Dark Moonruler
06:54:06 King Boo
@Willow Fields,
you're always welcome! :D
The Baddest
06:54:03 Snek snorter
am i weird to be eating strait up cream cheese?
06:53:52 Z, Chai
i poofed- willow they are pretty <3
06:53:46 Nao
Does anyone want the female here then?
06:53:41 Friday/Fridge
Only if you don't want him.

Are you trying to make your poor old man's heart go?
06:53:17 Nao
Glacier !!! I like it
The Baddest
06:52:50 Snek snorter
I need name ideas to call Desire we are getting in game married soon.
Dark Moonruler
06:52:41 King Boo
Oh my! They are PERFECT!Especially pup 24! Name ideas for him: Bandit, Turqoise, Happiness, Glacier, Ice Owl.
06:52:05 Nao

Do you want the male ??
The Magma Kingdom
06:52:00 Sukii
06:51:49 Friday/Fridge
Hello Snek!
06:51:49 Aikō
-WP Click-
BE or not to BE
You decide :3
The Baddest
06:51:25 Snek snorter
Hey Fridge!
06:50:50 Nao
They are not the prettiest but I still like that they have a Quartzite coat.
06:50:50 Friday/Fridge
I like the male, pretty.
06:50:33 Z, Chai
dark what in the world- you seem a bit excited but maybe we should start with waiting room reality XD
Dark Moonruler
06:50:22 King Boo
oops double post sorry everyone!
Dark Moonruler
06:50:07 King Boo
@Willow Fields, can you send the link?
Dark Moonruler
06:50:03 King Boo
@Willow Fields, can you send the link?


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Homo Optimus | Sign-Ups (OPEN) October 14, 2020 04:21 PM

Duskfall Hill
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Homo Optimus

For thousands of years, humans believed that they were the only powerful species on Earth. However, 50 years ago they were proven wrong. People with amazing abilites were hiding in plain sight, waiting years to reveal themselves until they could live in peace. These people are known as Homo Optimus, the next evolution for humankind. Due to the overall acceptance of the 21st century, they were granted human rights. However, not every Optima thinks they should be equal with the humans. They want to conquer and control. The tensions have reached a boiling point and the first battles of the Optimus - Sapien war have been fought. The humans need help. Will you fight with the humans for equality, or join your fellow supers for world domination?


- Follow WP and Eve's rules

- PG-13

- You can have any power you want except the control of time, life, blood and death

- LGBTQ+ allowed and supported

- Max character of 3, to avoid cluttering spots for other people

- Hate the character, not the player

- Characters may die but ask the RPer first

- This is a semi-lit RP! 3+ sentences. I understand writer's block gets us all but please keep something that we can go on

- Put your favorite superhero/villain in 'other' if you have read the rules


Humans thought that they were the only powerful species on Earth. They were wrong. A new subspecies, Homo Optimus, has emerged. These people hid in plain sight for years. When a group of superhumans decide to take over the world and rule over the normal humans, will you join them or help the humans fight for equality?



(you are here)


What's this, OwO?

RP Thread

Click me! I have cookies!

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Homo Optimus | Sign-Ups (OPEN) October 14, 2020 04:25 PM

Duskfall Hill
Posts: 808
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There are many types of powers which are grouped into different power types depending on the effects

Mind Powers

Including mind control, telepathy, telekinesis, animal communication, photographic memory, ability to see in the dark, super smell, super hearing, etc.

Elemental Powers

Aquakinesis, pyrokinesis, aerokinesis, terrakinesis, florakinesis (power over plants), faunakinesis (power over animals/animal tamer), meteokinesis (power over weather), electrakinesis (power over electricity), venokinesis (power over poisons and venoms), cryokinesis, etc.

Body Powers

Super speed, super strength, shapeshifting, body manipulation (elasticity, shrinking, etc), metal-skinned, regeneration, power over personal physical pain, etc.

Forbidden Powers

Chronokinesis, hemokinesis (power over blood), necrokinesis, vitakinesis (power over life)

**Your character is immune to the effects of their powers and the natural state. A pyrokinetic would be immune to fire and heat, an aquakinetic can breathe underwater. They are also immune to their same type, a pyrokinetic cannot harm another pyrokinetic using their flames**

Edited at October 14, 2020 04:29 PM by Duskfall Hill
Homo Optimus | Sign-Ups (OPEN) October 14, 2020 04:28 PM

Duskfall Hill
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Power Strengths and Weaknesses

Most of these are common sense and are only limited to the elemental power types. Other types like mind and body are common sense, as well. Disable the mind, disable the power. Disable the body, disable the power and so forth.


Fire > Water

Earth > Air

Water > Poison/Venom

Earth > Lightning

Weather > Water

Ice > Water

Fire > Ice

Weaknesses are reverse this and also using common sense. Ice cannot freeze fire, as fire melts ice. Electricity's affects are subdued by the ground, unless if there is a conductor.

Optima Attributes

Optima humams aren't that different from normal humans, though they may have very vibrant eye colors and unnatural hair colors that they were born with. Some may have gray skin and some even may have vibrant purple or green skin. Depending on their power, their eyes may glow the color of their power or they may have natural birthmarks signifying their connection to it. Optima humans are also attractive to normal humans, almost distractingly so. However, Optima humans have their own level of attractiveness. A beautiful Optima to a human may be seen as ugly.

Homo Optimus | Sign-Ups (OPEN) October 14, 2020 04:30 PM

Duskfall Hill
Posts: 808
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Spots (may add more if needed)

Optima/Human Allies

Chigusa Mochizuki | NB | 24 | Optima | Florakinesis | Portrayed by Overthink101 (pg. 3)

Ichiyuu Mochizuki | M | 24 | Optima | Emotional Manipulation | Portrayed by Overthink101 (pg. 3)

Zephra Villareal | F | 25 | Optima | Meteokinesis | Portrayed by myself (pg. 2)

Cascade Joyner | F | 19 1/2 | Optima | Aquakinesis | Portrayed by The Wayne Pack (pg. 4)


Optima Rebels

Touki Mochizuki | M | 24 | Optima | Venokinesis | Portrayed by Overthink101 (pg. 4)

Atlas Dilian | M | 23 | Optima | Terrakinesis | Portrayed by Franks Hots (pg. 4)





Regular Citizens (may be human or Optima) - CLOSED

Lao | M | 29 | Optima | Mind Control | Portrayed by HalloWings (pg. 1)

Gianna | F | 12 | Optima | Shapeshifting (wolf) | Portrayed by chai_z (pg. 3)

Kara Cardel | F | 31 | Human | Portrayed by HalloWings (pg. 3)

Anya | F | 25 | Optima | Light/Teleportation | Portrayed by Magic135 (pg. 4)

Logan Stryker | M | 30 | Optima | Animalistic | Potrayed by The Daemons (page. 2)

Edited at October 19, 2020 11:04 PM by Duskfall Hill
Homo Optimus | Sign-Ups (OPEN) October 14, 2020 04:31 PM

Duskfall Hill
Posts: 808
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Sign-Up Sheet





Power (if Optima)

Species (human or Optima)

Ally, rebel or average citizen?





Family (optional)

Backstory (required, doubles as a RP example)


Homo Optimus | Sign-Ups (OPEN) October 14, 2020 06:01 PM

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Lao (pronounced loud but without the d)




Power (if Optima)
Mind Control

Power Explanation
When Lao so desires he can make anyone who hears his voice do his bidding. If they do not hear his voice then they won't do anything. The size of the group does not matter, he can control any size. People who he controls will have no memory of ever being controlled, they will believe they acted by themselves.

Power weaknesses
-Does not work if the person does not understand what he says (person must understand the language he is using and be able to hear, sign language does not work)
-It requires a lot of mental focus so if he is distressed or mentally broken he can not keep his control. It will also be broken if he passes out or goes to sleep.
-He can not make a person kill themselves he can however make them kill someone else
-He can't make a person do something they can't physically do

Species (human or Optima)

Ally, rebel or average citizen?
Average citizen (you can convince him to go to either side)

Standing at 5'8 it is reasonable to think that he would pose some threat but no, that couldn't be farther from the truth. He weighs about 115 and while his arms and legs don't show how skinny he is it can be seen well in his waist and stomach. Don't be alarmed though, he isn't starving himself. Lao doesn't enjoy eating very much and will only do so to survive but when he does eat it's usually something that goes down easily like cake. His sweet increase is becoming more common though so don't worry, he is gaining some much-needed pounds!

Lao is rather lazy and doesn't like to move unless necessary. Of course, sitting around all day isn't the best way to spend a day so he mainly just stands around. Due to his lazy nature, there aren't any muscles on his body, he's just skin and bones. He has almost no endurance and has trouble lifting anything over 40lbs. Then again, why would he need to lift something if he can get someone else to do it? While he can remain standing for long periods of time he can't run for long. After a few running steps he's on the floor, but walking is a breeze for him! Actually, that also depends on distance but he's better at walking than running so at least he can move.

His mother comes of Egyptian descent while his father is a white man from America. It's clear to see however that he inherited his genes from his mother. Lao's skin is a light grey with a brown undertone (tan grey). His hair color is a rather unnatural being a grey with a light teal undertone but it's darker at his tips. There is no symmetry within his hair it's kind of all over the place. His bangs are close to covering his slightly slanted, aqua eyes but just barely (cut off halfway past his ears). The back is much longer but all the same, still considered short. It shapes like a V in the back cutting off as it reaches the end of his neck.

It's kind of easy to mistake him for a female especially the way he dresses. Now, he isn't a trans nor is he a crossdresser he just simply likes wearing clothes that make him appear prettier. Often times he'll wear a loose long sleeve white shirt with blue jeans and have the sleeves rolled up. Other times though he'll wear a knotted blouse or a shirt where one sleeve is longer than the other. It changes often but he always wears pale jeans no matter the case.

Lao is highly intelligent which makes up for his lack of physical abilities. He can come up with high-level plans in quick succession and is able to solve a multitude of puzzles. This high level of intelligence is sadly matched with a lazy personality. Lao doesn't like to work or put effort into things, not even if he really needs to. You can't rely on him to do anything and has almost no loyalty, that being said, he's willing to do stuff if someone asks him to do it. It's funny, Lao is almost entirely for himself, and yet if someone asks him to do something there's a good chance he'll do it. There are exceptions to this rule however he won't explain them

Anything that can be done made easier he'll do. Control someone into lifting that heavy box? Done. Have people make food for you so you don't have to get a job? Done. Have the landlady let you live there for free? Done. There are no lines he won't cross to make his life easier. If it was hard to see before it's easier to see now that Lao is an extremely selfish and self-absorbed person

Lao has no morals and lacks all compassion for anyone other than himself. Lao is also not very consistent in his actions. One minute he will not help at all but in another instant, he'll do all work by himself and even suggest things.

Overall Lao is a cheery person and never seen without a smile on his face (even though it tends to be a sly condescending one). Even though he can control everyone to leave him alone and wants to remain neutral he still wants to live in a relatively peaceful world. He knows that peace will never be an option but he wants to live in a world where he doesn't need to worry about being killed, a world where he doesn't need to put much effort in. At the moment he stays neutral about humans and optimas but he'll join whatever side benefits him. He doesn't entirely trust the humans though so it'll be harder for humans.

-Strong mental fortitude
-No close attachments
-Is able to come up with plans on the spot
-Manipulative (even without help from his ability)
-The fact that his ability is a secret

-Physically weak
-No endurance
-No sense of loyalty
-Unable to register emotions
-Always tells the truth (at the very least he doesn't lie. He's very roundabout)

-Living easily
-Seeing someone beg
-Seeing someone sheepish take action
-Dressing up Kara
-Kara's company not so much Kara herself

-The idea of dying or being killed
-Physical exercise
-Physical acts of violence on himself
-Being hurt

Family (optional)
Mother: Chione Moore, memory reading, dead
Father: Issac Moore, faunakinesis, dead
Sister: Irene Moore, mental shield, unknown

Backstory (required, doubles as a RP example)
Lao's mother could see memories while his father had faunakinesis. When the two came together Lao was born as a mind controller, a very dangerous thing to have especially for a child. At a young age, he began to notice that if he asked for it then there was a great chance it would be given to him. He used this to his advantage to get whatever he wanted and lived a peaceful childhood. At the age of five his sister was born and to his disappointment, his powers had no effect on her, it was then he learned about the restrictions of his powers. However this wasn't the only reason it turned out that Irene had the ability to negate all mental abilities, she could not be controlled nor could people read her mind. Annoyed by this he still carried on with his mind control making his parents and "friends" his slaves and shunning his sister.

His mother worked as a well-known psychic while his father was a vet. The two were both very kind and gentle souls to everyone around them especially Issac. Despite his appearance as a big, buff, possible werewolf, he was the kindest person to ever live. Sadly Lao's didn't inherit their personality.

When the boy reached twelve a small group of people began to fear his mother since all of her predictions were correct. Filled with hysteria they stalked his mother until they found where she lived and about her family. They broke into their house to kill his mother but his father got in the way and died instead. They ended up killing his mother as well. He doesn't know what became of his sister but before they came to kill him he controlled them and had them kill each other. When the police arrived there were no signs of Irene nor Lao.

Lao went on to stay hidden only controlling those that he needed to. He learned that human's feared the unknown and killed anything different from them however, he did not hate the humans. He found their behavior interesting and their emotions were fun to observe. In all honesty, he didn't care for his family, they were only tools for him to survive and live peacefully. Now he lives in secret and doesn't contact a single soul unless required.
(I hate backstory writing)

Shigaraki is best boy

Edited at October 15, 2020 12:11 PM by HalloWings
Homo Optimus | Sign-Ups (OPEN) October 14, 2020 07:10 PM

Posts: 853
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May I reserve a rebel and two human allies please?
Homo Optimus | Sign-Ups (OPEN) October 14, 2020 07:58 PM

Killer Secrets
Posts: 1232
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res. two rebels and a human? ^^
Homo Optimus | Sign-Ups (OPEN) October 14, 2020 08:16 PM

the Wayne pack
Posts: 84
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the Rebels the ones who want to take over the world, right?
Homo Optimus | Sign-Ups (OPEN) October 14, 2020 08:37 PM

Duskfall Hill
Posts: 808
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Yep! I should probably specify that lol

the Wayne pack said:
the Rebels the ones who want to take over the world, right?

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