Broken Archangel
12:27:23 Samael ,Flawed
Hey mari
Hey dagger how are you guys

Hey star im good what about you
12:27:18 Everyone knows Emma
Not too much. Was looking after my boss' granddaughters so she and their mother could get some office work finished without the munchkins interruptions. We came across the 'tooth fairy' home. Yourself?
Wolves of Alagaesia
12:27:03 Dragon of WP
Hehehe...i think there is something wrong with me. Im trying to horde raven feathers.
12:26:44 Deci
Hey Lovelies. <3
12:26:43 Star,hero,cookie
sis i am okay
hi broken archangel how are you
Dagger Pack
12:26:32 Dag/Verity's Wife

12:26:24 Tato/Mari
Broken Archangel
12:26:10 Samael ,Flawed
12:25:58 Tato/Mari
hi sis ^^ im well, kinda tired. you?
12:25:07 Star,hero,cookie
hi sis how are you
~ Bleak ~
12:25:00 ~Basement Gremlin~

When the opposing alliance is at 5 damage left and you have to wait 15 minutes
12:24:10 Lunar / Mic

How was your day?
Dagger Pack
12:24:05 Dag/Verity's Wife

12:23:46 Everyone knows Emma
Gidday ;)
12:23:45 Tato/Mari
hi mom.
Wolves of Alagaesia
12:22:56 Dragon of WP
I saw Mymmy and instantly my mind thought of the mummy series.
12:22:37 Lunar / Mic
Hey Misaki!
Dagger Pack
12:21:55 Dag/Verity's Wife

12:21:40 Star,hero,cookie
hey mummy
Dagger Pack
12:20:55 Dag/Verity's Wife
Hgmhg(Noise I make)

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Running | RP Thread September 30, 2019 10:20 AM

Posts: 733


Thread: You're here partner

Remember the rules and have fun! Keep chatter to a minimum, or take it to the discussion thread, which is linked above.

Where to Start
The gang will just have moved to Painted Winds, meaning there will be no interaction with the law yet. Also, no robberies or murdering has happened, but will come when it is time. So your character will most likely be doing more legal actions than illegal to hide whom they truly are.

Currently, it is cool with some evening showers and a small chance of light snow.
It is fall, almost winter.
Time is currently around nine AM.


Have this at the top of every post (not using it could get you warnings or possibly kicked if it happens too often)

Name - Gender - Location (optional) - Rank in gang - Mentions:


Carson Hummings - Female - Painted Winds - Newcomer - Mentions: Open

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Running | RP Thread September 30, 2019 10:26 AM

Posts: 733
Running | RP Thread September 30, 2019 05:10 PM

Posts: 1430
<div align="center">Silas Ragnarr | Female | Camp | Hunter | Mentions: Indirectly James and Reason

Silas was laying on her makeshift bed that she always slept on in camp, luckily she kept the same comfortable bed that she had since she was 12, obviously due to her height. Although she had no time to ponder and waste precious daylight as it was nearing winter, looking around she took a deep breath before sitting up and popping her back and legs as she stretched. As perusal her hat slipped off and her ice white hair was exposed, along with her white eyelashes and mixed matched eyes. Silas wasn't fond of her birth defects since she hated sticking out like a sore thumb, most called her the "White Snake" because she was silent but had a deadly aim. Looking out through the small gap in her tent she couldn't tell if any of the others were awake, although some had to be awake due to chores. Grabbing her bow and arrows she tucked her skinning knife into it's cover and buckled her pistol belt around her waste. Grabbing her rifle, she slung it over her shoulder and head so it was diagonal across her back, pushing her tent cover back she walked out into the chilly air and pulled her hat down and pulled her bandana up over her nose.

Silas looked over in the direction of James and Reason's tents as she waited for one of them to appear, usually she would think about just leaving without saying anything but since she still wasn't as old as the others she decided against it. Looking around the camp she seen her horse idly staring her down and she raised an eyebrow at him as he began to throw his head around in a jealous manner. Looking around she didn't see any guys around so she was quite curious as to why he was being rambunctious. Walking towards his direction she watched as he began to strike his foot on the ground, like he got a piece of honeycomb stuck to it. Patting his nose she fished some hay from a nearby hay bale and hand fed him the food, calming his stubbornness that he usually had early in the morning, he knew they were about to leave since he could see the bow in hand and the skinning knife.

Silas waited patiently as she began to head back to the outside of her tent, sitting on the small chair outside of it she leaned back and waited for either James or Reason so she could tell them she was heading out to collect some food. Even if it might be scarce, Silas was an excellent tracker, being able to find the smallest faintest tracks of deer or rabbit, although it is harder in the dirt, than snow, Silas would never admit it.

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Running | RP Thread September 30, 2019 05:54 PM

Posts: 915
<div style="text-align: center;">James Williams | Male | Camp | Second-in-command | Mentions: Silas, Open
<div style="text-align: center;">
<div style="text-align: center;">James woke up in a cold sweat once again. Once again, he had that damn nightmare. The nightmare that had haunted him since the day his wife passed. Every night, he would lay there, in the cold air, thinking of her. And he knew what awaited him after he had fallen asleep. But every single night when he had that cursed dream, it was like experiencing it anew every time. It was both a gift and curse. A gift, because every night he would hold his wife for one last time. And a curse, because he relived the moment of her death and the agony he felt when dreaming. There was not one night where he was dreamless, instead his mind tortured him with his own memories. To be honest, James didn't know for how much longer he could remain sane, he just wished he had forgotten about the memory, but it was still imprinted in his mind clear as day, like it happened yesterday.<div style="text-align: center;">
<div style="text-align: center;">James laid there for a few more minutes, not wanting to start his day, he knew he wouldn't be able to fall asleep again so there wasn't any point to trying. He just stared up at the dark void of his tent for a few minutes. But those minutes felt like hours and hours. Like a never ending loop he was stuck in. James shook those thoughts out of his head, as a second-in-command, he should always have a clear head to make unbiased choices when it came to his gang. He decided he needed a smoke, to get his mind off of things.<div style="text-align: center;">
<div style="text-align: center;">James got up and changed from his sleeping attire to his usual attire. A woolen beige shirt with a denim jacket and his grey trousers. He strapped his belt around his waist and took his pistol and lasso. You never know what could happen, so it was always better to be safe than sorry. He left his tent and immediately felt the cold air. It was nearing winter, no doubt. He looked over to the horses, some of them looked very relaxed while others agitated. He didn't have a horse of his own at the moment, but he planned on stealing one these days. Or perhaps he should legally pay for one? Nah, stealing is better.<div style="text-align: center;">
<div style="text-align: center;">Taking his attention off the horses, he took out his pack of cigarettes and matches. The first match didn't light, probably because of the cold air, he threw it on the ground. Getting pretty annoyed, he took another match and tried to light it with more force. This one did light up. Satisfied, he lit his cigarette and threw the second match next to the first one on the dirt. Only when he took his first smoke out of the cigarette, did he notice Silas siting on a small chair outside of her tent. "Good morning Silas, where are you going?" he eyed her, she looked as she was ready to go somewhere, the question was where? He asked her, as he took another smoke out of the cigarette.
Running | RP Thread September 30, 2019 06:33 PM

Posts: 1430
<div align="center">Silas Ragnarr | Female | Camp | Hunter | Mentions: James
<div align="center">

Looking over at the feet that approached her after aggressively striking the match box because it wouldn't light, Silas flicked her hat up to get a good look at who was next to her. It was James, the second in command, pulling down her bandana as she was getting ready to speak, it was clear she was cold by the color of her nose, a bright red against her light caramel skin complexion. Pushing her hat down to hide her smirk, she lifted it back up with a small grin on her face, "Out hunting for breakfast since it seems you adults ate up all the spare food we had. I thought them matches you struggle with would keep you full enough, Second." she teased him a bit about his small struggle with the match as she heard the whole thing. Silas never really called the Second or the Leader of the gang by their name unless asked, usually she would call them by their position, not out of disrespect to the lower ranked but because she wasn't good at remembering names to often.

Looking over at her horse who seemed to have his ears back at her, or maybe at James, she couldn't tell, she planned on teaching him how to unhook himself from the hitch incase she needed him to come with whistled for but he was ignoring her every time she tried to teach him. Looking back to James she stood from her chair and looked up at him, since she was wildly short, she held onto her hat to keep it from falling off. "Any preferences you want me to hunt for? That aren't hard to find?" she asked, looking down at his lasso she realized hers wasn't on her hip so she went back in her tent and grabbed it before he had time to answer. Since she would need it for tying the carcasses to her horse, or perhaps using it to catch some deer.

Waiting for his response she began to fix the rope around her lasso hook, usually it would tangle and today was the day it did, so she kept messing with it until it finally hooked correctly.Hearing her horse getting more excited by the minute she whistled for him to come to her to see if he could do anything and hold and show he could actually get off the hitch post. Silas shook her head at her horse who flaunted over in a sarcastic manner, stopping right before her shoulder as he snorted at her and nipped at her hat.

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Running | RP Thread September 30, 2019 11:00 PM

Rustyk Pack
Posts: 1940
Rose Williamson | Female | Camp | Care Taker | Mentions: Silas, James, Open

The young woman pulled her jacket around her shoulders a little tighter as she knelt by the firepit attempting to light the fire and begin warming up at least some coffee for the others. Her dark eyes left their position on the fire and looked over hearing the Second in Command and one of the other members conversing. Her eyes then moved to the little boy that was sleeping curled up in his blanket not far from her. As much as Rose love the cooler air, she knew it meant another winter was approaching and trying to figure out what she was going to do about clothing for Marcus.

After what seemed like an eternity it, she finally sat back on her feet before standing. "Maybe I should get some help." She mutter before moving over to the child and gently brushing some of his curly locks out of his sleeping face. A soft smile filled her features before she moved to the wagon searching for something to help her light the fire. You would think that finding a light would be easy but Rose didnt want to wake or disturb anyone that wasnt up just yet.

"Aha!" Left her lips when she found a small packet of matches as she turned and knelt by the pit once again. She was able to get a light on the first match and thankfully the wood wasnt too wet from the night before and light up with crackling and sparks. She placed the matches in a pocket before starting the creation of coffee. She was going to try and get some of the cooking done before her son and some of the others awaken. It made things easier sometimes.

(I apologize if this looks a little funny. I typed it up on my phone.)
Running | RP Thread October 1, 2019 12:05 AM

Posts: 800
Reason Thatcher | M | Painted Winds Camp | Leader | Mentions: Silas and James directly, Rose indirectly

Reason had been awake and stirring for several hours, since before the cracks of cold sun had begun to creep over the horizon. He was of a habit of wandering off, leaving camp while others slept, letting himself get absorbed by the landscape and his own thoughts. They'd recently found themselves settled in these Painted Winds, and it would be foolish not to take advantage of the time to give himself the lay of the land.

There was a town nearby, freshly spawned from the dust of the desert. Must have been, since he couldn't recall it being here the last time he'd blown through. From his vantage point atop the windy clifftop, he could just see the outcrops of wood here and there that marked residences. He didn't exactly have a goal in mind on these outings, but he desperately needed the time to scrape his thoughts together. Things had been changing lately, getting tougher, rougher, more dangerous. True, it had never exactly been a safe choice, coming out here and pursuing life the way he'd done. People were just different now, and Reason didn't care for the shift.

His missing index finger throbbed a complaint, stiff and numb, as it did after it had been exposed for long enough, and his nose was running in the crisp morning air. He wasn't sure how long he'd been out on what he could call a stroll if anybody asked - not that he expected them to - but it was clearly time to return. He wheeled his horse around and nudged him back towards the direction of camp. Reason thought him a magnificent beast: black with white socks and a temper to match that of a wild bull. But then again, the man had always enjoyed a challenge when it came to animals. The more headstrong they were, the more pleasurable and rewarding it was when they finally broke.

The stallion picked his way carefully around the broken, craggy rocks that jutted from the stony soil near the cliffs, then picked up the pace once the rocks gave way to frosted, loamy earth, scattered with pine needles and mosses. The camp was beginning to rise, judging by the quiet voices and the scents of smoke and coffee that met his nose as he approached. When he got closer, he could see Rose fussing busily around a campfire, and Silas and James chatting across camp.

He was loathe to dismount, knowing his leg would likely lock up immediately upon hitting the ground. Instead he steered his horse around the edge of the camp and towards James and Silas, who looked to be about to go somewhere, seeing as she had her horse waiting nearby. He remained seated in his saddle, stiff and unyielding, determined not to give his leg any excuse to start up before he'd had a chance to get down.

"Where you off to?" He asked Silas, but without waiting for her to answer, he followed it up with a brusque, "Take somebody with you."

It wasn't that he didn't trust her - well, no less than anybody else - but he didn't want people just coming and going wherever they pleased, whenever they pleased. He'd always been a bit of a hardass in that regard, but he'd been especially aware of everybody's whereabouts lately. It was something of an unwritten rule that he needed to know what people were planning, and he preferred to know as directly as possible. Also, given the fact that they'd just settled in here, he thought it prudent to ensure they always went out in smaller groups until they had a chance to get comfortable with their new environment.

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Running | RP Thread October 1, 2019 11:21 AM

Queen of Darkness
Posts: 2316
(Sorry this took so long. it deleted a few times and i had to keep rewriting it.)

Lillian(Lily)/F/Care Taker/M: Open

The sun had just risen, birds could be heard chirping in the distance, and Lily was making some breakfast. A small fire she had made sat in a clear spot. She had gotten a pan, sausage, and eggs for her to cook with. Though because of her clumsiness, she had dropped an egg or two. Why she was so clumsy, Lily didn't know. She hated that she was though, wishing she wasn't so she could just be normal for once. She dropped something every day, meaning something broke and she was the reason almost every time. Sometimes she felt she didn't belong here with the others, that she'd be better off on her own.

She sat by the warmth of the fire, the heat trying to warm her cold limbs. She put some sausage on the pan, the sizzle of the meat filled her ears before long. A delicious smell filled the air as the food cooked, Lily added some more and the sizzling sound became louder. This was the only thing she was good at, cooking a meal. She could clean and such, but this was the only thing she enjoyed to do that she knew she could do without messing up.

Ever since she was young, cooking was the only thing she ever did. She had joined the gang when she was a child, and this was all she ever knew. After her parents died, this was the only place she could think of to go. She didn't know why she was clumsy, but she was sure it hadn't started until after she had joined.

She sighed as she looked up at the sun. Another day she had to get through, another day to be embarrassed. She'd have to find a way to get through the day, like she did every day. As long as she had a place there, she would just have to continue as she did. She looked down at the meat she was cooking. Another day to mess something up, but there was nothing she could do about it.
Running | RP Thread October 1, 2019 03:06 PM

Shadow Masters
Posts: 2465
Miles Cliffman/M/Hunter/M: Rose, Lillian/Lily(indirectly), James, Reason, Silas

Miles woke up in the early morning, judging from the smell of coffee and food. He sat up and got dressed, knowing that sooner or later he would have to go into the forest, and he knew that he would only have a few more minutes before he would have to get back up again if he went back to sleep. He walked out of the tent to be met with the sight of the sun rising right in front of his eyes, which he has glad for. It would wake him up better than anything else, and if he was going to go out and hunt later he would need to be awake. His eyes scanned around the camp, noticing that Rose and Lillian(or Lily, as she like to be called, he noted in his mind) were around fires, which was where the smells of coffee and food came from. He also noticed that James, Reason, and Silas were standing next to each other, clearly talking about something. He shrugged his shoulders; it wasn't his business, and besides, he didn't like spying on his leader. He walked around the edge of camp, coming close to them but not close enough to be considered eavesdropping.

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Running | RP Thread October 1, 2019 04:35 PM

Former Pack
Posts: 0
<div style="text-align: center;">{|} Henry Larsen {|}
| Male | Painted Winds Camp | Newcomer |
Mentions: Reason, James, Silas
Indirect: Lily and Rose

The sun peeked through the opening of Henry's tent. Low sounding voices came from outside. The faint scent of a fire along with coffee and food drifted inside the tent. Henry's tent was located on the edge of camp. Eventually his eyelids started to flicker until the pulled back revealing the dark brown eyes on the man. Surprisingly enough he had slept well in his nest of blankets. For he was always on the go before he had joined the gang he didn't cary much with him, definitely not a matress of any sort.

Rising from the mess of blankets Henry scavenged his small tent for clothing. He put on a simple brown stained long sleeved shirt and leather pants. Along with his red poncho that he could rarely forget. After pulling the poncho over his head his hands immediately grabbed for his black hat. His fingers fumbled over the beads of the necklaces. Henry gave his hat, though mostly the necklaces a long stare as his mind dove deep into old memories.

Bringing himself out of memory lane, Henry placed the hat upon his unkempt curly hair and began putting on his tall leather boots and belt. Finding more gear in random locations within his tent and hooking them onto his pelt or shoving them into pouches. Most of the gear he had on him were knives and a lasso. He debated for quite some time on whether he should bring his revolver or not. Knowing himself he probably should bring it, in which he did. Placing the revolver in it's proper location in it's holster.

Henry drew the opening of his tent back as he exited his tent. The sun kindly welcomed him into the world though the cold air harshly had done so. He immediately returned to his tent to fetch some gloves and a black bandana, placing them on his hands and neck. Returning to the outside world he placed his hands upon his hips as his eyes narrowed at the sight of the brightly lit sun that was just rising.

Dark brown eyes drifted over the camp, spotting many of the caretakers already preparing breakfast. Though his gaze stopped at the sights of three people gathering. All looking ready to leave camp. He recognized two of them, the leader and his second in command. He studied them from afar, noticing a small lady with them as well.

Curiosity was Henry's curse. His feet brought him to the gathered three. Though at first he hadn't said anything and really had just studied them. Their leader was upon his horse while the other two had stayed on their own feet. Though a horse, a rather somewhat egotistical and energetic horse stood besides the woman. Henry hadn't known any of their names except for Reason, their leader. He really just stood there sort of awkwardly as he listened in until he spoke up. "I can join her sir" he had said.

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