01:44:00 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
whyam i stilup its past middnight
Twenty one pilots
I’m honestly freaking out rn. Hi guys I used to play back in 2014-2016 maybe? Idk i disappeared and obviously lost everything but… I remember a lot of people I just don’t know if any will remember me because I don’t remember my old pack name lol
01:42:22 Fei/Demon/Vixen
come on my girls. Don't let me down. I believe in all of you
01:36:40 Misa | Saki | Em

Now these are old screenshots. As seen by the poor quality 👀
01:36:10 Led-Zip-Pelin
nothing like sitting in a best buy parking lot for hours on end just to get a ps5
01:26:02 Techno | The Blade

I will always call ya murber cause that is my favorite nickname for ya
01:16:48 Auby (I'm ghost lol

01:16:24 fire/pride
-WP Click-
three pups holy shit
01:15:23 Rook
Oh wow! So close, yet so far. Good luck :>
01:14:41 Auby (I'm ghost lol
-WP Click-
I so hope she has good pups ;-;
snake orb
01:11:46 chaos orb
excuse you, i'm a legless noodle now

cres's words
i think
01:08:42 Techno | The Blade
Hello hello murber
01:08:01 Rook
Thank you! I'm exploring as fast as possible 🤠
snake orb
01:07:24 chaos orb
01:07:02 Its Cres :D
Techno, side :P
01:06:55 Its Cres :D
Aight, im off now to learn and write about Bootstrap >.< Bird boi, i wont log off so get to exploring and steal the pot <.<
01:06:49 Techno | The Blade

I see you have a new name or this is a side?
01:05:41 Its Cres :D
Oh right, paying before announcing results. Completely forgot thats even an option lmao.

Techno <33
01:04:19 Techno | The Blade
hello hello
01:04:13 Rook
The way I'm imagining the betting is basically no risk. It's just toss your vote in the pot and if you guess right you get mushrooms. If you guess wrong, better luck next time lol


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Key! May 24, 2021 08:38 AM

Dead Rose
Posts: 34
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Hi! This is a key for understanding abbreviations in Wolf-Play! This may already exsist, but I simplified it for you!
CP= Character Points
IB= Inbred
Dud= Unwanted wolves
CL= Clean Line
T= Talent
G= Generation
Mush= Mushrooms *Currency*
RS/R= Rarity
Hero= Having all + vitals makes it a hero.
Battle wolf= Wolf with a lot of Battle experience
BE= Battle Experience
HW= Heavy Weight
LW= Light Weight
ExW= Excellent Wrestle
ExH= Excellent Howl
POL= Pick of Litter
AC= All common
OBO= Or best offer
CP~ Points given to wolves to increase their talents in that specific criteria
IB~ Happens when a wolf shows up more than once in a bloodline
CL~ No inbreeding involved
T~ Higher by the amount of CP in that specific area
G~ What generation the wolf was bred in
Mush= The common currency
R= How rare the wolf is
Dud= An un-desired wolf
Hero= How capable it can be in a disaster
BE= How experienced it is in battle
HW= Attacks harder, hits less
LW= Evade attacks better
ExH= How good it is at howling
ExW= How good it is at wrestling
AC= The pelt, eyes, nose etc. Are all common
POL= Best pup in the litter
OBO= Lets buyer know you can take offers
Albino= Pelt, eyes, nose turn white
Mel/Mela= Melanism= Pelt turns dark
Ery= Erythrism= Pelt turns gold-brown
Viti= Vitiligo= Pelt loses color, giving it a spotty appearance.
Leu/Leuc= Leucism=Pelt is pale yellow
Chi/Chim= Chimera= Half of the wolf has a totally different base pelt.
DH= Divine Health= Wolf gets 50+ health
SV= Surpassing Valor= Max dominance increase
CS= Crushing Strength= Max battle stats increase
ES= Elite Speed= Chance to do double damage, battle stats increase
UL= Unparalleled Learning= Max resolve increase, can get more BE
PM/DM= Private Message= Game mail
RP= Role Play= Role playing in forums or PM
DP/DNP= Do not post
WIP= Work In Progress= Author still working on thread
MD= Market Den
PvP= Pack vs Pack
FMC= Full moon contest
Avi= Avatar= Display on profile/Forum
Manip= Photomanipulation= Manipulate more than 1 to match a theme
Creds= Credits= Made by, drawn by, created by, etc.
OC= original Character= Character made by the author
YCH= Your character here= Non-finished lineart to add your OC
PWYW= Pay what you want= Artist offering commissions
Hope this helps! I used the original one, but I simplified it a bit for newcomers. This took quite a while <3

Edited at May 24, 2021 10:44 AM by 'Amarok'
Key! May 24, 2021 10:19 AM

Soul Seekers
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I've wondered what does max mean when your making a sale (tbh I just forgot)
Key! May 24, 2021 10:40 AM

Hurricane blizzards
Posts: 2954
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people dont call it avy XD they say Avi
Key! May 24, 2021 05:08 PM

Posts: 5383
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Do we really need a duplicate of this thread though :')
Key! May 26, 2021 06:13 PM

Dead Rose
Posts: 34
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Kobel, I didnt duplicate. I simplified it :C
Key! June 28, 2021 01:20 PM

Destinations End
Game Moderator
Posts: 10011
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Locking because we don't need two of these exact same threads, whether or not one is simplified

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