Austan vindar
08:49:18 Blep :P
-Click- chat, I'm bored
 River Ash
08:48:51 River Community Chat
08:48:23 Wild, Bau, Amazon

i knoww now theirs tea plants in my tea T^T
08:47:57 Sil, SL, SilverLined
Noo that's the worst
08:46:28 Wild, Bau, Amazon
into my tea-
08:46:23 Wild, Bau, Amazon
i just broke my tea bag- T^T
 Broken Rivers
08:44:45 Winter, Rusty, Snake
 Blood lust tide
08:42:52 BewareWhoYouTrust
Love my avi 🤣
08:42:02 Wild, Bau, Amazon
hey chat
 Stray Secrets
08:40:34 Stray.
i will get you a new nose, love
08:39:50 Chrissy
just a stuffy nose. 😖
 Pain Meds
08:39:45 Dagon/Sheo/Moor
-WP Click-
Hmmm she is missing something
 Broken Rivers
08:38:19 Winter, Rusty, Snake
08:36:52 katy | beetle
happens to the best of us, boo 😔
08:36:06 Man Lover
stuffy nose? or worse
08:30:08 Nightshade

Oh no, what happened?
08:29:38 Chrissy
i really took breathing through my nose for granted.
08:27:33 Volks
Spent hours editing to a whole entire song and I can't finish the last 10 seconds due to my editing app dying and lagging which is not ok because timing. is. critical.
08:25:17 Nightshade
-WP Click-

Contribute your opinion to my valuable research. (New and improved!)
08:25:08 Cloudz, Pumpkin
I have 4 wolves in labor :")


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Lunar Eclipse x flying potatoNovember 24, 2022 04:17 PM

Lunar Eclipse
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Misfit sighed"these humans protect me... They protect those who live in the town... Please trust me Dog to wolf..."I looked down at her and then shook my head and stood over her to protect her from the police officer
Lunar Eclipse x flying potatoNovember 25, 2022 11:36 AM

flying potato
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Aspen closed her eyes "just let me die like I'm supposed to, like the rest of my Pack did" she muttered. Aspen layed thare the wound was clearly infected, and for her to live she would need medical treatment and possibly food.
Lunar Eclipse x flying potatoNovember 25, 2022 12:13 PM

Lunar Eclipse
Posts: 615
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Misfit sighs and let's the officers help her"we are like the same in a way... My brother was taken from me at birth.. I never met my father... I lost my owners in a house fire... Lucky for me that these humans found me and took care of me... So please just let them help you.. then you can go die somewhere safe.."I looked down at the wolf hybrid
Lunar Eclipse x flying potatoNovember 25, 2022 12:18 PM

flying potato
Posts: 1087
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"Take care of me then I'll live, I'll I'll sent to one of those places that I'll be tagged and watched " she said flicking her tail. Moments went by and her back right paw twitch as the two-legged creature inspected the wound

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