04:50:39 Marcy
04:35:12 AutumnPillows
hey chat how is everyone?
Wolves of the Zodiac
04:29:54 The Bone Collector
Its 5:30 in the morning and 'm off to bed.
Cypress Road
04:24:21 Thanksgiving, Love
Hello chat
Wolves of the Zodiac
04:14:03 The Bone Collector
He's such a WIP. I started him few moths ago and the progress is sad.
Wolves of the Zodiac
04:08:09 The Bone Collector
I work fast food. I own a pair of Timberland Steeltoes.
04:07:49 Heli the Chat Ghost
Will do :) I'm going to head out for the night. Take care everyone!

@Silver - I hope you got something nice from your geodes!
04:07:10 Heli the Chat Ghost
@Zodiac - can't be nursing if you're wearing Timberlands... some sort of a warehouse? manufacturing? I used to have to wear steel toe shoes for 12hr shifts 5 days a week. it SUCKED. I quit that job after about 4 months. The money wasn't worth not being able to do anything on my days off because I couldn't walk
Wolves of the Zodiac
04:07:03 The Bone Collector
Send me a link if you do.
04:05:14 Heli the Chat Ghost
*considers making a crime(show/podcast/book) lovers alliance* I'll think on it some more and maybe make a poll for it later
04:05:12 Heli the Chat Ghost
*considers making a crime(show/podcast/book) lovers alliance* I'll think on it some more and maybe make a poll for it later
Wolves of the Zodiac
04:04:17 The Bone Collector
That stinks. I wear Timberlands. They have built in anti fatigue insoles that are a major help. But i went 4pm to about 2 this morning non stop with no break and went 12 hours yesterday non stop.
04:01:31 Heli the Chat Ghost
@Silver - Good luck!

@Zodiac - I also have problems with my feet. I finally found a shoe store that has people who are trained to check your gait and stuff as you're trying on shoes. My new shoes help a lot but I still need custom orthotics which are gonna cost me ~$400 cause my insurance doesn't want to cover them.
Silver Dawn
03:59:57 Canis Aurora
wish me luck
Wolves of the Zodiac
03:59:35 The Bone Collector
its my feet.
03:59:13 Heli the Chat Ghost
@Silver - I think it's safe to open them now. I got a fig this time :)
03:58:56 Heli the Chat Ghost
Ugh, pain. >.> I am actually pleasantly surprised that the radiofrequency ablations I've had done over the last 3 weeks are already starting to work and I can notice a difference
Silver Dawn
03:58:27 Canis Aurora
2 geodoes
to open or no?
Wolves of the Zodiac
03:58:13 The Bone Collector
I should be asleep but i cant with how much pain im in right now.
03:57:09 Heli the Chat Ghost
Bye Vee!


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Just An Island Away | Wild Horse RP | Open August 27, 2020 12:29 PM

Mafia Queen
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Just An Island Away | Wild Horse RP | Open August 27, 2020 04:54 PM

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Whisper// lieutenant stallion// 4// M: Adder, Niabi, comotion with Broken

Whisper smiled teasingly at Adder as she said he couldn't possibly enjoy the rain. He gasped in mock offense, "Are you calling me a lier, little lady? You should respect your elders," he joked, smiling at her. Flicking his sodden tail, he grimaced as the wet strands slapped back down on his backside with an uncomfortable feeling of cold.

He turned to see what all the fuss was about, and he saw a dirty Stryder being smirked at by an odd-looking mare. Whisper wanted to know more about what was going on, but he kept his attention on Adder and Nia. He then felt his face grow hot as Adder squeezed in between the two of them. If a horse could blush, the rosy color would be showing through very clearly against his white fur.

He shook it off. Then, he shook out his mane in an attempt to release some moisture, but it didn't seem to be helping one bit, as, the moment he got rid of some water, more fell from the sky to replace it. He shook out his mane once more, then gave up. "Ugh, I really hate being cold and wet. I could handle being cold, and I can handle being wet, but I hate the two together." He aimed this statement at nobody in particular, but it was loud enough for the mares to hear.

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Just An Island Away | Wild Horse RP | Open August 28, 2020 12:41 PM

Mafia Queen
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Stryder || Lead Stallion || M : Broken, Astarte, Cairo

Shaking himself viciously, Stryder sent mud spraying everywhere before taking an aggressive step towards the lone mare. Ears flattened impossibly close to his skull, the stallion spat, "Do not ever attempt to scare the foals again, or you'll have more to worry about than fake threats."

With a furious swish, he aimed a warning bite at her before turning tail and moving with stiff, rigid movements towards the herd. He ignored the dark mare behind him, instead deciding that they would switch islands early, if only for the sake of getting away from the more threatening island -- or, rather, the infuriating mare inhabiting it.

He moved to his son, who was still pressed to Astarte's side, and nuzzled him, offering silent comfort before sending an exasperated look to his mate. He said, "We should move the herd. Screw the storms; we'll be safer from everything once we cross."

Just An Island Away | Wild Horse RP | Open August 28, 2020 01:10 PM

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Niabi | Herd Mare | Mentions: Adder, Whisper, Stryder, Broken, Aureli (ind)

"Oh, thanks," she said with a soft smile, her tail twitching as Adder offered a drier spot under the trees. "I think I'm okay out here, though. We're all soaked at this point, anyways." She laughed a little, trying to push aside the uneasiness she felt. Adder was friendly, sure, but Niabi could tell that there was something else in the other mare's eyes, something guarded about her expression, something Nia couldn't recognize. It didn't matter, though. She didn't need to know everything, and she certainly didn't need to know what Adder thought of her.

When Whisper spoke again, Nia's ear swiveled towards the stallion, that same smile returning to her face. "I hope you're right," she said, a soft, nervous laugh escaping her as her eyes glinted in the cloud-dimmed sunlight. As she opened her mouth to add on to her words, Adder suddenly squeezed herself between Niabi and Whisper. It was clear, even to Nia, that the other mare's intentions were good, but it was still a bit of a shock, and it took her a few moments to hesitantly rejoin the "huddle."

That is, until Stryder's screeching tore through the relatively peaceful silence. Immediately, Nia was alert and anxious, skittering sideways away from Whisper and Adder. Her ears pricked forward, her muzzle lifted to the air, nostrils flared as she tried to pinpoint any strange scents. There weren't any predators nearby, not that she could smell... But there was a strange mare.

When she finally spotted Stryder, she could see the mud clinging to his flanks and legs, and her ears angled backwards for a moment in confusion. He seemed angry at a mare she hadn't seen before, probably the one she smelled. Still slightly confused about what was going on, she glanced briefly back at Whisper and Adder. The two of them seemed fine alone, and Niabi really wanted to find Aureli... She hadn't seen him all morning, which was strange. She started to walk towards the edge of the trees, pale eyes scanning her surroundings for any signs of the golden painted stallion.

Edited at August 28, 2020 01:10 PM by Fawn
Just An Island Away | Wild Horse RP | Open August 28, 2020 01:19 PM

Killer Secrets
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Buckwheat | 2 | Herd Mares | M: Astarte, Stryder(ind.), Broken(ind.)

The flaxen mare spooked and moved closer to Astarte, her ears back. She breathed a bit heavily out of fear, and she owered her head. Buckwheat shook out her coat, and shuffled a bit. She scented the unknown mare, and looked for her. She looked to Harlow, who was now glancing at the mare and Stryder.

Buckwheat tilted her head slightly, though her dark amber eye's were filled with fear and curiousness. She was always curious about new things, and always will be. She overheard Stryder syaing that, and she pricked her ears up. She heard about switching islands, but would they really go now? This early on?


Harlow | 4 | Herd Stallions | M: Broken(ind.)

Harlow tilted his head, and looked back to Stryder after glancing at the mare one more time. There was something about her that he didnt like, but also liked at the same time. He shook his head, seemingly shaking out the fear with it. Harlow flicked his dark tail, and looked to his little sister for a moment, seeing she was spooked by it.

Harlow gulped, knowing he had to seem tough for his little sister. Harlow stood tall, his now soaked mane clinging to his neck. He flicked his soaked tail, and he stamped one hoof in the mud. standing his ground even though he was a bit shaken up.

Just An Island Away | Wild Horse RP | Open August 28, 2020 01:43 PM

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Broken/4 Years/Lone Mare/Mentions: Stryder, Harlow, Buckwheat, Niabi

Broken didn't so much as blink as Stryder took a rather threatening step towards her with the body language to match. However, her body did stiffen at the warning bite. "Mkay grandpa" She responded simply to his threat, little to no fear in her eyes or body language.

Broken spotted each eye that fell on her, even for a second. She knew most of them by name from her constant observing. Niabi seemed to be searching for someone else, Buckwheat also seemed to of spot her. However, Broken's attention stopped on the stallion, Harlow. She resisted the urge to laugh as she watched the male hold his ground. Broken raised a taunting eyebrow at him before turning and disappearing back into the darker parts of the forest with a soft flick of her tail.

Soon, Broken found herself on the beach, staring at her reflection in the water, or more particularly, the scars that marred half her face.

Just An Island Away | Wild Horse RP | Open August 29, 2020 11:19 PM

Sir Froggington
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Vancouver | 5 years | Lone Stallion | Mentions: Broken

Couver heard the sound of an angry stallion. His curiosity got the better of him, and he headed in that direction. He knew there was a herd nearby. It was obvious from the refuse and lack of grass that they left behind. He had been keeping an eye on them. He was hoping that he could make peaceful contact with one of them eventually. If he could join them, it would be nice too. He stayed out of eye range, but he was able to see Broken standing there. His ears perked forward, because he was closely paying attention.

Someone might have been able to sneak up behind him, because he was so focused on what was in front of him. He was confused why a mare wouldn't be allowed to join. She looked old enough to be part of the herd. He didn't understand herds. He hadn't been part of one for quite a while now. When she walked off, he decided to follow her. He hadn't gotten to see my lone mares, and he decided to talk to this one. Perhaps he could learn some valuable information. The more the better. He doubted he would recieve a wellspring, but something was better than nothing. "Hello," he greeted her. She was staring down into water, which he found unusual. "I am Vancouver. Who are you? What are you doing around here?" Hopefully, they would manage to have a civil conversation.

Misty Noir | 8 years | Herd Mare | Mentions: Buckwheat

Misty Noir looked around for Buckwheat. Even though she was old enough to be on her own, Misty Noir hadn't gotten over the habit of keeping an eye out for her. It was raining, so her senses were harder to use. She couldn't smell, hear, see, taste, or feel as well. She noticed that her daughter was talking to Astarte. She supposed she had better leave them alone. It must be important. She wasn't sure how a foal could still play in these terrible conditions, but it cheered her from the cloudy conditions.

She was becoming even more shaggy than her usual self. It looked like she didn't care for herself. The rain was helping her mane matt together. When she heard Stryder, she trotted over to her young daughter. She wanted to at least try to protect her, even if she wasn't a foal anymore. Her ears were flattening against her head, and the whites of her eyes were beginning to show as she pawed the ground. Nobody would dare mess with her in this state.

Just An Island Away | Wild Horse RP | Open August 29, 2020 11:30 PM

Killer Secrets
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Buckwheat | 2 | Herd Mares | M: Astarte, Stryder(ind.), Broken(ind.) Misty Noir

Buckwheat turned to her mother and nudged her shoulder, feeling like a young foal again. She swished her tail, flicking her ears back. Her whites of her eyes dared to show as well, but out of fear.

She leaned against her mother slightly, still spooked. She gulped, and murmered something about missing being a small filly.


Harlow | 4 | Herd Stallions | M: Broken(ind.), Buckwheat, Misty Noir

Harlow watched as Broken did that, and he tilted his head. He shook his head and walked to his mother, Misty Noir, and Buckwheat. He nudged Misty gently, and flicked his tail.

`` Ill bet shes on her own way now, mom. ``

He nickered softly, flicking his ears forward. He tilted his head slightly.

Just An Island Away | Wild Horse RP | Open August 30, 2020 12:28 PM

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Broken/4 Years/Lone Mare/Mentions: Vancouver

Broken broke out of her daze with a start and immediately scolded herself mentally, knowing she should have been more alert. She turned, her dark gray eyes training on the lone stallion. "Broken" She introduced herself suspiciously. "Solitude doesn't always offer the best oppurtunities for fun, so I decided I would stop by the herd to find some." She said simply with a small shrug. "You?" She returned the question, surprised by her own civilness at the moment.

Ada/3 Years/Lone Mare/Mentions: Open

Ada galloped happily through the rain, her hooves splashing in the shallow shores of the ocean water as she galloped, pushing herself faster. She could hear the distant commotion of the heard, but was more focused on the winds that sailed past her ears. Finally, she skidded to a stop infrot of her brother, Alonzo. "Wheres Aziz?" She asked suspicously.

Reese (Rissy)/Less Than A Year/Lone Mare/Mentions: Open

Rissy pranced around in the waves, hopping and boucing over the waves, sometimes stumbling into them or kicking them, scattering water on her grumpy brother, Alonzo, who all but growled at the filly. Reese rolled her eyes and pretty much hopped like a deer over to Ada's side. "Yeah, wheres Zizy?" Her voice innocent.

Alonzo/5 Years/Lone Stallion/Mentions: Open

Alonzo shook out the water from his mane. He didn't like it, the rain, the beach, the ocean. He rather be hiding in the woods where is was drier. Though he was at least thankful for the dark clouds, it blocked out the usual sunniness. "Don't know, don't care" He told his sisters.

Aziz/6 Almost 7 Years/Lone Stallion/Mentions: Herd

Aziz slowly walked out of the forest line and into view of the herd. He wondered how many times he had come to seek refuge for his family, how many times he had been chased away by other stallions, and he had not fought back because he rather not show up back to his sisters, not only telling them he failed, but being all bloody as well, or not come back at all. Yet, he still kept trying.

Just An Island Away | Wild Horse RP | Open August 30, 2020 11:13 PM

Mafia Queen
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Adder || Herd Mare || M : Niabi, Whisper, Aziz (ind) Everyone

Adder nipped lightly at Whisper at his use of "little lady", stamping a hoof and raising herself to her full height. With a mock gasp she retorted, "Respect? Goodness, Whisper, aren't you the one acting like a foal?"

A teasing glint in her eye took away the severity of her tone. Adder turned as Niabi startled and she herself looked in the direction of the commotion with both curiosity and confusion. She didn't know Broken well, only that the mare hung around the main island often.

Her eyes shifted to the lone stallion at the edge of the clearing and she tilted her head thoughtfully. She'd seen him once or twice, and Stryder had chased him off a few months ago, but she hadn't seen much of him since the last lead stallion had died.

That lead had hounded the bachelor nonstop for most of the duration of Adder's time with the herd. She didn't know the story behind that one.

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