09:03:47 kayden/acid/wind/KS4
gimmie *^*
09:03:23 Eternity, ET
Woooh another YCH done!
09:03:12 kayden/acid/wind/KS4
depends on the seller, most are 750-1000+ from what I've seen
Samhain's Day
09:02:44 [ Happiness Noise ]
Lmao xD
09:02:35 Warriors of Dawn
09:01:49 [Art Coms Open]
hey quick question; an apple is worth how much mush ?
09:00:11 Greenhouse Effect

:3 if she goes missing... im innocent(ish)
All HallowsEve
08:58:58 Anarchy Rules
-WP Click-
What is this-
Samhain's Day
08:58:04 [ Happiness Noise ]
Your wolves played: Mini - Cheeto practices hunting techniques.

My Cheeto is growing up so fast-
Samhain's Day
08:57:28 [ Happiness Noise ]
True, true.

Thanks! She originally had black fur, but I love her how she looks now ^^
08:56:55 Alpha // Jo
Im back
very spooky wolf
08:56:45 demon paws
any really good alliances at all
08:55:59 Greenhouse Effect
Oof could be worse, you could've stayed up until 2...

She looks amazing *^*
Samhain's Day
08:54:51 [ Happiness Noise ]
Thanks, I stayed up until 11 last night trying to perfect it! :D

Also, it's my new girl, Hecate. I absolutely love her ^^
08:54:26 Sweet // Tea
Dominance is for encountering other wolves in explore and also for entering certain alliances as some require a certain dominance level. When your wolves have different dominances, then you also have a happier pack, which means they heal faster when health is lost
08:53:54 Greenhouse Effect
Owo that's looks awesome!
08:53:03 Sweet // Tea
The alliance leader board is found under Gathering>Alphas and then choose it from the drop down menu @demon paws
Samhain's Day
08:52:40 [ Happiness Noise ]
cough cough :)
08:51:58 Sele
What does dominance do?
very spooky wolf
08:51:45 demon paws
were is the alliance leaderboards at


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Whitewillow Ranch// Role-Play Thread July 12, 2019 10:54 PM

Hallow Klaw
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Nagi Arrowmoor II Male II 18 II Straight II M: Charlie, Deputy

Nagi hesitated, then nodded and asked Tank into a slow walk beside Deputy, the Sorrel Shire seeming to not mind being next to the Black Clydesdale stallion. He had to admit, the rain felt nice, at least for now while it wasn't too heavy, it numbed the pain on his ankle, which was also the reason he hadn't dismounted and went to walk next to Charlie. "Let's hope nobody catches a fever in this weather." He commented, seeing her shiver so violently. "Guess it was a better idea for you to come with me rather then leaving you, my bad." He said, turning his attention back in front of him
Whitewillow Ranch// Role-Play Thread July 12, 2019 11:03 PM

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Charlie Karson // Female // 16 // Straight // M: Deputy, Nagi, Tank

Charlie only shrugged. "It doesn't matter," she murmured lowly. She wasn't really in a talking mood at the moment. She was cold and tired, she just wanted sleep. It was something she rarely ever got these days; her insomnia always kept her up. She'd had times, here as well, when she'd start to panic in the middle of the night; only to calm herself by pacing. This was frequent, her panic attacks. She was sure that her behavior wasn't exactly.. healthy, but she refused to be tested on like a lab rat.

When they finally reached the entrance of the Ranch, she lead Deputy to the stables. She quickly took his tack off and made him stand, crouching low so she could inspect his knees. A deep frown etched onto her face when she looked at the bloody area. She quickly cleaned him up though, working silently and quickly, wrapping his knees up.
Whitewillow Ranch// Role-Play Thread July 13, 2019 12:05 AM

Mystic Walkers
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(ok so what are we doing I just started and I'm to lazy to read through everything ;-;)

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