11:26:06 Bισ
When I get premium, I'm just going to make the most disgusting looking palette ever. Neons everywhere
11:25:36 nym
@ilannaqq, I use dark theme on everything. On anything where there is a toggle for dark theme, I'm on that immediately. It's only natural this would follow suit here but I have 5+ other palletes I never use. I should probably rotate them more. :')
Savage Cookie
11:25:01 Cookie
If anyone wants to Rp, pm me!
11:24:17 Em / Flu / ila
I mean it's a pretty palette I'm just blind and can't see words, lmao
Come Vote i need help choosing Alpha Pair -WP Click-
11:23:58 Em / Flu / ila
How do you read anything with your palette? It's so dark
11:23:45 Muchos Artsy
11:22:08 Bισ
Maybe lol, but it works
11:21:53 YaLocalCrackhead
if a chicken gets a scab all the others peck the scab til theres an open wound, causing infection. sometimes they peck them so severely it result s in death. and yep, i dropped an egg once and the hens were like yay, best food ever XD
11:21:22 Rocket, The Bean
>:) My mook ass finally opened an art shop after forever debating about potential success or failure

So this is how it feels to "expand your horizons" in art
Luna-Moon Pack
11:21:21 dammit MoonMoon!
I'm just stuck on the name ;;;-;;;
11:21:07 nym
@Biohazard, oh my. Maybe birds are just predisposed to being nasty as hell. I watched a pigeon lay a dud egg and then eat it to reabsorb the wasted nutrients.
11:19:46 Bισ
I've fed my chickens chicken before, it was by accident but they loved it- lil cannibals. Oh yeah and I broke an egg once while collecting and the hen was like "Finally, some good fucking food". The joys of owning chickens 10/10 would own again
11:19:31 nym
@Toothy, I don't play the games much but when ever people post in chat about it, that mushroommsg is there a lot. ^^' I could be wrong.
11:18:32 nym
@Twist, mood.

Ah, so your chickens aren't plowing through some chicken wings? I'm dissapo - ah, I wonder why my brain messed that up so badly.
The Original Toothy
11:18:01 Toothy/El/Bluetooth

I have never noticed that, must've been paying an odd amount of attention today.
Twist Of Fate
11:17:39 Twistie
That's me 99% of the time honestly. The last 1% is sleeping.
Whoever wants names for their wolves, PM me!!!
11:17:29 nym
@Toothy, for some odd reason or another, it always says that.
The Original Toothy
11:16:45 Toothy/El/Bluetooth
'You win 2 mushroomsmsg'

Errr, what? I think Growl glitched ;3;


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A New Medieval Story _ B/S July 14, 2019 01:15 PM

Posts: 9605
In another world love was easy and simple, and was fallen into like it was nothing. That love was strong, but started out as something that wasn't possible.
Now, love is real, and has to be earned slowly, by gaining trust and forming a friendship and bond. No longer can a simple pretty face cut it, and expect that everything will be alright.

Aldwin Mannering is the King of a small portion of Britain, united under the rule of the High King.
Gwendolyn Stonewall is the daughter of the Emperor of Rome, and was wed off to King Aldwin as a symbol of peace.
Can there be love found when their beginning was arranged?

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A New Medieval Story _ B/S July 14, 2019 03:10 PM

Posts: 9605
Name; Gwendolyn Stonewall
Age; 19
Position; Eldest Daughter of the Emperor in Rome
Looks; Gwendolyn's hair is a creamy blonde, ending at her waist with soft curls. Her eyes are rounded, colored with a startling electric blue, paired with full, heart shaped lips and a button nose. Gwendolyn has a soft jaw and chin, giving her a round face shape. Her ivory skin is fair and unblemished.
Gwendolyn's shoulders and hips line up, with a slight dip at her waist. Her curves are average, with a slightly larger butt. She has slim, but muscular, thighs and calves, as well as muscular arms. Her hands are calloused from work. Standing at 5'10, Gwendolyn is much taller than most women.
Personality; Gwendolyn is not faint of heart. She has steely guts, and isn't afraid of getting her hands dirty. At home, Gwendolyn is known as a risk taker, adventurer, and a wild child. She doesn't like being pent up, and has a short attention span. The only things that were able to hold her attention within the palace were her studies of mathematics, geography, history, and literature. Therefore, Gwendolyn is quite smart, and constantly works to expand her knowledge. She was also be entertained with a good book. Sewing and gardening have never held her attention for long.
Outside of the palace, though, Gwendolyn has many hobbies, which consist of horseback riding, hawking, and other forms of hunting. Taking walks and cataloging different flora and fauna are also hobbies of hers.
Gwendolyn's spirited nature stems from her unusual upbringing. Her mother disappeared, though it is said she died, soon after Gwendolyn's birth. The Emperor was too bothered with the dealings in Britain to bother checking in on her, so until the age of 12, Gwendolyn did as she wished, which was following her three older brothers around. Once the Emperor remarried, his new wife took it upon herself to train Gwendolyn like a lady, which tamed some of her wild spirit. The woman was never able to stop her adventurous habits, though. Gwendolyn loves her like a mother, and tries her best to please her.
Gwendolyn is a gentle soul, and loves all creatures. She tries her best to do what the Emperor and Empress want, but her restless spirit hinders her.
Father > Emperor Maximus Stonewall
Mother > Lady Aurelia (Deceased/Vanished)
Step-Mother > Empress Vita Stonewall
Children from Maximus's first wife
Brother > Cato Stonewall - Older by 10 years
Brother > Justus Stonewall - Older by 8 years
Brother > Tiberius Stonewall - Older by 5 years
Children from Maximus's third wife
Brother > Quintus Stonewall - Younger by 13 years
Sister > Vita Stonewall - Younger by 16 years

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A New Medieval Story _ B/S July 16, 2019 12:40 AM

Soaring Free
Posts: 8663
Name: Aldwin Mannering
Age: Just turned 18
Position: Heir to the throne of a king(not a high king this time))
Appearance: Aldwin is a somewhat put together young man. His hair being the only thing that lacks this trait as it is practically impossible to tame the wild auburn hair. Although it's straight, it tend to just floof and do what it wants. This gives him a sort of windblown appearance. Not something a future king should have.
His eyes are sapphire colored and are always filled with kindness. His face is well defined but not overly so. He still has rounded cheeks but his jawline is very well defined. His nose curves gently and comes to a thin point. Aldwin just gives off this calm vibe.
Since Aldwin trains outside often, he is a sandy beige in color and has a bit of muscle on him. After all, what kind of king didn't know how to fight?
He is pretty tall too, though it runs in his family's blood so it wasn't that much of a shock. He stands at around 6'2 and won't be growing anymore.

Personality: Aldwin is a kind, yet stern young man who knows his duties as the heir to the throne and has made sure he is perfect for the job. Originally he did it to make his dad really notice him, but eventually he had learned to love his role as prince and soon to be king.
Of course, there were times where he wished to be normal too.
Times when he watched kids his age play outside in the snow while he was stuck inside studying or sword practicing in the small arena. There were times when he wished so desperately that he was just a normal peasant instead of the heir to the throne.
Other times, he couldn't think of life without it. He loved his people, even if they were all technically the high king's, he still cared for them.
Aldwin has made it a point to make himself aware of the problems in his cities and makes sure to help wherever he can. Even riding in on horseback time to time to see the problem up close and personal. He cares about everyone and is a great listener and the perfect person to vent to, if he had friends, he would be the one with all the information.

Aldwin doesn't have much free time but when he does, he fills it with horseback riding and hunting. He is also an expert at playing multiple instruments. Talents he discovered when he was young and had actual free time on his hands.

His descent started with his father's death.
It was completely and totally unexpected and Aldwin was crowned king at 16. It was crazy and made him completely overthink all his decisions. Over the past almost two years, Aldwin has become more confident in his decisions but still tends to overthink things. Causing him to stress out often, it is in times of great stress that a good sword fight calm him down. Or a good book. Either of the two work.

Father: Erin Mannering ~ Deceased; murdered
Mother: Laura Mannering ~ Deceased; birth complications
A New Medieval Story _ B/S July 16, 2019 01:28 AM

Posts: 9605
Britain and Rome had been on opposite sides of a coin for a long while. Peace talk would commence, and an agreement would almost be reached, before something was blown out of proportion and fighting began. Finally, it seemed to two lands had reached an agreement. The Roman Emperor would exchange his eldest daughter, and be given towers of gold, and open trade between the lands.
Both empires were overjoyed, and pleased with the peace agreement. Due to the High King already having a wife, and a new one at that, there were also no sons. So, the High King turned to the son of his closest companion, King Aldwin. It was impossible for him to say no, so, three months after the treaty was signed, a young woman was being transported in a carriage with a quarter of an army surrounding her.
It was Gwendolyn Stonewall, daughter of the Emperor of Rome, and future companion of King Aldwin.
A New Medieval Story _ B/S July 17, 2019 10:11 AM

Soaring Free
Posts: 8663
Aldwin had always put his cities first, his county, or group of cities, was what came first and foremost. Along with his loyalty to the High King who was a good man. So Aldwin liked his job, his two friends and most people he met.
One thing he did not like was this forced marriage. He hadn't told the King of course, after all, it would be ever so rude to say no to what was supposed to be a gift. Even if the gift was an actual human being and not an object. No one deserved to be gifted. It was horrible.
Besides, what she didn't actually like Aldwin at all? Not just romantically but as a person too. After all, Aldwin had been told many times he was not your average man. He was more hesitant to do things and took his time to make his decisions perfect.
Aldwin treated everyone as his equals other than people who were above him, in which case he treated them with the utmost respect.
So, this gifting of a person did not sit well with him, but he had no choice but to thank them for the offer. After all, Gwendolyn Stonewall was literally the person who was keeping the entire treaty together. By declining her as a gift, he'd probably start a war.
A New Medieval Story _ B/S July 17, 2019 11:58 AM

Posts: 9605
The sun was dipping into the horizon as the carriage pulled up in front of the castle. Everyone and everything in the traveling train was covered in dust and grime, including Gwendolyn. She would have gotten dirty from being in the carriage, but her state wasn't helped by the fact that for he entirety of the journey, save for this last day, she had been riding. It was a
slow and easy horse, but it was better than sitting still. Gwendolyn had lasted exactly one day of being in the carriage before she begged the head guard to let her ride.
The guards were tired, Gwendolyn was tired, and they were all ready to
be clean and have a nights sleep on a comfortable bed, or anything that wasn't the dirt or a wooden carriage seat.
A New Medieval Story _ B/S July 17, 2019 11:47 PM

Soaring Free
Posts: 8663
Aldwin had tried to tame his wild hair, and had failed. He decided that he might as well go out there as himself and not trying to act like he was some high up noble or something. Although, technically he was. Still, he wasn't snobby or anything like that and he felt like showing his true self was the only thing he could offer Gwendolyn who'd been gifted for her people. Which couldn't be a good feeling.
The young man had gotten news of Gwendolyn's arrival the moment it happened. Meaning he was already halfway down the stairs when Gwendolyn came to a stop in front of his home. Of course, technically it was a castle but it was also his home.
So when he exited the castle, he put on a smile, though he was quite curious about his soon to be wife. He wondered what exactly she was like.
A New Medieval Story _ B/S July 18, 2019 12:54 AM

Posts: 9605
Gwendolyn stepped out the the carriage soon after it came to a stop, and took a moment to take everything in. After trailing her eyes along the people gathered in the square, Gwendolyn took the time to turn back at the guards and smile in thanks. Their work was appreciated.
Finally, Gwendolyn steeled her nerves, and looked at the King. King Aldwin, if she recalled correctly. Her legs were wobbly, though if it was from sitting all day or seeing the man she had to marry... well, Gwendolyn wasn't trying to find out. Still, her steps were firm and sure as she approached him, dropping down into a graceful curtsy once they were within a proper distance.
A New Medieval Story _ B/S July 22, 2019 09:03 AM

Soaring Free
Posts: 8663
Aldwin stood there as Gwendolyn approached, his eyes wide with curiosity as one's would be when approached by their new bride from a far away land.
His blue eyes stayed calm and collected, as did his emotions. He did not wish to make a poor first meeting. Although he didn't like the idea of Gwendolyn being a peace treaty, he still couldn't help but be curious. What was she like?
Exactly 5 seconds after Gwendolyn curtsied, Aldwin spoke, his voice kind yet cautious. "You may stand, welcome to my home Gwendolyn."
These were just basic greetings, things that one would say to a new guest in their home.
A New Medieval Story _ B/S July 22, 2019 09:32 AM

Posts: 9605
Straightening her back, Gwendolyn stopped herself from shifting around, "Thank you got welcoming me, King Aldwin," The world were practiced and recited, "I shall do my best to serve you." Then, a bit of sincerity crept into her words, "Your home is beautiful, my lord," Gwendolyn mostly meant the woodlands and such around the castle, although the structure itself was not lacking.'

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