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Guys do you think a wolf has a better chance of producing a defect if one of the grandparents have it?
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I've tripped on the stairs on multiple occasions and given myself a heart attack, but fortunately I have never fallen before
Pack of Fallen Ash
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Good to know you're fine
Kit Kat
11:43:41 Chocolate crunch
yes I'm ok lol, I didn't know what was happening until I hit the ground though

my back is sore but I can walk
11:42:54 [They/Them]
Not proud to admit this but I know what it's like yeeting down stairs. Hope you're ok
11:42:45 Cloudz, Pumpkin
You. Are. Very. Adorable.
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Pack of Fallen Ash
11:41:13 Star
Kit Kat
Oof, are you ok?
Kit Kat
11:40:23 Chocolate crunch
I just tripped and fell down the stairs :/
Kit Kat
11:35:22 Chocolate crunch
If you'd like to RP, pm me! I would like to do a fantasy topic. please be literate and able to play any gender!
Phantom Stars
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I still cant believe i got a 1308 CS wolf last night for 10 mush
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11:31:24 Lauren | PK
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You are super cute *^*
11:30:53 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
Ninjao rp pm me please im very bored
Like dragons? Like postapocalyptic settings? Ever roleplayed a dragon in a postapocalyptic setting? Now you can! Semi-Lit to Lit.
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11:29:35 Cloudz, Pumpkin
I just have been feeling under the weather lately.
Oh I’m sorry what’s wrong?
11:26:39 Cloudz, Pumpkin
Guys.I don't feel good and j don't think I'll be able to call in to work. I might have to go even tho I don't feel good
11:26:18 Di, Delphi, Delph
To all the roleplayers who might need help: -WP Click-
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11:25:58 Lauren | PK
Not a single DH in that litter >.>
11:24:22 Heph || (she/her)

Thoughts on his quote?
Ice Wolves
Wow! That's really good!


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DaggerxRoaw April 19, 2022 06:22 PM

Dagger Pack
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Please do not post unless you are listed in the title! However feel free to follow along



Muse A is a hard-working detective who has been working in the precinct for many years. When the young recently academy graduated detectives come to the precinct, the captain assigns each rookie to a older more experienced detective. Muse B is a fresh detective having just freshly graduated from academy. He is paired with Muse A, who only allows it by orders of her captain. After all, she prefered to work alone, and she didn't particularly want to be baby-sitting. But now she is stuck with Muse B.

(Will add twists and turns)

Dagger Pack-Muse A(Female)
Roaw-Muse B(Male)
DaggerxRoaw April 19, 2022 06:23 PM

Dagger Pack
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Dagger Pack's Character

Personal Information
Full Name
Evelyn Alinsky MacQuoid
Meaning of Name
Evelyn means life
Alinsky means independent
MacQuoid means son of flames
Detective MacQuoid
Place of Birth
Edinburgh, Scotland
August 2
Zodiac Sign
NYPD(New York Police Department) 12th Precinct Detective
Senior Field Detective
Sexual Orientation

155 lbs
Skin Color
Body Type
Slender and sort of muscular
Shape of Face
Sharp with a defined jawline
Hair Color
Platinum blonde
Hair Style
Long and wavy often kept in a ponytail, bun, or braid
Eye Color
Striking grey
Evelyn has some scars from her work on the field, however not to many big ones and she has no deformities
Evelyn has two tattoos, one of which she regrets. The first one is a small wolf head on her inner right wrist. While the second one is one she got while clean out drunk, it is a phoenix with extended wings on her back

Evelyn spends a decent amount of time in the gym
Evelyn may be quick but she could work on the stamina
Evelyn can be quite the speed demon
Social Skills(7/10)
Well she doesn't actually like talking to people, but she will to solve a case
Evelyn once burnt the house down cooking, she has resorted to very simple and very easy meals
Now while Evelyn can't always tell jokes, she has quite the sense of humor
Evelyn tries to be emphatic, but she really can't, though it doesn't help she has never really been a people's person
Evelyn is very passionate about things that she loves
Evelyn likes to think of new interesting ideas to do things, however even she can get boring and just stick to the book
She could for sure work on the confidence
Evelyn likes to get things done! She isn't rude or forceful about it, but she finds a way to get it done!
Evelyn likes to read and learn, but she prefers to be doing something physical
She takes a shower everyday, brushes her teeth twice a day, and applies acne stuff to her face twice a day. Perhaps not perfect, but she tries her best
Evelyn prefers to be doing something whether it be physical or mental, yet even she can be just straight lazy
Evelyn rarely dresses up. She is usually in uniform, or in a t-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes.
Evelyn has been working on her patience
-The moon
-Learning new things
-The sun
-Rock/Punk music
-Animal abusers
-People(She prefers to avoid them as much as possible, except for some close friends and family)
-Being stuck in one place
-Having to relearn old stuff
-Paperwork/Police Reports

Daniel(Twin Brother)
Other relations

-Scottish Gaelic(Native)
-Listening to music
-Writing stories or songs
"We all end up the same......Dead."

Titan and Hades
Titan-German Shepard
Hades-Black German Shepard
Titan-Retired Police Dog
Hades-Police Dog
Titan is on the left, Hades is on the right

Edited at April 19, 2022 06:47 PM by Dagger Pack
DaggerxRoaw April 20, 2022 04:19 PM

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~Florian Dorn~

Flo (Mostly just used by family and close friends)
26 y/o
~Place of Birth~
Amsterdam, Netherlands
September 9th

Florian stands at around 5’11 and has a lean body with some well-defined muscle. His skin is smooth and clear with a porcelain color, no tattoos or piercings whatsoever.
He’s got a clean-shaven, heart-shaped face with a defined jawline. Florian’s nose is straight and on the smaller side, same goes for his lips, they are rather thin and small, with his bottom lip being just slightly larger than the top one. Whenever the man smiles or laughs, you can see dimples on both sides of his face.
On the tip of his nose he has a small mole that looks a lot like something that was just drawn on with a black sharpie, many seem to find it cute and charming but he’s never liked it and whenever he’s tried having it removed, it has just come back.
Flo’s eyes are almond shaped with a blueish grey color and a few specks of golden brown in them.
He has flowy light blond hair and keeps it medium-length and in a side part, swept lazily to the right.

When it comes to clothing, one can describe his clothing style as business casual. You’ll most likely find him wearing a dress shirt or a turtle neck, paired with a pair of jeans and a coat.
As for accessories, he usually wears a watch on his right arm and a silver ring with his family crest on his left index finger.

Florian is a hardworking guy and he loves to help others, rarely putting himself first. He'd never ask for help himself but he won't hesitate to help others, he wants to do good and make sure that other people have it well before he focuses on himself.

He’s a rather sociable person who doesn’t shy away from conversation and he actually hates it when it gets too quiet, unless he’s working. It’s almost like flipping a switch when the man starts working, he goes from chatty and cheerful to quiet and extremely focused within seconds.
When he isn’t working though, he loves to talk and mess around, never missing the chance to crack a joke. He tends to be able to lighten the mood or start a conversation with someone just about anywhere.

To think that he’s a grown man with a job and his own place is hard sometimes, especially when he gets all excited about the smallest, and sometimes ridiculous, of things, he’ll turn into a little kid and at times even get so riled up that he'll barely listen to anything being said to him.

Florian is used to doing things his own way and most of his life, he’s just been left to do so, so when someone tells him he can’t do things a certain way, he’ll ask a billion questions as to why not.
He does have a tendency to be a bit impulsive, acting first and dealing with the consequences later.

While he’s not the most emotional person, he does sometimes let his emotions get to him. If he’s had a fight with someone or something sad has happen, you’ll notice a shift in his behavior immediately and he can go almost a whole day without speaking much and just be in an overall bad mood.
He’s not easy to anger though, you can be inches from his face and yelling, cussing him out and he’ll just stare at you and wait for you to finish, but seeing him angry is not fun and it’s a completely different side of him that few get to see.

The ocean
Studying languages

Lazy people
Loud noises
His family
Giving up

Psychical strength
Great liar
Able to control his temper well
Fast learner

Struggles to accept help
Acts before thinking about the consequences
A bit disorganized

Mother ~ Anastasia Dorn (45 y/o)(Alive)
Father ~ Lawrence Dorn (48 y/o)(Alive)
Brother(s) ~ None
Sister(s) ~ Collette Dorn (26 y/o)(Alive)
Other family ~ Deceased or no relationship whatsoever other than seeing them at reunions and family events every so often.

The man comes from a rather rich and successful family but he’s never taken any interest in the family business himself and has always chosen his own path so he’s not very involved in any of the business and he has little to no contact with his family any longer, only speaking to them occasionally and going to family dinners every now and then, but he tends to try and avoid talking to them.
Florian’s childhood wasn’t the easiest to say the least, he rarely talks about it and most of the time he’s able to act as if everything was fine. He’s chosen to put it all behind himself and try to forget but sometimes it gets hard for him to ignore it all.

The most he’ll tell others is that he lived in the Netherlands for the first few years of his life, being raised by his grandparents before moving to the U.S to be with his parents and sister.
(More in RP)

Dutch (Native)

He has a very slight Dutch accent, only making itself heard every now and then but since he doesn’t speak Dutch frequently anymore, it has faded with the years.

Edited at April 20, 2022 04:19 PM by Roaw
DaggerxRoaw April 22, 2022 06:27 PM

Dagger Pack
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"Detective MacQuoid!"

A young woman looks up from her desk,"Captain Hunt?" Liam Hunt, head of the NYPD 12th Precinct, was standing in his doorway,"Come here, MacQuoid." Evelyn MacQuoid gets to her feet, pushing her chair in before heading over to Liam,"Yes sir?" Liam gestures,"Come on in." Evelyn obeys and Liam closes the door behind him,"Sir, am I in trouble?" Liam shakes his head,"No. I just wanted to discuss something with you." Evelyn raises an eyebrow,"Okay?" Liam takes a seat behind his desk,"As you know, today we are getting a new load of rookie detectives in." Evelyn nods,"Yes sir." Liam leans forward,"And as you know, they are always taken under someone's wing until they start to get a hang of things then they either get a new partner or stay with who they started with."

Evelyn nods again,"Yes sir." Liam continues,"Well, I've got all the other rookies assigned, but there is one that I would like for you to take." Evelyn frowns, she was use to working by herself. She never got a rookie to watch over,"But, sir. You never give me a rookie." Liam nods,"I know, but this one has some good potential and I want my best to guide him." Liam raises an eyebrow,"Are you up for the challenge?" Evelyn's jaw tightens but she nods,"Of course, sir. Who is it?" Liam picks up a file, handing it over to Evelyn,"Florian Dorn." Evelyn takes the file, and opens it, scanning through it. Florian seemed to be a pretty good rookie. The academy trainers had written little notes and things about Florian and they all spoke pretty highly of him. Except it seemed he was quite... excitable? Enthusiastic? Whatever the word was. Evelyn frowns, before nodding,"When will they be in?" Liam glances at the clock,"Soon. I'd give it fifteen to twenty minutes."

(Hopefully this is a good starter, XD)
DaggerxRoaw April 23, 2022 04:45 PM

Posts: 273
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(Oh it's great! Thanks for starting us of)

The smell of cigarette smoke filled the blond haired man's nose as he watched people on the street. Florian had never been much of a smoker, he’d tried it once or twice but he never understood the charm of it.
The young man shifted his gaze and looked at the man beside him, who was also the source of the cigarette smoke, Tommy. The two had met during training at the academy, hitting it off almost instantly, and now they had been assigned to start working on the force in the same precinct.
“You look really calm, aren’t you even slightly nervous?” The question came from Tommy and Florian just smiled at him.
“Hmm no, I’m really excited though, it’ll be fun to finally start doing something for real,” he explained. “Why are you nervous? We have trained for this for quite some time now, you’re gonna do great.”

Florian went back to people watching as he waited for an answer, tapping his fingers impatiently against the side of his leg.
“I’m not nervous…” Tommy replied while taking another drag of his cigarette.
“Alright,” Florian glanced at his friend, he knew that the man was nervous as hell but he also knew that he’d never admit it, it was something he’d noticed right from the start, Tommy would always lie if it meant looking better in front of others, he didn’t really care too much about it though, he knew the truth without being told and Tommy was an otherwise nice and honest guy so he couldn’t be bothered to confront him about it.

“Should we go inside? I think I saw some more people from the academy going inside earlier,” Florian said, turning slightly and already starting to head towards the entrance before even finishing his last sentence. “Hold on, let me just…” Tommy was quickly to follow, putting the cigarette out and letting it drop to the ground, “We’ve met these people almost daily and will keep doing so now, relax.”
Florian, who was already way ahead of Tommy, pushed the door to the station open and he almost immediately spotted two women who he made his way over to with his arms stretched out, “Mia! Nessa!” He hugged them both before taking a step back, “You two got assigned to work here too?”
The two smiled at him as they greeted him and then Tommy once he joined them.
“Are we supposed to wait here or should we go somewhere else?” Florian looked around a bit, seeing a few of the other rookies and watching some detectives walking past.
“I’m not sure, I haven’t heard anything so I’m assuming we just wait here?” Vanessa, the dark-haired woman that Florian had previously called Nessa, told him as she looked around too.

DaggerxRoaw April 23, 2022 07:27 PM

Dagger Pack
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Evelyn exits the captain's office, a damper on her mood, but she was determined not to say anything. She returns to her desk, where she sits down and continues her paperwork. Three more detectives walk up. Evelyn greets them with a nod,"Steffen, Rodgers, Norwood." Forest Steffen, Page Rodgers, and Elijah Norwood had been in the class below Evelyn in the academy and all three had passed with flying colors. Page raises an eyebrow,"You got assigned a rookie?" The four kind of worked as a team, in a way, Evelyn was for sure the lone wolf. Evelyn sighs,"Sadly."

Page laughs, her eyes twinkling,"Perhaps this'll loosen you up." The two boys exchange a grin,"Who knows." Evelyn rolls her eyes at the three,"Maybe it will, or maybe it'll just prove to the captain that I work better alone." Page grins,"Maybe it will. But you work well enough with us." Evelyn shrugs,"True enough, but even then I still work alone more." Page rolls her eyes,"Oh come on." Evelyn chuckles as the elevator door chimes. A detective walks in, Detective Lukas Roff, who calls out as he passes,"MacQuoid! I think the rookies are here! They're on the first floor."

Evelyn frowns, but gets to her feet,"Alright. Shall we?" Page nods,"We shall." Evelyn drops the smile, though her face was still somewhat stern yet calm. Evelyn leads the way over to the elevator where the four step inside and the elevator starts down. Evelyn glances at the three,"Which rookie did you guys get?" Page replies,"A girl name Mia." Forest shifts,"A guy, think his name is Tommy." Evelyn swings her gaze on Elijah who supplies,"Vanessa." Page raises an eyebrow,"What about you, Eve?" Evelyn responds as the elevator begins to stop,"Florian."

Evelyn was the first to step out as the doors open, the other three filing out behind her. Now while Page, Forest, and Elijah had a authoritative look on their faces, it was clear who was the sternest and probably the leader of the four detectives. Evelyn's grey eyes scan the floor, before spotting four young people standing off to the side, looking a little lost. Evelyn gestures,"I bet those are our rookies." Page and Forest exchange a glance,"Hey Eve?" Evelyn pauses, glancing over her shoulder,"Yeah?" Page sighs,"Go a little easy on your rookie, alright?" Evelyn's lips thin,"No promises."

Page and Forest shake their heads as the three follow Evelyn over to the assumed rookies. The four detectives stop about four feet away,"You four the rookies?" Evelyn's grey gaze sweeps over the four, revealing no emotion as she studies each one. Evelyn had watched many rookies come. Some couldn't handle the pressure or the dead bodies, and some just weren't good enough. Some abused their power, and some were unable to listen. As Evelyn studies the assumed rookies, she couldn't help but wonder if any of the four rookies would end up leaving.
DaggerxRoaw April 24, 2022 07:17 AM

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“You four the rookies?”

When the group heard the question they all turned almost instantly towards the woman who’d asked. Florian noticed her stern gaze before casting a glance at the other three, while they didn't look particularly happy either, they didn't seem as bothered as the first woman seemed to be. Her facial expression made it pretty obvious that she wasn't excited to have a rookie following her around. Hopefully she wasn't the one who he would be partnered with, Florian wanted someone who he could actually talk to and the woman in front of him didn't seem like the friendly and chatty type.

He glanced at his friends quickly, they had all visibly tensed up and seemed to be avoiding eye contact with the detectives, all acting in a nervous manner. Mia was messing with her hair, Vanessa was fumbling with her fingers and Tommy was bouncing his leg up and down a bit. It wasn’t as if this was their first time meeting any detectives so Florian didn’t really get what they were so nervous for but he decided to not waste time trying to figure it out. Instead he turned his gaze back to the stern-looking blonde and smiled, “Yeah, that would be us.” He extended his hand for her to shake as he introduced himself, “I’m Florian Dorn, nice to meet you.”

Florian then looked back at the other three rookies, giving them an encouraging smile. “And this is Tommy Davis, Vanessa Palmer, and Mia Stone.” He quickly introduced the three, watching as the two girls were starting to get ahold of their nerves while Tommy just clenched his jaw tightly. Florian knew exactly what that meant, he’d pissed Tommy off by introducing him instead of letting him do it himself but he hadn’t done it in an attempt to talk over them but because he’d noticed how nervous they were and the fact that non of them seem like they were gonna open their mouths and speak.

“Hi, it’s really nice to meet all of you,” Mia suddenly seemed to have gathered the confidence to speak up and Florian glanced over at her. He’d just have to talk to Tommy later.
“Yeah, it really is and we’re all really excited to start working for real,” Vanessa chimed in, smiling softly at the four detectives. They all seemed to be letting go of their nervousness slightly so Florian looked back at the detectives in front of them, wondering who he would be partnered with.
“Definitely, this is what we’ve been training for after all,” Tommy finally added.

DaggerxRoaw April 24, 2022 10:47 AM

Dagger Pack
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Evelyn was quick to notice that three of the four rookies went stiff and started acting nervous. And she spoke on that,"Nervous, are you?" Evelyn nods,"Good. Because no one starts out confident, and if they do, then they need to get out." Page and Forest exchange a glance as Evelyn continues,"Every rookie makes mistakes, but that's how we learn." Evelyn's gaze sweeps the group,"And I hope you don't have a weak stomach." Page sighs, if the rookies weren't already nervous they were probably terrified now. Evelyn's gaze rests on the boy in front, who smiles and speaks, putting his hand out for a handshake.

Evelyn studies his hand, she wasn't much for physical contact, and so she ignores it. Her electric gaze returning to his face, as he introduces the other three rookies. Page steps forward, speaking before Evelyn could. "It is very nice to meet you too. I'm Detective Page Rodgers." Page gestures to each person as she introduces them,"Detective Forest Steffen... Detective Elijah Norwood." Elijah dips his head, smiling slightly as his blue eyes scan the group. Page gestures to Evelyn,"And this is Detective Evelyn MacQuoid. She's been here the longest out of the four of us."

Evelyn nods, and Page continues,"Mia, you're assigned to me. Tommy, you're with Steffen. Vanessa, you're with Norwood-" Evelyn glances at Florian,"Which means you're with me." Page half grimaces at Evelyn's tone. Evelyn nods at Vanessa and Tommy's words. "You think the Academy trained you for everything you could face out there? Well, it didn't. It trained you to face the most common things that could happen. Because the uncommon things? Those happen once, maybe twice, and you have to be ready to adjust to face it. You will face a lot out there."

Evelyn's expression softens slightly as she gazes at the rookies,"When you finally reach retirement, you'll look back and you won't be the same. Some detectives don't walk away, and die in the field. Some walk away with heavy burdens. And some are forever mentally scarred." Evelyn finally smiles, a thin one and not a complete real one. "But, if you do your duty and you save people, in the end it's worth it." Forest and Tommy exchange a glance. Evelyn's smile drops, and her phone goes off. Evelyn answers,"MacQuoid." Evelyn listens then nods,"We'll be there." Evelyn hangs up and fixes her gaze back on the rookies.

"There's been a murder. Your first case. You four will go with us, but you will not touch anything and try to stay out of the way. We'll show you how the ropes work. Just remember, don't touch anything." Evelyn glances sideways at a passing officer,"Can you retrieve Hades for me?" The officer nods and hurries off, and within about a minute he returns with a large black German Shepherd. Evelyn takes the leash,"Thanks." Evelyn turns her gaze back on the rookies,"You guys think your ready to see your first dead body?"
DaggerxRoaw April 24, 2022 05:26 PM

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Florian looked at the detectives, listening as they spoke. He couldn’t help but to feel a bit bummed out that he would be partnered with Evelyn. He could already tell that he and Evelyn probably wouldn’t get along too well, she didn’t seem particularly friendly, not that he’d expect to become best friends with whoever he was partnered with but when she wouldn’t even shake his hand, it really seemed as if she’d be difficult to get along with. On the bright side though, she’d worked the longest out of the four so that had to mean that she was the most experienced at least.

As the blonde started talking again, almost lecturing them it sounded like, Florian’s mind started drifting. He did pick up on some of the stuff she was talking about, uncommon cases, dying, mentally scarred, saving people, being worth it, he was only listening with half an ear as he started glancing around, scanning his surroundings and looking at some of the detectives and officers that were rushing around past them. He didn’t even notice when the lecture stopped and the detective picked up her phone. He first noticed it when Mia kicked the side of his foot, bringing him back.
The conversation had started getting boring in Florian’s opinion so he had just let his mind drift but since Mia knew him well by now, she’d noticed and brought him back, making him listen as detective MacQuoid spoke on the phone.

When the woman explained that there had been a murder, his interest grew instantly, this was the reason he’d wanted to become a detective, to actually work and get to solve crimes, not stand around all day while being lectured about not knowing everything and what life would be like after retirement.
“Alright, got it, no touching, just watch, listen and learn,” Vanessa nodded slightly as she said it.
The other three nodded along slightly to show that they’d understood and wouldn’t do anything that they weren’t supposed to.
"That and try not to throw up," Tommy added with a teasing smirk on his lips as he glanced at Vanessa who rolled his eyes at him.

When the dog that was apparently named Hades appeared, Florian’s eyes widened slightly and a smile grew on his lips, the dog was adorable and he wanted to pet it so bad but he knew it would be a bad idea, especially seeing as the strenest of the detectives was his handler, that didn’t change the fact that he found the dog cute though and given the chance, he was most definitely going to pet it.
“Should we get going then? No use in just standing around and wasting time,” Florian smiled softly as he paused slightly before adding, “Not that our victim is going anywhere but still.”

DaggerxRoaw April 24, 2022 06:16 PM

Dagger Pack
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"That and try not to throw up."

Page chuckles at Tommy's words,"If you do throw up... Well, ask Steffen here what happens when you throw up at a crime scene." Forest's face goes red slightly,"Hey, we have determined that I threw up because I was sick, and seeing a dead body just triggered it." Evelyn rolls her eyes amused as she leans down to check Hades' gear and vest. Hades' long leash, treats, and toys were in a bag already in Evelyn's unmarked police car. His harness/vest was on with the custom text patches on it. One said NYPD K-9, another had Hades name. While the collar had K9 embroidered on it and Hades' name and Evelyn's phone number on the dog tag. While a small camera was equipped on Hades' collar.

Evelyn teases Forest,"Well, maybe next time, don't throw up on the body." Evelyn straightens up as she unclips the short normal leash from Hades' collar, the German Shepherd having already been taught how not to stray off with or without a leash. Forest frowns at Evelyn, though amusement sparkles in his eyes,"If I recall, you didn't have to clean up the throw up off the dead body." Elijah interrupts,"What are you talking about, Steffen? You were kicked out the crime scene that day, I had to clean all that up." Evelyn and Page exchange a grin at that, eyes alight with amusement.

Yes, Evelyn was cool, stern, withdrawn, and didn't seem like much fun or very friendly. But Evelyn had been working with Elijah, Forest, and Page for a long time and so she was more comfortable with them and more care-free with them. So, yes, even this withdrawn and loner detective knew how to have fun.

Should we get going then? No use in just standing around and wasting time." Evelyn nods in agreement, the quicker they got there the quicker they could solve the case. "Not that our victim is going anywhere but still." Evelyn frowns Florian's added comment, he wasn't completely wrong. With a shake of her head, she smiles slightly. Then the smile drops and she grows serious again,"Alright. We'll head out. Usually we take two cars, but we'll have to take four." Evelyn nods at the rookies,"You'll ride with whoever you've been partnered with. Let's head out." The other three detectives grow serious,"We taking our unmarked?" Evelyn nods,"Yeah."

Evelyn leads the way out, Hades at her side, as the other three detectives follow. The four unmarked cars were sitting at the side of the building. Page, Forest, and Elijah duck into their cars and within seconds the cars were alive and ready to go. However, Evelyn had to open the backseat and load Hades up in the back. Which the German Shepherd got in with no issues, and Evelyn tosses his leash on the floor. The detective then closes the door and heads around to her own door, getting in. A few seconds later and her own car was ready to move.

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