09:15:42 Techno | The Blade
Why the hell does she have your password?
manager Fang
09:15:08 Status, heartbroken
And Flicker,
Remember. Message me if You Need Some Help
Ghost Tear Pack
Please. I know you have my password but seriously don’t change anything
manager Fang
09:14:39 Status, heartbroken
yep. people Use It To Tell people That they have Emotions that Are Not Good.
09:14:18 Faith | Flick | Dog
Ghost Tear Pack
Faith?! Seriously
09:13:21 Faith | Flick | Dog

yea. sure.
09:12:53 Faith | Flick | Dog

Just.. alot of drama happening right now.
Ghost Tear Pack
I’m flipping dead
09:12:42 Wander - Wand

I had it for about a week before I was already sick of it :P
09:12:22 Techno | The Blade
Ah yes the fated dots that give away all emotion...
09:12:15 Faith | Flick | Dog

09:11:59 Moon | Shady | Lost

Yep. Very scary XD
09:11:50 Faith | Flick | Dog
hi Ghost!!!! :DDD
manager Fang
09:11:39 Status, heartbroken
Trust me, I Know What Dots mean. I use them EVERY Time When Im Upset. And When you Space out Your Words With them that means You Want Someone to Help you.
But you can't get your Self to Say That your Not okay
09:11:33 Faith | Flick | Dog
09:11:30 Techno | The Blade

I have it for saving art and keeping up with credits on bases I use.
Ghost Tear Pack
Hello flick
09:11:21 Faith | Flick | Dog
Im on my phone and its at 5.. so uhm- I will go to my PC if it dies.
09:10:38 Faith | Flick | Dog

Omg lol


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Mafia | Ylva x Karma July 22, 2021 04:02 AM

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Please don't post if you aren't Ylva or myself. You are more than welcome to read along with this though.
Mafia | Ylva x Karma July 22, 2021 04:09 AM

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Ruben Lee Paris
"No matter what path I take, it will only end in blood."

Male | 26 | Human | Mafia

| Nickname(s) |
Ru/Rue, Ree, Paris

| Sexuality |

| Birthday |
February 14

| Appearance |
Ruben stands at 6'0 with lean shoulders. He has a beige complexion with warm undertones, which only seem to get darker when he spends time outside. He only has freckles over the bridge of his nose and a few scattered under his eyes. Much like his skin tone, they get darker the more time he spends outside. He has round eyes, having them be a forest green color with freckles of gold in them. They definitely pop out against his skin, complementing him quite nicely. They are framed with dark, long lashes.

His hair is thick and semi-curly to where it isn't a hassle to have to fix it all the time. He has chocolate brown hair, seeming to be a drastic change from his semi-bright eyes. His hair length definitely stays the same all year long. He doesn't like it long nor does he like it too short. It is more on the shorter side where it curls at his neck and around his ears. It never goes longer or shorter than that. He gets it cut before it goes too far. He also has bangs to where they sometimes hang in his eyes, but not to where it distracts him or blinds him in a way. It is definitely messy most of the time since he doesn't bother to try and fix it at all. Though, it always seems to compliment him rather well. When he has a competition, he slicks it back or does something to it to where it matches the song he will be skating to.

He has chiseled cheekbones with a heart-shaped face. He always sports a clean-shaven look, hardly ever having hair line his jaw. He will occasionally have stubble, but most of the time it is clean-shaven. His physique is rather ectomorph, but he still leans more towards the muscular side of the radar. He definitely works out to stay in shape and constantly practices whenever he gets the chance to. He has a straight nose and semi-full lips with barely noticeable dimples on both of his cheeks. He doesn't really like them as it makes his features seem softer when he does end up smiling.

He doesn't have any piercings, but he definitely has a tattoo. He never wanted one, but due to joining the mafia, he had to get to brand him as theirs. It is on his right side, having it line his ribs in a vertical direction. He could've gotten it somewhere, but he wanted to get it on his ribs even though it was oh so painful. The tattoo is a Devil's Trap, yet there is something rather unique about it. There are wings attached to it, having one be a dark black rich color while the other is a pure white color. This will probably be the only tattoo he gets unless by some miracle someone is able to convince him to get another. He has scars from both his jobs he has acquired while in the mafia and from an abusive childhood. He has one that goes from his mid-abdomen and then goes down past the waistband of his jeans and stops in his groin area. He also has another one that goes down almost the whole way along his spine in a rather ragged way.

His clothing is mostly dark colors, though, he does occasionally wear a t-shirt that is more on the brighter side but duller to where it doesn't hurt someone's eyes. It is usually jeans, a t-shirt, sneakers, and the occasional leather jacket. He wears running pants, a t-shirt, and skates when he is practicing. When he is competing, of course, it varies depending on the song and what he is skating to. No matter what, he looks stunning in any of these clothing.

| Personality |
Ruben definitely has a hard time trusting people from being abused his whole childhood and then being part of the mafia. He used to be a sweet, quiet, caring, and trustworthy boy until shit started happening to him. Ever since then, it takes a long time and spending countless hours with him before he can trust you. He doesn't want to get stabbed in the back later for it. He has had enough of that. Don't break his trust as you won't ever get it back no matter what you do or what you try to do. Stop before you end up embarrassing yourself. Even if you break it, that doesn't mean you are friends with him. It just means he won't be able to share things with you as he does with his best friend. He is a serious person, always seeming to have his lips in a grim line and hardly ever smiling. Then again, he is a bit more carefree when he is around people he feels comfortable around or you know him on a personal level.

He is claustrophobic in a way. He doesn't like being in enclosed places where he can't seem to get around. Funny with how he moved to New York, New York where the sidewalks and roads are always bustling. He also doesn't like to be in the spotlight. He always blends in with the crowd, never wanting to be the center of attention for anything. Of course, his career is a different thing as he truly does enjoy ice skating and can't see himself doing anything else. Sometimes people don't notice he is in the background until he pipes up if there is a conversation going on or even an argument he knows he can win.

He is sometimes harsh with his words. He likes to get straight to the point without trying to beat around the bush to spare your feelings. He will give you what he believes, unless you are close to him. Most of the time he has a hard time saying no to people, not sure if it would be a good thing to say with how he grew up. He knew not to talk back unless he wanted a beating. Now that he is off on his own and has grown so much stronger, he stands up for himself and he isn't afraid to push back no matter what the consequences can be afterward. He is definitely sarcastic, which anyone can tell even if he is a serious person. He rarely ever jokes around, feeling like it makes people think that he is letting them in.

He has a sharp silver tongue, making people furious at times, ending up getting in a fight with them, getting in trouble with the boss, or even just causing people to not like him. Well, he can't help it when people are stupid. He is definitely knowledgeable about a lot of things, reading a lot about things going on in the world now and in the past. His face is always monotone, hardly ever showing the emotions he might be feeling. He doesn't like to show emotions as he feels like that is a weakness once people see it. He only says that as it caused his sister to be in the hospital.

Now, once you get to know him, he is actually quite sweet and caring. He is loyal to people and anyone can trust him with anything. He will do anything to make sure you are happy if you are down, just because he doesn't like to see his friends in a blue mood. He is very protective of them as well, especially his best friend. Of course, he has days where he is depressed about things and has dark thoughts swirling around in his head. Those are the days he ends up practicing for hours at the ice rink until his head is clear once again. In all, he might be ruthless, cunning, relentless, and a stone-cold killer. He flinches at a sudden touch or if someone moves really fast. He jumps when he hears loud noises such as a crack of a whip or even just something clattering loudly onto the floor.

| Fear(s) |
Ruben has a fear of spiders. He will literally jump away if he sees one, stand on a chair, and/or even want to burn the building to the ground to make sure that it is dead after killing it. He also has a fear of losing someone close to him, like his best friend or even his sister. He wouldn't know what to do if either of them were killed.

| Allergies |
Avocados; only the tongue swells up a bit; mild
Sulfa; severe allergic reaction if given; emergency
Pollen; congestion, runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing; mild

| Likes |
Ruben loves children, the winter season, anything with chocolate, dogs, whiskey, movies, cooking, writing, and even just target practicing.

| Dislikes |
Ruben hates the mafia, spiders, selfish people, people who stab him in the back, being hot, his parents, beer, and killing people.

| Offspring(s) |

| Kin |
- Amara Paris; sister; on the verge of death; 28
- Stephanie Paris; mother; alive; 50
- Aaron Paris; father; alive; 53

| Other |
When Ruben was growing up on the outskirts of Paris, France, he was abused up until he left for New York, New York a couple of months after he turned sixteen with his best friend. He doesn't regret it either, even though the mafia followed him there. Even though there is an Underboss, he tends to be in more control than that person. His actually position is the Consigliere, even though he does so much more than anyone put together in the mafia.
Mafia | Ylva x Karma July 23, 2021 02:51 AM

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Hélio Vieyra

Male | 24 | Human | NYPD Police Officer

| Nickname(s) |

Lio: Pronounced like Leo

| Sexuality |


| Birthday |

December 20

| Appearance |

Helio stands at 5'8, just an inch out of the average height for a man. His complexion is a rather pale ivory tone. Funnily enough, his whole family has sun kissed tanned skin. The man has clear, untouched skin to die for. His eyes are almond shaped. Due to his heterochromia, his left eye is a pale green and his right eye is an icy blue. From a far one can't he has two different colored eyes, as they appear to be the same icy blue.

Lio has sharp features. High cheek bones, sharp jawline, and hollow cheeks. A straight nose, paired with plump pink lips for a male. He does in fact have very prominent dimples, that seem to brighten up the room when he smiles and they come out to play. He has thick, long, curly lashes that make his eyes stand out against his pale skin. His eyebrows are thick and angular, but have a good shape for his face. They seem slightly unkempt. He tends to leave his stubble, as a clean shaven looks makes him feel like a child.

His hair is jet black and on the curly side. He keeps the sides on the shorter side and has his curls running free. His curls seem to style themselves on top of his head, as he doesn't actually have to use much product for them to look perfectly tousled. His build is on the skinnier side, with light muscle. An athletic skinny type. He has a hard time building any muscle further than that.

Does not have any tattoos, as he is not a fan of subjecting himself to pain for the fun of it. No piercing either, as he does not like any kind of pain. No real scars other than childhood ones, from falling off his bike and others of the sort.

Lio's attire is fairly casual when not in uniform. He will usually wear an olive green bomber jacket, a white t under. Black jeans and tan chelsea boots. Sometimes a black beanie. He does wear three gold rings. They each have their own unique design.

| Personality |

Lio is a happy go lucky person. He can make anyone frown turn upside down. He's always going out of his way to make anyones day better, if he notices someone gloomy. He's charming, kind, extremely caring, and funny. People always have something good to say about Lio. The man is a ball of sunshine. His name literally means sun. No one has ever witnessed the man in a bad mood. It seems as if it's almost impossible for the man to be upset.

He's the type to always be putting others before himself. He could be an open book. At least to what he wanted one to see. Lio actually does not curse and has never cursed. It wasn't really something he decided just something that kind of happened and he kept it going. He loves being the light of the party. A social butterfly wherever he goes. The man is never not flashing his perfect white smile and sweet dimples. He loves complimenting people and seeing strangers smile. His love language is touch and affection. He absolutely loves giving gifts without there even being an occasion.

Lio is very family orientated. He is by no means a violent person. In fact he hates any kind of violence. He has carried around the idea of heroes his who life. The main reason he joined law enforcement. He wanted to help his community in anyway possible. He always wants to do the right thing. Although, Lio is charming he is a horrible flirt. He can't tell when someone is flirting with him, even if it is painfully obvious.

| Fear(s) |

Helio's is deathly afraid of the ocean, or large bodies of water. He does not visit lakes, rivers, or the beach. The man could go into a full break down, if he comes face to face with any body of water.

| Likes |

Lio absolutely adores his large family. Sweets, reading, drawing, singing, playing the guitar, painting, plants, animals.

| Dislikes |

Helio despises violence. Guns, weapons, fighting, rude people, the "villain"

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