Queen of War
05:19:45 Queen
I feel so sad. I wanted to get Soul maxed in the three battle stats before tomorrow. Thats not going to happen.
Chimeras & Melas
05:19:08 Chim, Mela
can I get 100 paws?
Firren's Destiny
05:18:54 Fool,Fire,Ren
Keep or retire? -WP Click-
Blood Demons
05:17:08 Blood
Viv Awesome I mean DH's are not bad if you are a battle pack and congrats
Magnus Bane
05:16:53 Nikki/Mag
Hey guys
05:16:28 anti-social soul

Omg haha :'D
I click the button and look away in shame :'c
05:15:34 anti-social soul

If you want to go ahead! I've bred like 4 I think, but I mostly get DH's
I got my first UL last game year
Queen of War
05:15:25 Queen
yeah, its just mush for me
Black Swan
05:15:07 Swan Swannity Swan

I pound that little shit
05:14:41 anti-social soul
I feel really bad when I come across 1 little squirrel with my 6 pack of teeth and claws

Anyone else? :(
Blood Demons
05:14:40 Blood
Viv Sorry to but in but I have bred a few SV in the last few games years if I breed any I will send them your way its up to you whether you keep them or not I just have no use for them :)
05:12:53 anti-social soul

Oo he's pretty
I've been trying to breed SV's but none of my wolves are lined unfortunately, and finding a non-inbred male is nearly impossible :C
Black Swan
05:12:40 Swan Swannity Swan
Oh fuck.

It's HIS fault my girls are all cider 2s, not Ontari's!! Grrr <3
Queen of War
05:12:16 Queen
I really hate school, i have school work still to do, i really want to take a bath, i have to do music practice, and i really wanted to try to get to bed at 9 tonight. Ugh
Brelsotr Pack
05:11:15 Dragons of Gluttony
@Blood Perfect!
05:11:13 anti-social soul

If you restart are you gonna do wolf party wolves?
Black Swan
05:11:06 Swan Swannity Swan
I would never actually, I worked way too hard to get where I am

I've been looking through my wolves' bloodlines. I though the double SV brothers from my bloodline females were completely random, but I took a look into their lines and found this guy
-WP Click-

He's more than a few generations back though
Blood Demons
05:10:36 Blood
Brelsotr Omg I will pm you
05:09:47 mulberry ~ verzuwu
old wolves are such liabilities, i just wanna kill em when they're past 12

is that weird??
05:09:32 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
ninjago pm rp pm me


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