Dagger Clan
11:17:40 Jax, Jackson, Dagger
Phew :]
11:17:31 Z, Rain
I don't have a type-
I like anyone-
Stxrmmix <3
11:17:26 Storms (They/Them)
Vito - If you don't keep her, I'll gladly snatch her.

Jackson - I need bruiser to come on so we can plan our wedding.. D:
Regrets Everything
11:17:02 Rage, Moon, Red Fire
0.0 sorry but no XD
11:16:59 Z, Rain
thats what I thought
11:16:55 Local EP Simp
-WP Click-

Still baffled that i've bred her. *^*
The Local Southerner
11:16:54 Confetti(He/Him)
And plus I know I'm not your type
Dagger Clan
11:16:39 Jax, Jackson, Dagger
I have a feeling i'm the only boy in this chat. :}
11:16:38 Z, Rain
😤 thats not gonna get me todayy
11:16:28 Tito
Its a hard decision to as I need to start cleaning this pack out >.<

Oh yes she's literally a favorite
The Local Southerner
11:16:18 Confetti(He/Him)
How bout....No.
11:16:07 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
Mum :D
Regrets Everything
11:16:07 Rage, Moon, Red Fire
Hehehe, no, no cutie~ you're way to hot for hell to handle 🤭
Dagger Clan
11:15:58 Jax, Jackson, Dagger
11:15:35 Z, Rain
Then prove you can actually flirt😤
11:15:29 Kaz
The Local Southerner
11:15:24 Confetti(He/Him)
(Don't actually shut up. We cool)
11:15:20 Kaz
Giotto, her mother is one of my favorites lol. I have quite a few of her pups
Stxrmmix <3
11:14:56 Storms (They/Them)
Vito - :O you should keep her! She's stunning!
The Local Southerner
11:14:54 Confetti(He/Him)
Shut up and secondly we southerners are known for our flirting


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Dagger PackxCerealMarch 18, 2021 10:42 PM

Dagger Pack
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Discussion Thread

Plot Line;
Kaiden, who is at the age of 12, teleported to the kingdom of Athax to get away from the pursuit of both sides. He wanders the town, searching for a place to call home until he was discovered by an orphanage where he lived most of his life until he was 16-years-old and moved out himself when he started doing tasks to collect money. While on his mission, he stumbles across Ayesha, and the two instantly became best friends. He took an interest in her since his powers doesn't erupt when he was around her and they decided to move in together as roommates. The two invest and bought a tavern and a small shop to earn gold a lot faster.

At the age of 18, they became wealthy merchants within the kingdom, but trouble occurred when a rival merchant sought to ruin everything they worked hard for. Out of anger, Kaiden accidentally killed the merchant and grew terrified of his powers, causing him to hate his other two counterparts. Luckily, Ayesha convinced the locals that the merchant was assassinated by someone else, which they started to believe since he did have a lot of enemies. When he discovered that he's able to free his adoptive parents from the Realm of Forgotten, he left the kingdom to search for some answers. With Ayesha trying to find him and bring him back home, worried that he might get himself hurt or worse.

Dagger Pack-Female/Ayesha

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Dagger PackxCerealMarch 18, 2021 10:43 PM

Dagger Pack
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Dagger's Characters

Full Name
Human Name-Ayesha Loki Macleod
Dark Elf Name-Eshere Ordrus
Name Meaning
Ayesha means life
Loki means trickster
Macleod means son of Leod
Princess(By elves)
Your Highness(By elves)
Dark Elf
Former Princess, Former Future Queen
Hair Color
Elf Form-Dark long black hair that is often braided with a black vine crown threaded among the hair
Human Form-Strawberry blonde hair that she keeps in a ponytail or braid
Eye Color
Elf Form-Dark blue eyes that when she's angry, seem black
Human Form-Brilliant blue that can grow a stormy steel when angry
Skin Tone
Elf Form-A sort of dark hue to it, yet a perfectly milky white
Human Form-Tan
Face Shape
Elf Form-Sharp like face, with a sharp jawline and ears that curve up into sharp points at the end
Human Form-Ovalish face that rounds off into a sharp jawline
Elf Form-6'0
Human Form-5'10
Elf Form-130 lbs
Human Form-140 lbs
Body Type
Slender and aristocratic
Ayesha has a heck of a personality. Often coming off as sweet, kind, generous, loving, gentle, and very leniant. However most times she comes off as firm, slightly harsh, fair, wise, commanding, quiet unless she feels the need to talk, and very stern. Ayesha is still very playful and has some kid in her, however when it comes to her duties she becomes very serious. As well as protecting those she consider family, her love and loyalty to her family is fierce and very obvious. She once killed to protect a fellow dark elf when she was still among them and had attacked dragons to save a young dark elf. However she does love to prank those who she loves
King Ohulzu Ordrus(Father)
Queen Rharenva Ordrus(Mother)
Heir Prince Irzirn Ordrus(Older Brother)
Prince Iscuri Ordrus(Older Brother/Twin to Alephro/Dead)
Princess Alephro Ordrus(Older Sister/Twin to Iscuri)
Princess Envudo Ordrus(Younger Sister)
Unnamed Uncle and Aunt
Unnamed Cousins
Other Relationships
Heir Prince Zelnes Bhuzrot(Heir Prince of the Light Elves/Ex Fiance)
Kaiden Delgado(Best Friend)
"My philosphy is worrying means you suffer twice."
-The color blue
-Playing with her siblings
-Hanging out with Kaiden
-Training(Since she wasn't allowed to when she was Dark Elf Princess)
-Working at the little shop
-The color yellow
-Having to hide who she really is
-When Kaiden is hurt, upset, or angry
-Being forced into something she doesn't want(Like an arranged marriage)
-She dislikes when she is unable to do anything
Ash has a male pet hellhound named Irgruc. He is a pitch black large pretty much dog, with bright red eyes. Ash is able to summon him at will, and he is able to wander around as he pleases and slip into shadows to hide.
She is a powerful user of dark magic, however Ash refuses to use dark magic unless needed. However Ash has the superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, and reflexes of a normal elf. She can shapeshift, teleport, project energy blasts, naturally resistant to fire and call upon their Ancestor's Wrath to surround themselves in fire.
-Ash is a big prankster
-Ash ran away from home when she was 16 after learning her parents planned on marrying her off to Zelnes Bhuzrot to unite the Dark Elves and Light Elves.
-Ash prefers the night time more then anything
-She has a small tattoo of a black crown on the inside of her wrist to signal her rank as Princess, while a sword is interwined with the crown to signal her family symbol.

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Dagger PackxCerealMarch 18, 2021 10:50 PM

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Cereal's Characters:
Dagger PackxCerealMarch 18, 2021 11:50 PM

Posts: 7273
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Kaiden was now alone, stuck walking in the rain in the middle of nowhere. Was it best to leave without a word to his best friend? That's a question that's been lingering in his conscious, his heart filled with guilt as it felt like he abandoned someone important. Which she is, of course. They've been the best of friends for two years, by the 7 Divines, they started their own businesses together. Why wouldn't he feel a connection with her? True, they did everything together, but he noticed that their relationship was drifting away as they both pursue a different interest in things. Guess this is how it ends, although; a small light of hope dwindles within his heart, a sign that means that their friendship won't end over such matters.
He kept going, wasn't looking back even though his heart lingers to return to Athax where it was safe, and away from the troubles of the random encounters with demons and angels alike. It's pretty ironic how it started to rain on such a miserable event that's currently going on and causing the young man to scoff in amusement. Kaiden's thrill soon faltered upon remembering something, his face fallen as his brows creased into a frown. "I forgot my blasted horse." He murmured upon realizing, and he was close to facepalming himself until he remembers something. He lifts his bare hand, staring directly at his palm as he wanders. "I could summon my own if I have the mana for it," the pupils in his eyes narrow at such an idea, clenching his fist tightly, "But I won't stoop down to such a level. I don't need my powers to help me get through this." Kaiden finds his powers disgusting, as he recently did take someone's life back at the kingdom.

However, he didn't feel guilty when he did such a thing, as the guilt was nothing more but a feeling of justice-like he did something right. Biting his bottom lip, feeling a little bit of blood on his tongue as he zoned out. The greedy merchant deserved it all for his greed and lust for wealth, he didn't care that he was causing suffering to others? Especially to the already lower-caste, who barely have anything to live off of. Just thinking about it made his stomach curl in dismay. Kaiden pulls the hood of his cloak over his head to stop the rain from completely wetting his hair, and his blue eyes dulled as it was now filled with exhaustion. He needs to find someplace to rest and fast before he collapsed in the middle of the road.
Dagger PackxCerealMarch 19, 2021 12:01 AM

Dagger Pack
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(Changing something on her form)

A loud thunderbolt crack woke the young former Dark Elf Princess. Her eyes slowly opening, as she suddenly sat up. She hated lightning storms. She hated them with a fierce passion, after all she had been in one with her brother when he......Ayesha forces those thoughts out. She couldn't think about that. Usually she would go and talk to Kaiden about it. They had been friends for two years, pretty much best friends from the moment they met. Both had rocky pasts and both just wanted to start over.

As her jaw opens in a yawn, she swings out of bed and heads to her bedroom door. Opening it before creeping quietly to Kaiden's door. Knocking on it,"Kaiden?" No response. So she tries again, a little louder. "Kaiden?" Five seconds passed and no response. Usually that would prompt Ayesha to return to her room, but something felt wrong. To quiet, to still. So against her better judgement, Ayesha turns the knob and opens the door. Her mouth dropping open as she sees what's inside.


Bed made, and room clean. A frown crosses the Dark Elf's face, was Kaiden downstairs? She tips her head, turning to head downstairs to check. Calling out as she comes off the final steps,"Kaiden?" This time not so quiet, but still no response. And her heart dropped, "Kaiden?!" Her voice growing a bit desperate. Her best friend couldn't be gone! But as Ayesha stumbles around looking for him, the cold truth began to seep in.

Kaiden left and without a goodbye.
Dagger PackxCerealMarch 19, 2021 12:40 AM

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Kaiden felt something shatter within his heart, and this time it began to hurt even more. He clenched his chest tightly, gripping his shirt now soaking wet as he tried to figure out what it was that was bothering him so. He shakes his head, wiping the rain that was covering his eyelashes away so it can no longer cover his view. Should he at least send her a message of what he's doing? Then she might worry about him and can't focus on the tavern and shop, or maybe she's not worried about it at the moment. Instead, worrying about him and his well-being. Crap. He feels miserable just thinking about it, shaking his head as he listens to the boot squishing in the mud that's starting to make his travels a lot difficult. At least the water was covering his tracks very well, so perks, I guess.
Coming across a river, his eyes widening as he remembers the old mill that wasn't too far from here. It was his little getaway place, even though it was miles away from Athax, but he doesn't seem to mind the journey. Kaiden prefers nature walks over festivals anytime, finding them more interesting than watching others dance, drink themselves to the brink, and devour lots of food. At times he's quite impressed to those who can stuff themselves with ale and food like there's no tomorrow, which is something that can never get done by his own hands. As he comes across the abandoned place, he examines it closely for intruders before entering, the woods creaking under his every step and traces of mud being left behind.
He shivers as the chilling winds seep through the cracks of the old oak woods that still holds firm throughout the years. The protection this mill gave him from the rain, however, he knows that even this isn't going to protect him from everything, especially the wind. Kaiden searches the room for a fireplace, with his hands stretched out in front of him to make sure that he doesn't bump into anything. His fingers touched cold stone, a cheeky grin on his face as he finally found it. He starts to prep the fireplace to get ready to light the fire, staring at his palms before sighing. Snapping his fingers, a small flame shoots out of his fingers and lands on the dry wood. He sits down, blowing onto the small flame to make it stronger. Leaning back as the flame grew large, the heat prickling his cold skin and wettened clothes. " I wonder how Ayesha is doing during this storm," he murmured, his eyes watching the flames closely.
Dagger PackxCerealMarch 19, 2021 12:55 AM

Dagger Pack
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Ayesha came to a shuddering halt, her head lowering. Had she done something wrong? Was he okay? What was he doing out in this storm? She could sense both horses safely in their stalls, so Kaiden had left his horse behind. It was dangerous out there, she could pratically feel the storm getting worse. Would he be okay? What about food? Shelter? Water? Clothes? The Dark Elf sighs as she slowly retreats back to her room. Stopping by Kaiden's to close the door. Before slipping into the dark room that was her bedroom.

Even as she crawled back into her bed, Ayesha knew she would be unable to sleep. With the raging storm and the fact that Kaiden was gone. Out in the storm with heaven knows what! He could be only in the clothes on his back. Ayesha could use her magic to find out, but she didn't want to. The Dark Elf hated using dark magic, each time she used it. She could feel a part of her innocent light soul slip away and be replaced by a dark soul. She didn't want to be like the elders. Who were grumpy and angry and seemingly emotionless. That's why she felt like her and Kaiden fit so well.

Both had darkness inside of them that they didn't want to overcome them. And by being roommates with each other and being around each other, something about each other neturalized the darkness. But now Kaiden was gone. Ayesha was worried about Kaiden though, she had seen his powers. If they really did flare up every time he was around someone. Then she was worried how it would affect him.
Dagger PackxCerealMarch 19, 2021 01:23 AM

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Kaiden woke up, his eyes were staring at the ceiling, and the warmth of the fire no longer there as it probably died out while he was resting. He sits up slowly, rubbing his still soaked hair, and stares at the barren fireplace. Maybe he should send Ayesha a message each morning, something to let her know that he's alright and that she shouldn't worry. The downside is that he doesn't have a paper and pen, which means that he has to use his magic to conjure up those items. Kaiden knows that he wasn't just a demon but also an angel with the ability to heal. The downside to both powers is that if he uses one too much, his whole blood will boil like he was in a furnace as demon and angel blood will naturally compete for full control of a body, causing the person to burn from the inside and after a while, the out. He felt that before making him think that he was going to die. It was until Ayesha helped him out, and just thinking about it, made a smile appear on his face.


Kaiden summons a paper and pen, writing and also apologizing on why he left. Telling her to not worry about him, as he'll be alright and that she should focus on keeping their business afloat.

It reads:

Dear Ayesha,

I would like to apologize for leaving you like that in the middle of the night. I don't want you to stress and worry about me, as I'll do just fine since I'll avoid the large cities and towns on my travels. I'm going on a personal quest, and that is to free my adoptive parents, the ones that I told you about.

I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me for doing so, and do me a favor, will you? That's to keep our business up and running while I'm afraid. I'll do small tasks to earn some coin, and I'll send the money to you to do my part in taking care of our business.

With love, Kaiden

When Kaiden finished writing that letter, he folds it up neatly as he wonders how pissed off she'll be about this. He starts to make bets to himself, a soft chuckle onto himself as he sends the folded letter through a small portal, with the letter falling onto the bed. Rubbing his arms painfully as his blood was boiling a slight bit, a grunt of irritation leaving him before making his way outside the mill. The Sun was up, the sky was blue with the ground somewhat dried up, and the smell of rain no longer weighing heavily in the air. "Time for me to keep going, and my next stop would be Riversedge." Riversedge was a small village a couple of miles from Athax. It's under another King's rule and so he has to be wary when going there as the king and citizens aren't too friendly with strangers.
Dagger PackxCerealMarch 19, 2021 01:10 PM

Dagger Pack
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Finally dawn rolled around, and she had to get up and start getting ready to open shop. Though she knew her thoughts would be filled with Kaiden all day. How far had he gotten? How far was he planning on going? Was he safe? Was h- A thump interrupts her thinking. And her head jerks towards her bed, in the dim light of dawn she could see.....paper? Dropping the shirt she was about to put on, she hurries over to the bed. Picking the paper up. Hesitating briefly before opening it. Her blue eyes scanning it quickly. Her blue eyes flashing black for a moment, shaking her head as she mutters.


But there was affection in her tone as she sighs, folding the letter back and placing it under her pillow. Then Ayesha returns to the shirt she had just dumped on the floor. Pulling it on, hesitating as she sees the interwined tattoo on her inner wrist, reminding her of a past she wish she could forget. The Dark Elf shakes herself out of her thoughts, as she finishes getting dressed. Ayesha wished she could send a letter to Kaiden in return, but her magic didn't work that way. She had to know where he was, and she didn't. Kaiden could be in Athax, or Riversedge, or heck even in the Dark Elf realm.

"Well time to get to work." Ayesha mutters under her breath, as she opens her door and steps out, pulling it shut behind her. Glancing at Kaiden's door, then heading downstairs. Shutting and locking the door that was the entrance to the staircase that led to the sleeping quarters. Already some people were lingering outside the door. For a small business, they were pretty successful. The Dark Elf moves swiftly, flicking lights on, and making sure everything is stocked. Then finally she hurries to the door and unlocks it.

"Goodmorning!" Came the greeting as Ayesha gracefully moves out the way to allow people inside. There were nods, and a couple muttered 'Goodmorning's back. But besides that, the customers were mainly focused on the store.

(What kind of store is it? Food? Supplies?)
Dagger PackxCerealMarch 19, 2021 02:35 PM

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(It's a supplies store.)

Kaiden's lips thinned as he sees the outline of the village just right ahead, pulling the cloak tight around his body, and his boots covered in dry mud slowly breaks away at each step. Stomach grumbling in hunger, staring at the sky to check the time. He should arrive at the village soon, the Sun was high in the sky, meaning that the shop has opened. He stares at his hands, noticing how rough they seem to be, and rubs his fingers along the lines of his palms with the tip of his index finger gliding over it. A way to distract his brain from worrying about the need for substance, now that he thought about it, he hadn't eaten anything last night. Oh, boy. Without Ayesha around, he'll either kill himself out of his own stupidity or by beefing with someone whose a lot stronger than him.
Kaiden starts to think-maybe Riversedge has some sort of missions, at least something he can do to earn a bit of coin. He begins to think carefully, his brows arching as he was lost in self-thought once more, crossing his arms as he kept walking with a blank look on his face. "Sheepherding. Baking. Sewing." He mutters out different types of jobs, something that doesn't involve his powers. He stretches his body, feeling the bones pop, and he groans. "Damn uncomfortable wood." He sighs in a little bit of pain as he felt knots in his muscles and the discomfort in his bones. "Hopefully, this place has an inn that I can rest myself properly and some delicious food." His stomach grumbles in agreement, Kaiden bringing his hand down to softly rub it. "Hope the shops doing okay without me there."
Back at Athax, a woman with scarlet hair was leaning against the wall of the building. Her emerald green eyes were focused on the shop, watching the people rather closely with an intent look. "Your majesty, are you sure that Prince Arroth is here?" Asked a man, his fully black eyes were also staring at the building. The civilians don't seem to notice them there as if they were invisible to them. This was true, as the woman did create a cloak to hide them from the mortals, a devilish smirk appearing on her face. "Of course he is. The last report states that he would be here in this exact location." A frown creased her brows, a frustrated look on her face. "However, his presence isn't here. It's faint."

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