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People crack me up when they threaten to retire wolves if not sold. Not a big deal but shouldnt feel like a threat to kill them or something XD
 Blind Bat
07:12:11 I Am Vengeance
I'm about to just drop out of school
 binders united
07:09:31 binders or binders
I am almost done with forest level 6 then I ran out of moves
 Celestial Saga
07:09:29 Queen / Jo
Ohh sorry to hear how come
 Blind Bat
07:08:50 I Am Vengeance

I'm upset and tired and burning up and sick :)
 Blind Bat
07:08:15 I Am Vengeance
imagine a school trying to keep kids from using laptops in class when they willing handed us out laptops

like wtf the laptops for then XD
 Celestial Saga
07:07:41 Queen / Jo
I’m doing okay was meant to train but mom came over to move more stuff. How are you
 Blind Bat
07:03:55 I Am Vengeance

how are you?
 Celestial Saga
07:03:43 Queen / Jo
Hi Bat
 Blind Bat
07:03:29 I Am Vengeance
hi jo
 Celestial Saga
07:01:51 Queen / Jo
06:46:24 Kat ?
I really need a good pup to come along e.e My relic hole is filled with buried pup toys but I haven't had a good pup to use them on in like three game years
06:24:45 Fei the writer
I'm really curious on how stubborn my wolf Salad is
06:24:10 Spider,Rake(He,Him)
random question how does the time counter for the changing pack name work, cause yesterday it said 2 days left and today it says 2 days left
06:21:52 ET
Death script is still 7:45am! :D
-WP Click-
 Dark Fire Wolf
05:36:55 Hell Fire
It is like he is switching between the two of you
05:24:34 Fei the writer
oh what do you know! It's my shark's dinner time!
05:23:18 Boe is a bear, Rawr!
No, he's never going to leave me alone is he.
05:22:46 Amy
It was only the matter of time before he finds you🤣


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Strive to Survive | RP Thread | Open!November 20, 2023 08:11 PM

East MountainClan

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Temari || 3 Years || Female || Strays United Guard || M: (ind) Freya, Quilo, Alha, Kenai
Pawsteps crunching over the layer of snow pulled Temari from her dozing, she'd fallen asleep sitting at the camp entrance. Huffing softly as she shook the dusting of snow from her pelt, blue gaze searching the area. Seemes she'd missed Freya leave earlier, spotting the female within camp. Pausing briefly she glanced at the forest in thought, wondering if her new friend had woken yet. Or her brother, Temari had last seen him check on the alpha.
Flicking an ear in reluctance she turned and padded into camp, dipping her head to the other female before grapping a rabbit for herself. Finding a nice spot at the side of camp she settled in to eat her meal, gaze watching the camp for movement. Should she be needed Temari would jump to action. Knowing she would find it easier than some to move about in this cold, her thick fur certainly helped with that. Something she was greatful to her mother for, which was saying something.
Kenai || 3 Years || Male || Strays United Guard || M: (ind) Temari, (dir) Alha, Freya, Harry
Kenai's gaze had followed the alpha from where she had sat to her den after hearing, Loki..was his name, report. Softening as he noticed the way her tail had seemed to droop, she was lonely. For what reason he wasn't so sure, but he could understand. Kenai hesitated glancing at Loki before following the other male, dipping his head to him as he too entered the group den. The snowflakes that clung to his coat starting to melt due to the collective heat, finding a spot off to the side Kenai curled around himself. Willing himself into a dreamless sleep.
Being woken what felt like only hours by sunlight through the branches, groaning softly the scavenger stretched stiffly before padding out of the den. Squinting at the bright light Kenai paused, seemes few had yet to stir within the camp. The new guard Freya looked to have gone on a hunt by herself, nodding in approval at the deer she'd brought to back. That wasn't something that would be easy to find further into winter, but it would get the off to a good start at least. His gaze shifted to the leader's den, noticing the lack of pawprints at the entrance.
She'd yet to rise as well. Yet it seems Harry had settled at the entrance, his fur coated in a soft layer of snow. Kenai hesitated before huffing and padding towards the prey pile, dipping his head to Freya he grapped a squirrel and a vole. The snow crunched loudly under his paws as he neared Alha's den, placing the larger prey at the entrance with a soft grunt he nudged the other male, "for Alha when she wakes". Before turning away, he went to join his sister who'd appeared to have claimed her morning meal too. He chuckled at the frost that clung to her pelt, meaning she'd likely fell asleep outside.

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Strive to Survive | RP Thread | Open!November 20, 2023 09:51 PM

Inferno Abyss

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Shiva | F | Hunter | Raven | M: Solaris, Arashi(ind)
Shiva shivered awake, stretching her stiff muscles. Shaking her fur out, she looked around before remembering the night before. That's right. They had gotten the moose to the bottom of the cliff face before the snowstorm hit. Good thing there was caves everywhere on the mountain side. They would have to take the moose up the path once everyone was awake. From the looks of it, they would have to dig out of the cave. Not that bad though.

Shiva shook out her fur again before looking around the den. Her first notice was Solaris nearby and Arashi was somewhere in another cave. Best to let her sleep for the time being. She doubted Solaris wanted to stay away from his mate for so long so she went over and gave him a nudge. Trotting back over to the entrance, she started digging before the snow that was piled up toppled over. Shiva peeked out, noting that there wasn't too much snow on the ground. Just enough to get wet.

Trodding out into the snow, she picked up a branch before starting to clear off the path. The trail was slippery as it was, snow just made it more dangerous. Maybe taking it through the training clearing would be the better option. The only problem was that it was a good bit away and this path was right here. Two of them should be able to get the moose up there easily. Sweeping the path off a bit more and heading up, she got to the top and swept the last off before heading back down. Arriving back at the den, she sat at the entrance, waiting for Solaris to either wake up or start helping her take the moose up the path.
Strive to Survive | RP Thread | Open!November 20, 2023 10:38 PM

Banana Gecko

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Freya // Gaurd // Strays // Mentions: Kenai *Open*

Freya heaves the deer off of her back and next to the dwindling kill pile. Her audits pin but at least the deer would feed them long enough to repenish it. Flicking an audit she trotted away breifly joining in a scuffle with the snow before she popped up with a vole. It having taken the serenity of a quiet dog camp for granted. Carrying the small morsel of prey she moved to the side of camp pretty much sheltered from others... course not before she nodded back to Kenai.

Setting the Vole between her paws Freya turned to ease the pain her milk drying up was causing. Her audits hung limply upon her cranium as she cleaned up her underside before turning to snap up her vole in a good two chomps.

Strive to Survive | RP Thread | Open!November 25, 2023 10:34 PM

Inferno Abyss

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Shalah | F | Medic | SUP | M: Bardou, Sundown & camp(ind)
One of Shalah's ears flicked as she heard movement in the den. As a sister to a dog who liked to sneak out of the den a lot when they were younger, Shalah was a light sleeper. Shalah opened an eye to see the form of Bardou walking out of the den. While she knew the female was probably hurting, Shalah also knew that the wounds had time to rest. It would be best if she made sure the female didn't overdo it though.

Shalah pulled herself to her paws, stretching and yawning quietly. The apprentice was somewhere in the den and she didn't wish to wake him. Padding quietly outside, she watched the female for a moment as she herself took in the snow. It had been a while since she had actually seen white snow. In the town, it had been different with the snow machines keeping the snow away from the center of town and off the roads.

She dipped her head, lapping at some of snow for some water before making her way over to Bardou's side. "Good morning. How do you feel?" Shalah asked gently, her eyes scanning the female's pelt to look for any fresh openings.
Strive to Survive | RP Thread | Open!November 25, 2023 11:48 PM

Inferno Abyss

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Shadow | M | Alpha | SFP | M: Packs(ind), Bardou
Night | M | Alpha | Raven | M: Pack(ind, Bardou
Light filtered into his den and Night shifted slightly. Yesterday had been a long day and last night had not helped one bit. He stretched gently, his shoulder still sore from getting pinned the night before. Sighing, he sat down and yawned before padding out of his den. It looked like most of his pack was still asleep and for good reason. His paws sunk into the snow and his pelt shivered slightly from the chill in the air. Hmm. . .the cold snow might help his shoulder. Night fell straight over on his side, purposefully of course. He made a perfect shape in the snow and he sighed in contentment at the coldness on his now numb shoulder. Perhaps he would stay here for a minute.
Shadow woke up to a poke and a twitch. Icicle was twitching beside him, caught up in a dream. It seemed the pup and Anya were somewhere nearby so he decided to let them sleep. Flame was snuggled by his side but she shifted to wrap around Frost and Icicle as he got up. He shook out his fur before heading towards the entrance. Shadow almost jumped out of his fur as he felt someone brush against him. A soft chuckle came from Silver as she nuzzled him and he sighed before laying his head on hers. Right. His daughter. He would have to get used to thinking that.

Shadow licked her ears before heading down the trail to the main camp. Silver followed closely behind him. He trudged through the snow before spotting Night plop down in the snow. He grinned before gesturing to Silver to stay put. He could feel her curious eyes on him as he started to stalk towards the laying down Night. When he was almost there, he used his head to throw snow onto the unsuspecting Night. A muffled "Cold!" came from under the snow as Shadow scooped up another pawful of snow.
Night bolted straight into a sitting position after snow got thrown over him only to get snow thrown into his face. He shook it off to find a smirking Shadow and the female that was with him laughing. He couldn't remember her name for the life of him nor how she got into Shadow's pack. He shook the rest of the snow of his face before scooping up his own pawful and tossing it at them. Shadow dodged before straight out tackling him and they rolled around in the snow for a few minutes, tussling and trying to dodge the snow being flung at them by the female.
They finally pulled apart as they tumbled into Night's den. Both covered with snow and looked more like white wolves. One look at each other had both of them laughing before twin shakes came. Shadow sighed before dodging another fling of snow. Silver finally decided to grab a rabbit from the prey pile and settled down in the center of the camp. Night looked at her for a moment before giving Shadow a look. "Now that you have time, mind telling me why you accepted her into your pack? I don't believe we got around to that conversation." Night asked, giving Shadow a hard look.

Shadow looked out at Silver before his eyes turned towards a den. He'd recognize that pelt anywhere. Shalah was outside with Bardou it seemed. Shadow sighed before saying, slightly teasing, "Well, before I dive into that, don't you want to see your beta?" He got up, flicking his tail against Night's shoulder before heading towards Bardou and Shalah. Night huffed, growling slightly, "Hey! Don't dodge my question again. You're going to answer. . .me--" he paused as he took in Bardou.

The female looked like she died and came back to life just to stare at him. Night stood there for a second before heading towards her slowly. It quickly picked up before slowing back down to sit nearby. Shadow sat next to Shalah, nodding a greeting in which he recieved one in return. "Bardou. . .first off, welcome back to the pack. Secondly, report on what happened and lastly....are you okay?" Night said, starting out slightly stunned which turned into concern by the end of his questions.
Strive to Survive | RP Thread | Open!November 26, 2023 07:20 AM

Banana Gecko

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Bardou // Beta // Raven // Mentions: Shalah // Shadow // Night *Di* Brute *Indi*

Bardou shifted ever so slightly as she observed Shalah enjoy the freshness the snow offered. Her optic blinked in thought as she turned her cranium to observe the rest of camp. Brutes form came into view causing a soft growl to flow from her chest warning him he wasnt alone anymore so should help deligate to her. While she knew she couldnt leave camp that didnt mean she couldnt opperate patrols.

Turning her cranium her audits barely picked up Shalahs question her gaze forcused upon the two males headed towards her. Bardous banner twitched as she saw Shadow, but before they got to close she answered Shalah with a gentle nudge.

"Mmm Like I aged 10years.."

Bardou stated with a soft chuckle before she righted herself infront of Night and Shadow. Pulling in her frame and sitting according to her rank dispite the discomfort that echoed through her body.

"Greetings Night.. Shadow."

Bardou bowed her cranium subtly.

"The short of what happened is I got dragged off by a Jag during one of my frequent patrols. Something didnt feel right so I left camp to figure it out. The Jag was quick to leap from the trees, which caught me off gaurd to say the least.. my injuries come from the fight getting away from it after it had returned to the tree it put me in well out side of pack territory to find me not so.. dead."

Bardou said, the important details where all that mattered, not the long winded actions it took to get back to camp or the deadly fight that had occured between the two creatures. At per his are you ok question she simply answered with.

"I Will be ok."

That on its own spoke volumes, without her outlining the need for recovery and the current exhaustion she still felt running through her veins. Her singular optic traced over Shadow before she Glanced at Silver eating a rabbit. You had to be missing your scent not to know the two where related. Silver was much younger then shadow, though her scent after you picked through the layers was a mix of shadow and someone else. Bardous shoulders tightened... was that someone else still alive to? Bardou pushed the thought away and focused on the convorsation before her.

Strive to Survive | RP Thread | Open!November 26, 2023 06:27 PM

Wolf Pride

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Brute l Male l Beta l Raven l M: Willow
Brute gave a smile, as his tail twined with hers. He wanted to put his feelings into words, knowing that he wanted Willow to be his mate. But he was worried about rejection. He'd never asked anyone to be hus mate before, and worry started to build up on his stomach. He fiddled with the rabbit bones in his paws, turning each one over several times. He turned a golden eye towards Willow, watching her eat part of the squirrel. "Willow..." He started nervously, giving a nervous smile. "I've been thinking for a while, and I have wanted to ask you one thing." He paused, taking in a breath. "Willow, will you be my mate?" He said, his face turning a slight shade of red, if it could. He fiddled with the bones in front of him, waiting fir her response. His nervous smile not fading.
Strive to Survive | RP Thread | Open!November 29, 2023 10:49 PM


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Sundown| M | Medic Apprentice| Raven | M: Bardou, Shalah, Brute, Willow, Shadow, Night, Ore

Sundown opened his eyes to the sunlight filtering into the den. He lifted his head with a sigh, his breath floating away from him in the light. He watched it leave before getting up. Something was off about the day, and he looked around for Ore to melt his worries away. He couldn't seem to find her. Maybe she left already? He stood up, looking at Willow. He'd come back for her, Bardou was more his worry this fine, cold morning. He stepped out of the den, looking around. He watched Night and Shadow head for Bardou. He'd let them talk about what they needed to before he got in their way. Instead he watched Night walk. Hmm. His Alpha seemed to be a bit sore.

Sundown approached the female with a rabbit. He nodded at her, his breath still hovering in the air around him. It made him feel a bit better, seeing how it moved. He picked out a slightly frozen rabbit for the Beta, unsure if she'd eaten already or not. He then went towards the group he needed to look at. He waited to be noticed before he got any closer than five strides out. "I will be okay." Sundown stared at Bardou, awe on his face. Bardou is so strong... He looked away from her, over to his right. He wished he could be as tough as her, but instead he couldn't even walk a path without getting himself into trouble.


Once he was noticed, Sundown came up next to Shalah. "Good morning everyone." He said, his tail wagging. It was held low by his back legs. He scanned the group once over. "Night, I want to get you another poppy seed, half of one, since you seem to be a bit stiff. We can't have that, can we?" His attention went to the Beta, "How're you feeling this morning Bardou?" His gaze flicked to Shalah, "Anything I should grab for her when I head back to the den to fetch Night's poppy seed and check in on Willow and Brute?" He made sure that he held her eye contact, unblinking, giving her his full attention. He'd soak in every word that she'd say, and try to not forget it all by the time he headed back from morning rounds. Silently, he nodded, taking notes.

Strive to Survive | RP Thread | Open!December 1, 2023 07:45 PM

Wolf Pride

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Hondo l Male l Beta l Eastern l M: Illusion
Hondo's topaz eyes fulttered open to a ray of sunlight pushing through the vines of his den. He let out a sigh, he wished he could sleep longer. He knew though, being awake, he wouldn't be able to fall asleep again. The young brindle beta slowly got to his paws, gently shaking the leaves of his slick pelt. He tested his front paw, it was feeling better, but he probably wouldnt hunt again for awhile. He pushed through the vines, emerging into the bright dawn sunlight. Most of the snow had melted, leaving puddles and small clumps of snow. Camp was eerie quiet, as most of the wolves were sleeping. His eyes adjusted and he noticed the outline of Illusion standing outside of his den. His tail gave a slight wag and he limped over to him, still favoring hus right front paw. With a smirk on his face he said, "Tired of those pups already eh?" He said with a chuckle. He knew his friend well, as they'd been close sense they were pups. So he knew he wouldnt take him seriously. Based on Illusion's body language it was clear he wanted to go hunting. "If you want to go hunting, I can tag along." He gave a glance at his paw, but he didnt care, he was anxious to get out of camp. It wasnt to chilly this morning, so it'd be the perfect weather for prey.

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Strive to Survive | RP Thread | Open!December 2, 2023 02:43 PM


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Storm & Veracious

Male & Female || Timber Wolf & Mexican×Red Wolf || Eastern Pack || Hunters || M: (Dir) Each other. (Dir/Ind) None. (Ind) None.


Storm rested in the corner of the camp, with Veracious pressing her short, but bristling fur against his side. Snow coated their paws and underbellies. The ground was covered in a sparkling layer of fluffy, but very cold snow after the blizzard last night. Even the air was cold today. The scent of wolves still hung in the air, with the faint smell of death and frozen meat lingering around.

"Should we go hunt?"

Storm's sapphire gaze swiveled to Veracious. His eyes narrowed at her, and his ears flattened against the back of his head. He knew Veracious knew exactly what he was going to say. "No way. It's too cold for you." His eyes were filled with concern. "We don't need you getting hypothermia. Not now. The medic is already busy enough." He was exaggating on the "hypothermia" part, but sickness was still possible.

Veracious huffed in annoyance, her lips peeling to allow her to release a snarl. She hated being practically told what to do. And she knew if she tried to leave to go hunt, Storm is most likely going to stop her immediately. Instead of responding with anger, she decided to play calm- for now. "I will not get hypothermia, Storm." She started, her amber eyes already beginning to narrow. "If I fell in a river or a lake, then that's when we get concerned, but it's no where near cold enough for me to get hypothermia by simply walking around." She lifted herself off of her haunches and shook her fur out, covering Storm in snow that managed to hide underneath her pelt. "I'm going to go for a walk, whether you like it or not~"

Storm growled at the confident smirk Veracious had on her face. He wasn't going to try and stop her though, because it wasn't his place to tell her whether she can or can't go for a walk. "Don't get murdered by an angry cat- and don't let yourself freeze to death!" His eyes once again narrowed at the departing wolf, watching her confidently stride through the exit, holding her ears and tail up high as if she thought she was more dominant than him. He made another irritated huffing sound at her before she slipped out of his view.

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