Teeth Junkie
11:53:59 Baphomet | Vapor

this is a good, good plan but oh my GOD-- i'm going to clip into the backrooms holy fuck
11:53:49 the pantaloon.
I feel. Weird moods also suck lol. I've been kinda crap myself to be honest.
11:53:11 ssa das
Drown in sleep-deprivation-induced stupidity with me.
snake orb
11:52:22 chaos orb
yuck sjuk,

in a very weird mood but other than that, just trying to not die before the weekend
Teeth Junkie
11:52:11 Baphomet | Vapor

almost asked what a neuron was, i'm clipping through walls send help
11:50:51 ssa das
My neurons are lifeless.
11:50:33 the pantaloon.
Heyo Murber :o
Boredom sucks, so I'll try my best not to ignore you. What's up?
snake orb
11:49:55 chaos orb
ayo ignored again, the streak keeps going

hey sjuk
11:49:33 the pantaloon.
Teeth Junkie
11:48:49 Baphomet | Vapor
i am so so jittery that coffee is hitting so different
11:47:38 Goblin, Ven, Ravey
Night my friends have a good chaotic chat
snake orb
11:41:53 chaos orb

well, as the best, that's a very true statement

just dying of boredom, what about you?
Destinations End
11:40:55 Desti, Coy, Coydog
Do you think there's a reason he'd be acting like that?
Stardust Hurricane
11:40:34 Nagito (he/him)
@chaos orb

Don't worry. Happens to the best of us. What's up?
Stormlight Bindings
11:39:05 Star, Storm
Eh, I have a back ache, and a headache from watching this annoying kid who does what ever the fuck he wants
Destinations End
11:37:50 Desti, Coy, Coydog
Can't sleep from pain and being sick

snake orb
11:37:28 chaos orb
damn i got ignored
Teeth Junkie
11:37:17 Baphomet | Vapor
Kiwi my beloved?? Is that you? :0
Stardust Hurricane
11:37:10 Nagito (he/him)
Stormlight Bindings
11:37:09 Star, Storm
Doing pretty good, how about you?


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What Happened to Us // RP Thread. April 10, 2021 04:49 PM

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This is the roleplay thread for What Happened to Us. If you have not been accepted, do not post.

A few reminders

The humans were officially wiped out half a decade ago, so dogs that are 5+ will have known what the world with humans was like, while dogs under 5 wouldn't.

If your dog is pregnant when the RP starts, it must be at max 5 weeks.

Please keep in mind all the rules listed in the sign-ups!



RP Thread:

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What Happened to Us // RP Thread. April 10, 2021 04:52 PM

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450 words minimum per post.

Must post 4 times a week, if you need to pm me about you being less active, please do ^^ (If you need others to reply, that's exceptional)

Please at least include these in your header! :)

Name, Gender, Age, Pack, Mentions

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What Happened to Us // RP Thread. April 10, 2021 04:53 PM

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weather, degrees & time


The sun is beginning to prepare for setting, the winds are still. The tall city building makes it look as though it's later than it really is. Cloudier bits are beginning to roll in, creating patches of shade out in the open.

Exact Degrees




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What Happened to Us // RP Thread. April 10, 2021 05:55 PM

The Nebula Pack
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Hino/male/2/pack 1
Hino grumbled under his breathe from where he laid, rolling around in the dirt that covered his recent kill. Sometimes he would do this, as in bury something he's killed and leave it there for him to find later, marking where prey would potentially be later on. His black fur shone in the evening sun and his paws were always bloody since he refused to clean them until someone forced him to, and so after he thoroughly drenched himself in the scent of his dead prey via the dirt he snorted as he quickly got up - and of course, whimpering at the pain his hind legs endured momentarily - and lifted his nose high, trying to figure out if there were any more rabbits in the area. He began following a scent that took him weiving in between run-down buildings that had been either destroyed by... something or taken over by mother nature. He tried not to think about anything collapsing on him and him not being able to run or hide in the many cracks because of his size, which ultimately led to him speedrunning his way towards the scent. However, the smell seemed to suddenly disappear once he was out of the ' claustrophic zone' and his hind quarters were yet again aching him so the only rational thing he could think to do would be to find another way back to the centre of the pack and quick.
He could very easily scent out the smell of another dog that had passed here, and he wouldn't dare fight them when he was on their turf and not the other way around. As gullible as he seemed, he knew where to and where not to poke fun. He definitely wouldn't do it here and began to climb over falling pieces of buildings and once again, but unwillingly, weave through narrow entrances and slip out of tight spaces that left him panting from exerting energy so strongly trying to leave.
Finally, he arrived at a dugout he had made when he had newly arrived to the pack and was not so trusting of anyone. He sniffed around until he found the spot he was searching for and quickly yet cautiously began to dig. Once he had successfully gotten the two rabbits he had buried there out, he confidently let his tail curl and his ears perk up, prancing but soon full out running back to the main place where the pack would be residing. He was excited to give the rabbits to Beo for obvious reasons if anyone looked close enough, and it was simply because even though the dog was smaller than he was by a ton he had the energy that he longed to see once again and not only that, but the other was just as overfriendly as he was, so they were bound to become friends at some point.

Edited at April 10, 2021 07:06 PM by The Nebula Pack
What Happened to Us // RP Thread. April 10, 2021 06:42 PM

Canis Inanis
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Kzall/3/Male/Pack 1
It was terribly hot outside, and Kzall was not liking it. He should probably go jump in a pond or creek or something. He shook himself out as hard as possible in the hopes that it would at the very least get some air to his skin. Small gravel fragments and fur flew out from his movements, but at least he wasn't melting anymore. Kzall returned back to his patrol at a quick trot. It wasn't very slow, but this wasn't really meant to be an in-depth search-and-destroy run. He was on the outskirts of the pack's territory right now, so this route was mostly meant to just show their strength. Had to be visible for the other dogs, so they wouldn't try their luck in taking what was theirs. Other packs could go find their own spots in the city. It was big enough as it is, there had to be differnet places for them. It's not like food was only in the city center, right? That would be absurd, and entirely unlikely. Prey animals wouldn't just stick around his home only, that would be very stupid of them. Although, it wasn't like squirrels were known for their decision making skills. It didn't matter, he shouldn't be thinking about food right now. Kzall wasn't even hungry! He picked up the pace slightly, that would slow his brain down.
There hadn't been much activity on this round. No dogs, only a few birds a ways off, and nothing particularly eye-catching. Too bad, he had kind of hoped to find something bright and shiny to take back. Maybe something rainbow colored, or reflective maybe? That would be neat. Everything was quiet. Some abandoned buildings, already crumbled to various piles of miscellanious rubble, a bunch of potholes, some downed power lines. Stuff like that. Oooh, that highway was collapsed. Broken down cars were piled end over end over the side. Must have been packed when all the people left. Cars looked kind of insane to Kzall. Humans must have been crazy to not only build, but use those things. They weren't even that comfortable, the few times he'd been able to get into one. They seemed to be better used as cover than whatever it was humans had used them for. Sometimes he wished that he'd known at least one human, though. Ma had always said that she'd really liked her human, before they'd vanished. Had wanted to go with them, too, but that's the way the rooftop collapses. He kind of wished that she'd be able to see her human someday, if dog and human spirits went to the same place. If they even existed, but it's not like he could go and ask one. That would be cool though. Think of all the things he could learn if he could talk to the dead.
What Happened to Us // RP Thread. April 10, 2021 07:43 PM

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Ai I Female I 3.5 I Pack Two I Mentions: Open
Ai laid out on the ground. She was exhausted and felt like she was overheating due to the smothering heat. She could smell the salt from the ocean on the breeze, yet the breeze did nothing to dull the inferno that was blistering around her. Her tongue rolled out of her mouth. She was panting hard, chest heaving up and down.
Her thick malamute/wolf fur was holding in all the heat. Her chest heaved up and down, trying to cool herself down. She was laying down on her side, exposing herself to possible danger. Yet she felt safe for once. She glanced at her slightly swollen abdomen. It was visible slightly more as she was laying on her side. Yet she was thankful for her long fur even though she was being roasted alive by the heat. It hid her pregnancy from her new pack. She was deathly afraid that they would reject her and drive her away. She didn't want to be left alone anymore.
Her first 8 days in the new pack had been amazing. One of the best experiences of her life. She finally felt safe and like she belonged somewhere, instead of drifting endlessly and trying to survive on her own. She glanced up at the sun, by her estimation it was mid day. The time where the heat was worst.
What had she been thinking going out in the mid day heat? She knew she just had to take the hit and try to go back to her pack. She didn't want to get caught out in the open and cornered by a predator. She forced herself to stand, her lungs still working overtime to get her cooled off.
She uncovered the few small pieces of prey she had caught earlier and grabbed them. She took a deep breath before starting to walk back to her pack. Her paw pads started to burn from the heat on the ground, making her grit her teeth and try to pick up a slow jog. Her thin legs quickly covered the ground.
Before she knew it she had reached the pack. Her paws burned on the bottom and she was panting heavily. She slowed to a walk as she waked between the other wolves. Her tail started swinging side to side as she noticed some of the other wolves. She set down the two pieces of small prey she had brought back with her. Her tongue rolled out of her mouth as she looked around for a nice shady spot. She didn't want to bother anyone right at the moment, so she decided to go rest in the heat so she could do more helpful things later on for her pack.
She find a comfy spot to lie down in. She circled around in the spot a few times before lying down in a close circle. She couldn't make the circle complete, but still managed to touch her tail tip to her front paws. She didn't lay her head down for a nap, but wanted to stay awake to watch the pack and make sure no one else needed her help.
What Happened to Us // RP Thread. April 10, 2021 08:02 PM

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Aesthinn | Pack Two | Male | Six | Leader | Tyrion

Aestinn's paws were crossed over one another, head alert. His ears were swiveling in a dozen different directions, allowing him to hear the things all around him. It was a hot day- too hot, as far as he was concerned. Yet he was still glad he had somewhat short fur. He really felt bad for those with longer fur- namely, Tyrion. He probably wasn't having the best time of his life at the moment, trying to evade some of the higher heat for the day.

His head turned to look for him. Where are you, deputy? His vision was somewhat skewed; where they were at the moment, he took a large truck to be his den. It took him a while, but he finally found the male. Jumping out the window, he strolled over casually to Tyrion, setting himself beside his deputy. "So how are you faring today, Tyrion?" A bird chirped in the distance.

Stay alert, he reminded himself.

It would certainly take some getting used to for him not to be so alert. It may have been a long time ago that he'd been a nomad, but he was still acquainting himself with the lack of aggression now that he was in a pack. In a way, his alertness was useful- no one could really get the jump on him unless he was distracted or preoccupied.

At the moment, he was neither. Just bored. Too bored to be a board. He could hear his mother now: "You, boy, need a mate." She was right, too. But that wasn't his decision- unlike another former pack leader, he wouldn't impose himself on anyone in the pack. To simplify, it felt wrong. The pack had many females- and they all played a good part. Taking their dignity away wasn't something he'd indulge in.

An idea, entirely unrelated, popped in his head.

"Howsabout we go exploring? Search for new locations and hideouts for-" at this, he raised an eyebrow- "another little heatwave." Shaking his neck out and stretching on the ground, he gave a yawn. "After all, there's nothing better to do at the moment." He turned his eyes to Tyrion. "Unless someone has been waiting to see either of us-?"

While awaiting Tyrion's response, his mind simmered on the things in the pack. Everyone here trusts me, and I'm not even their founder. Why would they trust him? He wasn't even born in the pack. It would be easy to become their own personal dictator. Not that he would, of course. Dictating would be no fun. Having everything... doesn't give him a chance to know highs and lows. Just the highs. And hey- they'd probably kill him in an instant.

He wasn't that popular.

Or am I? Did they like him? Ah, that was a good question. He could guess they didn't hate him, but aside from that, he had no clue. His mind wandered for a bit, eventually wondering at the status of his deputy. "What made you decide you don't have a mate, eh? I'm sure any of the females in the pack would take someone with a status like yours."

In his mind, he was definitely the most odd leader one could be.

What Happened to Us // RP Thread. April 10, 2021 08:17 PM

The Nebula Pack
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Hino//2//male//pack one
Hino's legs could carry him so far before the fire that seemed to be deeply rooted in the ground started to burn them and with that he quickly ducked into the shade of the rubble of torn buildings, solemnly wondering what life with the humans would've felt like before growling at the thought and remembering the humans overlooking his parents in a time of need. He very quickly caught on to the scent of Kzall though and dropped his kills, pushing them into a hiding spot he knew he'd find later and turning to follow the other in complete silence. It wasn't like he was stalking the other so much as being ready to help out and searching for more prey he could go back to later on. He knew this route wasn't used by any other wolf or mutt at all, but he was a curious dog with every right to want to protect those that kept him protected daily, even if some of them were becoming increasingly aggressive.
He kept his nose either in the air or would quickly run ahead of kzall to sniff the area and when he smelled nothing he'd take a break and wait for the other to pass him so he could return to following him. His claws dug into sharp rock that left him bleeding and he would've seen this if he'd been paying attention but he didn't and steadily kept up with Kzall before deeming the other safe and doing one last sniff before trotting in between two buildings that appeared to be cafes. He took on a run, knowing well that he would get tired ut at least he'd be cool for a few minutes.
Again, he sniffed out his rabbits and groaned when he finally got them out of the hiding spot, panting heavily and hurrying back to the pack territory. He saw Ai panting heavily and made his way over to her slowly, so as not to scare the female. He didn't get too close but when he was close enough he dropped the rabbits and cautiously stepped forward to nuzzle her, then took one of the rabbits and scooted it closer to her. He usually would bug her but he could tell she was out of it just like he was and didn't bother doing anything. He did sniff her chin and rubbed against her briefly before plopping down beside her for a moment, taken over by a sudden nauseous feeling but that didn't stop him from jumping up again - and whining about it - to run off before swiveling around and picking up the rabbit that wasn't near Ai, then turning and running off again with his tail wagging furiously.

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What Happened to Us // RP Thread. April 10, 2021 08:49 PM

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- R· Á· N -
Pack One | Female | Four | Gunner | Beowulf

She was definitely going to get the jump on him.

Many times she'd failed, the scent hound snorting his way in her direction. He could probably smell her out from a mile away. But she was determined, and there was no way she'd let him let her let him sniff her out. So, as she sat there, her tail swished impatiently with the need to attack something. And that something was a someone. A somedog. Beowulf, who was just standing there, looking like his normal self: spazzy and dorky.


Crawling up slowly from behind a piece of rubble, she stuck her nose in the air. She barely caught the scent of Beowulf. Making to jump out and pounce on him like a cat, she wagged her haunches. Springing over the piece of rubble, she landed directly on top of him. She couldn't tell if he said anything, but the first thing she said as she was still crushing the miniature canine was why she enjoyed her raids so much.

"Terror from above!" An audible snort could be heard, and she positioned herself to face his own face upside-down. "Good morning~" A snicker escaped her snout, managing to make her look more cheery than usual. Beowulf was one of her better friends, and for that, he got to see her not being evil. Of course, she still loved to crush him in combat. Or a competition. Or anything, really. Particularly why she was crushing him right now.

It was just fun.

She rolled off of him, flipping onto all fours easily and pulling him up onto his own. "Wanna go out hunting? I'm sure the pack needs food. Or we could just go out hunting. For fun." Beowulf may not be willing to do things as risky as she preferred, but he still enjoyed most of the things she'd want to do. Which wasn't bad. It made him a good good friend.

A mate friend?

In her mind, she saw that as ridiculous. Her? With master slobber over there? It was almost too unbelievable. So much so that it physically manifested as her sneezing in his face. Ignoring the possibly rude gesture, she trotted off. "You coming?" Without a second thought, she transformed into her normal self, face blanking and partially scowling. She could muster up enough anger- it wasn't that hard.

So she thought about pack two, their invading onto pack one's territory and how little they really belonged in the city. Almost immediately, she snapped her jaws menacingly at empty air. The next time I see a member of pack two, my anger won't be the only thing that's snapped.

Her anger was, really, something she hoped not to change. It kept her on her feet. It saved her more than once. Even if the whole pack hated her, she was perfectly fine as long as she kept her own sanity. After all, one's sanity was one of the more precious things in a time like this.

And certain secrets.

What Happened to Us // RP Thread. April 10, 2021 09:22 PM

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Tyrion|| Male|| 6 || Pack Two || Aesthinn

It was than hot. It was so hot that it was like Satan had risen from Hell and decided that it was time he unleashed the heat of Hell itself onto the mortal realm. Rapid yet rugged pants echoed softly within the makeshift den of Tyrion. The den held one inhabitant, yet it was big enough to hold two. The only inhabitant was Tyrion, a male who wouldn't admit that the extra space in his den caused him to become forlonly, especially when the humans were wiped out and Tyrion lost nearly everything about the good days; aside from his yellow rubber chicken and his memories. Memories that often rush to him like a tsnami, drowning him with the rememberance of his father and his puphood; a loss he used to grieve over everyday. Over the years he pushed the feelings into a bottle and threw it to the back of his mind, and instead, put up a facade of emotions that only displayed his recklessness, anger, coyness, and compassion.

Life now was much different, a change he was forced to accept. Just like how the sun beat down it's harsh rays of hell, life had beat Tyrion into a shadow of the dog he was as a pup. Now, he couldn't elude the fact that there was water, and other places to use for shade, but the sweat that drenched his coat along with his rapid pants that burned his lungs with every breath he inhaled, discouraged Tyrion to budge a muscle. So he lay there, eyes glazed over with tiredness. Why am I trying? was the thought that embedded itself into his brain, leaving Tyrion's ears to droop slightly, whether it was from the weight of his sweat, or from hidden emotions.

A sudden sound caused him to snap out of his thoughts, immediately causing his heartbeat to race faster in his chest, the thudding of it echoing in his ears along with the sound of paw pads on rough terrian. He tensed immediately, eyes suddenly sharp and alert, a clear contrast from the dull and weary look they were just moments before. The deputy took a cautious sniff, before relaxing as the familiar smell of his leader filled his nostrils. A moment later, Aesthinn strolled and placed himself near Tyrion. He could feel the lonely feeling dissipate away, being replaced by a sense of security and comfort. Offering a small smile to his leader, Tyrion replied with a gruff, "Being burned alive currently." With that sentence, Tyrion heard a bird chirp somewhere in the distance, the sound reminding him that he was to do his job as deputy and protect his leader.

Seeing that Aesthinn seemed alert, Tyrion perked his ears forward, despite the fact that Tyrion knew that Aesthinn was always alert no matter what. The leader had himself to Tyrion, especially when he had came to the pack. Aesthinn had gone silent, indicating that maybe Tyrion say something as well, a conversation could distract him from this insane heat. However, Aesthinn beat him to it, saying they should go explore to find locations and hideouts for another little heatwave. The idea caused Tyrion to look at his leader, whose eyebrows were raised. Suddenly feeling amused by the offer, Tyrion watched Aesthinn lay his head on the ground and yawn. This notion was awfully contagious, leaving Tyrion to yawn as well, licking his chops in thought at the idea, considering it as a way to clear his mind and possibly cool off.

With a chuckle, Tyrion replied, "Surprisingly, no one has came to report or look for us." He licked his paw, internally growling at himself. Even his tongue was hot and provided no relief to this blasted heat. When he saw no movement from his leader, he took the opportunity to paw absently at the hot ground, closing his mouth and decided that he was going to find a nice body of water and take a bath. The stench that rolled off his body made him want to gag; following by him cursing at his long furred genetics. Damn this heat. Damn this long fur. Damn this world. Damn you all.

With a huff of defeat, Tyrion heard Aesthinn's next question and barked out a dry laugh. "No one is going to want this old bastard anytime soon. Granted, I am your Deputy, and I am more than honored to be in this postition, but sadly, my title of power does nothing to "woo" the ladies.." he trailed off, shaking his head and with a sly smirk asked, "Oh but you, however, are a much better canidate. I'm sure if you strut your stuff, you'll be having all the ladies fainting at your paws." Tyrion looked away for a brief moment, Aesthinn's question had caused the yearning for a romantic partner to explode within Tyrion, his mind playing out small fantasies that were supposed to make him happy, but only made him more sad and deslote as he shoved the fact that he could never get a lady. He didn't know how. With a flick of his ear, he slowly began to stand, grunting softly before looking up at the sky. "You know what, let's go out and explore, I'm tired of seeing this old scenery anyway." With that statement, Tyrion walked out of his den, shaking his fur out to relieve himself of the sweaty hell that this heat caused.

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