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Beautiful Creatures (Prep High)~Sign Up {Closed} April 10, 2019 06:09 PM

Feathery Tails
Posts: 524
It’s the first day of school! Many students tried, and failed, to get into East Shores High. But for some reason, you get a letter, even though you didn't apply. Why is that? To the untrained eye, ESH looks like an ordinary prep school. But to those who get in, everything becomes clear. The wild animal attacks, the recluse location, the…... Fairies?

ESH is a School for Shifters!


~WP Rules, please
~Do not complain about the species you get; I have a wheel with a list of random species on it, and everyone, including me, will get a random species. If you have a species you would like to be put on there, please put that in “Other”
~Also, put ESH in other
~Limit of Three Characters, as long as you can keep up with ‘em
~All romance types allowed, but keep it PG-13

Species already on Wheel:
○ Werewolf {C}
○ Vampire {R}
○ Dragon {E}
○ Human {L}
○ Fae {U}
○ Werecat {C}
○ Demon {L}
○ Angel {E}
○ Nymph {C}
○ Satyr {U}
○ Elf {U}
○ Mix-breed (will spin twice more to determine, but is {R} )
○ Incubus (males) {R}
○ Succubus (females) {R}

C- common, U- uncommon, R- rare, L- Legendary, E- Exotic
Times on wheel- C- 5, U- 4, R-3, L-2, E-1

Those with an asterisk ( * ) by them are optional. If you do not have an answer for it, put “n/a” (No Answer) or “TBD” (To Be Discussed)
Sign-Up Form:
Age- Gender-
Social Status-

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Beautiful Creatures (Prep High)~Sign Up {Closed} April 10, 2019 06:12 PM

Feathery Tails
Posts: 524
~ESH Letters have been sent to~

~Rex Mayberry- 16, Male, Bi, Sophomore- Feathery Tails

~Vietellä Lovingstein- 16, Female, Het, Sophomore- Lebensmüde

~Wren Flores- 15, Male, Pan, Freshman- BlueBloods

~Dragos V'skar Tepes- 17, Male, Het, Junior- Skör

~ Nulien Fingoliel- 17, Female, Straight, Junior- Savarda

~ Isabella Collins- 16, Female, Het, Junior- BloodRedMoon

~ Alexander Moore- 17, Male, Bi, Junior- Waltz

~ Jackson Miller- 15, Male, Gay, Sophomore- Night Howlers

~ Annabella Hickory- 17, Female, Bi, Junior- ~*NeutralEgg*~

~ Delta Quinn- 16, Female, Pan, Sophomore- Solareclipse

~ Coraline Athlerr- 17, female, het, Junior - Soaring Free

~ Harper Jackwitz- 16, female, straight, Sophomore- Sands of Time

~ Zarina Jackson- 16, female, het, Sophomore- Foxtails

~ Aria Rose- 16, female, bi, Sophomore- RoseKatt

~ Serilda Aquiros- 16, female, het, Sophomore- Saphira's Cave

~ Violet Saunders- 16, female, pan, Junior- Moonlit trotters

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Beautiful Creatures (Prep High)~Sign Up {Closed} April 10, 2019 06:35 PM

Posts: 2155
Hello, mate. I was just wondering if these sign-ups are open?
if they aren't, it's fine!

Edited at April 10, 2019 07:26 PM by Lebensmüde
Beautiful Creatures (Prep High)~Sign Up {Closed} April 10, 2019 06:44 PM

Feathery Tails
Posts: 524
oh, yea; they are! forgot to put that in the title, sorry XD
Beautiful Creatures (Prep High)~Sign Up {Closed} April 10, 2019 07:22 PM

Feathery Tails
Posts: 524
My Sign-Up Form:
Name - Rex Mayberry
* Nickname - Echo
Age - 16
Gender - Male
Sexuality - Bisexual
Appearance - Side Parted Black hair with blue sheen, One blue eye, one green eye, small smattering of freckles upon nose, full lips, 77 inches tall, 134 pounds
Clothing - Wears a too large dark grey hoodie over a tight black tee-shirt, black skinny jeans with Chuck Taylor All Star Monochrome High Tops, a black beanie, spider-bite piercing on the left side, simple stud piercings on lobes, and a Yin & Yang necklace
Personality - Gives off a Bad Boy vibe, and will behave towards it if upset in any way; but he's usually quiet, and likes to help others.
* History - TBD
Social Status - Bad-Boy/Emo
Grade - Sophmore
Other - ( Remember to read the rules :3 )
Beautiful Creatures (Prep High)~Sign Up {Closed} April 10, 2019 07:32 PM

Posts: 2155

<i style="font-size: 15px; text-align: left;">

<h2 style="text-align: center;">

Name: <span style="font-weight: normal;">Vietellä Lovingstein

<i style="font-size: 15px; text-align: left; font-weight: normal;">Nickname: V (friends) Tella (everyone else)

Age: 16
Gender: Feminine
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Appearance: Being the envious girl she is, Tella is beautifully built. Standing at a petite 68 inches (5'8), and weighing a little over 115 pounds, she is quite tiny for her age. Tella is skinny, underweight for a teenager her age. She has little to no muscle on her, all skin and bones. This makes her the perfect size for the phrase, "Tiny But Mighty". Tella, as I said before, is bony, but she still is quite gorgeous.

She has deeply tanned skin hovering over her bones, which is about the color of caramel with olive undertones. Tella is Caucasian, but she is very well sun baked from being outdoors. Her legs are more like toothpicks than the thicker, average sized legs. Whenever V moves, the muscle that shifts can also be seen. Tella loves to run, and her petite figure makes it easy for her to do so.

Vietellä has a sharp, angular face to compliment her body, and looks somewhat like a beautiful corpse with all of her defined features. Tella's cheekbones and jawline are sharp and smooth, seeming as if they would slice your finger if you slid it across. She has thin, yet somewhat thick lips that are always plastered in a flirtatious smile. Her pearly white teeth deeply contrast her tanned skin and always seem to be showing either in looks of laughter, or looks of hate and despise.

Tella's features are revolving around her eyes, which are deeply shaded emerald. V's eyes seem to radiate with either sunshine or bloodshed, depending on the person she's speaking to. The green starts near her pupil, so dark it's nearly the same black color. As it fades out to the corners of her eye, the green mixes and swirls like that of a painting into a light, pastel emerald that shines.

Tella's hair is bright, shiny, and blonde. Not so much as a bleached color, but more of a sun kissed, golden sparkle. V keeps her hair in deep, defined curls that look more like beach waves. It's natural of course, and with her hair falling to the near center of her back the waves are definitely noticeable. Her eyebrows are the color of the highlights in her hair, which are brown. The brown is lighter and milky, like the color of chocolate.
Clothing: Tighter, barely slip past the rules clothing is Vietellä's type of thing. She loves to test the teachers, just to see how skimpy they'll let her go. Tella's go-to outfit is a tighter, dark grey skirt that goes all the way to her upper thigh that's heading toward her center thigh. V has many different tops she can wear with said skirt, but usually she wears an expensive looking, blouse-y shirt.

The shirt is a moderate length, but Tella tucks it into the skirt. The waistline of her grey skirt stops just below her belly button, making it just the right length to tuck the flowy top into. She pulls out the edges of the tucked in section of the shirt, which gives it even more of that flowy look. The two contrasting colored compliment her olive toned skin, as well as her golden hair. Everything seems to compliment V's gorgeous eyes, especially white things that make them pop.

Tella's shoes are somewhat basic. They're boots, that are nearly thigh high but stop right above her knee and her lower thighs. These boots seem to be made of a velvety material, and have a few wrinkles going throughout their black surface. Said boots have heels that are about a thumb's width wide, and a pinky's height. Not too tall, not to short. These boots are her signature clothing item, and they give her that click when she walks so that you know it's her.

Vietellä has a few jewelry pieces. The first one is a necklace. The golden chain is thin and delicate, yet sturdy at the same time. It fits snugly around her neck, a little bit of the chain hanging down. This necklace has a small, iridescent scale from some sort of fish on it. The scale shimmers and sparkles in the right light, shifting from its pearly white color to a pastel purple for only seconds at a time.

The second piece of jewelry V wears is her bracelet. It's the same golden chain material as the necklace, but instead of having a scale the chain just goes all the way around. There are a few pearls on the bracelet, places perfectly separate from one another.
Personality: Mean girl pretty much. Seductive and rude, talks about people behind their backs. She's a popular, and has friends with only the best of the best. V may pretend to be your friend face to face, but only because she needs something from you. And when she's done, Vietellä will toss you away like trash. Coquettish and flirtatious, she can seduce nearly anyone into doing her bidding. (Hence her name.)

History: TBD
Social Status: Popular, Mean Girl, Queen Bee
Grade: Sophomore

Other: ESH
Name Translation: Vietellä = "Seduce" in Finnish :)

What the heck is going on with the top portion haha. The code is on there, but whatever. I'll re write it down here, because I would rather it not get any worse.

Name: Vietellä Lovingstein
Nickname: V (friends) Tella (everyone else)

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Beautiful Creatures (Prep High)~Sign Up {Closed} April 10, 2019 08:28 PM

Posts: 887

Name - Wren Flores

Nickname - Wrenny, Pastel boy

Age - 15

Gender - Male

Sexuality - Pansexual

Appearance - He doesn't think he is handsome at all, but he is decent in his eyes. He has a small and lanky figure with some curves, with his height being 5'4". He doesn't wear anything too noticeable, but he wears mostly leggings and sweaters that are a pastel color. He sometimes wears jeans, but they are either white or black. He has rather long bangs, Which he dyes a different color, which happens to be pink. He has a brown-creme kinda and his hair is a brown with different shades of the color. His eyes are a shade of blue, though the color blue is rather faint, so he'll have grey eyes with a big speck of brown in one eye (Left eye).
He isn't just skin and bones, he has a a bit of meat in him, like his arms and thighs. He is rather adorable with his style of clothing, He wears pastel clothing like many different shades of pastel seemed to be something he likes most. He usually wears a bright pink and its rather baggy, but has ripped jeans.

Personality - He is overly trusting after some time with them. He is clingy, but possessive isn't what he is. He has a desire to escape reality, and is hurt by those who hurt by others. He is overly sensitive with his emotions, and would rather keep a safe distance from those who hurt. He has many reason, but its mostly because of that attack back in his youth. He is kind to all, even if they try to hurt him and his family, he is playful when he needs to be as well. He is reasonable, since He usually tries to stay in reality. He’s rather polite and generous, though he is far from being a gentleman. Ne is a coward by heart, he doesn't like violence, he’s kinda a pushover if you think about it. He is rather manipulative when he has to be.

History - Wip

Social Status - The Pastel lover, the overly adorable one. The pastel kid

Grade - Freshman

Other - ESH
Beautiful Creatures (Prep High)~Sign Up {Closed} April 10, 2019 08:58 PM

Feathery Tails
Posts: 524
Both accepted!
Tella definitely sounds like a queen bee, and Wrenny sounds like a cinnamon roll :,)
Love 'em already X3

Also, Imma take "Troll" off the wheel.... I don't want either to get that

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Beautiful Creatures (Prep High)~Sign Up {Closed} April 10, 2019 09:19 PM

Posts: 2155
How much do you want to bet I'm going to get a common one haha. With my luck, iI'll probably contaminate everyone into getting a common :')
Beautiful Creatures (Prep High)~Sign Up {Closed} April 10, 2019 09:22 PM

Posts: 887
XD, it don't matter to me^^, as long as its something lol

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