01:07:02 Its Cres :D
Techno, side :P
01:06:55 Its Cres :D
Aight, im off now to learn and write about Bootstrap >.< Bird boi, i wont log off so get to exploring and steal the pot <.<
01:06:49 Techno | The Blade

I see you have a new name or this is a side?
01:05:41 Its Cres :D
Oh right, paying before announcing results. Completely forgot thats even an option lmao.

Techno <33
01:04:19 Techno | The Blade
hello hello
01:04:13 Rook
The way I'm imagining the betting is basically no risk. It's just toss your vote in the pot and if you guess right you get mushrooms. If you guess wrong, better luck next time lol
01:02:37 Its Cres :D
Bird boi, yeah, it would probably require either both packs dueling to mail you the victor, or just the victor to send the screenshot as proof. Pretty time consuming, but im not sure if theres another way to verify wins. Also, the betting system should probably be done on forums, with the rule of no editing posts <.<
12:59:44 Its Cres :D
Hoodie, lmao understandable. Im just on here so Bird boi can steal that chinese pottery and complete the quest XD

Oh no, thats awful! Has it been taken out yet? Or at least put under control? I can imagine what hell it was >.<
snake orb
12:58:28 chaos orb
yay (:
Your Fire Hazard
12:56:18 Crystalline Dye Lord

I was confused for a moment asking who the fuck you were. :')

The fires over here were pretty close to my town (maybe a dozen or so miles away). Not sure about damages just yet, but it was big enough to be put on the record for largest fire since the 1900's I think, it was horrible.
12:54:57 Rook
I'm not sure how I would organize it if I decide to do something like that.
12:53:58 Its Cres :D
Houwund, indeed you are *^*

Bird boi, i love the idea! Might even join myself, depending on time :D
12:52:41 Dogge, Goth, GothDog
mmm new baby :D an insane remake of my boy gecko!!

Rest in Peace
12:51:28 Resident Art Demon
-WP Click-

Vote? :D
RP/Story ideas, need help choosing! ^^

-WP Click-
Ask me anything *^*
12:47:33 Rook
Thank you so much ;u;
Hey check this out and tell me what you think?
-WP Click-
snake orb
12:44:23 chaos orb
am a cute noodle boi though
12:43:51 Its Cres :D
Aight, here we go.

Houwund, you a noodle boi now-

Hoodie, oh damn, i hope youve been safe and there werent many victims and much material damage? Ive been out of the loop with literally everything so i have no clue whats going on >.<
Crescent Moon Pack
12:41:39 Blue--Devil
Bird boi, im here if you wanna talk, or just rant <3 Just take it one day at time, theres really nothing to be gained by worrying about "what ifs". As you said, positive attitude and hard work shall do the trick, and youll get through whatever youre facing :D
It means a lot broski, thank you <333
Also, lemme just get on my lightbringer side account so i can leave the pot out for you
Your Fire Hazard
12:39:44 Crystalline Dye Lord

Yea, I've had this name for maybe a month! It's because of all the fires that have been happening around here. ^^

How've you been my love. <3
snake orb
12:39:01 chaos orb
hey wait what about me


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Shifting Secrets | Roleplay | OPEN March 19, 2021 06:41 PM

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The university of Argates is one that isn't very well known by the general public of any town, state, or country. However, you aren't the general public. You are part of a culture called the Antion, unknown to nearly all humans. These are a mystical people that disguise themselves as normal and live among other non-magical people, or Nons. Antions come in all shapes, sizes, and species. Once an Antion reaches a certain age, the age to have graduated the human high schools after earning basic things and move on to learning more about their craft, they will submit applications to Argates, and may or may not be chosen based on their background, their grades, their personality, whether or not their parents attended, and even how their parents performed if they did attend.

What exactly is learned at this university? Well, it mostly teaches shape-shifting, an art that must be mastered by every Antion before they become full members of their society. However, the school also teaches things such as brewing potions, casting spells, handling mystical beings, and dueling skills (which includes defending themselves against dark magic).

If an Antion fails their classes, they are stripped of their powers and rejected from the society to become Nons. If an Antion isn't accepted into the university, they usually rebel and become Darions, or Antions that practice dark magic and have spoiled their shape shifting forms. There are very few who aren't accepted, and it's always their fault. It is said that Darions have recently started banding together and somehow getting their children into Argates without the headmaster knowing. It is said that they plan on overthrowing the Antions and creating a new culture founded on dark magic. This has set many on edge, and those attending are on high alert for the Darions that are rumored to be roaming the halls alongside them. However, Darion children aren't their parents, and perhaps being around the Antion students will actually reveal to some that they would like to revert to being Antion. Darion children also don't have their shapeshifting forms ruined yet, as they were born into the dark "culture" rather than chose it. They must accept it to become full fledged Darions.

However, you don't have to worry about your application being rejected. Your family has been accepted into the school for so many generations, the family has lost count, and it's rare that one is rejected, anyway. Therefore, you are blessed with trivial worries such as, who will you become friends with, will you get bullied, and will you find a love interest? However, even with the acceptance guaranteed, you could still fail your family. Will you fail, succeed and carry on the legacy, or perhaps even make history?

Remember, Ebanon is the Co-host!! This means they have all the powers that I (Meian) have.
Table of Contents:
- Plot
- University Rules
- Assigned Wings + Dorms
- Daily Schedule according to year
- Where to start/ Heading

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Shifting Secrets | Roleplay | OPEN March 19, 2021 06:43 PM

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University Rules:

- No leaving campus grounds without letting a professor know, and you must leave with at least one other person

- Don't go into the dark woods unless with your professor on a field trip. If you go in there alone on your own merit, we aren't chasing after you.

- To go into the Sodden Forest, please take at least one person with you and let a teacher know

- Vampires, for crying out loud, please only drink the blood provided by the cooks. No more drinking from your classmates on dares! Anyone caught doing this will receive detention.

- Ditching class will earn you an assignment separate from your classmates, that you will have to do in addition to your original work

- All years can shape shift when they aren't in classes. This means be in your human form or natural form when going in and coming out, don't shift mid-class. (Unless, of course, it's shape shifting class)

- No magic in the halls! How many times do we have to say this? Why is it always you fairies and werewolves, as well?

- Any pranks played on professors will receive retaliation to the fullest of the professors' abilities. Don't serve it if you can't take it, students! ;)

- Obey professors under all circumstances. (Unless they're under the control of a mind spell like last year. We know if was one of you Knowledgeables! We will find out who it was!)

- If you absolutely must go Imp hunting in the woods during your longer break, please make sure you're using non-lethal spells. We don't want to be on the verge of war with them due to you foolish students. Also, expect retaliation from them, students. You don't mess with Imps unless you're ready to handle their shenanigans.

- No practicing explosive potions anywhere other than the alchemy classroom and the woods, those can get pretty messy.

Shifting Secrets | Roleplay | OPEN March 19, 2021 07:30 PM

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Format: Name | Species | Year (#) | Gender | Antion/ Darion | played by (pg #)
Castor Daniels | Werewolf | 4 | Male | Antion | Rejects (pg 1)
Rhysand Briar | Wizard | 3 | Male | Darion | Crescent Caves (pg 6)
Juniper Grenleff | Half-Breed | 3 | Demiboy | Antion | D.W. (pg 4)
Kjörinn "Viking" Heimdall | Fairy | 2 | Male | Antion | Ebanon (pg 4)
Adrienne Kingston | Shape Shifter | 2 | Female | Darion | Whisper (pg 7)
Winston K. Shepherd | Half-Breed | 2 | Male | Antion | Kampa (pg 4)
Anna Jackson | Fairy | 3 | Female | Darion | Meian (pg 6)
Inus Creet | Wizard | 1 | Male | Antion | Skybound (pg 6)
Ashton Cooke | Fairy | 1 | Male | Antion | Flower Field (pg 9)
Eve Summer | Half-Breed | 3 | Female | Antion | Ender (pg 7)
Nico J. Butte | Vampire | 3 | Male | Antion | Meian (pg 4)
Andrea Halidu | Shape-Shifter | 3 | Female | Antion | Juan (pg 6)
Mavi Shrike | Fairy | 1 | Female | Antion | Skybound (pg 8)
Xaelyn Whitethorn | Fairy | 2 | Female | Antion | Crescent Cave (pg 2)
Bailen Sweed | Centuar | 3 | Male | Antion | Meian (pg 8)
Danori Kioa Tani | Shape Shifter | 4 | Female | Darion | Ebanon (pg 2)
Clementine C. Dalton | Witch | 4 | Female | Darion | Kampa (pg 4)
Isabeau Rayfe | Witch | 2 | Female | Antion | Roison Berry (pg 8)
Kage Ninomae | Half-Breed | 2 | Female | Antion | Dragonhorse (pg 9)
(There are hundreds of rooms, but they are all filled with NPCs, so I figured it's useless putting them here, and there's so many)
Wing/ Room # 1 2 3
-Danori Kioa Tani
-Clementine Dalton
-Isabeau Rayfe
-Kage Ninomae
-Xaelyn Whitethorn
(No roommate)
-Bailen Sweed
(No roommate)
-Ashton Cooke
-Inus Creet
-Winston S.
(No roommate)
-Anna Jackson
-Eve Summer
-Andrea Halidu
-Mavi Shrike
-Nico J. Butte
(No rommate)
-Castor Daniels
-Juniper Grenleff
-Rhysand Briar
-Kjörinn Heimdal
-Adrienne K.
(No rommate)

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Shifting Secrets | Roleplay | OPEN March 19, 2021 08:02 PM

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Time Seedlings Saplings Knowledgeables Wisends
9:00 AM 1st Potions 2nd Potions 3rd Potions 3rd Spells
10:00 AM 1st Spells 2nd Spells 3rd Spells Optional: Tutoring Period
11:00 AM Break Break Break Break
1:00 PM 1st Shifting 2nd Shifting 2nd Dueling 3rd Dueling
2:00 PM End of Day 1st Dueling Optional: Tutoring Period Optional: Tutoring Period
3:00 PM --------- End of Day End of Day End of Day

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Shifting Secrets | Roleplay | OPEN March 19, 2021 08:28 PM

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We will start out at the welcoming ceremony. This is simply a welcome speech by the headmaster (I alone will control his speech, but he's free after that), welcoming Seedlings and welcoming back those older. The hall where he will be making this speech is a large, old hall within the castle. There are floating balls of flame in the room, lining the walls and hanging low over the long, buffet style, dark wooden tables.

At the head of the room, sit fancy chairs, all styled to match their owner's personality and tastes. The professors, and Headmaster sit in these chairs, with the Headmaster's in the middle, though he stands during his speech. Most of the students will be seated at the tables listening to the speech, with seedlings excited to be assigned their wings.

However, there might be some late arrivals still coming to the large, old, intimidating castle by pegasus-drawn carriage.

As Saplings and those older enter the castle's 200 mile radius, their assigned wing emblem will appear on their sleeves. This includes parents, who would still have the spell cast on them due to attending the school themselves.

Heading: (feel free to add anything, this is the min)

Character Name | Character Year | Wing | Mentions:

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Shifting Secrets | Roleplay | OPEN March 22, 2021 03:49 PM

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Adrienne Maxine Kingston | Shapeshifter | Second Year | Dragon Wing | Mentions: OPEN

Adrienne was at home with her father, two half-brothers and her Doberman Pinscher, Zaddy. She avoided crying as she gave each of them a hug, “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. It’s just university dad, I told you I went there last year and I was perfectly fine by myself.” She smiled as her oldest half-brother gave her a light punch on the arm, handing her a brand new iPhone XR, which was much needed after Adrienne managed to smash her old phone after it fell out of her pocket while she was skateboarding. Adrienne walked out of her house, Zaddy barking excitedly at her heels and waved goodbye as she opened the door to the backseat so her Doberman Pinscher could get in and then she hopped into the driver’s seat of her already packed car. She drove from her family’s small house in the suburban area of the city to the abandoned garage where she kept her car for the time she was at the University of Argates. A pegasus-drawn carriage came crashing down from the sky, causing Adrienne to jump, but the look of shock on her face soon turned into a huge grin. “I’m ready to go if you are, but I could probably pull this thing myself,” Adrienne stroked the pegasus’s muzzle as she referenced her shapeshifting abilities. “My stuff will be at the university when I get there, won’t it?” The pegasus bobbed its head and she smiled, “Alright then, let’s go.” She gave the pegasus a quick kiss on its muzzle before opening the door to the carriage so she and Zaddy could get inside. She felt the pegasus begin to gallop forward and she lurched backwards as if she was on a rollercoaster or on an airplane, petting Zaddy’s head as he whined quietly, head resting on her lap. Once in the sky, she looked at the scenery below and closed her eyes to sleep until she arrived at the castle. With a thud, Adrienne woke up and fell off of the bench in the carriage as the pegasus came to an abrupt stop. Zaddy sat on the bench, wagging his stub of a tail. She opened the door to get out of the carriage and tumbled out with a groan, Zaddy jumping out gracefully behind her. “You could have warned me that you were stopping,” Adrienne glared at the pegasus, to which the white, winged horse responded with a whinny as if laughing at her. She thanked the pegasus and watched it fly away again. She turned her attention back to the castle she now stood in front of, scratching Zaddy behind the ears, “Year two boy, year two.” As Adrienne kept her head low and watched the other Antions and Darions arrive at the university with their parents, their specific wing emblems on their sleeves. She had no one, but the Dragon emblem was crisp and clear on her sleeve. As she walked towards the doors of the massive, intimidating-looking castle, she looked towards the sky and gave a sad smile, “If only you could see this, mom. I’m here,” Adrienne blinked away the tears before entering the castle. She walked down the winding hallways with Zaddy at her side, finding the hall where the welcoming ceremony would take place in. Floating balls of flames were lining the walls and overtop of the tables. Adrienne found a spot to sit at one of the many tables and Zaddy laid at her feet underneath the table. She looked at all the teachers and the Headmaster sitting in extravagant chairs, “We should be getting the royal treatment too, eh Zaddy?”

Shifting Secrets | Roleplay | OPEN March 22, 2021 06:53 PM

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Clementine C. Dalton

Feminine | Fourth Year | Phoenix Wing | Mentions: Everyone ind.

Dark voluminous strands of inky, thick curls entwined with Clem's pale fingers. She fiddled with the uneven edges as she rested against the carriage door. "If we had dragons pulling the carriage, you wouldn't be able to hear them heaving- like these pegasus's." The deep, husky voice of her father erupted from the silence like an active volcano. Clementine kept her eyes on the hard, intricate markings of the door, keeping her distance from her father, even if it meant scooching to the edge of the cushion. Her distance from him deemed as useless, as she could still sense his trench coat just a few inches away from her. She could even sense his icy eyes on her. He was staring, trying to rake out a conversation from Clementine. Call it petty, but she wouldn't peep if it meant that he would feel triumphant about it.

Clem and her father had a fight just moments before entering the carriage. Even if that was a bit ago, the angst still hung around. "Come on, Clem. You don't want to be perplexed when you're at the welcoming ceremony, do you? We both know how you get," His rasped voice was soddened with a passive-aggression that made Clem's lip slightly curl. "Don't be such bull-headed grudge holder." Her father ripped his stare away from her, obvious frustration peering through. It takes one to know one. Clem inhaled, bringing herself to stop fiddling with her hair and meet her father's eyes. "That's my Clem." A rare, slim smile brightened her father's features as he placed a rough hand on her shoulder, ruffling her hair just the slightest so she didn't have time to complain.

"You know... I didn't mean what I said," Her father muttered looking down at his shoes before taking in another breath. It was hard for the Dalton's to talk about their feelings toward each other especially. "I know." Clementine's voice was quiet, almost inaudible, but she knew her father understood. The silence that lasted between them was long, before one of her father's many wyverns crawled out from his trench coat, a small puff of smoke emitting onto Clem's nose as he chaotically threw a fuss. "Shh, shh, Rhaegus." Clem's eyes flickered to her father as he stroked the pocket-sized wyvern. It easily calmed down, somehow finding comfort in his cold hands. Biting her tongue, she held back a venomous comment. She felt her throat burn as she tore her eyes off of her father's excuse. "We must be close," Her father motioned to the phoenix emblem on her sleeve. Clem hadn't noticed it, it must've been there for a while. "I guess," Clem said, her tone smooth as she managed to gain some control over the sensation to yell at her father once more.

A long, ongoing silence occurred before her father pointed out he could see the castle. "Ah, it never changes, does it?" He said, his teeth showing through his wide grin. "Given that it's been there for centuries, I wouldn't expect it to change within the next century." The snarky words left her lips before she could stop them, feeling her arms tense as she witnessed her father leaning back in his seat, letting his wyvern slither up to his shoulder and down his arm. He was holding back so much. If it wasn't for them being within the castle grounds, he likely would've relighted the old argument. Instead, he sent a grudged look over to Clem before letting his wyvern fly out the window to most likely catch itself some lunch. The carriage had a slight tremor, indicating that the creatures pulling it were descending, preparing to land. The sudden sounds of hooves smacking the pavement and the soft rolling of the carriage's wheels made Clem relax a little. The sooner she was able to stretch her legs and her mind, the better.

Once the carriage stopped, Clem popped open the door. Rarely anyone else was in sight, other than the occasional on-time student. She stepped out, allowing her mahogany combat boots to smack the pavement as she hastily exited the carriage. Her black hem coat caught a gust of wind, one that also made her hair tug backward with a sudden force. She felt cold rough hands gather her hair. Her father was quick to put together a makeshift side ponytail, one that softly gripped her hair together, enough to hold it all in one. Her inky hair slowly turned into waves, then curled the further down it went, eventually ending at her chest. "There we go," Her father muttered, walking past her once he had finished with Clem's hair. Clem followed close behind, tucking in the rest of her flowy white blouse into her black leggings as she brushed off her coat. It was unbuttoned, but she didn't exactly think she would button it up, only to take it off when inside. She let a hand drift to her neck, feeling the cold, silver chain down to her collarbone. The jewel attached to the end was a dark blue one, contrasting against her own blue eyes. Her father insisted she wore her mother's necklace for her last year in the welcoming ceremony. 'It would leave a dainty impression on those Antions' He always said. Although, she supposed that the neater she looked, the less the Antions would think to impose on her family and their true intentions.

She looked to her father once more, wondering how he could put up such a honeyed smile to the Antions he claims to despise. Greeting them with a kind, rich nod. Now it was Clementine's turn to force a smile onto her face. But the traditional smell of the old castle was enough to lighten her features just enough to produce the tilt that provided a small, real vague smile. Finally, she was back. It'd be easy to focus on things rather than be stuck in the house with her father and his wyverns. "I'll leave you here then." Clem stopped beside her father, there were next to the open doors that led toward the hall. She stopped for a brief moment, before continuing past him. She would've strolled into the castle if it weren't for a hand gripping her arm and plucking her back. Her father's stare turned from proud and soft to dark and cold. The stare told her enough. She's seen that same stare every time she attended the ceremony. It was explained on her first day there. All she needed was a reminder now. A reminder to keep things in check, to not expose her or her family. Constant anxiety has been burned into her memory, seems like her father got what he wanted as he let her go. "I'll see you, Clemmy," She heard his voice, soft and fatherly once more as he walked back toward the carriage.

She walked down the familiar pathways in the castle. One she had walked down for 3 years before. My fourth and final year. Clementine pondered her future as she made her way toward the hall. The moment she entered, a nostalgic feeling smacked her in the face. The flames, the feasting tables. The crowd settling down into their seats... The headmaster prepping for his speech. Clementine walked past multiple students before taking a seat in the middle of the chaos. Her eyes studied many of the students. She had seen them for many years, and many she knew but never befriended. Well, she had befriended one. Both familiar and unfamiliar. Soon, there will be plenty more unfamiliar first years coming through. She formally straightened herself, her blue eyes were complex with many overlapping thoughts as she began to fiddle with the end curls of her obsidian hair once more. Her eyes drifted toward the headmaster, stopping her habit with her hair as she placed her hands neatly together on the table. Everyone was so diverse here. Unnatural hair colors, eye colors, heights- a majority even had wings planted on their backs. Clementine collected her focus, preparing to listen to the headmaster's speech- even if it was hard to tear her eyes off of the colorful pupils.

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Shifting Secrets | Roleplay | OPEN March 22, 2021 08:39 PM

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Kage Ninomae I Werewolf Hybrid I Second Year I Phoenix Wing I Mentions: Open
Kage put her last graphic tee shirt in her duffel bag. She sighed, then looked over at Folla. A very tiny horse/dragon like face turned towards her. It was an earthy green color, but had a beautiful gold scaling going down its face where a blaze would usually be on a horse. It had a small whiskers coming down from beside it's nose, but they were so small they were hard to even see. It had a beautiful stubby horn protuding from the middle of it's forehead. It had a little mane of fur starting about an inch back from her horn and traveling all the way down to her shoulder blades. It had skinny lean legs and a tiny torso, all the same dark earth color as her head and having the same small scale pattern. More gold scales traveled from her neck and along the underside of her chest, stomach and even her tale. Her tale was long and spiraly with a small tuft of dark burnt-orange color matching her mane. The long lanky legs had golden cloven hooves on the bottom. She got up and almost fell over, but then righted herself and trotted over. She measured about 9 inches at the shoulder and about 2.5 feet in legnth including her long tail. Fola was Kage's miniture pet kilin. The special present she had received for her birthday when she had turned 21. Kage pet the small creature on the head before grabbing a harness. She fastened it around the small creatures front legs. Kage then stood up. She grabbed her duffel bag with her luggage in it. It was almost as big as she was.
She had to drag the luggage out of her room, the large bag weighed as much- if not more- as her. Her dad was waiting for her in the living room and holding her baby brother. Her brother was screaming and crying again and she sighed. She let go of the duffel bag and went to go take him from her father's arms. The baby stopped crying in her arms. She felt tears stream down her face. "Hey, no need to cry. You're going to be right back with us before you know it." She heard the kind voice of her father say. She felt him wrap his arms around her. She smiled weakly through her tears, wishing the embrace would last forever. Sadly it ended a few seconds later. She knew she needed to leave, she was already behind schedule. She gently kissed her baby brother on the forehead and set him in his playpen on the ground. "Hey, this year will be better. Confidence, remember? Promise you'll try this year Kage?" She herd her dad ask. It was hard to meet his eyes, but she managed to stare directly into his brown and orange eyes. They were so intense, ready to pull you into their depths. She shook her head slightly, breaking her thoughts so she could answer her father. "I.... I promise." She murmured. He smiled straight at her and she returned a weak, but meaningful smile back. "Hey, this time you'll have Mocha to be there to keep you company. Maybe help calm you down. And you can facetime little Jack and I whenever you need. Okay?" She relaxed and nodded in response to her father. "Okay. I will make sure to call as much as I can." She felt the tears coming again. It was time for her to leave. "Love you dad, you too Jack." She waved bye to her brother who was now chewing on a toy. "Love you, I know you're going to do better this year." She nodded again, turning. She grabbed her dufflebag by the straps, hoisting it onto her shoulders. She didn't look back as she walked out the door, Folla following her every step.
She arrived at her car and stuffed the bag with her luggage in the back. The car was an old convertible, two seater. It used to be her dad's car, but when little Jack showed up he had to go out and get a four seater car. She opened the driver-side door. Folla quickly jumped in and went over to her spot in the passengers seat. Kage buckled herself in and started the car, ready for the long drive to her destination. She turned the key in the car and heard silence. She tried it again, but the engine just spluttered then went mute. She looked over at the kirin next to her and pet the small creature's scaley head. She then looked at all of the dials on the dashboard of the car and tapped the glass. She was horrified when the gas pin turned all the way from a fourth full, to below the empty line. She told Folla to stay there and then got out of the car. Luckily, she always had extra gas in the back of her car. Once the car was refueled and she was back in the drivers seat, she started the car. It worked this time and she breathed a sigh of relief. She was all ready to go now, but was dangerously behind time now. Once she was out of the parking spot and on the road she floored the gas pedal, speeding towards her destination.
She got there in record time, with barely enough time to catch the last carriage before it departed for the school. She hopped out of her car and jumped into the carriage, Folla following her and used her tiny bit of magic to float herself up to get up the stairs. Once she was inside she relaxed. She heard the pegasus making angry noises, apparently not happy she had arrived so late. It took off with a jolt, slamming an unsuspecting Kage into the seat. She growled under her breath at the pegasus. Folla cooled her anger as she came and curled up on her lap. Kage felt the anxiety start to well up in her on the ride there. Worried about what this year would bring. She had promised her father that she would try this year to make friends, but didn't know how to even do that anymore. She just looked out the tiny window of the carriage and stroked Folla for the rest of the ride.
When she arrived at school, she opened the carriage door. She took a hesitant glance around the grounds. She saw no one around the school or walking in. Folla darted out of the open door, falling down the steps and rolling over at the bottom. Kage quickly went after her, forgetting to leash her when she was in the carriage. Folla was dancing around happily, waiting for Kage. The little creature was quickly leashed by Kage and given a small little treat. Kage took a deep breath and walked across the deserted pathway up to the castle. She knew she was very late and was going to be the last one to arrive. She hated being the last one and quickly devised a plan on how to get into the castle and the large meeting hall while avoiding detection or confrontation from other people. She walked through the large door into the castle and then into the hallways. She tried to remember where the great hall was. She saw the large doors and sighed in relief, until she realized they were shut. She put her ear on the door, leaning on it slightly. She knew she needed to be in the great hall, it was a major part of going to the school. And mandatory, which is the largest reason. She gently opened the door and slid in, Folla pulling her into the room. Her next move was to go find a seat, but she barely got 5 steps into the great hall before she tripped over something. She quickly got back up and led Folla, whom she had just tripped over. She found a seat around some other people from the Phoenix wing. She made sure to try and sit on her own, away from the other people. She didn't bother to look around the room and just stared at the table. She studied the wood grain of the table underneath her fingers, loving the way the wood grain swirled around. She felt Fola jump and curl up on top of her lap. She didn't bother to try and pay attention to anything around her. She just tried to breathe and not have a panic attack.

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Juniper Grenleff | 22 | Demi-Boy | Half-Breed | Knowledgeable | Dragon | M: Everyone (Ind)

“Henry!” Juniper spat, squirming to get it out of his brother’s grip. Currently, Juniper was in his room he shared with his older brother, His almost seven foot tall brother was undeniably stronger than Juniper ever could be after all the time he had spent working on the ranch. This wasn’t to say Juniper wasn’t strong, but it was hard to defeat his brother not only because of the almost two foot height disadvantage and how he worked a lot less than Henry on the ranch. Yeah, it was kind of hard to forget Henry was a giant meat wall when Juniper was being held in a headlock. “Let me go or I swear to the gods above-”

“Oh calm your arse! I am just giving you good ol’ brotherly love, Junney!~” Juniper hated that nickname and Henry knew it. That bastard. “You know I am excited for you and your third year! I will always be proud of my itsy bitsy tiny little-

“Say another word and I will kick your shins to Yama and back!” Juniper hissed like a wyrm being squeezed by a toddler. “Now let me go before-”

“What on Earth are you both doing?” Daksha sighed, as she walked into the room to see the two scuffling. Henry instantly froze, letting go of Juniper while Juniper only smirked.

“I don’t know, Henry, what were you doing?” Juniper asked, clearly enjoying Henry’s discomfort. Henry was visibly tense. Daksha was younger than Henry and Juniper and somehow smaller, too, but she was twice as scary, inheriting their mother’s cold glare and unforgiving behavior. “Why don’t you tell Daksha what we were doing, huh?” Daksha seemed to look between the two boys and instantly know what happened.

“Henry, were you seriously picking on him already??” Daksha snapped, Henry flinching as the pear shaped girl waddled over to Henry. Daksha was a rounder woman with large hips that screamed sass and pure-kick ass. That was what Juniper loved about her the most: her sass and ability to walk up to the strongest men in the world and say ‘fuck you’ and make them flinch. “Would you grow a brain for five minutes and not pick on your brother? Would it kill you to act somewhat civil so that he doesn’t ruin his clothes?” Juniper suppressed a snicker, his eyes darting to Henry just in time to catch Henry throw a deadly glare his way. Daksha caught both of their attention yet again as she jutted a sharp finger into Henry’s chest, making him stumble with an even sharper glare. “You do know, I actually got his clothes steamed the other day, correct? I spent hours- hours Henry- getting it to look good dammit!! If you dare ruin my hard work I will gut you like a-” Aaaaand that’s when Juniper stopped paying attention and stopped focusing on the conversation at hand. Juniper zoned out as he heard a soft yawn from a shoebox at the top shelf of a bookshelf, patched with books on magical creatures, skulls, and herbs.

The yawn they recognized immediately as one creature and one creature only: Xeno. A small purple wyvern with the temperament of anyone forced to wait in line for hours. Or forced to go without coffee. Or just every other troll. Trolls, man. They’re grumpy motherfuckers. What were they supposed to be thinking about? Oh right! His tiny companion, Xeno. Spitfire Wyverns, wyverns barely a foot in length, can’t fly but they sure can glide. The sleepy lizard looked down at Juniper and his tiny tail twitched like a manticore cub about to pounce. Juniper couldn’t help but chuckle as he leaped and soared through the air, barely landing properly on Juniper’s shoulder. Juniper was wearing their leather satchel with ram fur lining the inside, hanging down on their hip which had always been Xeno’s favorite spot. Xeno slowly crawled down to the satchel while he unknowingly poked holes in Juniper’s nice sweater with his claws. Juniper was used to it though so of course they couldn’t get mad at him. It was honestly kinda nice to see their companion all sleepy like this. It really reminded them of-

“Juniper, are you even listening?” Juniper instantly tensed at the sound of his sister’s voice talking to him. Juniper swallowed hard as they not only felt their sister’s eyes but also those of their brother on him.

“Ummm… maybe?”

“I will take that as a no…,” Daksha sighed, rubbing the bridge of her nose and closing her hazel eyes. Daksha held out something in her hand. A crumpled, aging, and fading hat was being held out to Juniper. It was a soft brown and covered in dirt. It looked ancient and like it definitely needed a wash. It was his hat. Well, more accurately, it was Juniper’s older sister’s hat before she gave it to him. She gave it to Juniper before she left for the other side of the world. She- Falla- she hasn’t been home since. “You left your hat downstairs and-”

“Where’s ma and pops?” Juniper interrupted as he reached out for the hat and took it with a slight frown. “Aren’t they taking me to the academy…?”

“No, they… They had some business to take care of. They’ll be back later tonight.” The worst part of what Daksha said wasn’t the words themselves, it was the look in her eyes. Sympathy. It was strange coming from their sister and they hated how it made him feel like they even needed her sympathy to begin with. They didn’t. Juniper didn’t need sympathy right now. They just wanted their parents here for once. “Instead,” Daksha continued, “Henry will be taking you.”

“Wait, I will?” Henry asked, turning his head to face Daksha as if he himself was unaware that he was supposed to take Juniper. Because of course he was. Henry almost never knew what he was supposed to do. One glare from Daksha made Henry give an audible gulp and instantly told him what to do. “Right! I um… forgot I was supposed to do that!” Henry chuckled awkwardly as he began to back out of the room. “Well I’ll see ya downstairs, k Juniper?” Juniper just nodded slowly as his older brother left.

“See ya downstairs, dumbass,” Daksha smiled. Daksha rarely smiled. Despite her words, you could tell she was trying to be kind as she placed a gentle hand on his shoulder. Juniper refused to look up from his hat as he nodded slowly again. Juniper could see her smile fade out of the corner of his eyes. “Take your time, but don’t forget to say goodbye to the triplets and Fredrick.” And Daksha left.

Juniper stood silently in the middle of the room, not moving a muscle. They forgot to breathe for a minute. Xeno let out a soft chirp, pulling his attention away from his dying cap to look at his Wyvern. Juniper took a deep breath as they smiled down to the lizard whose head poked out slightly from the leather bag. Juniper put on his cap and left.


“You good, kid?” Henry asked in a surprisingly soft voice. Henry sat beside Juniper, arms folded and gaze locked straight ahead as if Juniper wasn’t even there. Henry always said kid like Juniper was one of the twins or even Fredrick: small and a child. One that needs a shoulder to lean on. One that's weak. Newsflash, Henry! Juniper could take care of himself. Juniper sank in his seat as he let out a soft sigh, debating on ignoring Henry all together.

“Yeah,” Juniper finally replied. “Just tired.” Henry placed a large hand on Juniper’s tiny shoulders. Henry’s hand was a burnt orange color, much darker than Juniper’s honey colored skin, with cuts and scrapes. Juniper’s eyes followed Henry’s hand to his arm and back up to his face. Henry was smiling at them.

“You know I am proud of you, right Junney?” Before Juniper could reply, the pegasus-drawn carriage came to a halt. Juniper hesitated briefly before stepping out of the carriage before Henry could try to give an inspirational speech of some sort.

Juniper instantly went over to the pegasuses (Pegasi? Whatever the plural was. Juniper was terrible at proper English.) and stroked their gentle necks. Juniper had little experience with them, only ever seeing pegasuses when he was taken to the school. Even despite all the rare creatures he has seen on the ranch, hippogriffs, wyrms and serpenteens, kraviens and trolls, dream-eaters, drakes, of course wyverns, and more, he has never seen pegasuses in anywhere but the school. Juniper still wasn’t sure what herbs they liked or where they preferred to live, but he knew they liked mints. Unwrapping two mints, he gave one to both of the brilliant pegasuses, a wide smile gracing his face as one released a small whiny and the other’s ears shot forward and nudged his pockets for more treats.

“Hey, you forgot your bag, Short-Stuff,” Henry called over to them as he tossed Juniper’s heavy brown backpack like it was nothing. Juniper fumbled to catch it, nearly stumbling back while doing so.

“Careful!! Don’t throw my bag like that! My guitar and ink are in here idiot!!!”

Henry rolled his eyes as he chuckled. Henry paused for a moment. Juniper could see the gears in his head spinning. “And uh… hey before you go-” Henry walked over to Juniper, a Manticore symbol visible on Henry’s sleeve- “I want you to have something.”

“If it’s a prank of some sort-” Juniper’s sentence was cut short as Henry released a thunderous laughter. Henry’s laughter was the kind of laugh that shook mountains and sent echoes in every direction. It was impossible to not at least chuckle as well.

“No, this isn’t a prank,” Henry said, taking off his jacket before holding it out to Juniper. It was muddy and torn at the hem. Even from afar, anyone could smell the strong smell of the barn and freshly picked lavender. “Here. I want you to have this.”

“Your jacket? But I thought it was your favorite?”

Henry shrugged before pressing the coat into Juniper's hands.

“Consider it a ‘good-luck’ gift. It’s a bit small on me anyways.” Xeno chirped yet again, climbing out of Juniper's satchel and into one of the large coat pockets of the jacket after Juniper put it on. The coat covered his pale Mehndi style tattoos he got from both of his parents: the pale tattoos from his half fairy mother and the design from his Indian, witch father. He didn’t care that the jacket covered the tattoos though. Juniper’s hands barely even poked through the sleeves. Lavender and other herbs that were all of Juniper’s favorite already lined the inside of the jacket pockets as if Henry had actually planned to give him this. Somehow, he already loved this stupid, meaningless gift. Juniper nearly teared up.

“Thanks, dumbass.”


Henry then left Juniper to get to the main event: the opening ceremony or whatever it was. Every year they had it so Juniper wasn’t surprised they were having it again. As everyone filled in, Juniper was quick to grab a seat close to the corner of the room. So many different people, many of whom he had never even introduced himself too. Even from afar, anyone could tell he was already stressing. Stressing about the amount of people, the work he’ll have to do, and the different faces all around and all judging.

Juniper had just hoped no one would go over and talk to him.

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Isabeau Rayfe | Sap| Pheonix | Mentions: Open

Isabeau and her mother sat in their little house on MapleWay, staring at each other. The older woman had tears in her eyes, the other impatience.

“I’m not traveling half a world away, mom. It’s just-” The girl’s speech was cut off by her mother bursting into tears and pulling her into a hug. She grunted, but wrapped her arms around her mother, letting her cry into her shoulder. She didn’t have time for this; She had things to do. She had to get to school, damnit! Her leg bounced as she sat with her mom, waiting for her to stop her episode.

“We do this every year, mother. I have to go.” She took her mother’s shoulders and pushed her up, standing to her feet herself. .She dwarfed the other woman, having inherited her father’s height. Her lip curled up around her top row of teeth when she thought of that man. When she thought of that day…

So she didn’t. Isabeau Rayfe pushed the thoughts of her father aside and pulled on the ends of her auburn-colored curls, dancing around on her feet. She was going back to the academy! Maybe she’d make some allies this time around.

The carriage sat in the driveway, the flea-bitten grey pegasus who was to pull it stomping at the ground, where Gordon played. That cat always seemed to be underfoot, but people usually got used to him eventually. His owner bounded down the wooden stairs of her house, ducked down, and quickly scooped him up so he wouldn’t get trampled.

“You’re such a pain, you know?” Isabeau huffed and shifted the cat so he better fit into her arms.

He purred happily, his tail flicking, as he was carried to the door of the carriage. The young woman opened the door, dropped her tabby onto one of the bench seats, then chucked all of her luggage into the boot before climbing in herself. Her mother’s head of bright red hair popped up as the short woman stood on a step stool to reach the small window.

“Goodbye, darling. Have a wonderful time! And if anyone picks on you, call-”

The carriage pulled down the drive before she could finish her goodbyes, so she just stood in the driveway, waving.

Isabeau rolled her eyes slightly and reached her hand out of the window, waving back for a moment before pulling it back into the safety of the small space. She leaned her head back on the wall and folded her hands at her chest, sighing. What a day it’s been already, and she’s not even gotten to the grounds yet. She should relax…

Isabeau had relaxed too much and had fallen asleep. The jolt of the carriage hadn’t even awoken her, but her cat pressing his paws to her stomach. She hissed in pain and tore the cat away from herself, sitting up straight. She checked the watch nestled among the many golden and brass bracelets on her wrist. She was running late. That was never good. The young woman sat up in a hurry, trying to tame her hair before stumbling out of the carriage, taking her cat with her. She probably looked like a madwoman with her long white linen pants and button-up shirt. The fabric was wrinkled slightly, and a few of the top buttons were undone, showing her white tank top underneath. Her brass and golden jewelry jangled and hit lightly against her skin as she rushed up and into the corridor. She forced her long legs faster, which was a bit hard in sandals, but she had to get to her destination. She didn’t even stop to admire the decorations as she pushed the door of the dining hall open and hurried in. On the sleeve of her long-sleeved shirt was a dark green patch with the black silhouette of a Pheonix at her shoulder. It stood out on the off-white fabric, and she had never really cared for it.

Now, she stopped to look around for a moment. The hall never ceased to amaze her. The chairs, the people, the atmosphere. She allowed a small smile to come to her lips and moved closer to one of the tables.

“Hello, the rest of my life..”

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