09:46:56 Char
So jealous, Lazy Kingdom!
09:46:43 Never Gonna
I'm probably adopting a cat today! :D
Lazy Kingdom
09:43:48 Crazy Cat Lady
Welp apparently the finals I have this week are open book. Ill take it lol
Hey Chat
09:40:15 Le Spoon
Take a break if you need too! Take a day or two and get outaide, but take notes of everyhting outside. You may feel a bit more inspired.
Rose Vine
09:40:15 Ash, Alpha
Hey Dragon!
09:38:52 Hazey
I have been though. I don't know if it's because I have a million other projects I want to start/need to get done or not too
Jack Frost
09:38:38 Kháos
Bye chat. ❄️
09:38:08 The Rat King
In fact, if any of you guys want to know about my distopian world give me a pm! I'd be happy to answer :)
09:37:55 Never Gonna
I have a physics exam tomorrow and i haven't started studying ;-;
09:37:08 The Rat King
I have way more stuff about them so pm me if you want to know more. I have to go
Jack Frost
09:36:05 Kháos
Hey chat.
09:36:00 Le Spoon
Give yourself something to work towards- a prize, a break, buying something you've been wanting to get.
Shadow Sages
09:35:23 SS, Sages
Dragon~ I like your dystopian verse. :)
09:35:08 Hazey
how the hell do I stay motivated to finish an animation meme ive had for 3 months now >>
Shadow Sages
09:34:28 SS, Sages
Life~ Eating a quick, very late lunch lol Nothing exciting.

And you?
09:34:24 No one important
I'm really bad at practicing-

Honestly, though, I'm not sure I could actually get one. Maybe rent? Hmm. Though, if we're talking instruments and practice... I did always like piano. My youth group has a piano.

Something can be done with that-
09:34:16 The Rat King
Wait really? But it seems generic to me ;;
09:33:21 Le Spoon
I dont think anymore. I just licked my cat.

I dont know what to write about anymore
09:32:02 practice 40 hours


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Mafia | Ylva x Karma July 22, 2021 04:02 AM

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Please don't post if you aren't Ylva or myself. You are more than welcome to read along with this though.
Mafia | Ylva x Karma July 22, 2021 04:09 AM

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Ruben Lee Paris
"No matter what path I take, it will only end in blood."

Male | 26 | Human | Mafia

| Nickname(s) |
Ru/Rue, Ree, Paris

| Sexuality |

| Birthday |
February 14

| Appearance |
Ruben stands at 6'0 with lean shoulders. He has a beige complexion with warm undertones, which only seem to get darker when he spends time outside. He only has freckles over the bridge of his nose and a few scattered under his eyes. Much like his skin tone, they get darker the more time he spends outside. He has round eyes, having them be a forest green color with freckles of gold in them. They definitely pop out against his skin, complementing him quite nicely. They are framed with dark, long lashes.

His hair is thick and semi-curly to where it isn't a hassle to have to fix it all the time. He has chocolate brown hair, seeming to be a drastic change from his semi-bright eyes. His hair length definitely stays the same all year long. He doesn't like it long nor does he like it too short. It is more on the shorter side where it curls at his neck and around his ears. It never goes longer or shorter than that. He gets it cut before it goes too far. He also has bangs to where they sometimes hang in his eyes, but not to where it distracts him or blinds him in a way. It is definitely messy most of the time since he doesn't bother to try and fix it at all. Though, it always seems to compliment him rather well. When he has a competition, he slicks it back or does something to it to where it matches the song he will be skating to.

He has chiseled cheekbones with a heart-shaped face. He always sports a clean-shaven look, hardly ever having hair line his jaw. He will occasionally have stubble, but most of the time it is clean-shaven. His physique is rather ectomorph, but he still leans more towards the muscular side of the radar. He definitely works out to stay in shape and constantly practices whenever he gets the chance to. He has a straight nose and semi-full lips with barely noticeable dimples on both of his cheeks. He doesn't really like them as it makes his features seem softer when he does end up smiling.

He doesn't have any piercings, but he definitely has a tattoo. He never wanted one, but due to joining the mafia, he had to get to brand him as theirs. It is on his right side, having it line his ribs in a vertical direction. He could've gotten it somewhere, but he wanted to get it on his ribs even though it was oh so painful. The tattoo is a Devil's Trap, yet there is something rather unique about it. There are wings attached to it, having one be a dark black rich color while the other is a pure white color. This will probably be the only tattoo he gets unless by some miracle someone is able to convince him to get another. He has scars from both his jobs he has acquired while in the mafia and from an abusive childhood. He has one that goes from his mid-abdomen and then goes down past the waistband of his jeans and stops in his groin area. He also has another one that goes down almost the whole way along his spine in a rather ragged way.

His clothing is mostly dark colors, though, he does occasionally wear a t-shirt that is more on the brighter side but duller to where it doesn't hurt someone's eyes. It is usually jeans, a t-shirt, sneakers, and the occasional leather jacket. He wears running pants, a t-shirt, and skates when he is practicing. When he is competing, of course, it varies depending on the song and what he is skating to. No matter what, he looks stunning in any of these clothing.

| Personality |
Ruben definitely has a hard time trusting people from being abused his whole childhood and then being part of the mafia. He used to be a sweet, quiet, caring, and trustworthy boy until shit started happening to him. Ever since then, it takes a long time and spending countless hours with him before he can trust you. He doesn't want to get stabbed in the back later for it. He has had enough of that. Don't break his trust as you won't ever get it back no matter what you do or what you try to do. Stop before you end up embarrassing yourself. Even if you break it, that doesn't mean you are friends with him. It just means he won't be able to share things with you as he does with his best friend. He is a serious person, always seeming to have his lips in a grim line and hardly ever smiling. Then again, he is a bit more carefree when he is around people he feels comfortable around or you know him on a personal level.

He is claustrophobic in a way. He doesn't like being in enclosed places where he can't seem to get around. Funny with how he moved to New York, New York where the sidewalks and roads are always bustling. He also doesn't like to be in the spotlight. He always blends in with the crowd, never wanting to be the center of attention for anything. Of course, his career is a different thing as he truly does enjoy ice skating and can't see himself doing anything else. Sometimes people don't notice he is in the background until he pipes up if there is a conversation going on or even an argument he knows he can win.

He is sometimes harsh with his words. He likes to get straight to the point without trying to beat around the bush to spare your feelings. He will give you what he believes, unless you are close to him. Most of the time he has a hard time saying no to people, not sure if it would be a good thing to say with how he grew up. He knew not to talk back unless he wanted a beating. Now that he is off on his own and has grown so much stronger, he stands up for himself and he isn't afraid to push back no matter what the consequences can be afterward. He is definitely sarcastic, which anyone can tell even if he is a serious person. He rarely ever jokes around, feeling like it makes people think that he is letting them in.

He has a sharp silver tongue, making people furious at times, ending up getting in a fight with them, getting in trouble with the boss, or even just causing people to not like him. Well, he can't help it when people are stupid. He is definitely knowledgeable about a lot of things, reading a lot about things going on in the world now and in the past. His face is always monotone, hardly ever showing the emotions he might be feeling. He doesn't like to show emotions as he feels like that is a weakness once people see it. He only says that as it caused his sister to be in the hospital.

Now, once you get to know him, he is actually quite sweet and caring. He is loyal to people and anyone can trust him with anything. He will do anything to make sure you are happy if you are down, just because he doesn't like to see his friends in a blue mood. He is very protective of them as well, especially his best friend. Of course, he has days where he is depressed about things and has dark thoughts swirling around in his head. Those are the days he ends up practicing for hours at the ice rink until his head is clear once again. In all, he might be ruthless, cunning, relentless, and a stone-cold killer. He flinches at a sudden touch or if someone moves really fast. He jumps when he hears loud noises such as a crack of a whip or even just something clattering loudly onto the floor.

| Fear(s) |
Ruben has a fear of spiders. He will literally jump away if he sees one, stand on a chair, and/or even want to burn the building to the ground to make sure that it is dead after killing it. He also has a fear of losing someone close to him, like his best friend or even his sister. He wouldn't know what to do if either of them were killed.

| Allergies |
Avocados; only the tongue swells up a bit; mild
Sulfa; severe allergic reaction if given; emergency
Pollen; congestion, runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing; mild

| Likes |
Ruben loves children, the winter season, anything with chocolate, dogs, whiskey, movies, cooking, writing, and even just target practicing.

| Dislikes |
Ruben hates the mafia, spiders, selfish people, people who stab him in the back, being hot, his parents, beer, and killing people.

| Offspring(s) |

| Kin |
- Amara Paris; sister; on the verge of death; 28
- Stephanie Paris; mother; alive; 50
- Aaron Paris; father; alive; 53

| Other |
When Ruben was growing up on the outskirts of Paris, France, he was abused up until he left for New York, New York a couple of months after he turned sixteen with his best friend. He doesn't regret it either, even though the mafia followed him there. Even though there is an Underboss, he tends to be in more control than that person. His actually position is the Consigliere, even though he does so much more than anyone put together in the mafia. He also wears a pair of black gloves that he never takes off. Why he does is a mystery for most and only a few handful of people truly knows what happened.

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Mafia | Ylva x Karma July 23, 2021 02:51 AM

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Hélio Vieyra

Male | 24 | Human | NYPD Detective

| Nickname(s) |

Lio: Pronounced like Leo

| Sexuality |


| Birthday |

December 20

| Appearance |

Standing at 6'2, Helio has a lean runners build. (Think Spencer Reid body type from criminal minds. Tall and kind of lanky) He's rather skinny, with barely noticeable muscle. He has a fairly prominent v cut, and light six pack. In contrast with his build, he has many veins bulging out on his forearms and hands. His hands are on the rougher and calloused side. He doesn't work out much, as he has a hard time building muscle. He has a very fast metabolism, making it hard for him to even keep any weight on him. His complexion is a rather pale ivory tone. The man has clear, untouched skin to die for.

From behind, he seems like that tall, lanky awkward kid, but his facial features are quite the opposite. All his facial features are sharp, defined, and striking against his pale skin. He has a diamond shaped face, with a sharp and prominent jawline. High cheek bones which give him hollow cheeks. A straight pointed nose. His eyebrows are sharp and angled to where he has a natural resting scowl. His eyebrows are black, thick, and slightly unkempt. Below, his eyes are hooded, adding to his intimidating aura. His eyes are a pale grey/blueish color, leaning more towards a stormy grey. Lining his hooded eyes, are thick, full, curly lashes. Just like his dark eyebrows, his black lashes stick out against his pale skin. He has plump rosy pink lips. He tends to leave his stubble, as a clean shaven looks makes him feel like a child. His hair is jet black and on the curly side. His hair is usually a curly messy fringe cut. Almost overgrown. His curls tend to fall in his eyes often. He also doesn't do much to style his curls, as they seem to have a mind of their own.

Does not have any tattoos, as he is not a fan of subjecting himself to pain for the fun of it. His nose is pierced. He usually has a small silver hoop there. His ear lobes are also pierced he keeps simple small metal bars there. No real scars other than childhood ones, from falling off his bike and others of the sort. One very prominent scar is hidden just under his neck, one cant really see it until he leans his head back.

Lio's attire, when not in uniform, is boring kind of like his personality. One could also say he dresses rather lazy, but he would call it comfortable. Wearing only dark colors, like a black hoodie, with black ripped jeans, and black military boots. Sometimes he sports a black beanie. He almost never leaves the house without his silver necklace, that has a unique design to it. As well as three silver rings, that are equally unique.

| Personality |

Lio is all around an introvert. He likes to keep his thoughts to himself. He tends to stay in the background of situation and analyze others. That might be a factor as his job tends to focus around that aspect. Analyzing everyone and everything. He has mastered it. Being able to figure people out, simply by the way they carry themselves, or the way they talk. He tends to keep mental files of people in his own mind. Thing is he enjoys people watching. It's one of his pass times. Another thing his job has passed down to him is his seriousness. Even outside of his work environment, he keeps a professional and business only profile. In a way, it might be his paranoia slipping out. With his seriousness comes his alertness and cautious side. When meeting new people, he keeps them at a distance. Depending where he's placed them in their "file" is when he gives them a peak at another side of him. However, he's probably manipulating them. Letting them believe he is letting them in his small world. He lets no one in. His wall are triple his height, and durable.

At times he can give off a mysterious vibe to him, as no one in his department knows much about him. Other than, he's easily one of the most intelligent people they've come across. Harder cases tend to get tossed his way, as he almost always makes a break through. Working mostly alone, for the majority of the cases. His Boss tends to let him work solo, as he thrives by himself. Hes not much of a team player. Sometimes he believes he's simply is too intelligent to have to put up with a team. In the past, he has shown he doesn't work well in the slightest with the other detectives. He always works in his own codes, afraid of prying eyes. Codes that would hurt ones brain just looking at it. Once again, the man is very paranoid.

Helio pays much attention to detail. Observing others and his surroundings. Entering any new buildings, he looks first for his exit plan before proceeding. He wont let his guard down for a second and if he does, he's a dead man. Or so he believes. If he senses that one is not very intelligent he will likely mess with them for his own entertainment purposes. He isn't exactly a very funny person, but he can be more sarcastic. At random, spur of the moments he will crack a joke that will make most laugh out of their fear of him. Sometimes just his delivery that will throw most off, as it comes off at monotone, but they'll force a laugh out. Which in turn, people can't really tell if he's being serious. Unfortunately for him, because of this people tend to take offense to things he might say. Which he doesn't care how they take it. His sarcasm can be so good, once again people can't tell if he is being serious or if he is joking. And they'll never know, as he wont elaborate or repeat himself.

Most of these traits of his make him seem like an asshole, but he can be sweet to those he cares about. To which there aren't many left. OF course, thats only behind closed doors...Maybe bolted, and barred doors. However, he is loyal. To his career, and those who are close to him. In all honesty, it would take a rare breed of a person to get him to cave his walls. Working with hardcore criminals for years now, has made him numb to his emotions. An example of this would be him breaking the news to a victims family about their death. No matter how hard that family member cries, or clings onto him, he won't bat an eye. If anything, he'd unravel the person from him and brush himself off. On the opposite spectrum, a criminal could throw all sorts of threats, swinging fists, and demeaning phrases at him...Helio wont flinch. Hell, he wont so much as blink. He's had to bury his emotions so deep down, that a times he forgets hes human and its normal to feel those things. The man is simply numb.

| Fear(s) |

Confidential ;)

| Likes |


| Dislikes |

Confidential ;)

| Offspring(s) |


| Kin |

Confidential ;)

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Mafia | Ylva x Karma January 21, 2022 03:16 AM

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The tall male, sipped at his hot coffee. Dragging his hooded eyes, over to the ice rink in front of him. That was one of his favorite pass times. Visiting locations that regular people participated in because it was "fun" for them. Although he was a highly intelligent individual he couldn't quite understand that aspect, but he'd watch from a far for the time being. It was an inside ice skating rink, but that didn't make it any warmer. Simply because the ice emitted cold, plus temperatures had to be cold to prevent melting ice. By no means was the male bundled up at all, for the harsh weather outside. Dressed in only a dark grey baggy hoodie, black ripped jeans, and his black military boots. His hood was pulled up half way up his head. Curls pooled out of the top and into his stormed over grey eyes. It didn't bother him though, nor obstruct his view of the rink.

His pale skin quickly giving away signs of the climate taking a toll on him. The tips of his ears and hands were slightly a pink tint. Being as skinny as he was didn't help conserve his heat either. He barely noticed the cold though. It was the heat he couldn't stand. The cold was almost warm and welcoming to him. The heat reminded him of the pits of hell. Too damn hot to be alive in the summer. Now that it was winter, he was fairly content. Meaning he could wear his usual baggy hoodies. They were almost a security blanket to him.

Placing his coffee next to him, he tucked his large hands in his hoodie pocket. His left thumb instinctively going for his pointer finger, where a silver ring sat. Loosening it, he began circling it around his finger, using his thumb. A hidden habit of his. He leaned forward, zeroing in on his next "victim." Not really a victim, but the next person he would create a story for. She skated right past him, the blades on her skates scratching the ice as she zoomed by. His grey eyes following closely behind.

Just like that his imaginary mind was off. Female. Brown hair, blue eyes. About 5ft 3in. 123lbs. Between the ages of 16-18. He'd place her at 16 though. Drives a Nissan Sentra two years older than the current model. Has a picture perfect life. Except its not. Messed with drugs. Hard shit. Made her feel something. Top of her class student. Has a C- in her science though, hasn't told her parents though. They'd lecture her, put her in extra lessons to get that grade up. They only want the best for her. Oh new person of interest in the picture. A male crept up behind her on the ice. Finally grabbing her sides. Her scream echoed through the rink, before she slapped them on the chest and began laughing. Her cheeks tinged with a light pink, in embarrassment.

Helio's mind at it again now that he had a new person. Male. Blonde hair, brown eyes. 5ft 9in. 189lbs. 17 years old. Drives a Subaru WRX of the current year. Heavily modified. The "jock." Plays lacrosse. Strict father, never home, always at work. Alcoholic mother. Not employed. Likes to fill up a little too much on that red wine of hers. Average grades. Falling behind in History. Won't stay on the lacrosse team if he doesn't get it up by the next game. Lio paused, watching the male further, as they checked their phone. He hummed quietly to himself. He added one more thing, before closing the males file. Cheating on his girlfriend of two years. How unfortunate. Nothings as it seems. Growing bored of the couple, he finally dragged his intense gaze away. Grabbing his coffee once more. He sipped away at his sugary coffee. Fulfilling his addiction further. The hot liquid, warming his insides.

From a far, the tall male could look out of place. Alone on the bleachers, where most aren't seated. Hoodie pulled up. Head hung low. Hell, he looked like a criminal. Or along the lines of someone who wasn't there with innocent intentions. Thing was...He was just fucking weird, but good weird. He enjoyed people watching, instead of getting on the rink himself. Where was the fun in that? No, creating profiles for each person to cross his field of vision was fun for him. He wouldn't doubt how accurate he was on some of the things he said about others. To him, people were simple creatures of habit. He could dig into their brain until there was nothing left. No secrets left uncovered. Didn't matter how long it took him, he'd figure you out. No one was safe from his prying mind. Setting his coffee back down, he looked up once more. The rink was close to it's closing time. He wanted one more file on someone, before he left. One more. One more...challenging. Harder to pick apart just from looking at them.

Mafia | Ylva x Karma January 21, 2022 02:24 PM

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A tall man stepped out of his coworker's car, his chocolate brown curly hair hanging in his forest-green eyes. He brushed his hair out of his face, knowing that he will have to cut his bangs soon. He grabbed his duffle bag from the backseat and thanked the driver before closing the door. His hands were covered in black gloves, something he never takes off, not even when he sleeps or takes a shower. He turned towards the building standing before him, a small smile curling onto his lips. This is one of the places he can let himself free without feeling like someone has a grasp on him. The one place where people that he works for knows not to bother him. The one place he can actually feel like a normal human being.

The ice rink.

Sometimes he wonders how someone like him could have ever gotten into ice skating. Then again, he rarely ever questions it anymore. Having an abusive childhood was always dark and there were only rare times when he had some light in that darkness. So, when he saw someone ice skating for the first time, he was so fascinated with it. He knew he had to try it, so he bought some skates with the little money that he saved and hid from his parents. That day, he went to the rink and he skate for hours. He absolutely loved it. He loved the wind in his hair, the slight bite of the icy air against his face, and the feeling of just feeling so utterly free from the life he was living. From that day forth, he continued ice skating until the day he left his home in Paris. He went to New York and continued his career.

There, he became a professional ice skater.

He walked towards the entrance, pushing the doors open. He smiled at the woman standing behind the desk. "Evenin', Alexis. How is it going?" He asked, his voice holding very little emotion to it, yet it was gruff but also had a velvety edge to it. He even had a heavy accent, though it was easy to understand what he was saying most of the time, yet he had some trouble saying certain English words at times. "No problems with anyone?"

She was a short and sort of chubby lady in her mid-sixties, her curly red hair speckled with grey. Her ocean-blue eyes sparkled with happiness at seeing him. He was a regular here and she was always here when he came. "My darling boy, it is good to see you. It's been quite a bit." She leaned across the counter and hugged him. She noticed him tense up but knew it was normal for him to do so. "Everything has been splendid and everyone has been quite sweet. No problems."

"Good. Remember, if there are any troubles, I'm a phone call away." He headed towards the doors to the lockers but stopped for a moment. "Alexis, tell that grandchild of yours that she has talent." He sent her a wink, seeing the woman blush before nodding her head and telling him that she will.

As soon as he entered the locker room, his smile disappeared from his face. He forgets how exhausting it is to interact with cheery people like her. He set his duffle bag on the bench as he unlocked the locker that he keeps here. He stripped off his clothes, having scars that seemed to cause him extraordinary pain be seen. He quickly put on a skin-tight grey shirt, knowing he can never wear white as that will only reveal the tattoo that was briefly seen on the right side of his ribs. If the wrong people see that, he knows it will only cause issues. He slipped on a pair of black sweatpants, ones that were form-fitting, before grabbing his skates from the locker. He stuffed the bag into his locker before locking it and heading towards the rink.

He pushed the doors to the rink open, seeing a couple on the ice rink already. His gaze slid around the room as he always did to make sure there isn't danger lurking in the shadows. He also saw another man sitting on the benches, a brow raising at him. He isn't going to be judging since the man seems to be people-watching, something that he ends up doing sometimes. It is always fascinating watching people, seeing what type of person they could be. He shook his head as he took a seat on a bench.

At hearing the scream echo in the room from the woman when the man scared her, he jumped slightly. He could feel his heart in his chest beating rapidly like it was in his throat. He hates when people are loud like that. It just brings back painful and horrible memories. He quickly finished tying his skates before he got up and easily started to skate across the ice. He seemed at such ease skating, his hands in his pockets as he moved around the rink. He nodded towards the couple, seeing how they had their mouths open in awe at seeing him. Ah, they must know who he is.

Ruben Paris. Number one ice skating male in the world. The only top person to skate solo and not with a partner.

He hopes that they leave him alone because he really doesn't want to deal with fans right now. If they knew about the life that his career is hiding from everyone, he is sure they would hate him for it. He watched as they exited the rink, but they ended up sitting on the benches to watch him. He let a 'tch' leave his lips, his brows furrowed in annoyance. Why must they watch him? Oh, wait, that's right. He is what people call famous and they want to see how he does so well with the career that he choose to do. To watch what routine he is going to be doing at his next competition.

"Si ennuyant." (So annoying.) He muttered under his breath.

His eyes slid to the man watching, his eyes showing no emotions whatsoever. His eyes narrow, feeling like the man is someone completely different than just people watching. He quickly looked away, knowing he can't focus on the gnawing in the pit of the stomach. He stopped at the end of the rink, knowing that he needs to practice the drill that he is going to be doing in his next competition. He took a deep breath, clearing his mind as usual, before he started his routine, having the music that goes with it play in his head.

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