travels w/ Paiva | 11 Months | Tenbris Umbra | Pg. 2

Edited at November 28, 2020 09:57 PM by Imperial Sands
The Great Herd | Horse Rp | Open! November 11, 2020 05:02 PM

Imperial Sands
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The Application Form

Herd: [Great Herd or None]
Mate: [Should be None for Now]
The Great Herd | Horse Rp | Open! November 11, 2020 05:06 PM

Imperial Sands
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Roleplay Note:

The Lead Stallion, while not evil, is the more villainous or antagonist character for this roleplay. So please keep in mind the aspect of this rp, and what he is and has done when making him. He can have a character arc, but he is not meant to be the best lead stallion, or the nicest guy, or any of that.

While I won't require it, he would also likely need a Lieutenant to help him keep his herd. With a herd this large it would be entirely difficult to keep them under wraps. So he would likely need help.

Third, he will lose mares, either throw stealing or through direct confrontation. While that is an important aspect of the rp, and stallions will be certain to capitalize on situations, please do not have your horses pestering the herd every five seconds.

Thank you!

You may post!
The Great Herd | Horse Rp | Open! November 11, 2020 05:10 PM

Imperial Sands
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9 Years


Great Herd

Lead Mare

Credit belongs to Linka064 on DA. Stock Image.

Skye is a rather solidly built mare, who stands at 14.3 hh. She isn't a large mare by any means in height, but she is stocky. She is a buckskin paint mare with a dark brown and cream colored mane, and a cream colored tail. She also has white half stockings rather than black on her front legs, and full stockings of white on the back, though just above the white on her legs is a twinge of black on the front legs. She has warm, dark brown eyes as well.

Skye is a very solid and steady mare, one who had a level head on her shoulders. Calm and collected, the mare is the type you can rely on, even in difficult times. Her even tempered appearance can often be mistaken for softness, but the mare doesn't tolerate shenanigans. She can be soft and compassionate at times, but she is also capable of being stern. She will always do what is best for the herd, even if not everyone likes it. As a mother, doing things like leaving foals behind kills her, but as it is better for the whole, she does. Skye is quite capable of being quite logical, rational even, and it doesn't always gain her many favors. Skye can be very motherly, and definitely expects to be listened to.

Despite being a very level mare, Skye has been at this so long she has grown confident and comfortable in her decisions. To the point where she doesn't really listen to others or enjoy criticism, since she tends to think that her decisions are the right one. She doesn't consciously try to be like that, it's just something that has come from having to rely on herself and make tough decisions.

None Technically;
But her foals have been fathered by the Lead Stallion

Her offspring are:
Mari - Her oldest foal at 5 years old. Her father is Hallower. Rped by Spellbound.
Everest - Her 4 year old daughter by Hallower. Rped by Den.
Unnamed Foal - Her Most Recent Foal, and First by Bjorn. Rped by Polly.
Unborn Foal - She is pregnant by Bjorn again.

Open for a colt yearling.
She had two foals between Everest and her yearling, both of them passed for various reasons.
Skye took over rather young for a lead mare, and has been leading since she was 4 Years old. Her mother was the Lead Mare before her, so when she died unexpectedly, Skye stepped up to fill the role, and has been there since.

Edited at November 24, 2020 11:44 PM by Imperial Sands
The Great Herd | Horse Rp | Open! November 11, 2020 05:15 PM

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Meaning: Iranian god of darkness, night and evils.
Angra Mainyu: God of darkness, the eternal destroyer of good, personification and creator of evil, bringer of death and disease. He is also known as Ahriman, and his name means "fiendish spirit".
This male upon first glance is quite attractive , being quite the definition of tall, dark, and handsome. He bears an extremely darker version of the dark bay coat. His coat is so dark one might mistake him for black or mahogany bay. His coat is made up of hues of rich chocolate brown mixed in with shades of the lighter hickory under his chin. However, what stands out is how the dark coloration makes him appear black and is especially luminous under proper lighting. You can also see the distinctive black points around his legs and ears that identifies him as a bay. His face is slender in appearance with a well-defined jawline and round cheeks. He also bears a slight stockiness towards his face which gives him a masculine appearance---and upon his forehead can be described as a lopsided diamond. It is a bright alabaster coloration (albeit the skin underneath is pink.) and one side droops longer than the other. It’s the only identifying mark that can help you separate him and his brother in appearance.His ears are long and slender with dark chocolate coloration and the tips holding stygian coloration. His face also appears quite dark like his body does, but you can see the more chocolatey tones on his facial features and the lighter undertones near his muzzle as well. His mane is of the inkiest black coloration and is quite thick and lustrous in appearance. He detests when he gets leaves and other objects stuck in his mane. He has a thick and stocky neck that he uses to proudly lift his head or lift it to give him a more menacing appearance.

He has brown eyes in coloration. However, they are a mixture of cedar brown and honey brown. His rectangular iris is inky in coloration with it being prominent against his almost lighter eye coloration. It is a fine mix of the two colors, and they can grow equally warm and kind along with growing stormy. The lighter honey coloration mixes well with the darker cedar brown. His eyes are framed by lighter brown lashes which compliments his face well.

Now this stallion is quite brutish---when it comes to size and demeanor (at times). He stands at 18.0HH which is taller than his wild ancestors and he definitely towers over his twin. His body has a muscular and stocky build to it. He’s not so stocky that you can’t see his muscles, but he also has a slightly slender build. His legs are long and slender, though not gangly, or lanky. They have a slight thickness to them especially at his hindquarters. They each have dark brown, almost black hooves. His hooves bear his tall frame well and they help him move with a confident and elegant walk. If his rump were lighter you would see the line that run downs it and itis connected to his long and inky black tail. His tail has a slight curly and wavy texture to it, but it also has the same coarseness and thickness of his mane. He has well proportioned shoulders and a broad and well-developed chest.Now, if one were to take a closer inspection of his coat, they would see the scars from past fights. He has an assortment of marks that litter his quarters and a bit of on his chest. He wears these as badges of honor, but he doesn’t brag abouthis accomplishments or the things he’s done. In winter, his coat is longer and appears black, but you can still see those rich chocolate colors.

This male speaks with a deep and almost husky voice. He has deep vocals and when he is mad somehow, his voice comes out deeper and it is quite frightening.

Stock Images.mwilliams-stock on DA.
This male definitely is charming individual. The confidence and silkiness just oozes through his baritone vocals. However, unlike his brother this male can keep his composure. He doesn’t buckle under the pressure and if his flirtee decides to crank up the heat, well this male can easily come up with a smooth rebuttal.He is quite the gentleman and is almost always polite in his mannerism and way of speech. He would never raise his voice to yell at a mare or a foal as it would be quite indecent to do such a thing. He has a regal air that surrounds him, from the way he talks to the way he moves. This male doesn’t just flirt with any mare. Only those whom he truly likes will get his full attention. He has a specific taste in mares. The pretty ones don’t interest him, but those with the truly spirited and kind soul do. The mare could be the plainest thing to look at but if she could make him laugh, comfort him when he’s down, and respect him and his brother then she’s worth his time. He doesn’t like toxic mares and he damn well won’t let one try and woo his brother. If he doesn’t like you near his brother, then he will let you know. If not from the subtle glares, then from his manner of speaking to you. Yes, this male is normally a polite creature but if he finds you to be an irritant or just plain doesn’t like you then he can be quite the asshole. His insults will be framed in a way that can go over the recipient’s head and they won’t realize they’ve been insulted until they think hard about it. However, if he just absolutely detests you then he will just be blunt and straight up with you. This male has a slight temper andwhen he’s riled up then it’s hard to calm him down. If you’re the one who has riled him up, then…expect a different side to be shown.

This male only gets riled up when he is defending someone or something he loves. He is the older twin and dare you do something to make his twin upset or angry. If you thought his brother’s fury was scary. No, no, no…. his is much worst. Just because he’s polite doesn’t mean he’s always this way. This male’s words can become sharp and drip with sarcasm and malice. Now he wouldn’t yell at a mare, but his icy tone and sharp glare will tell enough of his displeasure. A stallion is a different ballgame and if one dares step towards his brother threateningly or even looks at him wrong then this overprotective brother will react. He most definitely would step between a stallion, bear, wolf, or anything dangerous to protect his twin. He’s also extremely protective of foals that are his and he is quite gentle with them. Now he’s not one to play or frolic but if his children asks him to do it then you better believe he’s going to play with his children. His sons are his pride and joy, but he has a soft spot for his daughters, especially if they look like him. He is quite attentive to his children needs and would do anything to make them smile and just hear them laugh. Now if he sees his offspring sad or crying then he’s going to be angry. Dare it be his daughter. He will find the person who made them sad and it will not be a pretty sight. Now if it’s a foal then the mother will be getting an earful but if another mare or stallion is the reason his child is sad then this dad will make sure they’re scared shitless and it give them something to think about if they try such a thing again. Even when his children are adults, he’s still going to be an overprotective dad. Stallions better stand 30 feet away from his daughter and mares better do the same with his sons. If he feels your not going to give his child a healthy relationship, then you’re not having his blessing. You better win over this dad before you even think of dating his daughter or son. And he’s not going to make it easy.

This male is intelligent, and it can be seen through his way of speech, and the almost meditative look in his eyes when he’s thinking about something. He is always thing of ways to make sure his herd or those he is in charge of are safe. It seems he has a bit of foresight when it comes to some matters. He would never knowingly put anyone in danger (unless he didn’t like you, but even then, he’s not that petty.) He’s taken on the sterner and more serious role between him and his brother. He makes decisions based on his knowledge of a situation and not just a whim. He may act like a know-it-all at times, but he knows when to be humble and ask for help. This intelligence has also led to a cunning nature. This stallion knows what he wants, and he knows how to get it. Whether it be by honesty or deception. Rarely, does he use deception, but if the situation calls for it then he will use it. When it comes to strange stallions, he’ll speak in riddles and use a cold yet polite side of him. However, if the stallion turns aggressive, well this male will match his aggression with his words and not resort to a physical attack. He’s calculating this way, not one to pull the first punch even though he probably could win. No, he likes to see what he’s dealing with and if possible, strike fear into his opponents heart before even laying a hoof on him. Now, if he has no choice but to fight then this male will fight with everything he has and will not hold back.

This male has a dauntless nature. He’s cautious and shrewd in everything he does, and he has a fierce determination that lies deep within him. He won’t be intimidated by those bigger, stronger, or smarter than him. Why? Because he knows who he is, and he knows his faults and where he’s lacking. He knows that his overprotectiveness can become overbearing and that his intelligence can lead him to be a tad bit critical and nitpicky. He knows these things and embraces them. These he believes are his ‘perfect’ imperfections. And he’s one to take criticism even if he doesn’t like it. He listens to others even when he doesn’t seem to be listening. He doesn’t like to dominate conversations but if he has an opinion, he will make sure it’s voiced. Sometimes he can be insecure, but he won’t let others see this side of him. No, he doesn’t like his vulnerability to show. In those times he’s more snappish and brutish than normal, and his brother knows this. That’s his twin. Twins know everything about each other, and he tells Iqvar everything and would never lie or hide a secret from him. His brother is his friend and confidant and this male probably would go down a dark road if he ever lost him.

Twin Brother - Iqvar played by Kämpe
We shall see
He has sired one or two children.
Iqvar (younger twin):
This male has nothing but love and respect for his younger twin. He enjoys hanging out with his brother and loves seeing him smile. Even if he doesn't act like it he enjoys his brother's small jokes and him trying to make him laugh. He is extremely protective of his younger sibling due to events in their lives. He would do anything to protect him. If anyone dared caused Iqvar to cry or lose his spirit then this brother would go to hell and back to bring down this person.
For him & his brother ;)
This male isn't quite better looking than a Paso Fino but Andalusians steal my heart *^*
He is in a Band with his twin :)

Edited at November 11, 2020 05:27 PM by Spellbound
The Great Herd | Horse Rp | Open! November 11, 2020 05:17 PM

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I have him at 18.3HH but please let me know if you would like that changed <3

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