Dappled light
Yeah I think I'll message the seller and see. I wouldn't want to take advantage of that.
04:59:31 SS | LSS | KQ
Ello chat. I am tired, but cannot fall asleep. 😞
04:58:36 KT
Wow, lucky you lol, they've been selling for thousands. Wonder if that was an accident.
Dappled light
huh interesting! I just got one for 5 mush which I definitely wasn't expecting. I wonder what I should do with her haha
04:56:04 KT
Dappled light -
Because a lot of packs focus on dominance, and SV wolves give them a pretty big advantage. And yes, that's good.
Dappled light
Why are surpassing valor wolves so desired? If I breed one, is that good?
04:50:53 Eli
Oh okay
04:49:09 KT
Labyrinth -
There's virtually no difference between them, it just comes down to personal preference.
04:46:07 Eli
(Sorry sent twice)
04:45:54 Eli
Which is the best alliance to join out of lightseekers and darkseekers and why?
04:45:53 Eli
Which is the best alliance to join out of lightseekers and darkseekers and why?
Gosh any one up for a rp. I can't find one
03:53:51 Aikō
Took my dog to the beach the other day
x Nights Touch x
03:37:53 Taz | Dusk |
yeah ithink ima put it on DA
x Nights Touch x
03:36:11 Taz | Dusk |
but i think i could get away with it because its a dragon head lool
x Nights Touch x
03:35:22 Taz | Dusk |
And Thank you
x Nights Touch x
03:35:14 Taz | Dusk |
Yh i have a thing for big heads - can never get them the right size XD
03:35:00 King
Stranger things rp anyone? Pm me, please be able to play male
03:34:27 King
Skylanders academy rp anyone? Pm me
13 Lucky Stars
03:33:59 13 | Bear | Lucky
I love it :) it's so unique, I especially love the way the tail is like a fire :)
I think the head is a little bit big for the body (I'm not great at anatomy though so I may be wrong) but otherwise it looks awesome!


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Sir Froggington (Candor) x Fawn October 12, 2021 10:48 PM

Sir Froggington
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Roleplay between Chicken and Doot, those mentioned in the title.


Medieval: General x Guard

Ryn x Pandora


An important general (Ryn) is being threatened by an old nemesis. He is assigned new skilled guard(s) (Pandora).


Homeland - Tyndall

Enemy - Aledon

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Sir Froggington (Candor) x Fawn October 12, 2021 11:03 PM

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Ryn Norfir

Over 6' tall and well-built, Ryn is the perfect image of a warrior. With a muscular physique and well tanned skin, he has a rugged look to him, even before one notices the countless scars littering his body. He has a slightly faded tattoo on his upper left arm, a band around his arm. His short hair is a dark reddish brown in color. His eyes are a brilliant greenish hazel, appearing gold in some lights. On the right side of his face, he has an old, white scar. It's a single, thick slash, starting at his eyebrow and going all the way down the side of his face, over his jaw and down his neck, ending in a jagged sideways slash just below his collarbone. The scar does not affect his vision, though it did just barely miss his eye. He has freckles on his face and shoulders. His torso is also covered in scars; a few smaller marks on his chest and abdomen. His back is a mess of faint scars from whip lashes, it's not hard to tell where those came from. He wears a necklace strung on leather cord, with the pendant possibly being a ring, though he keeps it tucked into his shirt so it's usually hidden from view.
Ryn is not a warm and fuzzy person. He knows his purpose. He's here, he's alive to follow orders. He's here to give orders to protect and preserve his Lord's kingdom. He has no desire to put any effort into personal matters like relationships. He's very cold and closed off, almost harsh, and he's well-known by his soldiers to be one of the harshest generals in the King's Army.
Behind his tough mask, though, he's not so harsh at all. He lost everything, just a few short years ago, and he'll never fully recover from that. The nightmares he faces every time he closes his eyes, the voices haunting his memories, the phantom pains of his scars... He's a broken man.
But even broken things can fulfill their purpose.
He's not useless. Not yet.
It's hard to summarize Ryn's entire history in a few sentences. He was born on the outskirts of Tyndall, near the Aledonian border, in an area that has long been disputed territory. He built a life for himself there, working as a blacksmith's apprentice until he gained enough experience to work alone. He met his wife, Thea, when working in another village, and soon moved there to marry her and build a better life for himself. They were married when he was nineteen.
When he was twenty, war was declared with Aledon, and he was drafted into mandatory service.
He climbed in the ranks of the King's Army of Tyndall due to his leadership skill and intelligence, and he was leading a small, routine patrol of the border when they were ambushed. His patrol was killed, ruthlessly slaughtered in front of him, and he was taken captive, though he was severely wounded.
He was held captive for two years in an Aledonian prison. Those two years are mostly blocked out of his memory, accessible only in his darkest nightmares. He suffered. It was a living hell, the very definition of the word. After two years, he staged an elaborate escape, taking six other imprisoned soldiers with him and acting as their leader.
Only one of the six man survived to return to the kingdom with him. And the other survivor committed suicide only six months after returning, leaving Ryn as the sole survivor and the only one who knew the horrors he'd seen. When he returned to his home village, he found it reduced to ashes, and a traveler, an old friend, informed him of his wife's death at the hands of the Aledonian invaders.
Empty, he returned to the service of his king, pledging the rest of his life to serve as his general.
Recently, he was attacked while he slept. Ryn woke to a knife at his throat. After a brief fight, during which the general was luckily unharmed, the attacker escaped, unidentified by Ryn and without any other witnesses.
Sir Froggington (Candor) x Fawn October 12, 2021 11:25 PM

Sir Froggington
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Name: Pandora Aurothos

Age: 22 years

Gender: Female

Occupation: Guard


She is approximately 5’ 5”. She has a rectangular build, and she has a longer leg to torso ratio. She has a medium to small bust, and she has slightly rounded legs and hips. She is pretty slim, and there is no obvious excess fat. Her hands and feet are small and delicate appearing.

She has dark mocha brown waist length hair. It has little waves in it. It is smooth, healthy, and shiny. Her individual hair strands are quite thick, and make her hair feel thick. However, many people have more individual hair strands altogether. Even though the thick hair strands make it her hair easier to care for, it often looks like a wild mess. Even though it is easy to brush, because it doesn't get tangled easily, it often sticks out in multiple directions. Her hair gets greasy really quickly. It frames her small smooth round shaped face. Many times she prefers to leave her hair down, so that it softly frames her face. Sometimes she has small strands in the front of her face pulled back and tied in the back or those strands are braided and pulled back. She prefers hairstyles that keep her hair down. When she is excerising or there is hot whether it is more common for her to braid her hair or put it in a pony tail.

Her face is oval and has no jutted lines, and she has a small slightly raised nose. The bridge is medium high, and the slope isn't as steep as some. The tip of her nose is high and isn't spread out. She has a small sprinkle of freckles across her nose. From most distances the freckles are unnoticeable, however, they are visible when you come closer.

She has medium lips, and a small dainty nose. She has vibrant eyes. Under some light it is a bright leaf green in other light it is a more greyish green, and she has medium eyelashes. She has slightly darker colored soft arching eyebrows, which are shaped to be neat, but still appear natural. Her eyes are large and round, giving her an innocent appearance. Her eyelashes are thick. Her lips are full and a light pink color.

Her cheeks are a healthy rosy hue, which help her eyes pop. Her skin is smooth and wrinkle free, and her face has a few spots of acne every now and then. Her skin has a nice even light golden tan. this has some images of her appearance


Proud, cocky, confident, sarcastic, meticulous, won't let people get close to her, suspicious, aloof, motivated, determined

She gives off a cocky confident exterior. Knowing that women are considered weaker, she feels the need to project confidence to everyone she encounters. She can become detailed oriented, self centered, and she forgets to look for the big picture. She hates any form of failure, and witnesses are the worst. This fear of failure is a very large motivation in her life. She maintains a frosty impassive, cutting exterior.

She is very pragmatic, not allowing herself to dwell on what ifs for too long. She doesn't think too far ahead, because it stresses her out dealing with only one thing at a time. She does try to plan ahead, but it normally doesn't work out, and she has learned to roll with the punches. She is willing to do what is needed to be done. She pays very close attention to people, so she expects the same scrutiny in her direction, which makes her worried how others view her. She works hard because she wants to have something to depend on. She is really smart and hard working.

Even when she doesn't feel like it, she completes jobs, chores, etc. that she has been assigned. She often makes goals for herself and completes them. She has a really low tolerance for stupidity. She has a quick sharp tongue and she isn't afraid to use it. She does have self control and doesn't criticize outloud half of the things she thinks. She has been working on her negative outlook on most things, feeling that she is spiraling helplessly out of control. She expects the best out of everyone and everything. She can be very critical and gets annoyed easily.

She's come to find others disappointing. She is very rigorous with her discipline and finds it astonishing that others do not hold themselves to the same reguard. They often don't hold themselves to as rigorous a standard and are therefore less reliable. While she may appear very put together on the outside, often she has no idea what she is doing or where she is going next. She only has her routines to give her some continuity. She works to hard on containing herself and not showing any part of herself, that she doesn't have the time or energy for anything else.

She has seen a lot of things in her life. From a young age she was trained by her family to fight and encouraged to do something with that, proving her mettle and worth and winning glory for the family name. While she can hide a lot of feelings, it doesn't change the fact that she has a lot of fears, or that her experiences have bothered her. Her face is naturally expressive, however she has trained herself to mask emotions such as fear with others such as annoyance, or to remain a blank sheet.

She would never tell anyone, but she quickly becomes attached to others. However, because of her personality and demeanor she has chased everyone off, leaving her to either have a very small group of friends or her being alone. She's very insecure because her parents thought that tough love was the best training method. It did cause her to work much harder for their praise, but it made her think she was never adequate, and filled her with despair that she could never meet their expectations. It caused tension with her brothers, because she got all of the attention, even if it was harsh.

Pandora desperately wants connection with others, but tests them making sure they won't run out on her. She can be quite cynical. Since she is normally one of the best trained, someone is always wanting something from her. Intrigue is not her forte. She much prefers to dealing with things straightforward. She prefers to be honest, and blunt with each other. She doesn't really know how to stave off others from using her, so she has come to stop trying to fight. She can be easily manipulated.


Her father was in the guard, and he wanted one of his offspring to follow him. After one disappointing older brother and a few more stillborns, he decided that his second child Pandora would have to do. Her mother always supported her father, even though she was a little more tenderhearted and could relate a little better to Pandora, but she never argued with her husband's decision, even though it could mean the death of her daughter. As she has gained skill (she was being trained by her father before he even applied for her to join the guard), she has risen in the ranks quickly. Her father hardly let her train with someone who she could beat for a long time, so she learned to improve quicker. It also made her feel like a hopeless case, but her father was relentless. She joined the army for a little while, because she thought it would be an escape, but she hated it worse than the boring life of a guard being wall decoration unless there was a threat to someone's life. She returned there until recent events.

Sir Froggington (Candor) x Fawn October 13, 2021 10:13 PM

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A frustrated groan escaped him as he impulsively swept the stack of papers off of his desk. Instead of making a satisfying noise of any sort, they floated softly to the ground, mocking him with their lack of destruction as he closed his eyes and ran his fingers through his hair.

He could only look over battle plans for so long before the task became unbearable, and the general had reached his limit for the time being. Didn't he have another meeting with the king later today, anyway? Perhaps he'd finally give the old man a piece of his mind, tell the king to write his own battle plans... No, no, he wouldn't. Even a man of Ryn's authority and reputation feared the retribution from the king, not willing to risk an outburst like that.

Truth be told, the attempt on his life was still weighing heavily on his mind. It was quite startling, after all, to be woken in the middle of the night by a masked intruder attempting to kill you. There were so many questions still; who was the intruder? Why did they go after the general and not the king? Who sent them, and would they try to return?

He had kept his chamber door locked since that night, and forbade any servants from entering. Ryn was not one to live in fear, however, and he did not intend to let the memory of the attacker prevent him from fulfilling his duties as general. He'd been in the fields training officers at dawn that morning, just as he always did. His mid-morning had consisted of a meeting with the council to discuss matters of war. And now, he was supposed to be preparing his materials to present to the king, one-on-one, later that day.

Sighing, he rose from his chair, crouching down to gather the papers he had scattered across the room in a fit of frustration.

A knock sounded suddenly at his door, and he looked up, straightening with the papers in his hand and some still scattered at his feet. "One moment," he said, quickly grabbing the rest of the papers and setting them on his desk before moving to unlock and open the door.

"What do you want?"
Sir Froggington (Candor) x Fawn October 14, 2021 08:48 PM

Sir Froggington
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Pandora stood, staring at the door. She wanted to wring her hands, as she thought about speaking to the general without being summoned, but she kept them stiffly by her sides. It could be her imagination, but she thought she heard something fluttering to the floor on the other side of the door. Her fellow guard had voluntold her make the introductions. She paused before the door for a long time, so her partner coughed meaningfully, wondering when she was going to open it.

Loudly, she rapped on the door before cautiously cracking it open. Papers were floating and scattering, but she refrained from bending over to help him pick them up. It was risky, because she might see sensitive information. She was a guard. Only his protection was her business. She unconsciously raised a brow in response to the general's belligerent greeting. It seemed like a similar greeting she got from males who underestimated her, but it was also similar to the way those in power disregarded the feeling of their underlings.

"Excuse me sir," she bowed slightly, as she had no gown to curtsy in. Being considerate of his time, got straight to the point after trying to be polite, "I thank you for answering your door." Pausing to remember her train of thought, she explained, "I have been reassigned to guard your illustrious person, compliments of His Highness. He considers you an important ally, and he would be wroth to lose you, when he could prevent." It was her attempt at courtly language. “I’m not sure if his Highness has informed you yet, but I am one of four of your new guards. Two new day ones, and two new night ones. We can’t be dismissed unless the dismisser is holding the king’s signet ring. Is there anything you would like me to do now?”

One of the guards would be stationed at the door for anyone coming in or out, and the other one would stand inside whatever room he was in. This would be awkward for the nighttime guard. In addition, there were the normal guards. She kept her face stiff and neutral not allowing any of her emotions to show, and she stood at attention, not slouching.

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