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I'm also good, thanks.
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im good stray, how about you?
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Good morning chat from my time. How is everyone doing lately?
Edith Rose
10:41:06 Edith, Rose, Friday
Yeah same here, none of my ladies I'd say are particularly bad producers but I have notices certain studs who make them throw more duds than average (usually pretty basic studs as I tend to try and breed strictly to G1s)
Stray Secrets
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hey Midnight. how're you
10:37:27 Mid, Jay (he/him)
Stxrmmix <3
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I fell asleep with a stream open by accident ;-;
Edith Rose
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Hi Mid :)
10:36:33 Mid, Jay (he/him)
hi rose hey stray
10:36:31 V, Vox, Cor
My females all honestly produce pretty well, it tends to vary on who I breed them with though
Edith Rose
10:35:50 Edith, Rose, Friday
Doesn't it really depend more on the lines and stats of both parents? I know I have some females that simply produce better than others and I have certain studs I continue to go back to cause I think they produce particularly well *^*
Stray Secrets
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I keep forgetting to breed my girls, then I end up scrambling to find studs and having too many pop at a time. ;-;
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dipping for a few minutes but i'll be right back
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no problem
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prey and predators spawn randomly, but stealth will help for tracking prey.
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I used one of Otso's girls & 2 different stud all 4 litters popped put some boost & defect pups
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Yesss! Some of my girls pair amazingly but others...never want to like anyone
what is most important for explorer wolf after battle and resolve? if you want to let them find prey?


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Ashes of Night x RoawNovember 21, 2022 01:58 AM

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As Alleya started rubbing his back, the man started relaxing more and more. Usually he hated sleeping with people around and found it difficult to do so but right now he was too tired and Alleya did give a great back rub so maybe it wasn't all bad?

"There's something about him...something forbidden and special."

Forbidden and special, yeah, that was a good way to describe the leader. And people always wanted what they couldn't have, what they were forbidden to have. That included him, he was only human after all. Hopefully that was the only reason though, he knew he wasn't allowed to so that's why he wanted the leader, not that he was genuinely attracted to him.

"There's something that drives him, motivates him, and it motivates me. I can't tell what it is but I enjoy his presence, his insight, and everything that makes him who he is. It just draws a person into him, like a magnet."

Alleya seemed to be able to put words on the man exactly. As Niké listened, he could do nothing but agree with her words. He hadn't been around the leader for much of time but the way she described him just seemed to fit right in.

As the woman finished and fell quiet again, Niké had been getting closer and closer to falling asleep. It was weird how Alleya could go from an hyperactive little kid to more of a caring sister, it was almost like two people. He didn't mind either though, if the woman was bouncing around and talking constantly then he knew she was happy.

“There is one more thing,” the grey-haired man mumbled, “He’s also hot.” The moment those words left his mouth, he regretted it, not because it wasn't true but he did not want Alleya to think he had a crush on Theo, because he didn't, he never would.

What had been going through his head to make him think that was a good idea to say? Probably nothing. It had to be the exhaustion making him say stuff like that. At least only Alleya had heard and there was no way she'd tell Theo or anyone else, hopefully.

Ashes of Night x RoawNovember 21, 2022 12:11 PM

Ashes of Night
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She didn't know if she was describing her feelings well. She was just drawn to Theo and she did rather enjoy his prescence. She continued to rub his back as she thought about the things she enjoyed about Theo. It was easier to list small things she enjoyed about the man rather than big things. He had a great smile, he cared for everyone equally, he managed looking over the whole gang, he approached everything with an open mind...he never judged and he never rejected anyone from the gang, not even scrawny her that didn't know a single thing about fighting.

So she just stayed quiet, thinking about him. She knew that he was untouchable, unreachable along the relationship status. There was something he was hiding, something about relationships. She wasn't exactly what but that was okay. She just wanted to be friends, she didn't want a relationship. Not after hers went so horribly last time. She just wasn't ready. It was the same reason why she had been so upset with Taurus kissing her. She wasn't ready.

"There's one more thing..."

She paused, hearing Nike's mumble. He sounded almost asleep.

"He's also hot."

Now that was the last thing she expected to hear from Nike. Her cheeks instantly became inflamed and she sort of just paused in everything she was thinking and doing. She was sort of frozen with how shocked she had been to hear that.

"Nike," She hissed in a low tone, feeling extremely embarrassed. She hadn't noticed the leader's attractiveness before. She had been way too invested in his personality and characteristics instead. Attractiveness was something she hardly acknowledged. She was driven more by personality.

Once, she had calmed down, she sighed and returned back to rubbing his back.

"It's not like it matters anyway. He doesn't like me like that and I don't think I'll ever be ready to date another guy again," She shook her head as she spoke,"You'd have more of a chance with him than I would."

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Ashes of Night x RoawNovember 21, 2022 03:11 PM

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When Niké heard Alleya hiss his name, the man couldn't help but smirk softly, realizing that he had embarrassed the woman by calling the leader hot. But it was the truth, Theo was hot.

The man’s rough looks only made him more attractive, at least to Niké. There were basic looking pretty boys everywhere but someone as rough-looking, yet still hot, while also having a good personality, that was more rare.

Forbidden and special.

He really couldn't have summarized Theo better, he liked that Alleya had done it for him though. Niké knew he couldn't have him, he wasn't allowed to or even supposed to, it was forbidden. Unlike all other thugs and gang leaders, Theo wasn't cruel or unfair, he wasn't driven by his own greedy desires and he had looks like no other, it shouldn't be attractive but it was, the man was special in many ways.

"You'd have more of a chance with him than I would."

Niké had zoned out for a moment, lost in his own thoughts and nearly asleep when he heard Alleya and he started blushing furiously.

“Shut up…” the man told her, his cheeks having turned red in an instant, “I doubt he’s into guys anyways. And even if that was the case I couldn’t have anything with him…”

Once again, forbidden. Even if possible, a relationship with Theo would be forbidden. And it wouldn't end well for either of them. Niké’s bosses would have him either forced off the case or force him to use it as an opportunity to get even more dirt on the leader and get him arrested. Theo would get hurt finding out who Niké really was and it would all just end in absolute chaos.

But it was extremely unlikely that there would happen anything, Theo was still hung up on his ex, and understandably so. Niké also had no idea if Theo would even be interested in another man, he strongly doubted it. Also the leader had so far shown no interest in him, not in that way, which only proved that the man wasn’t into men, or at least not into him.

Ashes of Night x RoawNovember 21, 2022 04:00 PM

Ashes of Night
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Alleya was making a valid point, Theo and Nike were more likely to have a fling than her and Theo. She wasn't ready to date, sure a couple of make out sessions were okay but they didn't feel right. The only time she had ever made out with somebody was to try to prove to herself that was she was over ex. That was horrible but true. She had also been drunk at the time, if her actions were forgiveable for the toxins of alcohol.

She simply avoided alcohol these days. She didn't want to lose control of herself regardless of her just being a flirt. She didn't want to end up with some guy's lips on hers or in somebody's bed. She was more in control of herself than what she had been during the time she left her ex. She had changed quite a bit.

"Shut up...I doubt he’s into guys anyways. And even if that was the case I couldn’t have anything with him…”

She arched an eyebrow, grinning. So she wasn't the only one that had hots for the leader. She actually didn't mind that Nike did like him. After all, she wasn't the jealous type and if Nike wanted to shoot his shot that would be okay with her. Theo was single and attractive, it made sense for other people to like him as well.

"Well, just for the record...I've never seen Theo give a woman a second look," She commented, smirking lightly. It was true, she had been to the bar with Theo many times. Even drunk Theo didn't look at women in lustful ways. He didn't look at anyone in that sense though, but she had seen him glance toward a few men with an intrigued expression.

"You never know until you shoot your shot," She told him more quietly and serious,"Just give it a try, sometime. Worst case scenario, he says no. Best case scenario, you have yourself a hot leader to flex about."

"As for me, I'll only taser you and leave you bare ass naked tied to a flagpole," She teased with a laugh and then added with a more serious tone,"In all honesty, I'll be fine."

Of course it would hurt a little at first but she wasn't the jealous type. Theo deserves to date somebody who is nice and worthy of him. Nike was a great example of who would be best fit. She knew Nike would make the leader happy and they would compliment each other. Besides, the two would make a rather cute couple.

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Ashes of Night x RoawNovember 23, 2022 04:09 PM

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Niké was quiet as he listened to the woman, all while simultaneously listing reasons in his head as to why dating Theo was a bad idea. He didn't want to let Alleya convince him that there could be a chance for him to date the leader because it was such a bad idea.

"You never know until you shoot your shot. Just give it a try, sometime. Worst case scenario, he says no. Best case scenario, you have yourself a hot leader to flex about."

The grey-haired man blushed a bit more at that. Alleya made it all sound far more simple and easy than what it had to be in reality.

"As for me, I'll only taser you and leave you bare ass naked tied to a flagpole."

The man gave a light chuckle at Alleya. In truth, he did feel even more hesitant because of the woman. Even if she said it would be fine, he did feel like it was a bit wrong, he didn't want to hurt Alleya.

“I can't Alleya, it wouldn't work out,” he sighed. Had it not been for his job then he wouldn't have been opposed to giving it a shot, or at least a one-night-stand. That was if Alleya was even right and the leader was attracted to men.

Seeing as he did have the job he had though and Theo was still far too hung up on his ex so there was no reason for Niké to attempt anything. The only thing that would come from it would be problems and he already had enough of those, more than enough.

“Alleya? Don't mention this to Theo…” the grey-haired man asked before yawning and burying his head into his pillow a bit, ignoring the disgusting smell coming from it and instead pulling Theo’s hoodie over his nose.

“Goodnight,” the man said, his voice slightly muffled with the hoodie over his mouth. The man was both too embarrassed, his cheeks still red, but also far too tired to continue their conversation, he could only hope that Alleya wouldn't go telling Theo anything, it wouldn’t be good for anyone.

Ashes of Night x RoawNovember 23, 2022 04:46 PM

Ashes of Night
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Alleya was just trying to help Nike. Even if her love life was pointless, his wasn't. She would honestly be fine if he and Theo would become an item. She knew her and Theo was an idea meant for fantasy books.So she would be okay. Besides Nike deserved to be happy.

"I can't Alleya, it wouldn't work out."

She frowned a little at his statement. The man didn't even want to try. As tempting as it was to pressure Nike into a relationship, she decided against it. She wouldn't mention anything to Theo about it and she wouldn't try to mingle in their relationship.

"Alleya? Don't mention this to Theo…"

She heard him say sleepily and gave a nod. She realized that her friend wouldn't be able to see the nod so she sighed,"I long as you give it a chance sometime."

She gave his shoulder a squeeze and then stood up once he had been silent for awhile. She figured Nike was asleep which meant she was free to have her normal evening talk with Theo. Of course, at this point she was getting pretty tired herself. The cold bath had faded, leaving her with the familiar exhaustion state as before.

"Goodnight, Nike. Don't let the bed bugs bite," She whispered as she snuck off to Theo's room.


Theo and Alleya had talked for about an hour or two until she had drifted asleep in his bed. The gang leader did enjoy the company of an old friend but Alleya wasn't always the best company. She could be rather annoying at times and way too touchy. But of course, he knew this came from a caring nature.

The whole time while she was with him, Theo couldn't help but wish that her presence had been Nike's instead. He couldn't help but be slightlly curious about the newbie and want to get him more. Besides, Nike had a calming nature to his presence while Alleya's was always a bit much. He found himself longing for the quiet, calming company instead.

Before Alleya fell asleep she kept on mentioning how great a friend Nike was and hearing about that side of the man dd make Theo crave to spend more time with him. Alleya also mentioned the importance of waking Nike up in three hours. Checking the clock, the gang leader gave a sigh. It was about three hours since Alleya had come into the room. Should he wake her up to go wake Nike? What should he do?

After thinking it over, Theo had to admit that he wanted to check up on his gang anyway. He wanted to make sure chores were done and maybe get a few hours of shut eye. The Tylenol was really making him drousy and with Alleya stretched out on his bed, he had nowhere to sleep but with the gang.

So he snuck out the room quietly and closed his door so Alleya wouldn't be disturbed. He made his way to the gang, discovering that a majority of them were asleep. There was a few awake and talking amongst themselves in a whisper. And of course, the night guards keeping watch inside and outside. All the chores were done too even with two members not being assigned a chore. The gang did alway know how to adapt quickly to things like that.

With everything checked on, the gang leader moved to sit down on Alleya's empty sleeping spot. He leaned back against the wall, crossing his arms and closing his eyes. For a moment, he was brought back to his first memories of the gang and his first night. It had been memorable, all the energy and fun. The gang had partied and celebrated the arrival of a new member the whole night.

"Hey, Nike," He opened his eyes and turned to the sleeping man beside him. He reached out and nudged his shoulder,"You wanted somebody to wake you up?"

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Ashes of Night x RoawNovember 24, 2022 01:42 AM

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Niké heard Alleya leave his side but after that it wasn't long before the man fell deep asleep, exhaustion finally getting the better of him.

Finally the man was given time to process the events of the past few days, his head for once not being clouded with all his thoughts and worries but instead it was now going through everything at its own pace. Of course that would only be the case until he got even deeper asleep and his nightmare would be coming back.


A few hours later, Niké was still asleep. However he was no longer sleeping calmly and without worries. He was currently in a face-off, staring at the dark figure in the doorway. Quietly staring. Just staring.

Why was it just staring? Why wasn't it doing anything?

Suddenly, a hand touched his shoulder, diverting his attention away from the dark figure and he gripped the wrist of the hand tightly as he spun around.

The man’s pale eyes shot open, filled with panic. Given how exhausted he’d been, he’d woken up surprisingly easily, most likely thanks to the nightmare unsettling him and making him paranoid.

His heart was pounding in his chest, it felt like it would break through his rib cage any second. Niké held his tight grip around the other's wrist as he tried his best to calm both his pounding heart and rapid breathing.

It took a few moments of confusion and panic before the man realized it was Theo who had woken him up and Nike’s face turned red as he let go off Theo’s wrist and sat up quickly.

“I-I am so sorry,” the man stammered out. He’d still been caught in the dream when Theo had woken him up. And why had the leader even woken him up?

The grey-haired man glanced around slightly, where had Alleya gone? It's not that he minded that the leader had been the one to wake him up but he felt incredibly embarrassed for his reaction and the fact that it had been Theo who it was directed at.

Niké took a deep breath to compose himself before turning his pale gaze towards the leader again, “Um… Do you need my help with anything? I’ve slept now so I'm good to go,” he told the man.

Really he was ready to do whatever the leader asked him to, just as long as he didn't have to go back to sleep, anything but that right now. It didn't matter that his body still ached and his eyes wanted to close again, he wouldn't allow himself any more sleep at this moment.

Ashes of Night x RoawNovember 24, 2022 08:24 AM

Ashes of Night
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Theo was still not sure why Nike would want to wake up so early. Especially after his long journey. But still, he respected Aleta's and Nikes wishes. Alleya had been pretty desperate to tell him that Nike needed to be woken up so he respected that, not that he wouldn't question why in his head.

The man's hand suddenly flashed out. For a moment, he thought Nike was going to hit him but instead the hand just held onto his wrist. He gasped a little, biting his bottom lip and squeezing his eyes shut. Where Nike grabbed had been exactly on an area that has been burned. All the gang leader could do was sit there, frozen in the intense amount of pain he was in.

Suddenly, the hand on his wrist let go and he quickly jerked his hand away, rubbing the area that had been grabbed. Pain was pulsing from his wrist into his hand and elbow. He looked away from the gray-haired man to hide the pain he was in. He heard the apology and gave a curt nod, not trusting himself to say anything. He didn't want the gang or Theo to realize how much his burns hurt him. If he did that, it would make himself appear weak.

"Um… Do you need my help with anything? I’ve slept now so I'm good to go."

Theo took a couple of deep breaths as the pulsing pain faded enough where he could turn to look at the newbie. He studied the man's expression with mild curiosity. How could he be thinking about doing anything with only three hours of sleep? Not that Theo got much sleep himself, but at least the gang leader had a good excuse not to.

"Nope there isn't anything to be done at this time," He told the man with a shake of his head,"I'd rather see you rest before you start seeing three of me."

This was true, there was nothing left to do in the gang. Everything had been done on time despite less gang members. He didn't want to tell Nike to get a head start on tomorrow's things because he was a firm believer that the man needed rest.

"Alleya ranted herself to sleep in my bed," He said with a small chuckle,"She was going off on a tangent about what a great guy you are so I supposed everything is okay between you."

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Ashes of Night x RoawNovember 24, 2022 04:16 PM

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Niké noticed how the leader seemed to be in pain, he was trying to not let it show but with how he held his wrist and his deep breaths revealed it. Theo was in pain and it was his fault because he’d freaked out and put his hand on one of the burn wounds the leader had.

"Nope there isn't anything to be done at this time. I'd rather see you rest before you start seeing three of me."

The grey-haired man moved over a bit so his back was against the wall and he looked over at the leader with a soft sigh, “Theo, I’m okay.” He pulled his legs up to his chest and leaned his head on them.

"Alleya ranted herself to sleep in my bed. She was going off on a tangent about what a great guy you are so I supposed everything is okay between you."

Niké smiled slightly as he shook his head a little, “I can't seem to stay mad at her, and I quite like her even if she can be a bit much,” he told him.

It was true, unfortunately, it was easier to be mad at people rather than to care about them and have their best interests in mind. It wasn't that easy when it came to Alleya though, she'd come into his life and was now refusing to leave, having wedged her way into his heart. She was quite honestly the best friend he’d had in forever.

The young man shut his eyes as he yawned softly, he hated how tired he was and that he had such a hard time fighting it, usually he’d go days without sleep but that was of course minus all the beatings.

Opening his eyes, Niké stretched his arms out a bit and looked over at the leader again, a soft smile on his lips. He couldn't explain it but just a few minutes of sitting with Theo had calmed him down. Unfortunately it contributed to his tiredness.

“If there's nothing to do, can I go out and get cigarettes?” Niké asked, mostly at a lack of other things to say and because he wanted to go out and smoke his last cigarette but that meant he would be in need of a new pack and he knew he wasn't allowed to leave the hideout on his own, but maybe Theo would give him permission to do so?

He doubted it though, the man seemed determined to have him sleep more, which didn't sound all that bad if it was next to Theo but there was no way he would make a move on the man.

Ashes of Night x RoawNovember 24, 2022 04:46 PM

Ashes of Night
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Theo was a little concerned with why the gray-haired man wasn't fast asleep at this time but more concerned with how Nike had grabbed him. This behavior was all the signs of a troubling sleep pattern, which was something he was well familiar with. It did spark concern and curiosity with what was going on but it could be anything. For Theo, it was memories of his past. Of his father taking a whip to him. That's what kept him awake. With that, he also knew better than to push Nike to tell him so instead he decided to let it go.

He gave a disbelieving snort toward the man when he said he was fine. A normal fine person wouldn't be able awake after a long journey. They also wouldn't have asked to be woken up precisely three hours later. Everything Nike was doing wasn't seeming fine behavior.

"Are you trying to convince me or yourself that," He muttered, not really wanting him to hear. He wasn't falling for whatever Nike was trying to pull. He watched as the man leaned back against the wall beside him. He still looked rather exhausted.

"I can't seem to stay mad at her, and I quite like her even if she can be a bit much."

Theo would agree on that statement That described Alleya well. She was sort of like a magnet, once you got to know her it was easy to be drawn into her. Besides she was funny, friendly, and despite liking to talk a lot she could be a really good friend. Just a friend though.

"If there's nothing to do, can I go out and get cigarettes?”

Now cigarettes was something that Theo didn't keep around. He didn't encourage substances like that because some members came from an addictive past or household Cigarettes and booze was something a gang had to buy on their own. Flynn had kept it that way too but she did that because she didn't support smoking or drinking in gangs.

As for him, he didn't really care. It was a personal choice to do those things and as long as it was done responsibly, he didn't mind. He had never smoked before so he personally didn't get the hype. He could understand having a little adult beverage time to time more.

Giving a nod toward Nike, he stood up and offered the man his hand.

"I'll go with you. I haven't been out for some fresh air...well for the longest time...not on gang duties that is," He gave a small smile and waited for his hand to be taken.

He wasn't about to let Nike go out on his own. Not since the Rebels and surely not in his exhausted state. He doubted the man could even through a punch much less one to actually defend himself. Besides, at this point he had given up on trying to make the man sleep. Eventually he would wear himself out.

"Since I obviously can't make you sleep without a good punch," He teased lightly, letting a smirk slide onto his face.

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