Rest in Peace
06:45:21 Look! *yeets self*
-WP Click-

She' gonna give birth when I'm gone, isn't she? Her and the other I bred at the same time... fuckit
lucid dreaming
06:45:19 Luci/luc/alix/damian
Pinkie, but i dont :c
06:44:59 beta xuwuan ♡
Lmao, gotta trust those game shows-

Here's him :')
06:44:19 Audrey~Dreen~Aud
I'm trying to convince them further by throwing in a 'brand new car'. Every game show's pitch :,)

:o Show if you can ^^
06:43:36 Rushing Waves
Looking for roleplay partners! ^^

-WP Click-
0-0 oops i did it again XD god i hate my brain sometimes
Investigator Saint
Mr. Licorice meanie Pants

You know what you did UnU


Their being mean that's whats up
06:43:12 beta xuwuan ♡
Lmao, yeah you could do that x)

Lmao, convincing stubborn friends is a hard task-

It has! I just designed a character so extremely happy :0

Yes. Breaks for world-building are incredibly necessary after using so much brain power, aha
Snake God
06:43:06 Serpent Lord
xD yeah my main thing is if they get too close to my face holes- but other than that i love them.
i have not got to that part XD sorry vic reeee im slow at reading
06:42:23 -Devil in closet-
It’s ok though. I like spiders, but I don’t like them crawling on me XD
06:41:57 Rushing Waves
Xaûn! C:
Snake God
06:41:49 Serpent Lord
you leave my spiders alone >:C
Pastry Lord
06:41:25 Deadlywolf/chef
Pinyata… I am concerned
But when am I not concerned about you… Lmao
Then if it lays eggs I will steal the eggs and put on my sisters bed when they are about to hatch
06:41:20 -Devil in closet-
What’s up with the “meanie pants”? xD
lucid dreaming
06:41:09 Luci/luc/alix/damian
Saint, what did i doo?
Snake God
06:41:00 Serpent Lord
Xd yeah sorry, does sound kinda nasty... maybe not such a nice idea
06:40:22 -Devil in closet-
But that makes me cringe 👀

Spiders laying eggs in your wound? Yucky.
06:40:17 Vice Versa
Personal notifications and sales talk belongs in PMs and sales chat. Thanks
Arctic Angel
06:40:17 Seven
Yes. ^^


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All Gone | RP Thread June 3, 2021 01:49 PM

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Adaline I Female I Second in Comand I Mentions: Ben and Roxie

Adaline was petting Buorbon, trying to calm the antsy mare down before she got back on her. The mare was slowly calming down, other than her usual attitude and pinning her ears at her rider, even though Ada wasn't doing anything. She scratched the mare's forehead, the only thing that the mare seemed to enjoy. She was about to get back on when she heard hoofsteps. She looked over and saw Ben on his horse trotting over.

She wasn't expecting him to walk over to her and give her a flower, it was something that had never happened before. She smiled shyly at him, blushing slightly. He seemed to get nervous too and went back over to his horse after saying he needed to check on Roxie. She stood there for a few moment, once he was out of sight she grinned, still blushing badly. She held the flower, smiling down at it.

She wondered if it meant that he liked her. She sure liked him, but that wasn't always mutual. She took one last look at the flower and then tucked it safely behind her ear. Her what locked it into place so it wouldn't go anywhere, which she was happy about. She loved the color as well, the bright orange was a happy color. Something she didn't see a whole lot. Not to mention it smelled amazing, which was new to her.

She finally mounted up on Bourbon, the mare still acting a bit antsy. The mare picked up a quick trot and Ada nodded, patting the horse on the shoulder with a smile. She suddenly heard a scream coming back from the direction where her horse had bolted from. She clicked her mare into a fast gallop, arriving there within a few moments. She had pulled out her repeater for whatever the threat could be.

When she arrived at the scene she immiidately saw what was going on. A cougar had jumped them, probably why Bourbon had run away from in the first place. She leveled her repeater at the cat, pulling the trigger and hoping the quick shot she had made hit the cat and not Roxie. She had shot the cougar in the head somehow, the shot was easier than she had expected as the cat had been standing still for a moment.

Ada took note of the horse on the ground, frowning slightly. Bourbon was dancing around, tossing her head and trying to be able to get free to take off again. She ignored her though, raising her repeater so the barrel was up in the air instead of at Roxie. She surveyed the area quickly before adressing the grounded girl.

"You good? Did it injure you?" She asked Roxie, looking her up and down and not seeing and visable injuries or blood. She hopped off her antsy mare, leading her over to Roxie by the reins. She looked over at the dead horse, then back to her gangmate. It was her job to make sure everyone was safe and uninjured, and no matter how much she disliked Roxie she would always do her job.

All Gone | RP Thread June 3, 2021 02:05 PM

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Ben Hanson| Male| Member| Mentions: Roxie and Adaline|
Ben tried to shoot the cougar but his gun wouldn't fire. Ben quickly pulled out his bow and an arrow and was just about to shoot it before he saw Adaline on her horse galloping over to the scene. Ben saw her shoot the Wild cat in the head. Ben's heart was racing and he ran over to Roxie "The damn gun got jammed up... I'm so sorry." Ben said to Roxie. He sighed why hadn't he just shot the big cat with his bow and arrow in the first place? "Are you okay?" Ben asked Roxie, he genuinely looked sad that he wasn't able to save her.

Ben glanced at Adaline and saw the flower tucked behind her ear, he quickly looked away and blushed a little bit. His hat had fallen off in all of the chaos so he quickly ran his fingers through his hair before grabbing it off the dirty ground and putting it on. He glanced at the dead horse and he sighed "I'm sorry about your horse, Roxie." Ben said.

Ben stole another glance at Adaline and hoped she didn't see him looking at her. He thought about talking to her but shook his head at the thought, what if she didn't have the same feelings? He would humiliate himself if she didn't feel the same way that he felt.

Ben felt tiny drops of water fall onto his skin and he looked up to the sky "looks like the rain has started." Ben said.

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All Gone | RP Thread June 3, 2021 02:28 PM

Hurricane blizzards
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Sameen | Female | Member | Mentions: Open
Sameen sensed something was off when Wildfire started acting weird, but she thought she could be imaging it. "Knock it off!" She scolded, as wildfire kept trying to turn around. "Cmon!" She urged him into a slow Canter, as he seemed to refuse to do anything else. Wildfire Is acting really strange. Maybe it's just the rain.. Sameen reasoned, as it had just started raining.
Sighing heavily Sameen turned him around and stared at the direction they had come in. Wildfire swung his head up nervously. Trying to go back the way they came, bit Sameen held him back. "Stop that!" She scolded, aiming to turn him around again, when she heard a snarl behind her. "Shit!" Wildfire stepped back anxiously as coyotes surrounded them. "Calm down bud..." Sameen whispered nervously.
But wildfire didn't calm down, instead he reared up, causing Sameen to slide off him, and land on the ground. "He reared again, and this time he galloped off towards camp. "You've got to be kidding me!" Sameen muttered, turning around to face the coyotes. There was no point in running, they would easily catch up to her. Damn it! She reached for her gun as they closed in, maybe she could scare them off.
One lunged at her knocking the gun out of her hands, as it tried to bite her. Sameen kicked it away, scrambling back. She reached and grabbed her knife which had fallen out of the saddlebag when wildfire had run away. Another lunged at her, this time she stabbed the knife into its leg, causing it to fall backwards yelping. Shit.. someone better come soon, or I'm a goner.. Sameen thought actually worried now. She stabbed her knife into another coyote that came near.
Sameen couldn't keep this up for long, it was now starting to rain harder, and the coyotes just kept comming. Soon she might drop her knife, then it would all be over.

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All Gone | RP Thread June 3, 2021 02:38 PM

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Amber Zambak | Female | Member | M: The gang
Amber finished her venison watching the others depart on the hunting party. She would have gone with them but she preferred hunting by herself. Amber sighed, standing up before tossing her hair back. She walked back over to Storm pulling out the grooming tools before brushing him down.

Asta's horse ran off, a newbie running after it. Amber looked the other direction, don't mess with Asta's horse. That horse meant a lot to her. Like Storm did to Amber. Amber finished brushing down her horse's coat before starting on his hooves. The newbie which she thought might have been Blaze, came back for Asta before they headed off again. Whelp, he's dead. Amber thought before focusing back on Storm's hooves.

Once she was done with his hooves, she patted his side before putting away the equipment. Tacking him up, she surveyed the clearing before mounting up. Not many people around anymore and the leader was nowhere to be found. Aside from the hunting group, the camp was too clear to be okay. Shaking her head, she clicked her tongue bringing her horse into a fast trot out of camp. She was almost to the lake when a wild Wildfire came out. Storm backed up, tossing his head as the other horse almost ran into him. Amber dismounted before grabbing Wildfire's reins soothing him, "Shhh, it's okay calm down. Where's your rider boy?" She said once he was calm. Mounting back onto Storm, she tied Wildfire to Storm's saddle before trotting in the direction he had come from.

Hearing yelps and growls, she turned her horse over in that direction and eased him into a walk. A coyote pack was surrounding a girl, Sameen, who was trying to hold out with her knife. Why in the rain? Amber thought sighing before pulling out a dagger. She threw it at the nearest coyote before raising her pistol to the sky. A shot made the coyote's scatter for a moment before coming back. One glared at her before recieving a shot to the head. Amber dismounted before pulling out two daggers while holstering her pistol. She slashed at one before throwing a dagger at another one. Coyotes were the worst especially since the meat was disgusting unless made into jerky.

Moving forward, she finally got out her pistol and simply shot the coyotes. Once all was still, she sighed running a hand through her hair before asking Sameen, "Are you okay? I found Wildfire." She let out a sharp whistle and her horse came running, Wildfire in tow. She mounted before untying Wildfire. "We should head back to camp before it gets too bad." Amber said, the rain matting down her hair. She had forgot her hat back at the camp but oh well. It didn't matter much when it was raining.
All Gone | RP Thread June 3, 2021 03:46 PM

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[ Roxie Sweet ]

| Female | Member | Mentions: Ben and Adaline |


But Roxie had noticed Ben glancing at Adaline. She immediately turned red in the face. “I’m perfectly fine, thank you very much.” She growled angrily, stumbling to her feet. “If you two would like some time by yourselves go ahead and have it. I’m obviously not a priority nor am I so important that your gun apparently gets jammed Benjamin.” She huffed, turning away from them and stomping off into the forest towards camp. “I hate that damn woman… Always inferring with what I want to do… I ought to just sneak out of camp and go catch me a new horse and run away from these stinking people… No, thats a bad idea. I won’t be able to bother Ollie then and thats something thats necessary to do in a day.” She said to herself with a quiet chuckle as she continued to walk through the forest. Soon camp came into view as it started pouring. “I hope they both get soaked…” She smirked walking into camp and towards her tent.

She quickly slid inside and took off her muddy boots, laying them next to the entrance. She then layed her gun down next to it.

Roxie sighed and laid down, looking up at the roof of her tent. During her long stay at camp she had patched all the holes in her tent to make sure none of her belongings got wet. She thought going out of camp again would finally be the adventure she was hoping it would be, but in the end it was probably one of her worst.

She didn’t particularly like like Ben but she had a small crush on him. But then she realized just how much he must have liked Adaline over her. She didn’t like being beaten very much, especially since her horse had died.

She always had a feeling that the horse would leave her anyway. And now here she was, angry at Ben and Adaline, her only horse dead, and she was pretty sure she could see water leaking through a corner of her tent. “Amazing… I think I'd rather have stayed in camp…”


[ Ollie Bright ]

| Male | Member | Mentions: Slicker, Roxie and Adaline (Indirect) |


“You realize that I’m trying to read, right?... because right now I’m a little busy and I don’t really need to be bothered by you…” He took his pocket watch out and flipped it open again. “7:29… its been just a minute… Hmmmm… we have 13 hours and 31 minutes left until 9 o’clock… Instead, why don’t you bother me at 8:59 PM when you have 1 minute and 0.017 hours to bother me? Don’t worry, I’ve already calculated all of these times and memorized them so you don’t need to do the math yourself. Now, how about you run along so I can start reading again, hmm?” He said, not even glancing up at Slicker, still staring at the pocket watch. He then slipped it back into his pocket and looked at his book again.

“And by the way. Yes, it's a good book. About America’s history, quite fascinating actually. I also know what multitasking is. I do it all the time. And no, I’m not hungry, thank you. I’ll eat later when I feel like it. If I go to that table now nobody will even give me the chance to do what I do best. Now why don’t you go do what you do best and play card games. Or cheat at them at least. Yes, now bye.” He said quickly, scooting himself around the tree and away from Slicker.

“Can’t get two minutes worth of my own time… I really do love this camp so much…” He sighed silently to himself so nobody else heard him. But for a moment Ollie glanced upwards. Roxie was walking into the camp, covered in dirt, no horse, no Ben, and no Adaline, gun clutched tightly in one hand as she stomped her way over to her tent with a large smirk on her face.

“Hopefully it was Adaline she hit…” He muttered to himself, looking back down at his book.

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All Gone | RP Thread June 3, 2021 04:12 PM

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Ben Hanson| Male| Member| Mentions: Roxie and Adaline|
Ben watched as Roxie stomped off in anger. Ben sighed, he really did feel sad for what happened. Even though he didn't cause the cougar to come and attack Roxie and her horse he still blamed it on himself, he felt horrible. Roxie would probably never talk to him again Ben knew that but maybe he could try and apologize to her.

Ben's shirt became soaked and they hadn't even started to go back to camp yet. Ben looked over to Adaline " Well we should probably get going before we get completely soaked." Ben said in a soft voice. He hopped on his horse and he nudged her in the side, she started to slowly trot towards camp. Ben heard thunder crack through the sky and he made Whisling Bird go a bit faster.

Ben thought about talking to Roxie when he got back, but he knew he should probably wait at least a day before even going near her. He wondered if Adaline wanted to talk to him but he was too nervous to talk to her after giving her the flower.

When Ben arrived in camp he saw that Buddy was sitting at the table just now finishing his breakfast. Ben hopped off of his horse and led her to his tent where he took her saddle off of her and he went into his tent. He took his holster off and changed into a different shirt because it had been completely soaked. He took of his hat which was also soaked and set it on the wooden desk to dry. Ben sat down on his makeshift bed in his tent and sighed heavily.

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All Gone | RP Thread June 3, 2021 04:55 PM

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Jesse Flores | Male | Member | Mentions: Open
Jesse had woken up early, like every morning. As usual, he'd tacked up Scamp and gone for a morning ride before the others had even started waking up. The weather was warm but both he and the large horse could tell that it was gonna rain.

After around an hour of riding around aimlessly in the areas surrounding the camp and even managing to catch a rabbit that was now tied to his saddle and hanging lifelessly by its back legs, he could feel the first raindrops starting to fall from the sky and he let out a soft sigh.

"Let's go Scamp, it's probably about time for breakfast by now anyway," the blue-eyed male mumbled as he used his left hand to pet the thick neck of his stallion.

He clicked his tongue once as he gently pushed his heels into the side of the black horse who set of in a lope. The horse had always had a nice step and Jesse could sit comfortably in the saddle, simply just following the horse's movement.
As the rain started pouring down faster and more rapidly, Jesse gently tapped his heels into Scamp's sides as well as giving him slightly longer reins and the horse was quick to respond, speeding up almost immediately.

Not long after the duo arrived back at camp, Scamp slowing down as soon as it even came into view, and when Jesse let go of the reins and stirrups, the stallion came to a stop and the male got off him.
It didn't take long for him to untack the horse and brush him off but as the rain got more and more intense he could feel the water starting to soak through his clothes.

The stallion looked at his owner as the man quietly cursed under his breath while brushing him off. Suddendly Scamp bit onto the hat that Jesse was wearing and took it off the males head before nodding his head up and down, just out of reach for Jesse.

"Scamp, cut it out now boy, give it to me," he said as reached out for the hat only to have the dark horse move his head even higher up.

After a few minutes of the two "fighting" about the hat, Jesse gave in and pulled out an apple from his satchel. Almost immediately, the horse dropped the cowboy hat and took the apple instead.

"I swear Scamp, I spoil you too much," as he said that, Jesse scrathed the giant of a horse behind the ear before leaning down and grabbing the hat, hanging it onto his saddle horn as it was soaked too by now.
He untied the rabbit and threw it over his shoulder before making his way over to the food wagon where they kept all the other food they'd hunted and he dropped it off there.

As he started to make his way towards his tent to get changed, he glanced around camp, it was pretty quiet and he couldn't see that many other's around. His stomach let out a growl and he groaned a little, he was hungry as hell, but first he was gonna change clothes and wait for the rain to hopefully stop or atleast calm down before he figured out what to eat.
All Gone | RP Thread June 3, 2021 05:26 PM

Shadowedstars pack
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Diamond Caledan | Female | Member | Mentions:Jesse,open
Diamond huffed as she heard the rain."Just great...."She mumbled before stumbling out of her tent and into the rain.Diamond walked over to Smoke and quickly got a little journal of hers out of the saddle bag before tucking under her black fringe jack jo try and protect it from the rain.
Smoke raised her head up to look at Diamond.The mare was currently laying down relaxing in the rain."Really relaxing in the rain?"Diamond scoffed running her hand along Smoke forehead then her long red hair the was currently down.
Diamond looked around the rest of the camp slightly annoyed by the rain.She looked up only to have a large drop falling on her nose.Diamond let out a startled yelp falling to the ground and getting muddy."Oh come on!"she growled standing and shaking on of her legs slinging up around.
Diamond made quick woke to get to her tent and quickly change into another pair of ranch pants and putting her white fringe jacket on.Her shirt had been safe so it was all go.Diamond rummage around in her tent for either some whiskey or a cigarette.As she found some whiskey she opened the bottle and took a large gulp before putting it away again.Diamond rearranged her belongs back to how they were and smiled once she finished.
As she squeezes out of her tent she spotted Jesse trying to get his hat back.Diamond couldn't help but to laugh quietly.She watched the whole thing dieing of laughter on the inside.Diamond watched as Jesse untied the rabbit and took it to the wagon.
"Hey Jesse did you have fun playing get the hat with Scamp?"Diamond called to him walking over holding back laughter.She stopped right in front of him and looked at his soaked form.Diamond then laughed shaking her head"Looks like your a wet dog!"she managed to get out between giggles.

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All Gone | RP Thread June 3, 2021 05:39 PM

Honeybee Falls
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Asta Shah l F l 24 l member l M: Blaze

Up until a few moments ago, Asta was minding her own business and gathering food for her horse. Now her horse was going to end up dying and this creep standing in front of her was the cause of it. She stood there in fury, planning how this would work out. Sure, her opponent was both stronger and faster than her, but she had trickery and could mess with his mind. She launched herself at him, pulling her short swords out of their sheaths right before pushing off. It’s deep in the forest, people will just expect voodoo, right? She flicked to the flat sides and pushed off of Blaze’s chest as hard as possible, trying to knock him over in the process. He stumbled back a bit, visibly confused while she bounced back into a reading pose. “C’mon! Just try and hit me already, what are you, stupid?” She teased to try and get him annoyed and more likely to make dumb desicions.

Blaze ran off in another direction, Asta trailing close behind him, though slowly falling behind. While glancing back he ran into a tree due to lack of focus. One of her daggers hit the tree bark shortly after, grazing his ribs in the process. He ducked for another hit and yanked out the other dagger. “What the hell!” To him, she was acting ridiculous. It was a mere accident and this happened. He ran back into the open, pulling his dagger out as he turned around. Two silver blades came flying in his direction. His hand flew up with his dagger to attempt to block the first while the other cut off a patch of hair. A drop of blood formed in that spot while His attacker pulled a flip over his head. Disadvantages of being short.

Asta smiled, there we go. He’s finally ready to fight. Just then she started feeling raindrops against her skin. Raining already? They’d all end up slipping, a shame. While she was thinking about the possible consequences of rain, a metallic feel met the skin of her shoulder. A bit of blood began to rush down her arm- the one where the sleeve was cut off. She turned back to him, seeing he regretted that decision. What a pleasure this was! He regretted this whole thing, probably hoping to get off the hook without violence. Problem is, violence was always her answer. She ran towards Blaze and slid down on the now-wet grass to try and cut at his ankle. He pulled away while she stood again. Her eyes now had fire in them; fire set by determination. She rushed forwards again, pushing the edge of her blade against his arm. He slipped back on the wet grass, losing his dagger in the process. He glanced over at his dagger which was embedded in the ground a few feet away. Asta shrugged and kicked it back. It was only fair.

The two returned to battling. By now both were tired and had their fair share of cuts and bruises. Asta still wasn’t going to give up because of that. She tried to push him over again, succeeding this time. After pinning him to the ground with her knee on his back, she began to talk, “So, got anything to say?”

He spat out a few strands of grass. “Yeah I’ve got something to say! I’ve got plenty to say about this. It’s just a horse-”

“Like all the others you’ve managed to kill off, huh?” She overlapped his voice and started talking again. “You’re talking too much now.”


Asta wiped off her blades in the grass to get as much blood as possible off. She slid them back into their sheaths and walked over to Blaze’s dagger. After picking it up she rotated it in her hands a few times. Seemed nice enough, she could add it into her collection. Now, where’d that horse of hers go.

When she found her horse it was in obvious pain. “Gypsy…” She sat down next to him, trying to comfort the poor animal. “What’d he do to you?” She ran a hand through the horse’s beautiful mane while he looked up at her in sorrow. “You just want it over with, do you?” He rested his head on the ground in agreement. She sighed, pulling out her blades again. This was enough death for one day.

Drops of water fell onto the dead horse’s pelt. Now tears mixed into the rain, rushing from Asta’s eyes in large drops. “Goodbye, dear Gypsy.” She stood and turned to walk back to camp, tears still flowing from her cheeks. She almost raised her arm to wipe them off on her sleeve, but stopped. It would just look like rain anyways.

All Gone | RP Thread June 3, 2021 06:31 PM

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Adaline I Female I Second in Comand I Mentions: Ben and Roxie

Adaline watched as Roxie stomped off and she just crossed her arms. Ada just shrugged, not really caring that the girl was being obnoxious. She looked over at Benjamin, watching him get up on his horse. She couldn't hide that she was a tad bit dissapointed, she had actually wanted exactly what Roxie had said, alone time. Mostly to talk, although she didn't even know where she would start with feelings and stuff. She was not totally incompetant with talking about stuff like that, she just never had ever done it before. Of course she had crushes before, but they had been fleeting and never acted upon. This was her first major crush in the gang though and she was intrested in possibly persuing it this time.

She went over to Bourbun and pet her on the nose. SHe was about to mount up when her eyes laid upon the dead cougar carcass. She sighed, knowing she should take it back with her. She led her mare over near it and then took off her coat, ignoring the rain that was drenching her. She hung the coat on the saddle horn of Bourbon's saddle, not wanting to get blood on the coat. She grabbed the carcass and draped it over her shoulder, mildly annoyed that no one had stayed to help her. It wasn't really annoyance, it was dissapointment. She had wanted someone to stay, by someone she meant Ben.

She carried the cougar over to her horse, ignoring the blood that was staining her shirt now. She tied it to the back of her saddle, making sure it was fixed securly before mounting up. She trotted back to camp, sighing as she was compeltely soaked with the rain and blood. She pat her horse on the shoulder, glad to still have her versus the other horse who was killed. She'd need to go back there and collect the saddle, clean it too. Not like anyone else was going to do it.

She had untacked Bourbon and moved the carcass over near the trees. She quickly went to her tent, taking off her revolvers and gunbelts and laying them on her bed. She thought about changing into a sleevless top, it'd be much more comfortable in the rain. She sighed, changing into a sleeveless top she had made for herself. It didn't fit the best, was a tiny bit too tight in her waist, but she didn't care. It was just for a small moment and she'd bring her jacket out with her in case anyone came around. She was very self concious about her scars across her back, specifically the burn scars.

She walked back out, repeater and coat draped over one shoulder as she held them. She walked over to where she had set the cougar and started skinning it with her knife that had the charm on it, her hunting knife. She did it slowly and carefully, making sure she didn't ruin it. The cougar would make some beautiful clothes, or at least a vest for someone. She was always using everything, nothing wasted unless it couldn't be used. She sighed, just doing her everyday chores and duties, she was a little bit sick of it.

She was in a spot close to the camp, but she couldn't easily be seen by the camp members unless they had been watching for her. She rememebred she now had to do laundry too, wash her bloody shirt. She just leaned back against the tree, ignoring the cold rain that was soaking her clothes.

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