Wolf Play : ANTIDOTE x Caribou (Pt. 2 😂)
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I'm about to just drop out of school
 binders united
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I am almost done with forest level 6 then I ran out of moves
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Ohh sorry to hear how come
 Blind Bat
07:08:50 I Am Vengeance

I'm upset and tired and burning up and sick :)
 Blind Bat
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imagine a school trying to keep kids from using laptops in class when they willing handed us out laptops

like wtf the laptops for then XD
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07:07:41 Queen / Jo
I’m doing okay was meant to train but mom came over to move more stuff. How are you
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how are you?
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Hi Bat
 Blind Bat
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hi jo
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07:01:51 Queen / Jo
06:46:24 Kat ?
I really need a good pup to come along e.e My relic hole is filled with buried pup toys but I haven't had a good pup to use them on in like three game years
06:24:45 Fei the writer
I'm really curious on how stubborn my wolf Salad is
06:24:10 Spider,Rake(He,Him)
random question how does the time counter for the changing pack name work, cause yesterday it said 2 days left and today it says 2 days left
06:21:52 ET
Death script is still 7:45am! :D
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It is like he is switching between the two of you
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oh what do you know! It's my shark's dinner time!
05:23:18 Boe is a bear, Rawr!
No, he's never going to leave me alone is he.
05:22:46 Amy
It was only the matter of time before he finds you🤣
05:22:15 Boe is a bear, Rawr!
Fei, you need to get a leash of some sort for Salad
He found my Jungle 10 hideaway.


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ANTIDOTE x Caribou (Pt. 2 😂)July 10, 2024 06:42 PM


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Pirate x Siren
ANTIDOTE x Caribou (Pt. 2 😂)July 10, 2024 06:42 PM


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Hold for plot
ANTIDOTE x Caribou (Pt. 2 😂)July 10, 2024 06:42 PM


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Female / 21 / Straight

Born a siren of the deep seas, Caeliana has lived her life in solitude. A powerful artifact that means much to her had been stolen while she was defending herself from pirates one day, resulting in the loss of it. Now she spends her day luring pirates in, taking them to their watery graves in hopes that one may have her artifact in possession.


Caeliana is a mysterious creature, one that lurks in the dark waters. No one has befriended her so no one truly knows her. Outside of her luring she is quiet, secluded. She spends her times enjoying nature and collecting treasures. Deep down she has a kind and loving soul, but her life has consisted of constant pain and sorrow that she hides it deep away, seeing no one worthy enough.


Caeliana is the definition of a siren. Her looks are stunning, some would say mystical. She has a gentle look to her, hiding the true version of herself. Her long hair is that of gold, curling and falling against her back down to her waste. Her eyes are pools of bright blue, entracing those who look into them. Her skin is a soft pale with hints of blush, freckles dotting the bridge of her nose and shoulders.

In her Siren form her scales and fin are a deep gold that fade to blue. Her canine teeth sharpen just a bit, easier to kill her prey.


Good Qualities

~ Smart - Caeliana is a very smart woman, able to easily come up with solutions.

~ Strong - Caliena is strong both physically and mentally. She wont back down from a fight.

Bad Qualities

~ Temper - Caeliana's temper will flare, causing her to lash out. She never truly means it, but her words can hurt.

~ Emotions - Ilyana can easily be swayed when it comes to playing with her emotions and feelings.

Likes and Dislikes


~ Animals

~ Sunsets

~ Food

~ Singing

~ Treasure/Shiny Objects


~ People/Pirates

~ Storms


Never Knew Them




Caeliana's voice has the power to lure people in, it pulls their minds into seduction, controlling their emotions and movements. This is how she lures men to their watery graves

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ANTIDOTE x Caribou (Pt. 2 😂)July 10, 2024 06:55 PM

Caribou Creek

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Judas Layre Pritchard


"I will say it brought great satisfaction to finish what he started all those years ago. I'd really thought he hadn't made it out of that disaster. Turns out he did...only to come face to face with the man who sent his ship to the bottom of the ocean in the first place..."

Judas was born a pirate, unfortunately losing both his parents to accidents at sea at the age of thirteen. After his former crew got into a brawl with The Black Dahlia's crew, Pritchard didn't hesitant to join them. Over the years he has proved his loyalty and worked his way rapidly up the ranks, becoming the youngest Quartermaster in the Dark Waters crew. Through his years at sea, hopping from island to island, he has been traded a rare trinket; one that used to belong to a siren of the deep...


Jude, Pritch, Layre, Pritchard


23 years






Pirate / Thief


Dark Waters


The Black Dahlia


Quartermaster and Gunner


Confident / Cunning / Charming / Dangerous

Judas for the most part could be considered fairly carefree, often going with the flow of whatever situation he finds himself in. As Quartermaster, he is well respected among the Dark Waters crew, and has taken the place of the Captain in absences before.

He is known most for his intelligence, wit, charm, and promiscuity, often able to get exactly what he wants through those traits. He is loyal to those he deems his friends, and will go to great lengths to protect or stand up for them. His aggression is mostly kept at bay, however he is not one to shy away from bouts of intense violence if provoked. While he usually tends to not start fights, he has been known to easily finish them, leaving his opponent battered and bloody...or dead.

An adventurous and nomadic soul, Jude does not like sticking in one place for very long, his goals and vices often shifting on the dime. He is also known to be quite closed off to most of his emotions; particularly ones of deeper meaning. He doesn't open up or trust easily, guarded and cold. He often twists his words, saying one thing to someone and another to someone else, keeping his true secrets safe.


-Exploring/Adventure | Life on the seas


-Drinking | Parties | Promiscuity



-Like-minded individuals

-Having authority

-Enjoys time alone when he gets it


-People who can make him laugh/have fun


-Intense heat/sweating

-People he can't read easily

-Being told what to do



-Observant/Intelligent: Pritchard is a master of using his observation skills. He is quick to read people accurately more often than not. He uses his wit to his advantage, gaining knowledge through even the smallest of interactions

-Confidence: Without his confidence and authority, he would be nowhere in life. Pritchard is a master of putting on a look of confidence...even if it's all a facade

-Charming: Even in the worst of situations, Jude can typically find his sense of charm to leverage himself. He is popular among vast groups because of it

-Weaponry|Sword-Wielding: Being Master Gunner and Quartermaster, Layre is well versed in handling various artilery and weaponry, although he is masterfully skilled at sword fighting

-Loyal: Although his loyalty, vices, and desires shift on a time, his true loyalty (once earned) is unbreakable. He would sacrifice everything for the one or few he deeply cares for, even himself


-Arrogant: Pritchard is known to be quite the arrogant soul and holds himself at a higher place than he should. He often lets his confidence grow a little too far, which is what puts him in many dire and unpredictable situations. He will often say the wrong things to the wrong people, prompting them to become angry and vengeful

-Stubborn: Judas is extremely hard-headed and stubborn, often unwilling to admit when he is in the wrong or unwilling to give up; even in situations where he most definitely should

-Manipulative: While this could be considered a strength in the right circumstances, his manipulative tendencies often impede on relationships that could be beneficial or important in his life. He tends to inentionally and unintentionally manipulate people and situations around him in an attempt to better things for himself

-Selfish/Greedy: As most pirates are, Layre is a greedy and selfish soul. He always has his own best interest in mind, oftentimes sacrificing the greater good in trade for his own wants and desires


Pritchard's stature is tall, standing in at a striking 6'5-6'6. His body is toned with lean muscle; his biceps, chest, and shoulders slightly more defined. His facial structure is quite defined and slender, and his eyes are a warm molten amber in color. His skin is a warm tan, darkened by long days in the sun. Freckles splatter lightly along his cheeks and over his shoulders.

His brows are arched and dark, his left brow split in three places due to old scars. Another prominent scar marks across the bridge of his nose, one along his upper right lip, and one slashed across the left side of his neck. His skin is branded with ink along his right arm, neck and chest.His hair is jet black in color, naturally wavy and falling in length past his shoulders, granting him the infamous 'Blackmane' title. His fingers are always decorated with various rings of silver, obsidian, or gold, and dark earrings dangle from both of his ears. His body naturally does not sport much hair on his chest, but a pleasing happy trail runs down the lower half of his torso. Any clothing he may wear is usually always dark in color. He can be seen most often in black/gold, black/red, or black/silver.

Other Info

-Single by choice

-Orphaned at thirteen years | Death of both parents

-Joined the Dark Waters crew at fifteen years

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ANTIDOTE x Caribou (Pt. 2 😂)July 10, 2024 10:10 PM


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The seas were quiet that morning, the waves softly rolling as the sun shone across the deep blue waters. All was peaceful and serene. A ship captained by low life pirates traveled across the waters, their ship sailing against the waves. The men went about their daily tasks as usual, hoisting and tying sales, tending to rations, and just their normal comradery the men had. Everything was normal…that was until something sounded in the distance. What was that? Was it singing? An angelic voice could be heard around them, soft humming slowly surrounding the ship. The men stopped in their tracks, freezing as the voice came closer and closer. A few men put down whatever items were in their hands, going to the railings of the ship to see where the voice was coming from. These men were foolish excuses of pirates, completely unaware of what creature they had just encountered.

In the waters below, bright blue orbs peaked above the water's edge, hair of gold flowing gently behind the creature with the current. The men that looked overboard froze as they stared below. Caeliana’s voice grew louder as her full face appeared from the water, smiling to the men. She raised her hands, beckoning the men to come closer. Her scales shimmered against the sunlight as she swam carefully around the boat, more and more men coming to her voice. There were a few men who knew her tricks, calling out to warn the others.

“Don't listen to her men! It's a trap!” “Back to your positions!” The attempts of gathering the ones entranced was just a failure, it was too late. Caeliana began to switch her song, one of more seduction. Gather their attention first, then truly lure them in. Slowly the men began to climb the wooden railings, some calling out. “I'm coming my love” “My angel, please take me” the men begged for her. Her plans as usual were working, it was all too easy. Splashing water below rose up into the sky as men began to jump to their deaths. The waters around them darkened and became rough, slowly swallowing them into the depths, drowning them as they neared the siren.

One by one the crew was picked off, the ones still on board doing everything they could to fight away from the ones that held them back. Cael believed she was winning, she had to be. She slowly made her way to the other side of the ship, but she was met with a trap. The men on board who had defeated her song knew the siren’s tricks all too well from stories, their ears stuffed with cotton and wax, they were smart. Before she could look up, a net was thrown down, rocks tied to the ends to weigh it down. Her angelic song stopped, being replaced with a sharp scream as she fought, her sharp nails clawing at the thick ropes. Her screams grew louder, deafening as her tail wrapped up in the netting. Slowly the men began to lift her into the ship, guns and swords drawn as she thrashed. As the water dried against her skin, slowly her scales began to fade away, being replaced with pale skin. Her sharp teeth and nails, shortening, her voice quieting.

Fear filled the woman’s eyes as she looked around, hissing and lashing out at the men who looked down to the bare body that lay entangled on their deck. They began to laugh, in shock that they had captured a siren. “You will bring a pretty penny in the markets” One said, poking her with the end of his sword, a small cut forming on her frail human skin, a drop of blood pulling to the surface.

“We will keep her, trade her for something more valuable” A deep voice said as loud footsteps approached the captain. “For now, it will be a lovely view, enjoy it while you can” He said, looking into her blue eyes as she scowled at him, pulling her knees to her chest to hide her body. “Now back to work! We have places to be!” the Captain shouted before turning, making his way back to his quarters. What was she to do now? She had no powers outside of the water. What would these humans do to her?

For the next week or so she was a display for the men as they traveled the sea, barely fed, given a mere sheet to cover herself and keep warm. The men poked and prodded at her, finding enjoyment in the anger she showed as she tried to lash out each time, finding no success.

ANTIDOTE x Caribou (Pt. 2 😂)July 11, 2024 01:37 AM

Caribou Creek

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"Tah!" Judas exclaimed triumphantly, a haughty and teasing expression on his slender face. "Perhaps you'll best me next time." He sheathed his sword, chuckling as his crewmate scoffed, waving a hand as if to shoo him away. The other man dropped a few silver coins into his Quartermaster's hand, grumbling as he turned away from him. "Aw don't be such a poor bastard about it, you'll win a hand one of these days!" Judas called after him.

"Ah Pritchard, shut yer gob!" The man called back, waving his hand again. "Why don't you go buy yerself a drink with that money ya stole from me, aye?" Judas laughed, flipping one of the coins in the air and catching it before it landed to the ground. It was a warm but breezy evening, the sun just beginning to set along the horizon. The sky was cast with a golden-orange glow, the water rippling with gentle waves. The young pirate was dressed in a loose white shirt, unbuttoned to reveal his chest. Around his neck hung a necklace, one from which he'd been traded years ago by an old merchant sailor. He'd been told it had once belonged to a siren of the deep, carrying with it some semblance of magic. While he wasn't one to fully believe such things, he had to admit that his luck had certainly changed for the better upon recieving it.

Layre stepped off the ship, walking breezily into town. The sounds of boisterous music echoed from within, laughter and hollering bouncing from the buildings. The cobblestone streets were lined with various merchants and vendors, desperate to sell their goods in exchange for some sort of currency.

Pritchard wasted no time buying a drink or two, draining the rum from the bottles as if it were water. After an hour or so the sun had nearly set, leaving the town in a red and purple glow. The faint image of stars glittered above them, the moon making her entrance slowly. He breezed through the streets, his rings glittering in the sinking sun, and his dark waves sweeping in the breeze. He spent his time mingling with various women, engaging in whatever acts they asked of him, before making his way towards the center of town, curious of the commotion he'd been hearing. His step was slightly wobbly, but he was more sobered now than he had been just an hour before. As he emerged, he could see a group of men shouting at passerby, advertising what they believed to be a siren, bound in human form on land. He scoffed at first, knowing these merchants would try anything to grab a bit of cash. He found himself hanging around though, continuing to observe the scene.

These weren't just any men, no. Upon closer inspection he recognized these men to be members of a crew he'd had run ins with in previous years. Pirates. Sure, some pirates would try to cheapscate someone and trade something of little value for a few coins, but he knew these ones did not. "A siren, eh?" He called out to one of them, his amber gaze falling down to look at the poor woman. She was beautiful...but ragged. Her only semblance of clothing thin and dirty, torn in places and stained with sweat and grime. Her wrists and legs were bound by rope and a chain around her neck, various scrapes and bruises marked along her pale skin. One of the men turned to him, beckoning him closer.

"Aye," He said, his voice lowering now. "We need be rid of her. We've had our go, and are gathering more men. No room on the ship for a beast such as this one." Judas raised a brow, not convinced. "She's a fiesty one, but a thing of beauty and magic. Legend says they carry great knowledge of treasure, hidden gems with powers of the gods."

"Then why not use her yourself, if you believe such things?" Pritchard questioned, his gaze flicking back to the young woman. "What use is she to us if she's no use to you?"

"She killed a great number of our men." He explained. "Some of us don't want her aboard anymore, for they lost brothers. She'd be no use to us, only causin' pain for those who lost their family. But for you..." He gestured towards her. "There's no lingerin' achin' in yer heart for the lives she's taken, nor can she do ya harm as long as she's kept on dry land." Judas set his jaw, still not convinced, but felt a familiar greedy ting within his chest. If there truly was siren treasure to be found...she could be useful. But if not...and if she was just some mere woman.. she could certainly be of use in other ways.

"Alright then," He said, throwing his cares aside. "What's a little fun, eh? What do you want for her?" The men looked between each other, gripping the ropes that bound her tightly.

"Anythin' you think she's worth. We need be rid of her."

Judas set his jaw, studying the bound woman. After a moment, he dug around in his satchel, pulling out a few objects of value and some stolen jewelry. "This'll just about cover it, don't you think gentlemen?" He said, tossing them at the man. It wasn't long before a few of his own crew had gathered around, aiding in exchanging the ropes with one another. Pritchard bent down once the other crew had cleared, kneeling to take a closer look at her. She was beautiful, he could tell that much even beneath her disheveled appearance. "Such beauty...even if not what they claim you to be." He stood, beckoning his men to bring her to the ship.

"Keep her steady and tie her aboard!" He commanded as they stepped foot onto the ship. The men attempted to bind her to one of the wooden poles, keeping her locked in place for now. He didn't yet know for certain what she was capable of. Once bound, he kneeled down again, perhaps a little too close this time. "Can you speak?" He prodded. "Fetch her some proper coverings."

ANTIDOTE x Caribou (Pt. 2 😂)July 11, 2024 02:16 AM


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How could she be so stupid, letting herself get captured so easy. And now here she was, filthy, ragged, used. She was too weak to fight back even though she tried, her whole time with these men was just a battle. She knew this was the end, as long as she was on land her abilities were useless, she was just a mortal human. The sun beat down on the creature's pale skin, her mouth drying from thirst as she watched the men and women pass by, whispering amongst each other. Her eyes still stayed sharp, a scowl on her face. An occasional buck or hiss at anyone who came too close. By the time the sun began to set and the moon rose to its home in the sky, the heat had drained her.

At night the town became lively, everyone filled to the brim with liquor and women of the night making their rounds, this meant more and more eyes on her. She hated this, her body was on display for all to see. These men were showing her off as if she was an object, one that had no sense of feeling or understanding.

She had quieted down with exhaustion for some time, but that all changed. Quickly she looked up, it was here, she could feel it. A sharp ringing rang in her ears as she looked around frantically at each and every person, where was it? It could be anywhere, on anyone.

“She’s just looking for an escape, pay no mind to her” the pirate seeking to sell her said as he continued to shout out to all that neared. The ringing only grew, teasing her as it moved around her head. She whispered to herself, calling out for her property but she had no power, she could do nothing but look.

Soon the dark haired man neared, the ringing only growing louder as she watched him step closer and closer. He had it, there it was. Her bright blue eyes locked on to him, watching his each and every movement. After all these years he’s had it. It was right in front of her. She squirmed as the man spoke to her captors, trying to pull her hands free. Her face held a look of desperation, pain and anger as she pulled, only causing the wounds on her wrists to worsen.

She was too blinded by her mission that she did not realize she had been bought until she was lifted by the men. She hissed, squirming and trying to free herself. The whole way to the boat was a struggle, her captor was right, she was a fiesty creature. The men tossed her down and tied her tight, everyone coming to surround her. “Pritchard, you bought us a woman?” One crew mate said, a smile coming to his lips.

Cael watched as Pritchard kneeled down in front of her, the smell of rum rising from his body. Her sharp eyes started into his as she hissed, “Let me go”. With that her eyes dropped to the necklace, pulling at her arm to loosen it. “Knock it off” another crewmate said, pulling her arm tighter while a younger man ran off to grab the woman something to keep herself decent. Cael looked back to Pritchard’s eyes, her brows furrowing as a smile turned up at the corner of his lip. “I will not help you” she warned, sitting back against the pole. She was so tired and she was trying so hard to hide it. It had been days since she slept yet alone ate or drank.

“Sir, her clothes” the younger man said, coming back from below the ship. There were no women on board, the only clothing being those of the men. He had gotten a white shirt and the smallest pair of pants from the crew. Two men held her arms as they untied her to help her dress, one man holding the chain like collar that had been put on by her prior owners. They were all cautious, waiting for her to lash out as they slid the clothing on. Her body was littered in bruises, cuts, even a burn mark on her shoulder.

Why was this man being nice, giving her clothes? Did he not realize what she was? She couldn’t lie though, it felt amazing to finally be covered, to have something to keep her decent and help warm her cold body. She still looked at Pritchard with confusion, what would happen now? Surely they were to use her as the last crew. But it wasn’t happening, these men made no move at her, they just kept her secure and their eyes on her for any moves.

“You have a possession of mine” she finally said sharply, looking at the necklace upon Pritchards chest. “I want what is mine”

ANTIDOTE x Caribou (Pt. 2 😂)July 11, 2024 12:15 PM

Caribou Creek

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Layre ignored the crewman's question for a moment, walking breezily past him, his attention fully on the young woman. "Supposedly not just any woman," He finally said. He didn't say any more on the subject, not yet fully believing what he'd been told himself yet, and not wanting to scare the rest of the crew. As he kneeled down, his molten gaze never left her face. He was intent on finding out just exactly who and what she was before making any big decisions. She hissed, spitting out that she wouldn't help them. A small smirk turned up the corner of his lips. He wasn't too concerned about any sort of treasure just yet. He stayed silent, watching as she fought, trying to reach out and grab something from him.

The man he'd sent to fetch some clothes came back, prompting Pritchard to rise once more to his feet. "Help her up, dress her." He commanded, his voice calm but his tone laced with authority. It was quiet on deck, all except for the sounds of boots against the wood and the soft voices of the men speaking amongst each other. They must all be confused as to why their Quartmaster (and temporary Captain) had brought a woman aboard and was treating her in such a way. Normally, any woman aboard would be paid for activities, here by some sort of choice or will, but she was not. Sold, bought, and brought aboard as a captive of sorts, forbidden to be touched by the lustful hands of the crewman. For now.

He stood, watching intently as his men helped her dress, his eyes traversing over the wounds on her body. Part of him was disgusted by the way the other crew had treated her, but he knew deep down there were men aboard his own that would have done the same. That would be doing the same if he had not been present to stop them. After she was dressed, she spoke again, her voice sharp as she accused him of having something of hers.

Pritchard wasn't a fool. As she spoke he knew exactly what she was after, his necklace glittering in the red glow. He said nothing for a moment, still looking at her intensely. "Fetch her some water, and a bit of food." One of the men who'd been there when the trade took place had a nervous expression wash over his face.

"Water, sir?" He questioned. Judas shifted his gaze to him.

"Yes, water," He spat. "How would you like to be tied up and beaten, starved and kept from water for a week? We can certainly make it happen for you if you want to keep questioning me." The crew suddenly fell completely silent, sensing that something was off with their Captain. He knew something most of them didn't, didn't he? The men knew to trust him, for he'd never led them astray before. They got him what he'd asked for, handing him a small wooden cup half full of drinking water that had just been restocked tonight. He stepped cautiously towards her, although his gait was still one of confidence. He held the cup out softly, sending glances at the men to release one of her arms so she could take it from his hand if she wished.

"You will have your trinket," He promised quietly, his eyes glittering with hidden knowledge. "But only if you can do something in return for me." He stepped back a little, lifting his chin. "I don't intend on giving up something I traded a fair price for to the first woman who claims it to be hers." He explained. The crew was still silent, watching and listening. He paced, slowly walking in a circle around her, his gaze heatedly inspecting her. "I often would care not for ancient, cursed Siren treasure. Any man fool enough to sail those waters never comes back alive, and I assume you want no more of your objects stolen than already have been, correct?" He asked, coming back around to face her. He nodded in a gesture for the men holding her to release her fully. They did so, but stood close, weapons at the ready in case she decided to try and jump off into the watery depths below.

"If you are truly what they say you are, which I am now beginning to believe," He continued lowly. "You can get us safe enough passage through those waters. If you do, I intend to set you free with your necklace back in your hands. I only ask for one item in return from those treasures." He gestured to the pendent around his neck. "To replace the one I return to you, of course. It has brought me and my crew great fortune and luck, and I am not willing to give that up without something to replace it."

He stepped closer to her again, but drew his dagger, a warning for her to not try and lunge at him. The metal sang softly as he'd pulled it from its sheath, glinting in the fading light as the moon arose. "I know the numbers of men you've slain," He rumbled. "But I don't have intentions of harming you, lass." He told her. "All I ask is that you don't harm my crew in return." He knew that if they were to travel into siren infested waters, some of his men would inevitably perish, but he didn't want it to be at her hand. He was willing to be fair, to negotiate, but he was still a pirate. He was still a thief. Everything came with a price, and he would haggle as much as he could.

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Cael watched the men around her carefully, she hated the way their eyes traveled, how they whispered amongst each other. One man stepped forward to admire her golden hair, even dirty and mangled it was still bright. She hissed, snapping at him, only to be pulled tighter in place. Looking back to Pritchard she watched his eyes, tilting her head as he demanded the men to get her sustenance. Why would he be willing to help her?

Her eyes followed the wooden cup as Pritchard snapped at his man, calling them out for their stupid questions. Water, it had been so long since she tasted the wonderful liquid. She kept calm as he stepped forward, his overbearing stature lingering over her as he motioned for the men to untie one of her arms. She didn’t move, was this a trap? She watched as he motioned towards the cup, ticking his chin towards it. Carefully she pulled a hand forward, taking the cup quickly from his before pulling it to her lips. Oh how wonderful this felt against her dry mouth. As she drank, her eyes began to shine a brighter blue, her nails sharpening. It was not enough water for her to fully transform, only enough for small parts to show. The cup was empty in seconds, a sad expression on her features as she craved more.

“Those other objects I do not care about, they are no value to me” she said in reference to the other sirens treasures. “They are simple coins and gems, no use to us, sunken treasures found from those who perished with their ships” she explained to Pritchard.

As the ropes were untied and tossed to the side her body eased for a moment. She held her wrists, pain slighting shooting through them at the rope burned wounds from her previous captors. An listened to the man’s bargain, offering her safety and freedom with her necklace if she got them safely through the cursed waters. “There is a compass hidden below, one that leads you to whatever your heart desires. All have perished who have traveled, either by other pirates, us, or the cursed seas. I have been before, I can take you there” she said.

She stepped back as Pritchard came closer, towering over her once more with his dagger drawn, the metal glinting off the moonlight above them. “I will not harm them as long as they do not harm me” she said finally, looking into his eyes. “And after, if you keep your word, I will not harm your men if we cross paths as long as you do not hunt for me” she said.

She saw this as a fair trade, that compass meant nothing to her, but her necklace did. He seemed reasonable, he had not treated her like others had so she was willing to try. She would still be on high alert, guarding herself at every moment. If not, what was the point, she would easily be traded off and used once again. Finally she stuck her arm out slowly, her hand open, a handshake to seal their deal.

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Pritchard watched as she drank, his expression hard to read. He made no reaction to the way her eyes glimmered, the way her nails grew. He snapped his fingers, motioning for the cook to come closer. "Enter my quarters, start the fire and begin preparing a meal." He instructed quietly, his eyes still pinned on the young siren. The man nodded, quickly ducking away and up the stairs into the captain's cabin. He listened intently to her words, learning as much information as he could get before making any sort of deal. Interest perked at the mention of the compass.

'Whatever your heart desires..' He thought over, a momentary flicker of intrigue flashing in his eyes. It would certainly be useful to have a tool such as that on his person. Perhaps the luck the necklace had brought him would disappear after giving it up, but he was willing to trade his luck for something that would lead him to his greatest desire...even if it meant sacfrificing a few souls to get there. She bargained, agreeing to not harm his men as long as they did not harm her, and even offered their future protection from herself if his own word was kept at the end of all this. He saw no further use in hunting sirens, unless it was to rid them completely from the waters, but he was not so venegful as some.

After a moment of pause, he sheathed his dagger, taking her hand. "We have an accord then," He rumbled quietly. "You lead me to this compass, in exchange I give you your trinket back and my men will not be harmed. I will see to it you will remain free in these waters so long as I am sailing them." With that, the rest of the crew lowered their weapons, some of them looking a bit shaken at the idea of having a siren on board. They likely knew the danger they were heading to, and Pritchard knew some of them would fall. "Drop the sails and make way for the open sea." He commanded to his men, his gaze still pinned on the beautiful young woman. He tossed his chin towards the wheel in a gesture for her to follow him, leading her up the steps to the quarterdeck. He pulled out a large map, marked with various writings and marks of where they've been to and where they were planning on heading.

"Point me in the direction we need," He told her calmly. He was kind, for now. He would try not to provoke her unless some need to arose. He was uneasy with her presence, although he would not admit it. He knew what kind of danger lay in wait for them in a few months time, and he was prepared to kill her if she showed any hint of betrayal. After learning, he firmly gripped the wheel with one hand, spinning it in the direction the ship needed to go, shouting commands to the men swarming below. The door to the cabin opened from behind him, the cook exiting with a nod.

"Come with me," He said to the siren, turning and walking into his quarters. It was a fairly small cabin, but cozy and well furnished. It had one bed, a small space for cooking, a fireplace, a large desk and table, and various cabinents and shelves lined up against the curved wooden walls. A few lanterns dangled, illuminating the space, and various maps and treasures were strewn about. He motioned to the table, grabbing the cooked pig and bringing it over. He set it down, silently slicing off a portion to give to her. It was the finest meat they had right now, butchered and bought this evening in town. He poured two glasses of wine, setting one down in front of her as well as a crisp red apple. He turned, going to the small barrel of clean water within his own space, pouring another cup for her, this time full. He brought it to her, setting it down in front of her as well before taking his own seat across from her.

"Now," He finally spoke, his voice calm. He had a soft voice, but it carried a somewhat deep resonance that frightened some and seduced others. "I figured perhaps some time away from hoards of men would do you good. But I do want to know a few things, so perhaps you'd be willing to discuss over a proper meal?"

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