09:26:18 SpiderPlant
What was your pack name in 2014 Aconite???
09:26:12 Star or starilight
09:26:05 Tae/DH Queen
Someone send help. The group project is going to kill me ;-;
Thank you! Now I've got to catch up on all I missed!
09:25:49 Star or starilight
09:25:35 TS
ET. ;-;
Allied Forces
09:25:32 Spelling Police
Hi Aven!
Pet Silmatary
09:25:14 Silly
Welcome back to wp, aconite. Nice to see oldies come back ^^
09:25:01 SpiderPlant
Hello guys!
09:24:56 Warriors of Dawn
Yeah, I loved her. She was like a mother to me. I loved her like my daughter.
09:24:54 Eternity, ET
Heck-- I'm sorry-
Asera nuu
Hello everyone! Boy has it been awhile! I used to be den 1420 XD
09:24:28 TS
ET. but... Asera.. ;; i going to cry again
09:24:08 Star or starilight
Awe she's lovely I'm sorry ):
09:23:59 Eternity, ET
I steal all the vitis.
09:23:37 TS
Please sorry
09:23:18 Warriors of Dawn
-WP Click-
09:23:14 TS
ET. dont make me sad plz ;;
09:23:02 TS
I had a project on it before the update, my Viti passed for 5 gens


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Your Inner Demon || Open! July 10, 2019 01:01 AM

Posts: 11078

Welcome to 'The Inner Demon'.

You get thrown into a seat and tied down. You hear others but cant see them. The room is dark and eerie. You can see a figure then a spotlight turns on in, what you assume, is the middle of the room. "Hello! I'm Daitya, your teacher. Today we will be becoming your demon." A girl with black hair steps into the light. Her eyes are a piercing gold. "You and some others have been picked for this. You will spend a month here. Why? Because I said." Daitya smiles, her eyes turning crimson red. She walks over to a seat and the light turns on fully. Your eyes adjust. "I see that they were rough with you. I'm sorry for them." She giggles and looks at the men who brought you in.

"We arnt meant for this world. We're not from this place."

Hi! So, this is the plot:

You, whatever age you are, who ever you are, are in a facility. This facility - Whisperwood Sanatorium - is your home for a month. You have been 'selected' by Daitya. She has seen the demon in you. There's not much of a plot.


They have possessed you. Normally one but in some occasions there can be two. They are stronger than you but not to much. Their whole body can change or just their eye color.



Daitya (19) {Maybe? || page 1} [F]
Thalia Kasamaan (22) {Polly || Page 5} [F]

Guards: {3/10}

Allecia VanHaliston (28) {Ebanon || Page 2} [F]
Masigla (25) {Polly || Page 6} [F]
Eluin (15) {Ebanon || Page 5} [M]

'Patients': {7/Unlimited}

Daena (17) {Rouge Rouge|| Page 1} [F]
Ashton "Ash" (16) {Ebanon || Page 1} [M]
Unknown "Wolf" (20) {The Moon Alpha || Page 2} [F]
Angelique Erramun Lockhart (26) {Hallbjorns || Page 2} [F]
Delta (10) {Cheesethechao10 || Page 3} [M]
Juliette "Jules" (24) {Haunted Dreams || Page 3} [F]
Madilim Maitim (17) {Polly || Page 5} [F]


Rules For Roleplay:

~Put 'Whisperwood' in other
~No limit on characters
~Only 2 docters per person
~Fill out the whole form
~6-30 for age limit
~LGBTQ+ Accepted!
~Everyone has a demon, PM me for more then one demon
~Follow Eve's rules
~Hate the character, not the player
~Demons can talk in the host's head. Make your italic or bold

WhisperWood Sanatorium Rules:

~At 10pm be in your room
~At lunch time, be in lunch room
~The docters will realise you from your.. confinement
~Food is not to be in your room.



Demon's Name:
Demon's Appearance:
Demon's Personality:
Relation to Demon:
RP Example:

Edited at July 19, 2019 10:17 PM by Maybe?
Your Inner Demon || Open! July 10, 2019 01:05 AM

Posts: 11078

My character(s)!

Name: Daitya Greks
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Role: Doctor
Daitya is pretty tall for a girl. Standing 5"8. She is a good weight for her height and age. She has long, thick raven black hair. Her hair has small flicks of grey and white. Daitya's eyes are a golden brown and she has lots of freckles. She normally has her bangs covering her eyes.
Daitya isnt very nice. Shes pretty quiet and likes to stay to herself. She will make rude, quiet remarks about someone or something someone did. She hates water and the dark. It's a fear of hers.
Demon's Name: Daila
Relationships: None, PM me
Demon's Appearance:
Demon's Personality: Rude, aggressive and talkitive
Relation to Demon: Friends
Other: Hiya!
Your Inner Demon || Open! July 10, 2019 01:07 AM

Posts: 11078


Edited at July 10, 2019 01:07 AM by Maybe?
Your Inner Demon || Open! July 10, 2019 01:21 PM

Rogue Rouge
Posts: 152
Name: Daena

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual

Role: Patient

Appearance: Daena has waist length naturally ginger hair, with fair skin and gentle freckles on her nose and cheeks. Shes small and slender, seemingly fragile to a stranger. Her piercing blue eyes seem to be able to look into someones soul, and she has often been named a 'porcelain doll' by both friends and bullies. Her oval face adds to her innocent appearance, yet her cheekbones add to her beauty. She came from an upper class family, meaning she was taught how to carry and present herself in a noble manner.

Personality: Despite her appearance, Daena is stubborn and provocative, in her case, the stereotype of fiery readheads is true. She can be gentle and friendly one second and the next, her eyes seem to melt through your skull, her hair seemingly on fire with rage. You do not want to mess with her. She likes to present herself as fragile though, since her beauty and fragility seem to attract attention to her, which she craves. Since she came from an upper class family, she was taught some forms of fighting and weapon handling, namely archery and a mix of Taekwondo and Jujitsu.

Demon's Name: Kasai

Relationships: open :)

Demon's Appearance: Much like her human counterpart, Kasais main focus is fire. Shes a pyromaniac, taking the shape of a dragon/human hybrid. She has the face and body of a human, but grows tremendously during transformation. Her eyes turn a deep red, her face covering with black scales. Red tiger stripes appear throughout her body and her stomach area turns a grayish blue. Her ears turn into a similar form of an elf, yet covered in black scales. Her mouth turns into a flat puzzle shape, with a split snake tongue. She can breathe fire through her nose and mouth. Kasai is much more curvy, with a full bust covered in scales. She doesn't wear clothing after transformation, them getting shredded in the growing process. She also says they make her feel trapped and domesticated, which she definitely isn't. Her legs extend into the shape of a lions, also covered in scales. She spurts wings from her back, black with red highlights on them. They allow her to hover above ground, making her seem even taller and more threatening. Her hands develop claws, a blood red colourant. She also has a tail, same black and red colours adorned on it, with a small black stinger at the end masked by red fur. She also has her human counterparts hair, except much longer and seemingly more red.

Demon's Personality: Take everything about Daena that makes her seem fiery and multiply it by 10. Shes stubborn, aggresive, unpredictable and quite frankly rude. She cannot be reasoned with and will not listen to anyone. She has a flirtatious heart though, and will tend to flirt with other demons and humans alike.

Relation to Demon: friends

Other: Whisperwood

RP Example: (this is a wolf rp example, my opening post to a new rp.)
The early morning air breezed gently past Daena's ears, gently ruffling her coat. Opening first her left eye then her right, she swiveled her ears trying to catch every noise of the forest. Huh, I woke up before the Alpha. That doesn't happen often. Just then his deep howl echoed through the lands, halting all other activity. The birds fell silent as the first howl sounded. Even the wind seemed to hold its breath, the leaves on the trees standing still for a couple of seconds. It was as if the entire world was slowing its pace to appreciate the morning song of the wolf.

Slowly unwrapping herself from the bundle she had become in her sleep, Daena first placed her right paw, then her left before she rose and stretched her back out, the cracking of bones having a satisfactory feeling to them. Guess its time to find some food then. Sniffing around, Daena searched for any buried food she might have left over. Sadly, she could find none. So, what do I want this morning? Some mice are fairly easy to catch but wont satisfy me, whilst a nice fat rabbit would make amazing breakfast, but may require a good chase. Giving a moment to consider her options, she decides to make her way to the rabbit holes nearby, in the pack territory.
Your Inner Demon || Open! July 10, 2019 02:08 PM

Posts: 11078
Accepted! She sounds nice! Cant wait to rp with her!
Your Inner Demon || Open! July 10, 2019 02:23 PM

Rogue Rouge
Posts: 152
haha thanks :) lets try to get many members to start quickly, I'm excited.

Maybe? said:
Accepted! She sounds nice! Cant wait to rp with her!

Your Inner Demon || Open! July 10, 2019 02:32 PM

Posts: 487
I literally just deleted my whole form... ;-;

(No comment)
I'm doing a patient, and holding a guard, if that's alright
Your Inner Demon || Open! July 10, 2019 02:32 PM

Posts: 11078

Ebanon said:
I literally just deleted my whole form... ;-;

(No comment)
I'm doing a patient, and holding a guard, if that's alright

Of course!
Your Inner Demon || Open! July 10, 2019 02:41 PM

Posts: 4331
*^* Now this has perked my interests and I don't usually go for hospital - patient sorts of roleplays. I really like the concept so I shall join once I create my form.
Edited at July 10, 2019 02:41 PM by Hallbjorns
Your Inner Demon || Open! July 10, 2019 03:05 PM

Posts: 487
Name: Ashton "Ash"

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Role: Patient

Appearance: He's called "Ash" for a reason. Before being possessed, he worked in coal mines, and his skin was grey. It still is, but less. Now it's gone back to more of it's pale color, retaining the copper tan from being in the sun. His hair is raven black, with two streaks going through it: One silver, the other blood red. Matching that are his eyes. His eyes were previously a vibrant jade color, now they've become a dark red. He is tall, at over six feet, with long arms and legs to match.

Personality: You would expect a miner to be tough. He is, in some ways, but mostly just boisterous. Every day, he's got a mischievous smile on his face, and a glint in his eyes. He loves to stir up trouble, for the sake of ruffling feathers. Despite this, he doesn't have many enemies. He's a horrible clown but at the same time a good one, less comedic with his words than his clumsiness. He doesn't have many enemies, and those he does have he acquired from before he learned his motto: "Evil turns us on each other to distract us from itself."

Demon's Name: War

Relationships: n/a

Demon's Appearance: So, beside the fact that this is my first time drawing a human and/or dragon man... credits @ me/Ebanon 223996

Demon's Personality: Much like a normal demon, War is everything you'd expect: Aggressive, and always looking for a fight. Hence the name. He has a constant, joking sarcasm, and loves being annoying and caustic. He loves to make people mad, just to get in a good fight for the day.

Relation to Demon: None, before the possession. Now he is an annoying friend.

Other: Whisperwood

RP Example: He looked over at his sister, his only living relative. His look said it all: I haven't much to live for, but you do. Don't fight. She was younger than him by a month, and only his half sister, but he still protected her. She was already married, and already he was almost an uncle. Almost. He couldn't let his only family get hurt, and he knew talking would get her hurt. "Hmm, Uncle Ash? Nice ring to it." War gave a mental smirk, raising his eyebrow. "Shut up." War's mental smirk broke into a full-blown laugh, and he just started shaking his head, still smirking. "Oh, Ash." He wasn't amused. "I can read your thoughts, too. Especially when you think about the same memory twenty eight times a day." War's smile fell. He continued his statement. "Father." They both knew what he was talking about. A word passed through the demon's mind. Liya... It was a complete loss of privacy, sharing a mind like they were. One couldn't think a thought without the other knowing. The memory he was talking about was over a hundred years before, set on a battlefield...

There were bodies and blood everywhere. Of course, the war was over. All that was left was the storm demons, only being capable of forming into clouds and turning others into storm clouds. He looked around. Being a memory, it was all first person. It seemed like there was no one there, but he could hear sobbing behind him. There was a woman huddled over a body, it was one of a young boy. He would have joined her, but there were storm demons creeping up on the woman, and he had to warn her. He couldn't run, he wouldn't get there fast enough. "Liya! Liya! Get out of there!" There was a strong feeling of despair going through him, and the woman named Liya looked up at him. She was crying, knowing what was behind her, knowing she couldn't save herself. At this point, he was crying too, but if you were standing a foot away you wouldn't be able to tell. The storm clouds surrounded her, and within the minute, they dispersed. When they did, she was gone. He fell to his knees in grief. "Liya! I'll come back for you!"

From this memory alone Ash can read War's story as easily as a book. He was fairly normal as a child, for a demon. When he was young, he had met this human, this Liya, and they had grown to care for each other. Their relationship was forbidden, but they never cared. After a while, there came a son, and in that war, on that day, he had died, and Liya was taken. Since then, War has become cold, and closed himself in a box, not letting anyone get close to him. "Look who has a heart." He would say to him in his mind every time he saw the memory. When he did, War wouldn't speak, wouldn't do anything but let a slow sense of sadness take him over for many long hours.

My demon has an actually not killing background >.>

Edited at July 10, 2019 05:47 PM by Ebanon

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