Dark Moonruler
09:32:48 King Boo
What's so interesting about ninjago though? I know that little boys like it.
Ninjago Realm
09:31:06 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
@ Boo crystalnne dye Not eye dyes as well eye color is not real for legos XD
Dark Moonruler
09:27:39 King Boo
@Ninjago realm,
you mean eye dye? I can save my bone collection up for you and get you the color you'd like. It's a sinch! But PM me if you choose to cuz it's up for offer.
Ninjago Realm
09:26:18 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
@ Hills Id be even more mad as I want dyes to make my Ninjago pack more well like the show I should make templats for all my wolves XD
09:25:35 roll boi
-WP Click-

should i save apples to make him?
09:24:12 Deijī | Floofer

I cleaned him up a little q.q

-WP Click-
09:24:00 Nao
-WP Click- Is traventine a coat you can buy or :/
Dulling Melodies
09:23:52 I like rocks uwu
Your wolf trips over your hopes and dreams.
09:23:32 TS
I have got my eye on you miss, >.> you better behave

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Jack Of Stars
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Desire of The Hills
09:22:53 Caffeine Snorter
Pack life code*
Desire of The Hills
09:22:31 Caffeine Snorter
Imagine they added 'Your wolf trips over a crystalline dye' to the wolf play code xD
Ninjago Realm
09:22:16 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
@ Jack Black silver red ?
Dulling Melodies
09:22:11 I like rocks uwu
black, white, brown
09:22:02 Former DG Queen
Champagne, hickory and tan
09:22:02 roll boi
-WP Click-

thoughts on adam taurus?
Jack Of Stars
09:21:25 Forum Stalker
Can I get three different pelt colors? (all common)
Desire of The Hills
09:21:22 Caffeine Snorter

Lmao good, angel wolves are good xD.


Ninjago Realm
09:20:26 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
Sensie Wu trips over an apple.
I could really use that wu dang it why must you trip or is it one of the apples I have in my hole ? XD
09:20:15 Jared.
Aight, makes sense. Thanks!


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    Glow - RP July 17, 2020 06:57 PM

Corax Noir
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The scene is in the 80s. You live in the small town of Glow, one of the poorest areas in the southern US. It seems that few figures of authority or people outside of Glow could care less about this place. Bad things happen here, and people take it in stride. To get ahold of the police is a difficult task, and people have learned to look the other way when it comes to the extreme dysfunctionality of their neighbors. See no evil, hear no evil. The strange occurrences of Glow are accepted as part of life, something mysterious that should not be further investigated. People who have tried to look into it have gone missing or come back not quite the same. The residents of Glow themselves aren’t exactly what you would call normal. But the air is always thick with tension, the macabre around every bend in Glow, and it’s adapt or leave - not just anybody has what it takes to live in Glow. Glow is home to a great deal of artists, and every one of them can tell you what Glow is like: she’s like a mother, the birth giver of all life within her forests and streets. Some claim she protects those within, loves them and keeps them safe from the horrors of their past and their future. But she has something darker to her too. Something possessive, some horrid, burning desire to keep her children close to her, to never let them escape her suffocating, claustrophobic affection. Perhaps that’s why so few people end up leaving Glow in their lifetime. She simply won’t let them.

Glow’s only middle and high school is called Glow School. This is your school. Of the few children in the small town of Glow, even fewer of them get an education. You were one of the lucky few to graduate middle school, and a great deal of this success can be attributed to the reason the rest of the kids in school burn up with envy at the mention of your class: your homeroom teacher, Mrs. Dulcet, a true angel if there ever was one. You were lucky enough to have her when any child in your school would have given anything to be taught by the divine Mrs. Dulcet. She worked with each of her students, guided you through life, provided sympathy when no others would. She was the victim of an unhappy marriage, but her goal in life seemed to be to brighten the lives of those around her. Nobody doubted that she deserved better than Glow, but she would simply smile when people told her this. “I’m honored to be able to teach these children,” she would say. “I would never have had it any other way.”

Now school is out for summer, and you can look forward to four years of high school - if you can make it - with Mrs. Dulcet there guiding you next year. Or that’s what you thought, until your dear teacher went missing. The local detective, Detective Tabaret, was put on the case, but Detective Tabaret has yet to crack a case and nobody put much faith in him. Unsurprisingly, he found nothing. The best the town could do was put her husband on trial and declare him guilty. But you know better. Unhappy as they were, you know it could never have been him: the man refused to harm even a fly. So then what happened to precious Mrs. Dulcet? With half a month of summer vacation gone, it seems like these two months that remain might be the perfect time to look into the matter. Will you make it through the tangled web of the supernatural that is Glow to discover the fate of your teacher? Or will you goof off all summer, eat pop rocks, and forget the whole thing ever happened? Your choice.

Sign-Up Thread

Discussion Thread

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    Glow - RP July 17, 2020 07:14 PM

Corax Noir
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Hector Hoffman

The selectively mute 15-year-old Caucasian boy who is a lover of sports and music alike.

Mae Holland

Maesie, Mae Day, Lil May

The borderline pyrmaniac 15-year-old African-American girl who has ADHD and a rebellious streak.

Matthew Roderick Valentine

Matt, M, Rod, Rick, R

The story-telling 15-year-old American boy who's cheerful and athletic.

Kyshia Jane Floyd

Kai, Kiki, Shay

The hip-hop dancing, boxing 14-year-old African American girl who is secretly zany and the subject of many rumors.

Simon Leon Iwobi


The motorcycle-riding 15-year-old African American boy who's a natural leader and puts off those bad boy vibes.

Ben Ford

Benny, Benja Boy, Diablo

The skateboarding 14-year-old Causasian-Spanish trans boy who's both chill and hyperactive.

Corey Moreau


The goth 14-year-old French boy who has an awful temper and tries to act as the protector.

Benedict Valencia

Benny, Bunny

The cheerful 13-year-old Jewish-Italian boy who is interested in odd things and is incredibly annoying.

Glow - RP July 17, 2020 07:03 PM

Corax Noir
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Day: June 19

Time: Around 10:00 am

Weather: Sunny, but not too hot. Just the perfect weather

It has been less than a month since Mrs. Dulcet went missing and Mr. Dulcet was arrested. It's half a month into summer break. People are getting over it already, besides the occasional remark that it's a shame she had to die.

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Glow - RP July 17, 2020 07:12 PM

Corax Noir
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Everyone who knew Mrs. Dulcet knew that she could be found time and time again reading the same issue of Blue Jeans, and she would never let a single one of the students touch it. When she went missing, the magazine was found and tossed out - but somebody had cut it up. This magazine can be found in the trash bin outside school. Quite the messy ordeal. Perhaps this will be the catalyst for your quest?

Glow - RP July 17, 2020 07:28 PM

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Dark colored skin, a blue jumpsuit, black work boots. Leaning against his motorcycle this scary looking man boy looked troublesome loitering behind the theatre. He'd been waiting for the others before heading on his own. He didn't know what kind of trouble the other may run into near, so he kept watch until the others arrived. It was abnormal that he'd have joined a meeting such as this, however, the Dulcet Case had his attention. It had everyone's attention. Mrs.Helen had been a great teacher, and Don and even greater man. Whenever the kids would come to school or the Dulcet home with bumps, bruises, or tears, the Dulcets would always be their for them. The residential guardian angels if you will.

Simba, having conversed with his acquaintance known as Benedict Valencia, firmly believed something was not right with Mrs.Dulcet's disappearance. Today, he rallied the children of Glow in order to see if he could gain support to investigate the matter. He stuffed his large hands into his pockets, his brown eyes staring at the dirt road. Just a ways off was the forest. It was as tad haunting if he must add. In the back of his mind, he wished he'd brought his mutt, Roux, but he knew is Mama needed her more right now. Zayatsky, other than being the land between being safe and shot by the Copola Family. The Copola Family was what most would assume is the only danger in Zayatsky. Simba felt otherwise. Those who lived off the land were stranger than the normal strange Glow citizens, and the trash was sometimes unordinary. Rumor has it sometimes people heard strange cries in the night, and that is where the rumor that the Capolas eat children came from.

When it came to Simba, he now had quite an awareness about him since his incident. He would use whatever he could find as a weapon if necessary. Once he got scared of Roux knocking over a chair that he even picked up a spoon in self defense. He was over his skittish phases now. With the help of some of his friend's, he was getting better, and that's all he could ever ask for. Well, that and inventing a time travelling car like Doc Brown.For now he'd settle for old Evangeline. He patted his motorcycle his fingers running over the leather seat. He loved this girl like his own child.

When he reached for the side bag on the motorcycle, he opened it to reveal a clear bag of crushed green herbs. It was how he kept himself sane under the pressures of normal life. His leading argument so far was that Mr.Dulcet was a pansy. He only hoped what had really taken Mrs.Dulcet would not take anyone else. Perhaps that was even an idea; set it up to catch the kidnapper by someone pretending to be Mrs.Dulcet. It would give Simba to work on his drag make up skills that Darrell had been teaching him. He rubbed his chin, deep in thought about what outfit would look best to pretend to be Mrs.Dulcet, while also looked like a whole 10/10 queen. Just because it was a trap didn't mean it didn't need effort. That was just his excuse to play around with drag though. That would always be his excuse.

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Glow - RP July 18, 2020 07:02 AM

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Ben | Male | 14 | Questioning | Skatepark > Theater | M: Simba + Other Kids (Briefly)

The laughter and shouting as well as the sound of skateboards colliding with the cement or grinding against metal was all drowned out by the sound of Ben’s Walkman. To be honest, for those who didn’t know him well enough or didn’t see him at the Skatepark often probably thought he was passed out from exhaustion or even dead. Fortunately for Ben, he wasn’t dead just yet. As he was chilling on the ground- well more like baking under the hot sun- Ben’s skateboard lay next to him as one of his arms rested on his stomach. His eyes were closed, but he’d occasionally open them to see the clouds as they moved slowly through the sky. The songs shifted from one made by the Beatles to Michael Jackson that he wasn’t fully paying attention to while he thought. You know when you are thinking about something and then all of a sudden, you realize you were never thinking about something to begin with? That’s what Ben was experiencing right now. Well, actually, it was more like he was thinking about something and then forgot it. What was he thinking about again?

“¡¡Ah mierda!!” Ben nearly shouted as he sat up in a flash. Ben had completely forgotten about the meeting some of the kids in his class. “¡¡Doble mierda!!!” Ben had also forgotten where the meeting even was supposed to be as he slapped the side of his head harshly. Ben jumped off the ground as he quickly grabbed his skateboard after lugging his heavy bag full of art supplies and other knick knacks he had in there.

“Bye, chicos!” Ben called quickly to the others before slamming his skateboard down onto the pavement. “I’ll see ya later!!” A few of the guys waved, said bye to Ben, or even just nodded while Ben didn’t seem to notice nor care and jumped on his skateboard and pushed off the ground rapidly.

The breeze hissed passed him and his legs already started to throb as he pushed so harsh off the ground that you would have thought he was trying to win the skateboarding Olympics or something. Most of Ben’s curly hair was full of sweat and stuck to his face, but he didn’t honestly mind at this point. Getting to Simba and the others was his main goal at the moment. Plus, he was used to it when it got this hot out. But so far? Ben still hadn’t remembered where they were supposed to meet. Ben just decided to scan look at all the buildings until he remembered what building it was. It wasn’t until another minute or so that Ben caught something in the corner of his eyes. Stopping in the middle of the road, Ben quickly remembered as he stared at the small building. The theater. Everyone went to the theater to chill no matter who they were. In fact, Ben didn’t know a single kid in town who didn’t like the theater, especially when you feel the triumph of smuggling in candy, get to watch a movie, and hang out with friends.

Ben, although he knew he wasn’t supposed to, carried his skateboard loosely in his hand as he pushed open the clear door and stepped into the air conditioned theater. Ben thought he would die of heat exhaustion and sighed of relief when he managed to survive long enough to get into the building. The theater’s carpets were sticky from sugar and popcorn and had a cliché look to them. A bright orange board listed the names of a few movies that would be showing that day, but Ben had a hard time caring when he knew he wasn’t here to watch movies. Unless, everyone was just coming to watch movies. Ben had totally forgotten why they were even meeting to begin with.

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Glow - RP July 18, 2020 06:14 PM

Sleepless Nights
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Mae Holland | 15 | Female | M: The Group

Mae scooped heavy spoonfuls of cereal into her mouth, while she searched through the clothes in her dresser. Held against her chest was a half-filled bowl of milk and cereal, tipping over slightly with every jerky movement. She was sitting on her knees, peeking over the drawers and pulling out possible clothing possibilities. Not that she had anyone or anything to look nice for, but she liked when she passed by a mirror and saw the reflection of her bangin' outfit. Today she dressed herself in her favorite checkered sweater, along with some black bell bottoms that she adorned with chains. Truly a budding punk. She tied up her locs into a high ponytail, letting two drop down and frame her face. Feeling pretty good about her outfit for the day, she piled a final spoonful of the cereal into her mouth and went to go find her skateboard.

Dropping off the empty bowl in the kitchen, she gave her mother a kiss on the cheek and promised to be at work the next day. She hooked a Walkman onto her pants loop, tucking in the earphones into her ears. Waving goodbye to her as she slipped out the door, Mae let it close behind her and she dropped her skateboard onto the ground. Placing the tip of her foot onto the edge, she placed her other foot in front of it and got a speedy start down the open road. Thankfully, the small little neighborhood she lived in didn't have too many cars around. Glancing down to the device clipped onto her pants, she clicked on the switch, Van Morrison now blaring through her earphones. She continued to glide down the road, remembering the group's earlier plan for the theatre. Ooh, I wonder what we're seeing! she pondered, but mouthed the words silently to herself. She always loved to see her friends, though it tended to end in a good bout of chaos brought on by her, Audi, or Ben. Those three could not be trusted with any moment of peacefulness.

The ride downtown didn't take very long at all, Glow was a pretty close-knit place, literally. All of the buildings and neighborhoods had been squished together in order to make power sources cost less. Afterall, they were one of the poorest spots in the country. Coming towards the theatre, she placed the ball of her heel to the ground, slowing down the skateboard. It tilted the board to the side, Mae now jumping off and reaching down to pick up the skidding object. In one movement she flipped it over in her arm, taking two steps at a time up to the front of the building. Mae tilted her head upwards, reading the blocky fonts on the side of the theatre's head. Bronco Billy, The Shining, The Long Riders… She had read a small summary of The Shining from her mom's daily newspapers, and it left her interested in seeing the movie. Hopefully the group wouldn't mind seeing it. She wasn't even sure if they had a movie picked out yet, they just sort of all agreed to meet there in the morning.

Mae placed her back to the pillar next to the theatre entrance, picking her walkman off her pants loop and messing with the tracks. Where are those freaks? She brought her glaring gaze upwards, peeking down both side of the streets. Ugh, they were probably just as late as always. Mae was the definition of a morning bird, as she always got up right when the dawn broke. When she got home around 7PM, she would always fall face-flat onto her bed, completely knocked out. There was no slowly falling asleep or no slowly waking up with Mae, it just happened with her.

(shorter than usual, not really any ideas for this starter :")

Glow - RP July 21, 2020 06:40 PM

Corax Noir
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Audi // 14 // Male // Mentions: Mae (directly), Group (indirectly)

The oriole sings in the greening grove

As if he were half-way waiting,

The rosebuds peep from their hoods of green,

Timid and hesitating.

The rain comes down in a torrent sweep

And the nights smell warm and piney,

The garden thrives, but the tender shoots

Are yellow-green and tiny.

Then a flash of sun on a waiting hill,

Streams laugh that erst were quiet,

The sky smiles down with a dazzling blue

And the woods run mad with riot.

Mrs. Dulcet had read this poem on the very last day before summer break, and Audi hadn’t understood it then. He didn’t understand it now, and he didn’t care to - poetry was girly as far as he was concerned - but it served as a reminder at the very least. When Audi was young and naive (you know, a month ago), he had believed that his teacher would be there at least through the first year of high school. Now here he was, wise and stoic, and very much not looking forward to meeting his new teacher. Rumors had circulated that Mr. C was going to be taking over, and Audi was 90% sure Mr. C was evil. All in all, nothing marred a perfectly good summer like the murder of the holiest woman in all of Glow, aka Mrs. Dulcet. Even melting ice cream and glorious sunburns weren’t quite the same without her. But Audi liked to think of himself as a shoulder to cry on, so if anything, he would be the one to get over Mrs. Dulcet’s death first and comfort the others. If any of them should cry (not the boys, everyone knew boys weren’t supposed to cry), Audi would be the one to pat their back empathetically. The one Audi worried about the most was Hector, but that was nothing new.

As it was, the so-called murder of Mrs. Dulcet had been pushed to the back of Audi’s mind for a majority of the last two weeks, in which he had been to three movies, won a drag race with a borrowed car, found a great ASF T-shirt, drank soda with pop rocks to see if he could survive, and spent a good deal of time with his friends. Now that sleeping outside was a viable option, Audi’s house was starting to clear out a bit, and Audi was again bugging his friends to do anything and everything with him. His visits to Mae’s house grew more frequent as well, as they did every summer when were less and less people in his house for him to hang out with. And as he did every summer, Audi absolutely refused to take his coat off. His constantly wiping of his makeup was the only thing that kept it from running, and anyone who touched Audi would swear that he had just been in a swimming pool - on the contrary, though, that was just him sweating like a fried monkey.

Today was a day of great importance, as Simba had initiated what Audi assumed would be a search for Mrs. Dulcet, across hill and dale. Whatever that meant. What even was a dale? It didn't matter, Audi didn’t really have time to ponder the philosophical questions in life. He would normally wake up around noon, so he had had to drag himself out of bed early to get ready before they met. He was looking forward to their meeting. Maybe the serious tone had been lost on him, but he thought it would be fun. Tramping around searching for clues: who wouldn’t love it? Did he think they would actually find Mrs. Dulcet? Well, no. Because she was dead. But Audi was rarin’ for an adventure, and this seemed like just the thing for it.

Audi locked the bathroom door to do his makeup, because he didn’t want anyone else walking in on him. The only boy he knew who was better than him at applying makeup was Simba. Which was another reason that Audi couldn’t stand him sometimes. Simba hardly seemed to care what anyone thought of him for wearing makeup. Audi couldn’t imagine how he pulled off being so confident, and it just burned him up with jealousy. But he managed to make it through his eyeliner with only a few spiteful makeup-rivalry thoughts, and he slicked back his hair - it needed to be dyed again soon - before unlocking the door and stepping straight onto somebody’s alarmingly squashy cat. He cursed as it streaked away, hissing and spitting, but he could hardly stay mad at a cat, so he simply jaunted his way over to the coat rack and put on his precious coat. He was wearing one of his older shirts, because if they were going to go stomping around in the grass and dirt, he sure as heck wasn’t going to wear one of his nice shirts. His pants were the usual bondage-style jeans with winklepickers, and he was ready to go in record time. He shouted at the assorted people sitting around his house watching Dukes of Hazzard not to eat all of the food, and then he was out the door.

Audi would have liked to have driven there, but as it was a beautiful day and as nobody would lend him their car, he opted to bike instead. He wasn’t much one for the dangerous aspect of biking with a full-length coat on, but he knew that anyone who wasn’t biking would be skateboarding, motorcycling, or scootering their way on over to the theater. Audi had never owned a Walkman, so he provided a self-soundtrack instead by means of humming. It was less a distrust of his own voice - though he certainly wasn’t any Robert Smith - and more of a fear of bugs flying into his mouth that kept him from singing aloud. He could never remember the words to songs anyway. It was a short ride from his house to the theater, and he immediately hopped off of his bike without even fully stopping as soon as he saw Mae, opening the kickstand a bit too early. As he got off, his coat, naturally, got snagged on the opposite pedal, and he staggered before leaning over to disentangle it.

He took a look at Glow Cinemas, remembering the million times he had been here. He knew this place like the back of his hand. Here he had experienced laughter (like when he had snorted milk out of his nose watching Plan 9 from Outer Space), fear (he was embarrassed to say that The Night of the Living Dead had scared him silly), and, in some cases, utter disgust (he had never been able to get the end of Freaks out of his head). The movies for today looked enticing, and Audi had four quarters in his back pocket that were just begging to be spent. With money like that, he could afford popcorn to make up for his lack of breakfast or even get a soda and just pick off of everybody else’s food. “Hey, Mae Day! Goin’ in the back?” he asked Mae, leaving his bike rather inconveniently blocking a parking spot. Or what was supposed to be a parking spot, because parking space around here was kind of every man for himself. Audi glanced at the doors to the theater, wondering if the others were already in there. From perfect Simba to goody-two-shoes Mattie to “tell no lies” Kyshia, he wouldn’t put it past all of them to pay for their tickets like the upstanding citizens they were - okay, yeah, nobody was an upstanding citizen, but they still paid for their tickets like nerds. Audi liked to think of himself as more of a rebel type, a real rule-breaker. Plus he couldn’t afford a ticket. So it looked like he would be sneaking in the back again! Mae, of course, wouldn’t turn down a chance at mischief, and really, sneaking in was the only way to get it done. Though he did appreciate the others paying, because he usually sent them to get his popcorn. “Nice pants,” said Audi offhandedly, picking in increasing irritating at his teeth to try and get some invisible granule out of them. He slicked back his hair again, but this time it served a purpose: he was drawing Mae’s attention to it as a nonverbal reminder that he could really use her help dyeing it again.

For now, it was time to ascend the fire escape and get in through the roof. Audi always went after Mae, and seemed to harbor under the belief that if Mae somehow fell, he would be able to catch her without falling or breaking his spine. Fortunately it hadn’t come to that, because Audi probably would try to pull a stunt like that and end up in the hospital. “Anyone else show up?” Audi asked as he headed for the fire escape. “Simba’s gotta be here, he’s the one who invited us. Have you seen Hector?” Audi stood aside to let Mae go first, his expression almost regal: he always fancied himself a real gentleman when he did stuff like this. His makeup was starting to run, but he hadn’t noticed quite yet. The eyeliner at the corner of his eyes was beginning to blur, like the first traces of black tears. He slicked his hair back for a third time, this time to try and get the sweat off of his forehead. “Got any money, Mae-Mae?” he asked her, debating whether soda or popcorn would be a wiser investment on his part. If Mae was getting popcorn, he would probably end up eating some of hers. Otherwise he’d just get his own.

Glow - RP July 26, 2020 01:03 PM

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Matthew Valentine | 15 | Male | M: The Group

He jerked awake with a yawn, the sun filtering smoothly through his half open blinds covering the window. Matt rubbed his bleary eyes and sat up, reaching a hand for the glass of water he had placed on the bedside table. With a hesitant hand, he dumped the contents of the drink down his back, shivering and jumping up. Good. He was awake now. Matt looked down at his soaked clothes and shrugged. Should he change? He sniffed himself and nodded. He smelled fine. Kind of like sweat, summer, and candy, but fine. His shirt was sticking to his back, and Matt pulled it off with a wet suck. It'd dry.

He snatched a pair of sneakers from the floor and shoved them on his feet, stumbling down the stairs and running into the wall. Matt rubbed his head and kept going, looking around the kitchen when he entered it. No one was there. Guess everyone was asleep, or maybe they had left for some "bonding time". He went to the fridge and looked around, the cold air sleeping out and making his back feel colder. Matt decided on an apple. A red one. He was the only one in his family who liked the red apples. It was good, in a way. Nobody stole his fruit. He bit into it, tearing a chunk out and licking the juice that threatened to drop onto the clean floor. Matt shoved it into his mouth, his teeth holding the apple in place. He raced into the garage, frantically looking for his bike. It had been there last night! Where was it? He pushed aside boxes, checking the corner in which it usually lay. Did his sisters take it out? He knew they loved his bike, for some odd reason, but they should've known he was going to meet his friends.

Matthew let out a frustrated, guttural sound, sliding a hand through his hair. Shit. He ran outside, ducking under the door and glaring at the sun. Matthew began the long run to the Glow Cinemas. While he ran he thought. Had he brought money? A quick ruffle through his pockets declared the answers be yes. He looked back up and screeched to a halt. Pole. He whirled around it and started running again. Geez. Poles these days. Didn't people watch where they put them? He huffed softly, his feet pounding the gravel floor gently. House. House. House. Oh look! Another house! Pole. House. House. Person. Library. House.

This went on for what seemed forever, Matt ticking off all the buildings as his feet moved seemingly on their own accord. Cinema! He almost grinned, veering into the large building. A person was in his way, and he turned sharply, almost tripping and skidding on the hot floor. "Watch it Benny!" Ugh. He hated Ben Ford. For what reason, he didn't know. His subconscious believed it was because he was jealous of his relationship with H-Man, or Hector Hoffman, as everyone knew him. Matt rolled his eyes and plowed forward, not bothering to say a greeting to the kid.

As he slowed, a pair of figures was waiting near the entrance to the Glow Cinema. "Got any money, Mae-Mae?" Oh look. Cor. Great. He kept the annoyance off of his face as he gave Mae a one armed hug. That idiot. Doesn't he know Mae-Mae's my nickname for her? Matt nodded at Audi. "Morning Cor." Man, he was getting more and more jealous at others now. Something was up with him. Puberty? Probably, to be honest. "And I got money Cor. You want me to buy you a snack? Popcorn maybe?" Audi loved popcorn. The way Matt saw it, anyway. He pulled out a few dollars and handed it to Audi, a smirk on his face. His attention diverted itself to Mae. "You want some too Mae-Mae?"

He wondered where everyone else was. He had run into Benny, so that was one. He didn't know about Kiki, H-Man, or Bunny. Leon had invited them, so he would have to come, it was a common courtesy. Matt has chanced a glance upon the Cinemas' billboard, looking at the movies available. Bronco Billy and The Long Riders sounded boring. The Shining sounded good. He had heard it was one of the best movies, according to his two sisters and his father. Matt's mother had left the Cinema, saying, "It was way to scary. Don't blame me. I didn't choose to watch that." His gaze had wandered to "Friday the 13th". Matt looked at his companions and said, "Just saying, if we watch a movie, I want the horror movies. Specifically 'The Shining' or 'Friday the 13th'."

Glow - RP July 30, 2020 05:24 PM

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Ben | Male | 14 | Questioning | Theater | M: Matt, Audi, Mae, Simba (Briefly), + Hector (Breifly)

This was going to be an amazing day. For one, Simba was going to be there. Two, he didn’t know who else was, but there was a pretty damn good chance that Audi, Hector, and Mae would be there. Audi and Hector were Ben’s greatest of friends the moment he walked into town. He can’t really remember how the three met, but who cares about that when you can do dumb stuff with them and they are so super nice? And Mae? Well she just had to be there as well. Mae was like a sister to Ben. To everyone really. There was absolutely nothing that could make this day bad. Or so Ben thought until the world was like ‘Fuck that! Ima ruin your day, mate!’ and threw Matt into the party.

“Oh uh… yeah err… Hi… Matt…,” Ben murmured with an awkward wave as Matt pushed past him, stumbling a bit to get out of Matt’s way on his thin, scraped and bruised legs. Ben bit his tongue so he didn’t spit out some harsh words at Matt, but Ben wouldn’t let Matt get to him. Matt had been rude to Ben the moment he walked into Glow. Ben could only imagine why. Maybe Matt did deserve some kind of lash back for that? Even though Ben didn’t like to admit it, the only reason he hadn’t given Matt a nickname yet was because the one nickname he would give him would have to be ‘el pelmazo’, but Ben would be nice and not stoop down to Matt’s level of meanness. At least Ben tried to avoid Matt, although it was a bit hard to do so when they both had the same classes and both were best friends with Hector.

Ben watched Matt with a small glare before seeing who he was walking up to. Audi and Mae. One of Ben’s favorite things he could do to Audi was attempt to scare him and so far, it looked like neither Mae nor Audi had even noticed him. Ben grinned widely before gently placing his skateboard on the ground for optimum sneak powers. Crouching slightly as he couldn’t help but smirk evilly at his unsuspecting victim, Ben crawled closer… and closer… and-

“¡¡Abucheo!!” Ben screeched, causing heads to turn and stare at Ben as he grabbed Audi’s shoulders. Ben chuckled loudly, his almost girly giggle filling the room. Picking back up his skateboard, Ben hooked his free hand around Audi’s neck with his signature goofy grin. “Eyyy, Primo! How’s it going? Did I spook ya?~ I totally scared ya didn’t I?? Now before you get mad at me, guess what I gooooot!!” Fishing through his jean jacket for a minute or two, Ben pulled out nothing. “Uh… one second…” Pulling off his jean jacket and searching through the pockets, Ben’s face got more and more distressed. “I coulda swore I- Ahh nevermind! I’ll show ya at my house later!!”

“Hey, Hermana!” Ben called to Mae, ignoring Matt who stood next to her and avoiding whatever rampage Audi was about to go on. “Come give me a hug! I haven’t seen you in… forever!!” Before Mae could protest, Ben quickly hugged her. In reality, the two had seen each other just the other day. Or maybe it was last week. Ben was horrible at keeping track of the time. Whatever it was, he was seeing her now, right? Ben planned to make the most of the time he could with Audi and Mae while avoiding Matt as best as possible. “Soooo... we are watching a horror movie?”

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