04:54:34 Lycan
Anyone up for a FxF pm role play?
04:53:44 Fang

I will, I promise!
04:53:43 anti-social soul

It its like, less than G5 I'd say that's pretty good

If its a G1-G3 its damn good

But if it's like the 50th gen or some crap it's not that good
Lucis Pro Conquisito
04:53:38 Torch, anthrozil
its okay. We can make about a page or so a day.
Black Swan
04:53:19 Swan Swannity Swan
No, inbred

Has there been incest in it's line? Most players don't like it when a wolf is inbred, so they'll only go for the +50 and above vital wolves if they're going to commit it
04:52:55 Z, Chai
torch- oh sorry about that. I'd make a post but honestly am a bit too lazy at the moment ^^'

fang thats very true- and ok good just be careful XD
04:51:59 Fang

Alive is better than being dragged into the Underworld. And don't worry, I've burned myself enough times on this stove to know to be cautious!
Ashen Kingdom
04:51:58 Roxy

It was bred, yes.
Lucis Pro Conquisito
04:51:54 Torch, anthrozil
I'm doing good. I wish the other RPers would post. The only one who will post is in a 1x1 RP with me, so it depends on only one of us to keep it going.
Black Swan
04:51:10 Swan Swannity Swan
Depends. Is it inbred?
04:50:55 Z, Chai
fang- oh im sorry about that :( dont get burned making the soup! im ok i guess. alive.
Ashen Kingdom
04:50:44 Roxy
Hey everyone!

Quick question: How rare is a wold with vitals +5, +7, +4, and +6?
04:50:26 Fang

Anytime! I'm good, just making some soup. My girlfriend got sick from when she was taking care of me. How are you?
04:50:12 anti-social soul

I am too but I keep forgetting to do it after every 5 hounds
04:49:39 Z, Chai
hey fang! ^^ thanks for the relic and how are you :3
04:49:24 Z, Chai
how are ya torch
04:49:17 Fang

Black Swan
04:49:06 Swan Swannity Swan
I've been chucking mine into falls
Lucis Pro Conquisito
04:49:05 Torch, anthrozil
04:48:19 Z, Chai
hey guys ^^


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Forged By Fire | Horse RP | Open! June 4, 2020 04:57 PM

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Fire. It was everywhere, and the flickering flames nearly burning you in the stall. You nearly died as a result of this fire. A kind human boy sacrificed his life saving the horses of the Firefly Stables. This has led to the horses becoming free and wild. The wild Bear Valley has become your home, and this is a journey you must undergo. It's time to be forged by fire.

2 years has passed and the herd has established itself, but it's quite still young and inexperienced . They are starting to encroach on two neighboring herds territory. Tensions are rising high, and a lot of slander and anger has been occurring.

Will the herds come together and discuss the problems or will chaos ensue?


My co-owner of this RP is Tenebris Umbra and her word is as good as mine. Treat her with respect or I will hurt you badly ^_^


Important Links:

Sign Ups: Will Do Later

Discussion: Will Add

RP Thread: N/A

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Forged By Fire | Horse RP | Open! June 4, 2020 05:00 PM

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  1. Eve's Rules
  2. Have respect towards your fellow RPer
  3. I will not tolerate any OOC drama. Drama in the RP is encouraged though.
  4. Treat Tene as my equal as she will accept/decline your forms as she sees fit.
  5. PM me the scientific name of horses
  6. I will not accept perfect characters
  7. Please use credited images and upload photos to a proper photo sharing sites. NO HOTLINKING
  8. Put your favorite dessert in other
  9. I want a detailed personality! No one-liners will be accepted.
  10. Keep coat colors and eye colors realistic.
  11. I don't wanna see no orphaned foals as they couldn't take care of themselves. If they are weaned they must have someone to take care of them.No Lone Mares as well
  12. Keep everything realistic . No mare fighting a stallion
  13. No godmodding, powerplaying etc. None of that will be tolerated.
  14. Don't have your character(s) be "that guy". Don't make them continuously wander off, or disobey rules, or make everything about them.
  15. This is semi-literate. That means at least 1-2 paragraphs (at least five sentences per paragraph) for every character, every post, as well as respectable grammar and spelling. I understand writers block, but I will need something to reply to
  16. Read everything--if you haven't, it's obvious and makes me irritated if you don't
  17. Give others chances to fight and respond to you. No avoiding hits or not getting a single scar your not invincible.
  18. No love at first sight because that isn't realistic. Let it develop over the RP
  19. I will give you three strikes before I kick you out for disobeying rules. If you treat me or Tene without respect I will put my foot down and you don't want me to do such a thing
  20. Have fun, and make sure you have read all the rules darling otherwise you won't get accepted!


Classic Herd Rules

1. The Lead Stallion and his Co-Leader word is law

2. No relations with stallions outside the herd unless you want to face the consequences

3. Mares have no Lead Mare only a Lead Stallion

4. Outside foals will be killed

5. No wandering off or you will be left behind


The Bear Claw Herd

1. The Lead Mare's word is law, and to challenge her you must have the approval of all the mares in the herd

2. The Lead Stallion is Second to the Lead Mare and his words are law as well, but she trumps him

3. No wandering off or going off unless you are escorted by a stallion

4. Protect the foals at all cost, and teach them well

5. You must ask permission if you want to have relations with an outside stallion otherwise no secret relationships


Diamond Herd

1. Only the Lead Mare word matters

2. No stallions or foals allowed

3. You are not to have relations with lone stallions or bring foals within the herd

4. Protect the sisterhood


The Cassonova Bacholers

1. The Oldest Stallion rules

2. Stick together and don't betray one another

3. Steal as many mare as you can

4. Annoy those Lead Stallions!

Forged By Fire | Horse RP | Open! June 4, 2020 05:00 PM

Posts: 11125
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Master List


Classic Herd

Lead Stallion (1/1)

Lycus, played by queen

Co-Leader (0/1)


Unspoken Lead Mare (0/1)


Herd Mares (2/5)

Caoimhe, played by Spellbound

Reserved by queen






Dahlia, played by Spellbound (Foal of Lead Stallion. Lycus X Caoimhe )



The Bear Claw Herd

Lead Mare (1/1)

+Frøjya, Played by Spellbound

Lead Stallion (0/0)

See their Hierarchy

Herd Mares (2/15)

Aiyanna, played by Seaside Spirit
Amaranth, played by Imperial Sands
Alethea, played by Pika-chuuuu

[Need at least 8 to start]
NPC- Destia


NPC- Bea

NPC- Honeybee

NPC- Paisley

NPC- Star

Herd Stallions (2/3)

Asbjørn, played by Spellbound

Nodin, played by Tenebris Umbra



Reserved by Crowley

Reserved by Sunset Grove

Reserved by Heartbroken


Estra, played by Silver Feather ( Caregiver is Frøjya. Fight me )

NPC- Birch (Foal Of Destia and Aindrea)


Diamond Herd (Closed)

Lead Mare ( 1/1)

Berran, played by Heartbroken

Herd Mares (3/3)

Sibyl, Played by Spellbound

NPC- Darla

NPC- Rosie


Cassonova Bacholer Band

Oldest Stallion:

Courin, played by Corvid

Other Bacholers:
Aindrea, played by Spellbound

Forged By Fire | Horse RP | Open! June 4, 2020 05:01 PM

Posts: 11125
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Herd | Age | Gender | Rank | Mentions

Forged By Fire | Horse RP | Open! June 4, 2020 05:04 PM

Posts: 11125
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It is a lovely spring day, the beginning of spring actually . It has been 2 Years since the fire. All herds are grazing and minding to their boundaries.

Bear Claw- A Large Bear has been sighted near your area

Diamond- You are crossing through a Rocky Mountain area to a lake

Classic Herd - You all are casually grazing together and chilling

Forged By Fire | Horse RP | Open! June 4, 2020 05:11 PM

Posts: 11125
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Bear Claw Herd | 5 | Mare | Lead Mare | Mentions: Open

The sun was just peaking over the horizon of the painted sky. A gentle burst of a spring breeze weaves through the trees, and the songs of courting songbirds could be heard from afar. New life was evident in the forest as the blooms and shoots of trees and flowers filled the air with their alluring scent, and graced the forest with their stunning foliage. New children of animals could be seen sticking close to their mother, and the sound of a rushing creek that cascaded into a waterfall filled the forest with sounds of joy and pleasure.

A black mare stood high above a slope. Her green-blue hued optics taking in the forest with interest. It had been almost 2 years since a stable fire sent a lot of fancy horses into the wild, and now they had become one with the forest. She was prideful of the herd, but true she enjoyed her freedom to go as she pleased with them.No, she relished freedom. The thought of being confined to one area, and not being able to go where she wanted that was troubling to her. She tossed her black mane and flicked her tail at the absurd thought.

Flicking her ears she listened to the sounds of the mares and their foals with envy. Her foals had been murdered in the herd she had ran away from, and she had now became the Lead Mare of this herd. She gave a soft snort as she felt the rays of sunshine begin to warm her body. It had been quite chilly last night, and she was almost cold to the bone, but she survived. She grazed casually on the grass near her with the sweet taste of fallen nectar and fresh morning dew. Her steps were cautious and timed well as she descended the slope, and made her way into the herd.

She was trying to blend in, but it would be obvious she wasn't a regular, as her beautiful black coat stood out amongst the light coated females, but some bore champagne coats as well. She was the Lead. She needed to choose her Lead Stallion after all it was his duty to protect the herd, and keep them to himself, and pass on his bloodline.

A few mares gave her a look of disdain and haughtiness and she scowled right back at them. They seemed frightened by her and they trotted off as she grazed. It seemed all eyes were on her until she would be unknowingly in the eyesight of the Lead Stallion or her favored stallion. Crap, she though as she made eye contact with him, he's quite handsome. She took in the stallions features and noted his wounds. Handsome and strong she noted.

She had a crescent scar herself, otherwise she was a ghastly beauty, and her eyes seemed to mystify every stallion she encountered. She also had a clean and lovely coat along with her long flowing mane and tail that slightly drug the ground. She walked up to the male with a curious expression, but a sort of odd flirtatious look in her eyes.

"Nodin, Asbjørn said he saw a bear" she says sweetly, "could you deal with it along with Asbjørn?"

Edited at June 4, 2020 05:12 PM by -Spellbound
Forged By Fire | Horse RP | Open! June 4, 2020 05:52 PM

Tenebris Umbra
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Bear Claw || Five || Herd Stallion || Mentions: Frøjya, Asbjørn

A figure with a chocolate brown coat stood beneath a single tree located within the valley. It provided him shade against the sun, the one thing that truly bothered him on this warm spring day. His head was dipped, grazing upon a clump of grass lazily, his ears swirling around to listen for danger. Predators were common around these areas, Nodin knew that much. He may have been raised in a stable, but his instincts had taken over as soon as he entered the wild.

He was still learning, and Nodin figured that there would always be something to learn. He wasn't born in the wild nor raised in it, but more so released into it. He personally found it difficult to convert from a barn horse to a wild one, though knew that others found it much easier, and, in fact, preferred it better. Nodin certainly liked the freedom that came with being free, but survival was also much harder. Every corner held possible danger, and the shadows were filled with creatures of all kind lurking and preying upon herds and young foals.

He was so focused upon the grass to the extent where he didn't notice the approaching mare before him. Raising his head at the sound of hooves connecting with the ground, his eyes met the Lead Mare, Frøjya's, own blue coloured ones. "To what do I owe the pleasure?" He dropped the strands of grass he was tempted to eat and focused his attention on her. He greeted her in a friendly manner, warm and welcoming.

The kindness in his eyes etched into one full of worry at her words, and his gaze hardened into a stern one. "I will have a word with him and see what we can do." Bears were fearsome predators, far more larger and deadlier than any other. Their jaws were strong, able to grip and not release until their prey was long dead. "I will report back to you once I return." Dipping his head slightly, he offered a kind expression before searching for Asbjørn, another herd stallion.

When he found the older black and white coated stallion, Nodin trotted up to him, his tail swaying behind him. "You saw a bear? Where about?" Gazing around, the male searched, wondering where such a creature roamed.

Forged By Fire | Horse RP | Open! June 4, 2020 06:19 PM

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Berran||Lead Mare||Sixteen||Mentions: Sibyl,Open
Berran walked through the Mountains with her herd. Rocks crumbled at her hooves. Looking up at the sky, she Told the herd to stop and rest for a while. They had been traveling for almost an Hour. She looked at the sky and took a deep breathe Trying to Regain her stamina. She laid in the shade for a while. her Tail dragged on the ground while her mane rested on her backside. Once she felt like the herd had enough rest she, flicked her tail signaling to Move along.
More Rocks crumble beneath the ground, Berran looked forward and kept her head straight Keeping a steady pace with her herd Members. She continued to trot for most of the trip then went into a walk to keep her stamina. She saw a lake a head, she looked back at her herd and shouted, "No much longer till we reach the Lake" A 1 hour, Soon they had reach the lake. She stopped and let her Ombre blonde and white mane and tail flow in the wind.
She started to graze a little until she felt like she needed to rest, she trotted over to the lake and sipped a little water. The water was cool and clear for her enough to see whats in the lake. As she finishe drinking, she looked and Sibyl and walked over to her saying. " Hey how are you?"

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Forged By Fire | Horse RP | Open! June 4, 2020 06:39 PM

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Bear Claw Herd | Herd Stallion | Male | Mentions: Frøjya & Nodin

The male had been walking the borders when he saw a huge sow and her cubs. He had made note of her den, and he trotted back to the herd. He saw his sister watching the herd and smiled. Him and his sister were one of the few horses born and raised in the wild, and they had accepted some Barn Horses into the herd. The male kind of felt bitter that his sister didn't let him lead instead putting faith in the younger stallion Nodin. The stallion was quite handsome and strong, and had scars from fights. So he wasn't totally useless.

He had approached his sister who nearly fainted at the thought of a bear hurting their foals, and he had been walking around when she saw her rejoin the herd. He snickers as some mares look envious at his sister. She was quite the beauty and then they were even more jealous of her unspoken claim on Nodin as a mate. He didn't know it yet but she was determined to make him hers. He felt the cool summer breeeze wash over as he had rejoined the herd. He saw some bashful looks from some mares and smirked at this, but the ladies went gaga when Nodin approached and they sighed envious.

"Nodin! Nodin!" a white mare shouted, but Asbjørn shot her a mean mug and her and her 'crew' grazed elsewhere

He perked his ears attentive towards the young male. If he was his sisters favorite then he would take him under his wing. He would teach him how to be a Lead Stallion.He held his head high showing he was older and wiser than the young male and motioned for him to follow.

"So Frøjya told you?" he grunted as he moved towards the edge of their border and he pointed with his muzzle towards a large cave on their territory, " the sow and her cubs are their. They won't mess with us as long as we don't disturb them."

Soft whining and grunting could be heard above, and he looked to the trees. It was two black bear cubs high up playing, but one was hurt and the other was crying for the mother. A monsterous roar erupted and distant crashing could be heard as a flock of birds flew through the trees their wings flapping noisily as they fled.

A angry female black bear came crashing through the thicket and she eyed him and the younger stallion dangerously, and looked from them to her cubs. She growled lowly at them and she let out a monstrous roar that showed her discontent with them being their. Asbjørn remains amazingly calm, and slowly backing beside Nodin he kept his eye on the bear yet he talked.

"Back away slowly, no sudden movements or she will charge" he spoke wisely as he slowly backed away from the tree and the bear, but he stood slightly in front of the young stallion as they moved.

Frøjya would have a fit if either of them were injured

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Forged By Fire | Horse RP | Open! June 4, 2020 06:53 PM

Imperial Sands
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Bear Claw Herd | 4.5 Years | Herd Mard | Mentions: Nodin, Frøjya, Asbjørn, Open

An alabaster form stood on the outskirts of the herd, her form fading from right to left as she leisurely grazed. The mare showed little interest in what was going on around her, dark eyes locked on the vast landscape that stretched out around her. Day dreaming no doubt, a slight commotion drew her attention back to the herd as she spied their lead mare enter the fray, and head over to stallion with a coat the color fo chocolate. Nodin.

Nodin and her had been friends for as long as she had remembered, having grown up as foals together in the stables. She was fond of him, because he understood her restless spirit, and had never tried to force her to be something she wasn't. The times she had needed to stretch her legs? Nodin was there to make it happen. He was her friend, and a good one at that, but she didn't really understand why others acted the way they did towards him. He was no different than them, just another horse.

When he parted, seemingly on some sort of mission with Asbjorn, the Lead's brother, she turned her attention away from the herd of horses, dark eyes flashing at the though of thundering across an open field. For now, though, she tempered it down and lowered her head to graze, content with her absent pacing.

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