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This is not good lol
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Forgy, we've filled what, 8 pages with our little two sentence back and forths
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Aghh! I cannot with the rp! Im too invested and its killing me!
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I am very sweet >;]
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Awh! So sweet!
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Pancake, you and Forgy are S-teir
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Should I keep her pups??

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What am i???
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I only threatened to.
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Pancake, nnnoooo
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By the way, Aus has moved me to f-tier now
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Will be used in my PvP addiction
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I'm so happy i bought this! Perfect battle wolf.

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Hmm. I like it :)
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Leo! Welcome back!
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Hey! I'm back for a short time :)
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Hmm. Makya and Chasm ship name? Maybe?
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Also, which pup should i invest my toys into??
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or should i wait for my ES and DH alphas pups to be born, first?


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Catching Fallen Stars | RP ThreadMarch 27, 2024 12:26 PM

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┌─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───┐

Catching Fallen Stars

"A literate roleplay for superpowered characters"

・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.

Current Roleplay Day: Thursday, June 14th, 2018 - Around 4:30PM, not too long before dinner

Location: Scarlet Manor located on Haven Road, Louisville, Michigan - Louisville is a small town with a population barely reaching 500, the majority being families who have lived there for generations. But for some reason, they're wary with newcomers, either guarded or spooked by new faces. Wonder why that is... At least they could care less if you use your powers! That's always a plus.

For the sake of this roleplay, this is a fake town name. For reference, Scarlet Manor is about a 30 minute drive from the main part of town, so you wouldn't even see the townspeople until you entered it. There's a local grocery store, two fast food places (Sonic and McDonalds), along with a couple other buildings (candy/ice cream shop, clothing stores, a toy store, bowling alley, etc.) and restaurants. Ooh, and a Wal-Mart! Super useful. Any other building ideas you can run by me, I'll probably allow it.

Weather: High of 85 / Low of 68, in Fahrenheit | Clear skies, sunny


This will be used during the roleplay moments where everyone is congregating, not only to make things run smoothly, but to help each writer prepare for their turn. The schedule can be disregarded if the interaction is isolated between specific characters and not witnessed by others. Since this can vary, feel free to ask questions!

1) Rushie - Evelyn | First post

2) Salem - Riku

3) Spellbound - Maximillian

4) Rushie - Axel

5) Mercenary - Melione

6) Salem - Chase

7) Biologist at Work - Kaia

8) The Bewitched - Soliel

9) Soulsilver - Cypher

10) Tenebris Umbra - Castoros

11) The Bewitched - Mattis

12) Spellbound - Franchesca

13) Moose - Mila

14) Biologist at Work - Kemila

15) Sanania - Aneira

16) Nez.ity - Irbek | Last post before turning back to me


Evelyn Rose / 23 / F / Umbrakinesis + Enhanced Reflexes / Rushie

Axel Storm / 23 / M / Electricity / Rushie

Riku Azalea / 25 / M / Geokinesis / Salem

Chase Corvin / 24 / M / Hydrokinesis / Salem

Cypher Esper / 22 / NB / Mediumship + Death Whisperer / Soulsilver

Melione Nyx / ?? / F / Former Deity of Death / Mercenary

Kaia Maren Irving / 22 / F / Ygrókinesis / Biologist at Work

Kemila Shahlé Perez / 24 / F / Precognitive Dreams + Timewalking / Biologist at Work

Irbek Artair / 21 / M / Gyrokinesis / Nez.ity

Soleil Ēostre Sinclair / 23 / F / Heliocontrol / The Bewitched

Mattis Rysten Monroe / 24 / M / Sensory Manipulation / The Bewitched

Aneira Isolde Stone / 24 / F / Cryokinesis / Sanania

Castoros Argentis / 23 / M / Life Essence / Tenebris Umbra

Mila Svilena Monova / 22 / F / Mycokenesis / Moose

Maximillian Perseus - Corelinus Cantacuzène / 23 / M / Nimbokinesis / Spellbound

Reserved for Spellbound

(16/16 slots filled)

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Catching Fallen Stars | RP ThreadMarch 27, 2024 01:04 PM

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Setting: When you first arrive at this seemingly small airport, there is an older gentleman waiting on you with a sign that says "Scarlet Manor". Dressed in a classy black button up suit and a top hat, this man introduces himself as Mr. Walker, an employee of Mistress Morrigan. He is tasked to make sure all guests arrive, some coming sooner rather than later into the day. Guiding you outside and taking your luggage in hand, Mr. Walker escorts you to a limo, daunting against the rather rural enviroment. Regardless, you enter this limo, which is oddly empty. You'd think more would be in the vehicle with you, but regardless, this limo has a bucket of ice with a red wine bottle inside, wine glasses, and another note.

"Dear [Character's full name],

I am overjoyed by your decision to give my home a chance. Worry not, for I have made it my personal mission to ensure that all of your needs and wants will be met. Not only by myself, but by my adoring staff. Please give Mr. Walker your kindest regards. I'll see you soon.

~ G. Morrigan"

Scarlet Manor

When you first come up onto the property, you are greeted by a large and antique black gate with the inital 'M' on the front of it, with thick stone walls reaching up to about six feet in height on each side of it, seemingly going on for miles. To portray just how large this property is, just the drive past the gate lasts twenty minutes before you approach the front of this building, ending up on a roundabout driveway. Largely inspired by Tudor Gothic architecture and the rural nature of the countryside, this elegant home is covered in aged red bricks and has three floors accessable to the Enhanced invited to stay. It contains about 30 bedrooms, 22 bathrooms, and multiple sitting areas scattered about the home.

When you walk through the thick, sturdy oak doors, you are greeted by a wide staircase that splits into two seperate stairways, leading to the second floor. The interior design, decor, everything about this place screams money, from the deep warm browns and rich velvet reds, the gold etched along various rugs or furniture. The rooms themselves are huge as well, each one containing a large seating area, sizable bathrooms and walk-in closets. While each one is similar in theme, you'll have full reign to decorate how you see fit.

It's a gorgeous home that sits upon twenty acres of land, plenty of room to train for individuals who may have more explosive abitlies. Somewhere among this property is what appears to be a guest home, but it is locked away from prying eyes. If you are to find this cottage, do not ask the Mistress of the Manor questions about it - She will only give one warning. It's off limits for a reason.

Side note: The home's design and coloration is inspired by Thornewood Castle, a private castle people use for getaways, weddings, etc. located in Washington, USA. I highly suggest checking it out for a better idea of what this place looks like in terms of design and decor!

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Catching Fallen Stars | RP ThreadMarch 27, 2024 09:28 PM

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Evelyn Rose | 23 | Umbrakinesis | Mentions: Axel (dir)

It had been a week since those god forsaken envelopes ended up in her and Axel’s hands, and here she was - against her better judgment - with the only person who could've ever convinced her to do something like this. Being Enhanced in this world was already enough of a hassle, constantly hiding yourself away from society, either for self preservation or fear. There wasn't a paradise on the other side of this ironic rainbow, no pot of gold, nothing.

‘Maybe fool’s gold. We’re the dumbasses falling for the bait.’ Evelyn wondered if this could truly be the safe haven it claimed to be. On one hand, she hoped desperately that it was the case. But on the other, Evelyn harbored reluctant acceptance that this could very well end badly. The last time she had been around people like her, to this degree, wasn't as pleasant as this envelope’s promise. The mere thought made her mouth form a grim line, accentuating the already conflicted expression on her face.

The expression didn't last long as her eyes glanced back at her beloved friend scurrying around the floor of the limo like a rat. Though, she'd never tell him that. He always was a little odd, but in a way that she found endearing. Axel wasn't nearly as skeptical, odd for someone as logical as him, but instead excited. The hours she had listened to this man go over each and every article of clothing, toiletries, and even potential games to bring was enough to make anyone lose a brain cell. Perhaps the promise of paradise made him care a little more than usual about clothing choices, not like they were any different from what he usually wore.

Speaking of Axel, the poor guy was getting ready to sit up, but hit the back of his head on the small ledge holding the wine glasses and other various knick knacks. Evelyn’s lips curved into a small smile, and in rare moments like these, she spoke with something beyond nonchalance. “I didn't think your head could get any bigger, but I think there's a knot forming. Need some ice?”

Axel rubbed the back of his head and sat back on the cushioned leather seats, adjusting his glasses in the process and grumbled under his breath in response, as if he didn't hear Evelyn's commentary. This was a common occurrence, to be trapped in whatever line of thinking he had when researching or finding things out. If it wasn't for the fact Evelyn was close, she probably wouldn't have caught his mutterings. “There's gotta be… maybe…” She watched with a keen eye as his shoulders slumped in defeat, a quick exhale exiting his lips. “There's gotta be a camera or something, right? Because that whole “this is a bad idea” talk on the plane kinda freaked me out.”

Evelyn felt a seed of guilt burrow its way into her chest. From the moment they learned about this sanctuary, Evelyn hadn't been the most positive about it, to say the least. The vague writing, an undisclosed location, everything made her skin feel like it was crawling off her body, and she hated it. But Axel, he wanted nothing more than to learn more from other Enhanced, to befriend them. Isn't that what everyone wanted? A community to feel safe and accepted, with no worries. Perhaps she was being harsh… But it was only because she cared about the safety of her best friend. These past few years hadn't been easy for the duo, and Evelyn was doing everything she could to protect the only connection she had to this decaying world. “...I’m sorry. You're right. I think I’m just…” Terrified. “Nervous.”

“I’m always right, but it warms my heart to hear you say it. So uh, just gonna clarify that I would usually be your unpaid therapist after a statement like that, but look outside the window.” Axel pointed outside the window, his jaw practically dropping at whatever he was pointing at. A moment of confusion faded away the moment her eyes landed on what appeared to be Scarlet Manor, a name that fit it well. The roundabout driveway wrapped around a large fountain adorned in four gargoyles, each one facing a different direction like a compass. But somehow, the fountain couldn't compare to the grand building that was larger than any home she had seen back in Texas, the mere sight of such an abode made her mouth go dry. The fact her and Axel were meant to live there? A low whistle reached her ears as Axel joined her in staring. She had to admit, this was way more than what she was expecting.

It wasn't long before both of them were being handed their luggage by Mr. Walker, someone who was as much of a mystery as those envelopes. He seemed entirely average in appearance, shorter than both Evelyn and Axel, a wrinkled face, and a round apple-like form. He said very few words in the entirety of their meeting and remained silent the entire car ride there. Definitely odd, but Evelyn tried not thinking too much about it. She nodded her head in a small farewell as he got into the driver's seat without a word, watching the limo disappear. Axel was too busy studying the building's architectural features to notice how odd it was for that old man to say nothing to either of them.

Her chest rose with a deep inhale, allowing her jittery feelings to leave with the exhale. Evelyn could feel a gentle hand rest on the space between her shoulder blades and give her a few pats of reassurance. Looking over to see Axel’s lopsided grin helped ease some of the nerves. “No matter what's past those doors, we've got each other, right?” The taller woman reached up her own hand and ruffled his curls, a certain warmth in her expression. “More like I've got you. The moment something happens, I’ll throw you over my shoulder. Like a potato sack.”

Axel snorted in response. “I will throw the worst goddamn tantrum, don't try me, slim Jim.” The duo shared a laugh just outside those large oak doors, and with one last look at the outside world, Evelyn embraced the mystery of this large home and entered this infamous Scarlet Manor. She had no idea what adventures lay beyond the doors, but beneath the layers of doubt and apprehension, Evelyn let herself feel something else. Hope.

Catching Fallen Stars | RP ThreadMarch 28, 2024 12:48 AM

The Bewitched
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Soleil Ēostre Sinclair | 23 | Heliocontrol | Mentions: Indirectly: Axel & Evelyn

The Sun Princess hummed softly as she watched the trees fly by the window in the sleek, luxurious limousine. The sun burned brighter the more Sol stared at it, basking in its rays. Her fingers danced with a small, glowing solar snake-like figure, its radiant energy pulsating between her delicate fingertips. The rhythmic hum of the vehicle seemed to synchronize with the gentle melody she hummed. Despite the rural surroundings whizzing past outside, a serene sense of tranquility enveloped her, a stark contrast to the anticipation buzzing in the air. The limousine's interior had subtle touches of elegance, reflecting the opulence of her destination. The soft purr of the engine served as a soothing backdrop to her thoughts, lulling her into a state of tranquil contemplation.

It had been a little over a week since Sol received the letter inviting her to Scarlet Manor, now the newest letter was beside her, slightly singed. The edges of the paper curled delicately from the remnants of her powers she had summoned upon reading the mysterious message. Her curiosity piqued, she couldn't resist the allure of Mistress Morrigan's invitation. As the limousine glided effortlessly along the winding road, Sol's thoughts drifted to the possibilities that awaited her at the grand estate. It had been a while since Soleil had time away or changed scenery, and the prospect of exploring Scarlet Manor filled her with excitement. When she first received the letter, she didn’t even think twice before accepting. She had just returned from a night out at the bars, the letter sitting conspicuously on her table. Her stilettos echoed against the floor in her penthouse as she made her way to the letter. Sol could still hear her maid's cautioning words, advising her against attending. Yet, Sol was always the risk-taker, searching for something to fulfill her soul.

As she stared out the window, she found herself playing with one of her bracelets. Sol had adorned herself with an array of golden jewelry, adding a touch of glamor to her ensemble. Delicate hoop earrings dangled from her ears, catching the light as she moved. On her wrists, she wore a stack of golden bracelets, each one glinting with its own unique design. With every movement, the jewelry shimmered and sparkled. Her outfit consisted of light blue 90's boyfriend jeans, a relaxed fit with a rip at the knee and another on her upper thigh. Pairing them with sleek black platform heeled boots, their polished finish contrasted against the distressed denim. The denim came down over the boots, pooling slightly at the ankles, framing the footwear. Sol completed her outfit with a striking black strapless velvet corset, intricate floral designs that added a touch of femininity to her attire. The corset cinched at her waist, accentuating her curves and exuding an air of confidence and allure. She wore her hair in its natural beauty, large curls cascading around her shoulders, with a ponytail on top to give it even more volume. The effortless yet chic hairstyle complemented her ensemble perfectly.

Soleil’s solar-snake continued to slither around her wrist as she gracefully picked up a wine glass, her gaze briefly meeting Mr. Walker's before returning to the shimmering red liquid within the glass. He was studying her as much as she was studying him, a subtle tension lingering in the air. She noticed he glanced back more often when she had summoned her solar-snake. Perhaps he was wary that she might set the whole limo aflame with a mere flick of her wrist—the thought elicited a ghost of a smile from Sol. Not that she ever would, but the knowledge that she could made her more excited than it should have. Sol settled back into her seat, as she took a sip of the vibrant wine, the rich flavors danced across her palate. At least this Mistress Morrigan had good taste. Sol was accustomed to the finer things in life, the hustle and bustle of urban landscapes and the lavish elegance of high society. Being in such a remote and rural area was a stark change for the young woman.

As Sol's limousine approached the grand estate, her gaze fell upon the large and antique black gate with the initial 'M'. Thick stone walls, towering six feet in height on each side, stretched seemingly endlessly, emphasizing the vastness of the property. The twenty-minute drive past the gate only hinted at the expanse of the estate. She spotted two people already there, a man and woman with their luggage. Soleil’s heart picked up ever so slightly as she bit back a smile, the two seemed to know each other. Questions raced through Soleil's mind as she observed the other guests, so she wasn’t the only one invited - which made her even more excited at the thought of others' abilities. As the limo came to a halt, the solar-snake wrapped around her throat like a golden choker, burning brightly as it transformed into a statement necklace that adorned her décolletage. Its intricate patterns drew attention to her neckline, with each delicate detail catching the light, the necklace shimmered.

As Mr. Walker opened her door, with a graceful sway, Sol stepped out of the limo, her presence commanding attention as she took in the surroundings. She gently patted his shoulder with a soft "Thank you," her voice carrying a warmth that mirrored the sun's embrace as he handed her the luggage. That, she wasn’t used to, her lip curled slightly in disgust. She dropped her luggage beside her, taking a few steps away. The old man barely spared her another look - let alone a word - as he climbed back into the limo. Her attention quickly returned to the grandeur of Scarlet Manor. She heard the limo depart and closed her eyes, welcoming the sun’s rays as they bathed her in warmth and light. As the sunlight enveloped her, Sol felt a surge of energy coursing through her veins. Gods, she wasn't even nervous, despite being at this stranger's home. She felt more at home here than anywhere else.

She stood a decent distance away from the other two, too caught up in the moment to approach them just yet. Despite the silence that hung in the air, Sol couldn't suppress the thrill of excitement bubbling within her. Her heels crunched softly against the ground as she studied the mansion closer, her gaze tracing the intricate details of its architecture. Her fingertips gently brushing against some of the foliage. Soleil loved homes like this, each one telling its own story through the craftsmanship of its design. A home this secluded and beautiful only made her curiosity for the Mistress grow even more. Also, the fact others' with abilities were attending drew her interested even further. Who was this Mistress Morrigan and what did she want with them?

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Catching Fallen Stars | RP ThreadMarch 28, 2024 04:59 PM

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Aneira Isolde Stone | 24 | Cryokinesis |
Mentions: Axel, Evelyn, & Sol (ind)

“It’s for your safety and protection. You know I love you and just want to keep you safe.”

The last words her father dared uttered to her for the duration of their quiet car ride to the airport. Having slept through most of the flight there remained an icy rage deep within the frozen pit of her chest. Whether it revealed itself in her gaze, who's to say. ‘How could he just give me away and then claim it’s for my protection.’ She would huff, waiting behind a line of people exiting the plane. She would blow an icy puff of breath from between her soft lips.

Having collected her single suitcase from the baggage carousel she cautiously eyed the round bellied older gentleman holding a sign that read ‘Scarlet Manor.’ She had nearly memorized the exact words of the first letter addressed to her and held a bitterness that ate her to her core. Her own father, one to never hold back anything, held onto that damned letter for God knows how long and up until she had created an icy tundra spanning just about 100 feet, he had not said a single word to her. He hadn’t asked for her thoughts or opinion, and even if her brothers fought to keep her home with them, he had already expressed his plan to send her off. She never doubted his intentions having raised her as his own and providing her with endless affection and pride since birth but she could never have seen or expected this. It hurt her to be so angry with him but not even an apology was given or any sort of explanation. It was Niko, the third eldest brother and questionably despised by their father, who had asked about the possibility of entrapment. He had nearly earned himself a stern slap across the face had she not stepped in but their father claimed to have somehow knew this was different.

With an icy mask of indifference she approached the man who gave her a curt nod of the skull before collecting her things and opening the door for her to enter the vehicle. There was so much that screamed at her about the situation. Whether it was a wrongness or an instinct concerning the possibility of encountering danger she couldn’t decide but she made stern glances at the driver who exchanged equally reserved and questioning glances back. She peered over to read another note that laid in front of a bucket of ice and scoffed rolling her bicolored pools. Soon a smirk would spill across her mask and glancing once more toward the man whose focus had now been on local traffic she would shove her hand into the bucket of ice relishing in the cold temperature kissing her fingertips and bring it to her lips blowing out towards a row of seats leaving a light coating of frost. Having caught the man’s attention she wondered if she’d be reprimanded for her behavior, shrugging off the idea, she kept her icy stare on the man soon allowing a snake-like tongue to slither from her lips once more leaving nothing but a snark look across her face. He would promptly close the partition between them refusing to crack the mask he had adorn to collect her. Whether he closed it to battle the cold that now twinkled and danced in the back of the limousine or shield himself from whatever scheme he’d presume she’d made, she was relieved to say the least.

Quickly shifting her attention to the expansive amount of land outside of the vehicle. This was where she was to stay? She studied and observed the black gate that now opened to unveil an even larger miniature-sized castle. She hid her curiosity and astonishment well enough to maintain her cool mask of indifference but internally began reeling of the possibility to meet others like her, not so much with her powers, but with abilities equally as powerful as her own.
Upon the opening of her car door she would swing her black ankle high boot out listening to the sound of the gravel shift beneath her. Standing before the mansion's massive oak doors the smallest hint of hesitation nearly kept her where she stood, that was until she heard the gravel shift once more beneath tires. ‘The feeling’s mutual, my friend.’ She’d remark mentally to herself with a huff. Grabbing the handle of her luggage she would deeply inhale before briskly walking inside. Upon entering, a grand double staircase was the first thing to grab her attention then the expansive amount of space in the main room. ‘What does one person do with all this? I mean, other than invite a bunch of people with the potential to destroy it over, I suppose.’ Soon her heterochromatic eyes would fall upon three others who had arrived before her. The first individual to catch her gaze was a blonde wearing heels. Aneira made her glance toward the female quick giving her a very brief once over with a face of near abhorrent distaste before lingering onto the male and female duo. There was something odd about the pairing but it seemed to be fitting for them, to say the least. The young man had a face of intrigue and awe written across it while the woman gave no wavering inclination of her emotions.

She now began to wonder if her own mask appeared anything like the womans; cold and questionably deathly. Pursing her lips slightly for a very brief moment she would stalk over toward a shady area hoping to avoid the heat of the sun as it particularly drained her powers. She had also hoped that her nerves didn’t best her and cool down the room upon her entry. Despite having decent control over her abilities in crowds outside of her family her nerves tended to get the better of her, however living in an area that was cold all the time no one would have even thought twice to look in her direction. Her attire compared to the blonde likely picked up as mediocre at best, she could care less for heels and frillier things. Ultra-high rise medium wash ripped jeans, black ankle-high boots, and a black skin tight long sleeve crop top. That was to be her ensemble. Her pallid whiter than snow curly hair would be worn in a half up half down fashion with two twin buns and two thin wisps of hair danced in front of her face, just narrowly avoiding her eyes. Across her neck she wore a silver cross necklace and littering her ears several silver snowflake shaped studs would twinkle. On her left ear she had three silver helix hoop piercings that fit snuggly. She'd soon join the rest of them in waiting, peering off into a distant room.

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Catching Fallen Stars | RP ThreadMarch 28, 2024 09:43 PM

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Cypher Esper | 22 | Death Whispering | M: Axel, Evelyn, Sol & Aneria (Ind.)
This wasn't a good idea.
Cypher was tucked in a corner seat of the limo despite all the other seats being vacant, looking around anxiously every few seconds as if expecting something to jump out at them. In their hands were the letter they had received nearly a week ago and the note that was left in the vehicle for them. The edges of the letter were slightly worn from the sheer amount of times Cypher had read the words elegantly scrawled across the thick, smooth paper. The content of the letter was seared into their brain at this point, but only a few words really stood out to them. Sanctuary. Other Enhanced. Home. Cypher Esper. How did this G. Morrigan know their last name? They had all but forgotten about it, not having used it in years. Was this person watching them? Tracking them? They must have since Cypher had awoken one day to find the letter resting on top of their bag with no one in sight. The crimson wax seal sat unbroken, a delicate M pressed into the now-hardened wax.
They flinched slightly when they felt a cold finger poke their cheek, turning their head to look at the spirit beside them. He still retained the colour of his skin, eyes, hair, and clothes, but they were diluted and muted. He had dusty brown hair, warm skin and blue-silver eyes. He was dressed in casual clothing, jeans, tennis shoes, and a graphic t-shirt - the clothes he had died in. Ajax's expression was carefully crafted to look bored and calm, but Cypher could see the tension in his body and the wary gleam in his eyes. Of course, he'd be wary. He was killed by a Catcher, and neither of them knew the intentions of the owner of the Scarlet Manor. They could very well be someone luring in Enhanced to kill, experiment, or sell them. "Relax, Cy. We'll be fine." He drawled, slinging his arm around their shoulders. "We won't let anything happen to you. If something happens, we'll already be gone." With his other hand, Ajax gestured to the handful of spirits who were milling around the inside of the limo, sometimes poking their heads out of the vehicle, phasing straight through the walls.
Cypher hummed, nodding as they turned their head to look out the window as the outside flashed by in a blur of blue and green. The ride had been quiet, and nothing was hinting that something bad was going to happen, but Cypher couldn't help but think that something was up. Who would risk their and their family's lives just to save a bunch of strangers? Cypher knew that they couldn't be the only one who got the letter. If someone was trying to save - or collect - Enhanced, they wouldn't be the first choice. Not by a long shot. Their ability wasn't anything special, nothing strong or practical. But maybe that was the plan. Choose Enhanced that couldn't fight back and lure them to this secluded location under the assumption that it's a safe haven...
Before Cypher could dive deeper into the rabbit hole of their worries, the limo rolled to a smooth stop. They had arrived.
The moment that the driver, an older man with thinning salt and pepper hair and dressed in a sharp, pressed suit opened the door, the spirits around them, save for Ajax, immediately dispersed, either using the door of the car or leaving straight through the walls. They were eager to explore their new surroundings, happy expressions lighting up on their faces as they faded out of sight. Cypher swallowed nervously, getting up and grabbing their battered black backpack. They stepped out of the vehicle, shyly nodding their thanks to Mr. Walker before turning to face the Manor. When they set eyes on it, their jaw dropped, eyes widening as they took in the grand building in front of them. Ajax whistled in appreciation, a grin spreading across his lips. "Whoever this G. Morrigan it, they're loaded." He joked casually, staring at the building.
Several stories high, the Scarlet Manor lived up to its name. Weathered but still vibrantly red bricks lined the towering walls, the architecture reminding Cypher of a medieval-age castle. A grand fountain stood proud in the middle of the roundabout driveway, the water sprouting out of it, sparkling as the sun caught the light of the flowing water, before crashing into the pool of the fountain with a light splash. A pair of dark oak doors marked the entrance to the Manor, the wood carved into elegant curves. Lush green lawns spread out beside and behind the mansion, trees dotted across the land. There was a forest far to their left, and...was that a lake behind the Manor?
Cypher felt underdresse. Well, that was an understatement, but there was no other way to say it. Since they tended to hop around a lot, never staying too long in one place in fear of being caught, they didn't have a lot of clothes. They were dressed in their usual attire: A white shirt tucked into black cargo pants, secured by a belt, and thick-soled boots. Their dark green army jacket was thrown over their shoulders, keeping them warm and comfortable. They didn't seemed bothered by the fact that the weather was already warm.
Nothing special, nothing fancy. Not like the building in front of them.
They turned around when they heard the engine of the limo start up again, panic flashing over their face as they watched Mr. Walker drive off swiftly.
This was a set-up! They needed to get out of there now.
Cypher whipped around, opening their mouth to tell Ajax that they needed to go when they saw him listening to another spirit who had come back a few feet away.
His grin got wider, pulling away from the spirit when it finished and turning toward them. "Seems like four others have already arrived, all Enhanced." He chirped, his voice cheery. "Time to explore!" Before Cypher could say anything, Ajax's hand wrapped around their wrist, his skin cold on theirs, and tugged them toward the elegant Manor, leaving them with no choice but to follow.
Cypher shot Ajax a dirty look without any real venom behind it as they yanked their wrist out of his grip, fixing the sunglasses that had tilted a bit when Ajax had pulled them forward. They were acutely aware of how strange their entrance was to the other four in the main hall, with being pulled in forcefully by something they couldn't see. Cypher flushed slightly as they made a beeline toward the far side of the room, leaning against the wall furthest from the others. They did a quick once-over of everyone in the room.
The first two that caught their eye were what seemed to be a brother and sister duo. No, not brother and sister, they didn't look alike. Friends? Probably. They seemed at ease with each other, which was far more than Cypher could say. The third was a woman with warm, golden blonde hair dressed in fine clothes, confidence practically rolling off of her. She seemed comfortable standing in the Manor, almost as if she were used to the luxury. The last woman looked frigid, both in her physical appearance and in her mannerisms. Stark-white hair and a cold, hard mask of indifference matched the freezing air around her that even Cypher could feel while standing several feet away. They wrapped themself tighter in their jacket, lowering their gaze so as to not meet anyone elses.
Definitely other Enhanced.
I really hope I didn't make the wrong choice to come here.

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Tenebris Umbra
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Castoros Argentis
Male || 23 || Life Essence: Open
Indirectly Mentions: Cypher, Axel, Evelyn, Soleil, Aneira

As the limousine made its way through the winding roads towards Scarlet Manor, Castoros sat in the plush seat, his gaze fixed on the passing scenery. He was a man of few words, his rugged appearance contrasting with the wealth of the vehicle's interior. The soft leather seat beneath him felt foreign, a luxury he seldom experienced. Dressed in plain jeans, a faded t-shirt, and a weathered leather jacket, he looked like he belonged to a different world compared to the environment around him.

The invitation from Mistress Morrigan had been unexpected, arriving in the midst of his nomadic existence. When he received the letter, he crumpled it in his hand, and threw it into the trash, a mere reflex born out of a lifetime of caution. In his eyes, it was a hoax, and an eerie one at that, with his full name sealed within. Needless to say, Castoros was skeptical. However, the letter sat within the garbage for less than an hour, his curiosity getting the best of him. Opportunities like the one written in the letter was rare for someone like him, and he couldn't afford to dismiss it lightly, real or not.

Leaning back against the seat, his gaze shifting to the bottle of wine in the ice bucket. Without much hesitation, Castoros reached for the bottle, his movements unhurried. He didn't bother with the wine glasses placed nearby, finding them to be unnecessary that added an extra layer of separation between him and the drink he sought. Instead, he focused on the bottle itself, unscrewing the top with a practiced ease that hinted at familiarity.

As the cap came off, a faint aroma of aged grapes wafted into the air, mingling with the faint scent of the leather interior of the limousine. Castoros brought the bottle to his lips, taking a long, unhurried swig of the rich liquid within. The taste was bold and complex, and left a warm trail as it slid down his throat that lingered.

After a few more swigs, Castoros set the bottle aside, the ice in the bucket tinkling softly as he leaned back into the seat once again. His gaze returned to the passing scenery outside, the rural landscape blurred by the speed of the limousine. In that quiet moment, with the taste of wine lingering on his lips, Castoros felt a fleeting sense of relaxation, that is, until the property came into view.

Eyeing the iron gate, it was surely not difficult to miss, with a detailed 'M' marking the property's location. As if that weren't bad enough, the drive to the manor itself was, what, fifteen-minutes? Twenty? Truthfully, Castoros lost count, and even if he hadn't, the sight of the manor would have rendered him blank. The grandeur of the estate was undeniable, with acres of land that screamed wealth and power. So shocking the sight was, that Castoros had contemplating rubbing his eyes like something out of a cartoon. He had never seen such wealth, let alone been close to any. The lack of people certainly left an eerie feeling, with not a single individual near.

The slowing of the limousine only worsened his mood, and when it halted, he hesitated momentarily before reaching for the door, pausing when the driver, Mr. Walker, opened the door. Stepping out, Castoros offered the older gentleman a nod, thanking him in silence before preparing to retrieve his luggage from the trunk of the limo.

"I've got it," he spoke, just as Mr. Walker had begun to head for the trunk, which had been lifted open automatically. Grasping onto the singular leather travel bag, Castoros lugged it onto his shoulder, sparing a glance at the property once more before closing the trunk.

The sun cast long shadows as evening approached, the golden hues of twilight painting the landscape in a surreal glow. Castoros took a moment to adjust to his surroundings, the grandeur of Scarlet Manor contrasting with the simplicity he was accustomed to. He didn't know what to expect from this encounter, not even a mere idea. The thought alone caused his jaw to clench, that is, until the sudden sound of a door closing disrupted the silence.

Glancing at the limo, he watched as Mr. Walker entered, not a single exchange nor glance from the man. All Castoros could do was watch as the vehicle was started, and then began to vanish down the road, leaving him to breathe in the dust. He truly was alone now, and for a moment, he wondered if he should leave. The idea seemed pleasant. Perhaps he could hitchhike, or somehow find a mode of transportation to-

The sound of creaking caused his mind to silence, his gaze fixated on the manor. Tapping his fingers along his bag, Castoros glanced around before advancing, his gaze taking in his surroundings. As his weathered shoes hit the gravel outside Scarlet Manor, he couldn't help but feel a surge of unease. The sound of his steps seemed to echo louder than expected in the quiet surroundings, his gaze lingering on the massive oak doors ahead, a mixture of curiosity and uneasiness swirling in his mind.

As he pushed open the heavy doors, he was greeted by the grandeur of Scarlet Manor's main hall. The sight was almost overwhelming, the opulence of the decor contrasting sharply with his plain attire. It felt like stepping into a different universe, his eyes drawn to the grand double staircase that rose majestically before him. As he stepped further into the manor, Castoros's gaze fell upon five figures who had arrived before him.

There was a female and male duo that clearly knew one another given their stance and exchange of conversation, followed by another individual, with dark hair and an overall short stature doing their own thing. They seemed interested in being there. Truthfully, Castros couldn't blame them, given the monstrosity of the place.

Observing, he couldn't help but notice a subtle tension in the air, noting a woman with snow white hair. Her presence was absolutely chilling, though why, he just couldn't say. However, he kept his distance, ignoring any small talk and pleasantries and stepping away.

Finding a spot away from the group, he leaned against a pillar, lowering his bag to the floor and crossing his arms. Only then did he take the chance to study the fourth individual, a woman with blonde hair wearing heels. She certainly dressed for the occasion, not that Castoros was complaining. This woman looked as if she belonged, making him think that she has done something like this before, or at the very least, understood the occasion.

His gaze remained heavy upon her before it averted, his attention returning to the details of the house. It was clear that he felt a sense of discomfort, given his relentless fidgeting that only halted seconds ago. If one thing were certain, Castoros was not in his element.

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Riku Azalea | Male | 25 | Geokinesis | M: Everyone already inside Scarlet Manor

There was loud banging. Loud, irritating banging. Light streamed through the accidentally open bedroom window and hit Riku's eyes directly. That made things so much worse for the waking man.

“Uegh.” Riku grumbled, shielding his eyes from the intrusive sunlight. He felt the soft breeze coming from outside and through the window, “Safety hazard..”

Riku pushed himself up and out of his cozy bed. He quickly but sleepily closed the window and pulled the curtains over it to block out the sunlight.

The banging seemed to dull, fade and eventually stop. However, it did turn into clanking and maybe a chair falling over?

Riku wasn't concerned, well… only a little. He quickly got himself dressed in his regular plain t-shirt, plain black zip up hoodie and black baggy pants. No need for shoes or anything, he was in his own house after all. And he would have to go all the way to the front door if he wanted them.

Azalea debated yelling down to the first floor but there wasn't any point to straining his voice if he was going there anyway, right?

The geokinetically enhanced being opened and shut his door, passing through it. On his way his way down the long but naturally decorated hallway and down the stairs to the opening room. The opening room was just a small bit of the house just after the front door, a small room that connected to two hallways together and could barely be called a room in itself.

Riku found himself in the kitchen, standing over a mess of many dirty dishes in the sink. “Chase..”

Chase was his neighbour, and Chase was another one of the Enhanced. They had become friends over the years and the hydrokinesis user even took on some of the same fashion Riku had, even if he wouldn't admit it.

Chase came over often, often enough for everyone to know they were friends if anyone bothered to pay attention to it.

Azalea sighed, “Chase, I hope you're planning on cleaning these up?” He made his way to the dining room, finding a very tired Chase sitting at the table.

He couldn't help his urges, he passed by Chase and ruffled his hair with a smirk. Only half intending to annoy his friend. On the opposite side of the table there was a fallen chair, presumably knocked over by Chase and hadn't been picked up yet.

“You should get more sleep,” Riku replied to his friend in a playful tone, with a hint of genuine concern.

He made his way out, out of the dining room and to the front door. He slipped on his boots, left the house and walked down his pathway with a yawn. This was a daily routine, he did this to check if there was any mail. Even on the coldest day of winter, he always did it.

Now, normally… normally there wasn't any since not a lot of people used mail anymore when they could just text, email, or even just visit him in person.

Today was seemingly different, because when he checked.. there was a letter.

“Hm, that's…interesting.”

Days passed, everything was normal. His friend, Chase Corvin, had also gotten a letter and both decided to go. Of course, at different times because one of them needed time to fix his sleep schedule.

Riku made it to the airport alone, ‘huh. It's a pretty small place.’

He found a man holding a sign with the words ‘Scarlet Manor’ on them. Azalea was a bit judgemental about the man's clothing, it was… a bit much for him. Nothing needed to be fancy, in his opinion.

He listened as the man introduced himself, Mr. Walker was his name. Riku thanked the man for taking his luggage, even if it was his job it was still a nice act.

‘Seems a bit out of place.’ Riku thought as he got into the limo. He had a bit of time to be inside said vehicle, and it seemed.. empty. Another weird thing, it seemed like they were prepared for more than one person but only himself and Mr. Walker was there.

Azalea picked up the note carefully once he had spotted it and read it quickly and mentally.

Dear Riku Azalea,

I am overjoyed by your decision to give my home a chance. Worry not, for I have made it my personal mission to ensure that all of your needs and wants will be met. Not only by myself, but by my adoring staff. Please give Mr. Walker your kindest regards. I'll see you soon.

~ G. Morrigan’

“Huh,” Riku took a moment for himself after reading the note. “Seems nice enough. Wonder who this ‘G. Morrigan’ is.”

Riku looked out the window for a good chunk of the ride, until the vehicle slowed to a stop in front of what he could only assume was Scarlet Manor.

Riku got out of the limousine before the mysterious Mr. Walker could open it for him. Unfortunately he wasn't as quick to get his luggage and had it handed to him, Riku took a minute to thank the man once he had it all. It was just about 2pm if he had to guess, and when he took a moment to check his phone, his guess was confirmed.

Azalea sighed as the limousine sped off and left him alone there at the manor. He had no choice but to continue on and pass through the doors.

As he entered, he found two people. One was female, the other was male and they seemed to be having a pleasant time. There was another person who caught his eye, someone with dark hair. ‘I wonder if they all got the same message.’

There were more people but at this point he felt awkward, moving quietly to a place not far from the group but not close either.

Riku simply took his time studying the room, keeping an ear on the conversation and observing the people also kept in the room.

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Melione Nyx
Female | ??? | Death | Mentions: Those at manor (indir)

A few days had passed since Melione had received that envelope. An invitation to safety and living a better life. Was what she was doing not enough? Had she been so rejected by a society she didn't even want to live in that it led to this? She reviewed the letter over and over, praying that maybe it had been a lie. Why? Well, something like this had never happened to her before.

In her prime days as a goddess, she was respected. Nobody questioned her. Ever. Everyday she was greeted with a kindness and welcoming tone that she would never change it for the world. But now, she was looked down upon. Her life flipped upside down in such a manner that made her head spin. And there was nothing she could do about it.

Her banishment had taken a toll on her. As it would with anyone. When you're forced out of your home, you become unsure of yourself. Your life becomes a mirage of all the things you wish you could've done different. Every choice you pray you can somehow take back. But in the end, none of it was ever Melione's fault. Had she done anything different... nothing would've change. Those around her abused her kindness and her giving nature.

And it would cost her her life.

Melione sighed again. She turned around, her small apartment as empty as ever. There wasn't much in there to begin with. She didn't feel the need to purchase things if she knew she would have to be moving around. She looked down again, looking at the letter.

Other enhanced. A sanctuary.

Nothing pointed at it being fake. Melione hummed softly to herself. She grabbed her only bag - extra clothes and essentials - and headed out of the door. Nobody would be seeing her around here ever again. Not that they ever really did anyway.


Melione had discarded the envelope and kept the letter in her bag alongside the money. She grabbed her things off the plane and exited, her life feeling as though maybe she had a chance. The universe made her feel that way. Nobody around her knew of what she was feeling. What she was. Was. The thought was forever at the back of her mind no matter how hard she tried to escape it.

A mysterious looking man held a sign: Scarlet Manor. Melione could recall the title being mentioned in the letter and approached him.

"I've been invited there," she said softly. The man nodded, directing her towards a limousine. She gasped softly.

A bit fancy, no? she thought to herself before getting in, the man taking her bag and placing it in the trunk. He began driving, and Melione gazed out the window, watching the scenery pass her by the same way time had. She couldn't keep track of it anymore. She looked around the interior of the fancy car (at least to her - back in her realm, fancy wasn't associated with technology and the latest things to date). She noticed the alcohol in the ice bucket, which she disregarded. She huffed, and before she knew it, they were at the Manor.

Melione climbed out, adjusting her clothing slightly before the man handed her her only, singular bag. It was barely even full to be honest. Just enough clothes to rotate weekly, a toothbrush, hairbrush, some makeup things and that was about it. Had her life really been that small? She wasn't even attached to anything to bring it along. Nothing was important enough to her. Could anything be? Was she capable of it? Was she worthy?

Probably not now. No. Not now.

She took in the anterior design of the Scarlet Manor, appreciating it for what it was. It was definitely nothing she had encountered before. A change, perhaps. Maybe here she could discover the worth she had wished so much she still had. Not even a former god could always get what they wanted. It proved that things were only temporary. She had almost grown immune to the idea of getting anything back. Acceptance. You can pray, you can wish, and you can beg. Or you can accept things for what they are, the same way Melione had. But for some reason, she still felt troubled. Maybe she was only lying to herself at this point.

But the more you lie, the more you have to believe it, right? Was anything like that? Was her belief only a lie? How long before she would truly and undeniably accept her fate?
All of it was a sad though, really.

Melione entered the building at last, taking in those who were already there. She gazed around, studying the room that surrounded her. It was a lot more welcoming than she had expected, and she could feel the energy in the room. A slight smile had appeared across her full lips.

Another chance.
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Maximillian Perseus - Corelinus Cantacuzène
23 | M | Nimbokinesis | Mentions: Those Gathered

He could still smell her floral scent ; the smell of roses and peonies intermixed with the fresh morning dew with just a hint of upturned earth. She smelled like a fresh garden, it reminded him of how much she cared for that old greenhouse, she must miss it, he reminisced - I should get her some flowers, he thought absentmindedly. All he could think of was him giggling while dancing around her garden, the perfumed scent of flowers filling his nose as he made his mother a flower crown made of her prized roses. She never scolded him for it, and only cooed at it, and now that memory seemed so far away now. He could feel her softly stroking his hair and whispering soft words of comfort and encouragement while he cried into her dress like a child ; her soft warm hands, cupping his face with much more love than he deserved. He didn't want to leave her here, but she wouldn't let him save her - and he resented her for that. His hands gripped the dark blue sundress she wore with desperation, tears filling his eyes ; and his sight blurry due to his distress - yet, she only wiped his tears away, and shushed him, like one would do a crying infant and she pulled him closer and he clung to her d burying his head in her bosom. He could feel her warmth, and it made him even more sadder - she was here, in this gilded cage and yet he was about to be set free from it.

"My precious boy, why do you weep?" He heard the soft voice of his mother speak gently, her hands gliding down his hair in a comforting motion - stroking his hair lovingly and gently, "My poor boy, who loves his mother so much ; don't weep for me, dry those tears and listen to me." She cooed, and raised his head, cupping it gently in her hands - making him face her, and he could fill himself sniffle as he did so, her sapphire eyes shimmered in the fading sunlight, one could begin to see the sunny day grow melancholy as the soft droplets of rain began to fall and thick clouds began to hide the the sun. "Oh, my poor boy," his mother mournfully sighed, "do not worry for me, I am strong and will survive. It's you I worry for, you know what your father would do if he knew you came to visit me." She said softly, thumb gently brushing against his tear stained cheeks, "he doesn't have your best interest at heart. So you must go , go to this manor and find its purpose - you'll find people who truly will care for you and adore you as much as I do. You will find strong friends that will protect you when the time comes. So, my little one - please, be free." She said simply and calmly, and placed a kiss on his forehead, "and please don't hate me for what I'm about to do." She whispered sorrowfully and with a hint of remorse.

"Wha- what do you . . ." He said confusion in his tone, and before he knew it a bright blue light engulfed him and he could hear the last words of his mom say, "Mother loves you." And then all he saw was pure white. He could hear a dull ringing in his head, and faint voices around him. He groaned as his eyes fluttered softly, the voices becoming clearer, and they sounded. . . . concerned ? His vision was blurry, and he could barely see straight in front of him - he squinted his eyes to lessen the strain that was currently on them. What in the hell had just happened ? And he could hear a familiar voice, one older and sounding worried.

"Young Master!" The voice exclaimed, full of concern and he could hear the beginning of the fussings of the older man, "Make room ! Give him some air to breathe, if you're not going to help then stop gawking." He heard the man snap at what he assumed was the audience that had gathered. And he felt a gentle arm lead him to what he was presuming was a bench and he gave a heavy sigh while sitting down. Now that he was out of the light, his eyes were beginning to focus.

"Roland ?" He said tentatively, and he heard a relieved sigh come from the older man, a trusted friend of his family - and one who had attended to him since birth. He was more than just his butler, he was more of a father than his biological father could ever be. The older man's salt and pepper hair, and softened gaze was comforting, and the older man sat beside him - without saying a word and just put a hand on his shoulder. " The Lady wanted it this way, she knew you wouldn't come willingly - she just wants you to have the freedom to discover your power and use it without it being used or abused like hers was." The man said softly, not facing him - just sitting there, " your mother is a great woman, such a pity your father doesn't treat her like the pearl she is." He said distant, as if remembering something from long ago - the older man's forest green eyes somber for a moment before brightening up before looking at him.

"Are you ready to go, sir ? " Was the next question asked of him, and Maximillian wasn't really sure, but he has to be ready, for his mother.

"Yes . . ." He said lowly, uncertain and he wiped away any stray tears before saying, "can I have some shades, my eyes are still sensitive." his voice was abnormally low, but if Roland noticed the man didn't make a comment - and he appreciated that of him. He put on the pair of black and gold shades he was given by the butler and grabbed the luggage that seemed to have materialized with Roland.

"It seems the person who sent you the letter, sent their butler ahead of them," the older male said with a hint of interest and a quirk of a brow as he made his way to the elegant man with the sign saying " Scarlet Manor " in elegant font. The man put down the sign and gestures to the limo awaiting them.

Roland and the mysterious stranger gathered his luggage and placed it in the vehicle and he got in with his butler. He noticed a bottle of wine, and that peaked his interest - should he enjoy a glass ? He pondered, it was going to be a long ride and his nerves were pretty shot so, this should take some of the edge off. He used the provided wine tool to gracefully open the wine, and gingerly poured himself a glass. The vermillion liquid shimmering in the crystal wine glass that was provided, he hummed softly as he took a sip of the red wine ; he could taste notes of pomegranates, a slight tingling came over his tongue as it was slightly sweet - however, their was a slight spritz to it, indicating a higher acidity. He gingerly swirled the liquid around the glass, admiring the fluidity of it as he took another sip. This time he could taste some sort of cherry flavor, and this time there was a slight bitterness to the flavor which intrigued him - he didn't know where this wine was from but he definitely would have to find out from their host so he could get more of it. He could feel his nerves calming down, and he looked to see the clouded sky beginning to clear - just like his mind a semblance of peace and calm was coming through.

As they began their journey to the Manor, he watched absently as they passed by a few notable locations, and then the area became more rural ; it was rather densely wooded, with an assortment of trees, mainly different variants of maple trees and mighty oak trees. As he saw the greenery, he could feel his mood lighten as he noticed minor things on the journey - from the sunshine yellow of marsh marigolds, the kidney shaped petals being distinct even from a far sight to the delicate purples of lavender stalks he could see, and then he noticed more cultivated plants like hydrangeas and a butterfly bush which was alive with bright and colorful visitors. And not to mention he swore he saw a few hares darting through the bushes around the area, but he could tell this place had love as the atmosphere was warm and inviting ; not to mention the greenery seemed well cared for - and he could feel his mood brighten even more. The sun could be seen to beginning to shine even more as they prepared to arrive within the designated area, and as he got out - he gave a soft gasp, and admired the entrance of the Manor . It was historic and grand, and he was quite intrigued with the possibilities that lie behind those massive oak doors - and grabbing his luggage he prepared himself to enter through the doors and see what was held behind them.

"Goodbye Ronald, I wish you a good day." He said with a bright smile, the sun enveloping him as it shone brighter due to his inflection of happiness. And he gave a slight wave as the butler gave a soft smile and a bow, before disappearing in a puff of smoke, the trail soon whizzing around him lovingly before shooting off to an unknown destination. And he gave a fond smile at the vanishing butler, and then noticed the limo driver was already gone. Hm, must be busy - I forgot to give him a tip . . :

He then opened the doors and entered. He wore a rather polished get up, not really knowing what to expect for the occasion. He had a dry cleaned dress shirt, that was as white as it could be with a pair of charcoal black dress pants and shiny heeled Oxford dress shoes. The top of his shirt was slightly unbuttoned for a more casual vibe, but overall he was rather properly dressed. His hair was pulled back into a neat and tidy french braid, the edges of his hair carefully done to make sure his hair was properly done. The only rather unprofessional thing about his look was the two hoop earrings with the one dangling chain on each ear and the septum piecing he had in his nose. He noted that most were in a mixture of casual or formal wear, so he wasn't the only one to not know what to expect - the air seemed rather tense, most caught up in their own little bubbles and chatter. So he decided to not be rude and interrupt, but instead just wait for someone to talk to him. And so, with long and graceful strides the male made his way to a chair he found within this presumed fouyer.

He looked around the room - taking note of the people within it ; there seems to be an even amount of genders, four guys and four girls and one who's gender he couldn't quite place so he wouldn't want to misgender them, but otherwise it seems to be a rather healthy and even mixture of guests - strangers who could possibly become friends or even more than that. It was rather exciting ; he was drawn to the girl and boy duo who seemed to be chattering excitedly about the area, and he quite liked that lively energy. Then there was the girl with the golden hair, she seemed rather . . . interesting to say the least, but for now he could appreciate her beauty and confidence in herself. Then it seems a guy leaning on a pillar was rather interested in the blonde girl, hm, interesting - he filed that piece of information away for another day but he could sense the males discomfort from where he sat. He could feel a certain chill in the room and shivered slightly - this drew his attention to the woman with stark white hair, who seemed nervous despite the mask of indifference and stoic expression she bore upon her face. And then a rather interesting person, who seemed to be having an interaction with . . . no one ? but someone at the same time, how odd yet intriguing. And he really couldn't tell gender of the person so he just settled on them until he could ask for their pronouns for clarification. And then he noticed a woman with a soft smile, and he wondered what brought that smile upon her face - and he could only hope it was something good, because it seems that she was having good thoughts about this place. Overall, the energy seemed lively and seems to grow even more as he looked around. He could only wonder what this place could bring.

And for the first time in a long time, he smiled.

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