12:05:33 ET, Orbit
My search for a HW DH continues. T-T
Pride Klaw
12:05:24 Soaked cat w/ bucket
Hello KS1
12:05:11 Mr. Interesting
Oh goodness xD
12:04:55 Mr. Interesting
Hmm, If you do the proper research and make sure you absolutely ready and positive you want one. Then I'd say they make good pets.
12:04:55 ET, Orbit
-WP Click-
12:04:22 Wilvy
lmao X'D
Welp, gonna get rid of these guys and continue on, haha
Fr3ak 0f nature
12:04:05 Agony
Are they nice pets?
After Death
12:04:00 *after death noises*
Oops lol
On that account I have room but this account I don't
12:03:41 Mr. Interesting
I just realized I've been accidentally calling you "Wolvy" and not "Wilvy" xD
Anyways, I'm just gonna sell a few wolves
Before Life
I wanna wolf party ;w; But I have no room.
12:02:36 Wilvy
Same now XD
Probably gonna auction them
12:01:52 Mr. Interesting
I wanted to wolf party, but I'm outta den space xD
12:00:30 Wilvy
Welp... Got a lot of uncommon and rare wolves...
11:59:47 Mr. Interesting
I hear they naturally stick, and are like cat snakes xD
Fr3ak 0f nature
11:59:10 Agony
I'm thinking of getting a ferrit
11:59:09 Mr. Interesting
You're welcome
The Omen
11:58:53 Omen

thank you!
11:58:15 Mr. Interesting
Silver Salve
The Omen
11:57:57 Omen
how do I cure Lupine Parvovirus?
11:57:10 Mr. Interesting
I think I will too xD


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Mars Merry Menagerie July 20, 2019 11:52 AM

Life on Mars
Posts: 4554
Mothers of Mars: 2017-2018
Originally posted on International Women's Day, moved

Showing off my defect and pretty high rarity female breeders!

Fire Harbinger
The first mother of Mars.

First custom I've owned - a G1 55R AC custom female. Back in my noob days I thought 400 mush was expensive, but it turns out this is the best deal I've ever caught. Unfortunately she never produced any high rarity females, although she did create many gorgeous hunters of my pack as well as my legacy of amazing howlers, through which her bloodline still continues to this day.

Claudia Cantara

G3 44R AC

Nights Home
Can't believe I had her for 2 months; it seemed like 2 weeks! Didn't expect much from her but she's a lucky one.

Edited at July 20, 2019 12:04 PM by Life on Mars
Mars Merry Menagerie July 20, 2019 11:55 AM

Life on Mars
Posts: 4554
Mothers of Mars: 2019

Prettiest wolf I've ever had the pleasure of owning. Pewter is my second favorite pelt and it pairs amazingly with hickory and white.

Red Hot Chili Pepper
G2 46R AC with brachycephalic defect. She's not that good looking but at least her decor is top notch. And she gave me Orange Sunshine!

G2 44R AC and half sister of RHCP - I'm really loving red-scale wolves.

Van Gogh's Yellow Paint
G3 38R SV and her flax is a blessing. Always makes the most beautiful pups in my eyes.

A Moon Shaped Pool
G2 42R AC HW with no negative vitals.

Erythrism - she's Gen countless and extremely inbred but she's got two of my favorite DH battlers in her bloodline, so I love her. Edit: nevermind, she gave me all duds through her entire lifetime. I retired every single one of her pups.

Green-Eyed Lady
DH - she is the spitting image of her grandmother Claudia Cantara, even though she techically inherited her golden pelt from her father.

Orange Sunshine
Ive been waiting since forever to have a gorgeous orange-colored female. We'll see about you girl ;) Edit: produced my highest rarity pup ever! Love uuuuuuuuuu

G3 HW leuc. More a battler than a breeder, but

Spring Reprise
A vitiligo 2 girl I got for only 800 mush. I know the chances of breeding a vitiligo are slim, but she's still in my den as eye candy.

Shiloh Dynasty
G2 40R AC HW hero.

G3 41R AC HW - got her for free from a player's leaving giveaway. She was young and already had a lot of CP when I bought her, so she's one of the special few who duals as breeder and explorer. She has such pretty pups too!

Life in Technicolor
88R daughter of Orange Sunshine! Only 38R AC with average stats so not that great for breeding, but she is beautiful and an impressive feat of luck. She's one of the top 5 highest rarity natural born wolves in the game.

Mylo Xyloto
49R - 44R AC with aqua eyes. July 2019 she gave me a chimera!

Edited at August 9, 2019 08:25 AM by Life on Mars
Mars Merry Menagerie July 20, 2019 11:56 AM

Life on Mars
Posts: 4554
Mothers of Mars: 2019

I have a soft spot for nimble feet. They're a criminally underrated boost. Arpeggi has pretty good vitals for a G1, as well as the most gorgeous decor scheme I've come up with yet.

October Rust
+76 vitals and good looking. She's a sort of spiritual successor to Aqualung, who I unfortunately only managed to breed once.

Daughter of Fools Gold, G3 51R with maelstrom coat.

Edited at July 20, 2019 08:48 PM by Life on Mars
Mars Merry Menagerie August 8, 2019 05:05 PM

Life on Mars
Posts: 4554
August 2019

Imaginary Coffee
Arpeggi x Bran
Another G2 nimble foot hero! Now, if only I could have the same kind of luck with DHs...

Hottentot Scream
Cordwainer Bird x Bran
Excellent wrestler who competed in FMC - plus, it's not everyday you see a pregnant pup :&

A DH Howler female

Risperdal x Green-Eyed Lady

Edited at August 9, 2019 08:23 AM by Life on Mars

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