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Honestly, both of us also need sleep
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Forgy, fiiiine
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TOBIAS, mmmhhhmmmmm ;/
say, what games do you plan on leaving me for?
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Bye Devil!
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We've found a good stopping point for them!
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Alright Bye bye chat imma go play Mafia 3 <3 or Apex :)
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Forgy, noooooooooooooooooo
06:13:06 Devil (Any pronouns)

Nothing Lol

Love ya bro
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We have been rping for 5 hours apparently
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A lot isn't enough 💀 You should see my game mail!
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Fuck! Some animal stole my bald eagle feather right when i needed it :(
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Alright, we should probably stop rping for now. At least until some other people get responses in. We've given them a lot of notifications too
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Forgy, okay ^^
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Yeah, figured. Yours it Aus
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Forgy, oh yeah, by the way, your nickname is forgy now.
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Forgy, I know, but big chuckling flustered guy over there doesn't speak to me as a squeaking type.
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Pm if you want to rp
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You ever heard a fox squeak? Cutest thing ever
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Bro squeaked. XDDD
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Forgy, True, True.


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Bound Together | Fantasy RP ThreadFebruary 6, 2024 04:11 PM

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Please only post if you are a part of the Bound Together roleplay!
Have fun everyone!

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Bound Together | Fantasy RP ThreadFebruary 6, 2024 04:13 PM

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The beginning is set on a crisp autum morning, the six are currently packing their bags for the trip, afterward they will meet the King at his castle where they will be sent off.
Bound Together | Fantasy RP ThreadFebruary 6, 2024 04:20 PM

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Revna Vondrake | Female | Spy | M: Vincent, Open

The dapple of the sweet sunlight twinkle on Revna’s face lightening her blonde hair. The smell of a fire that was homey and comfortable. Revna curled deeply into the furs draped over her small body. The fur tickling her skin is filled with warmth and comfort. She opened her light blue eyes that slowly turned white to close the curtains. Dreadful sunlight woke her up for her peaceful slumber. Then she looked to the side of her seeing the young man that had his arm snaked over her waist. She made a disgusted look and smacked the young man’s head. The young male startled awake rubbing his head with confusion. Revna looked at him filled with annoyance and irritation. He looked down at her with a sly smirk and kissed her head. He murmured, “Little Raven wasn’t getting enough attention.” She nearly gagged at his words, annoyed with the male. He clearly doesn’t know a hint when he gets one. She looked at him with a deep glare and scoffed, “Vincent. I told you this was a one time thing.” Vincent chuckled rubbing his eyes and snarky said, “Well you were enjoying my attention last night. And don’t lie this isn’t your first time in my bed and eating my food” Revna's head slowly turned away from him and shook her head. She chuckles, “Sure what makes you sleep at night darling. And this is the last time Vincent.. But I need to leave, I have something to take care of.”

Revna sat up exposing her bare back with the snake tattoo down her spine. She felt Vincent’s finger tracing the snake. She got goosebumps from his cold touch and sighed, flipping her hair over her shoulder. She quickly shook her head as it was his usual antics to keep her to stay. It usually worked, but not today. She quickly got dressed in her light blue flowy dress and looked back at him. Revna spoke softly, “Will you help with my corset, love..” SHe felt his hands tie her corset and tighten her dress. Vincent spoke breaking the awkward silence in the air, “Let me help you pack, love.” She rolled her eyes and groaned, “Vincent, this is some lame attempt to keep me in bed all day. It’s not working.” Revna got her clothes in a little sack. She took Vincent’s rations for herself. She sheathes her swords behind her back, holding her bow and slinging it over her shoulder with the quivers on the other. Vincent grabbed her wrist and pinned her to the wall out of nowhere. She gasped in pain and shock of the sudden physical altercation. He growled, “I know who you are. You conspire with the King. You got my wife and children killed. ” Revna looked at him and said, “Yes, I did. I also got more secrets from you that you revealed to me in your dreams Vincent. And you were no husband or father. You hurt them everyday. They are better off dead than living with you. You have no right to those titles..” Vincent looked at her in complete shock and growled, “Then why do I love you.. Even after the first time I met you I only want you.” Revna whispered, “You love the idea of me, love.” Knowingly she knew that he loved her because she manipulated him into loving her. She needed those secrets even if it hurt others or herself..

She plucked his smoked stained hands off her wrist. She stepped closer to him with the hint of seduction of her voice speaking, “Oh Vincent, love is not real in my eyes.. Infatuation and lust are human’s biggest downfalls that believe in the idea of ‘love’. Now I need to leave…” Vincent looked down at her and tucked her golden curls behind her ear. He murmurs, “What about a kiss goodbye.. You are something else. You destroyed my family and my reputation. But closure of your love. As I may never see you again.” She chuckles, “Riddle me this and you may get a kiss. Everyone has it, but no one can lose it.” She looked at his lips and then at his face. He chuckled, “A face, darling.” With the twist of her wrist, Vincent’s neck broke with the loud crunch that echoed in the wall of the stoned home. She crouches down to his lifeless corpse and she whispers into his dead ear, “A shadow..” She casted a look towards the scorching fire and she casted the embers and firewoods to the furs and Vincent’s body. She exits the house. The smell of the flames and slowly eating everything inside the house. She goes to the horse stables and chooses a black clydesdale. She picked herself and placed herself on the horse’s back. She then took off to meet others. She could smell the smoke and looked behind her. The house is collapsing. The black smoke clouding the once blue sky. She felt the heat radiating off her face that was almost unbearable to look at. She looked back to the front racing to the meeting place. Of course, she was the first to arrive. She boredly started to braid her horse’s mane and using her powers plucking flowers off their healthy green stem to be woven in the black mane. She looked around patiently and took in the sweet smells of the flowers that lingered on her soft hands.

Bound Together | Fantasy RP ThreadFebruary 6, 2024 05:53 PM

Wolf Pride
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Jackson J. Spears. l Male l Soldier l M: Jason
Jackson read the letter over and ober again inside his head. Special Quest? And he chose him, iver any other guy. Sure, he could control fire, although there was no way that the King knew, he had never shown anyone, even his own brother. As he held the note in his left hand, he let fire spring to life in his right, twisting and turning it. The door to his room burst open, and the fire ceased immediately. "Jason, what are you doing in here?" He asked, then added quickly, "I could habe been naked." Then chuckled. His brother, on the other hand, wasnt laughing. "Why didnt you tell me you were going to leave?" He said, walking closer to Jackosn. "Im your own brother, and you didnt tell me." His green eyes narrowed. "What is it for anyway?" He asked, a questioning look on his face. He handed his etter to his brither. "Here, see fir yourself." As his brither's eyes skinned the letter, Jackson pulled out the sword his father had given him. Jackson was the eldest, and for that received the swird. He turned it over in his caloused hands, looked at the silver endlum that read, Briffindears. His father never told him what it meant, and when he asked, his father didnt seem to know. "Jackson, this is so cool." He replied, handing the letter back to Jackson. "I have to come with." He added, a smile forming on his face. Jackson gave him a cobfused look. "So you didnt eant me to go, but now you want to come too." He held his hands up. "Absolutley not." His brother gave him the look he used to when they were kids. "Come on." He pleaded. "I can't." Jackson said quickly. "Its for me only." He put the sword down, and put the note on his barracks desk. "Now if you dont mind. I have some packing to do." He got up, and his brither said, "Jackson, be safe, I dont want you to end up like our father." Tjen turned and left the room, closing the door behind him. Jackson proceeded to put some spare clothes, and a furred coat and blanket into his large canvas bag, added some rations and a thing of water, and added a strand of rope, hooks, and some blocks of wood. As Jackson loved carving. He added 3 different knives and blades, and clipped his canvas bag shut. He picked up the letter, folded it up, and placed it in his right coat pocket. He strapped on his sheath, and placed Briffindear in it. He put a spare knive in the sheath as well, and slipped the canvas bag on his back. With that he opened the baracks door, gave on last hug to his brother, and proceeded out towards the meeting spot, where the King himself had sent him. Jackson smiled after he walked away, sure, he had done a lot for the King's army, probably the reason he was sent on a quest, but it was his time, to prove his true worth. Yeah Jason, sucks to be you. He said in his mind, transferring the message to his brother. Then he picked his trusty steed, Reckless, and it'll the horses back, rode at a steady trot, to the supposed meeting place.

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Bound Together | Fantasy RP ThreadFebruary 6, 2024 07:12 PM

Austan vindar
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Calum S. A. | M | M: No one.... Unless you count a bunch of plants
Calum sat on his bed. He was staring at his bedside table, eyes trained on a letter. Just a while ago, he had opened said letter. Read it to his plants (They grow faster if you talk to them). And now he was sitting on his bed, hunched over, freaking out. Who was gonna watch his plants? He didn't have any family or friends (that would be willing) and the plants can only be willed by him to live for so long. He sighed. This would put a dent in his wallet.
He stood up and grabbed a hair band, tying his hair up in a loose ponytail. He put on a coat and walked outside. The sun was.... there. That was about all he could say. It wasn't hot, but nor was it cold. He made his way towards a little shop near his house, weaving through people and waving to friends. He walked up to the door, gazing inside at the dim lights and rows upon rows of books. He took a deep breath and walked in. "Marvin, heyyyyyy..." He said, leaning against the owner of tyhe librarys desk. "What?" The man said. He glared at him through his long strands of white hair. He was ancient. Probably over 100. Though, he still walked like he was 15. Calum smiled "Ive got.... Places to be. I need you to-", "Watch your plants. 500." Marvin cut him off, holding out his hand. "You know me too well..." Calum said, paying the sum. "Ill leave instructions on the dooor~" Calum called, walking out of the door with a wave. He crossed the road (?) and entered his house again. "There you go, my precious giant flytraps. You will be taken care of whilst I'm gone." He whispered, gently touching the leaves of the already-giant sprout. He walked down the hall, talking to almost every plant as he passed, and entered his bedroom. He grabbed a small bag and opened his closet. Then changed his mind. "I can wear the same clothes.." He said, waving it off. Instead he opened a drawer engraved with the word seeds. "Lets see... Giant flytrap is a must. Maybe some potato. A little..... Nah, I dont like those things. they're so stubborn." He talked to himself as he rummaged through the drawer. After he had added a good 13 different types of seeds to his bag, he opened another drawer. He pulled out a small yet sturdy knife, with a curved steel blade and a hilt made of rare tree wood. The knife was worn, with nicks in the blade and hilt, but it was precoius. After he had wrapped the knife in a cloth and added it with his seeds. He went to his kitchen and grabbed a few items, taking his time and being very picky. He grabbed a leather flask as well- empty, of course- and hitched his bag over his shoulder. After refining his hairstyle, he opened the door, confidently took a step, the paused. "Wait... I dont have a horse." He sighed. He looked towards Marvins library and ran towards it again. "Heyyyy, Marvin. I was wondering if I could borrow-" He was saying until once again Marvin cut him off. " My horse? 500." He held out his hand once again. Calum sighed, handing over the money (Dont ask how he just has this much on hand, its not important). Marvin nodded "His gear is in the back, and he should be at the stables.". After retreiving the horse (im too lazy to write anymore). "Hey, Captain." Calum said to to the white stallion, who snorted in response. Calum was sitting on Captains back, preparing to leave (by fixing his hair again). He finally settled with a simple braid, then he left, heading towards the meet-up spot.

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Bound Together | Fantasy RP ThreadFebruary 6, 2024 09:05 PM

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Sylvester Montgomery | Male | M: Dave Montgomery {Father}
The air held a chill as it breezed it's way through the small stone built shack, the rays of sun peaking through a small hole within the thatch ceiling, a repair Sylvester had yet to get around to. With a long groan he rolled over in his fur covered pelt, using it to cover his shoulders as goosebumps arose along his skin.
"Sy." A deep gruff voice spoke from the doorway, Sylvester remaining within a dazed state as he fought to stay awake, only to slip back to unconsciousness.
"SYLVESTER!" The voice barked, causing the large man to jolt up in his bed, his head connecting with the ceilings support beam as he let out a pained grumble.
"You're going to be late soon, have you even packed your stuff yet son!?" The man stepped into the room, removing the small wooden planks that acted as windows to allow the sun to shine into the room at its full brightness.
Sylvester swung his legs from on the bed to hang over the edge, sitting up as he kept a hand over his head as he gently soothed the spot he had hit. "Good morning to you too dad.." He grumbled tiredly as he yawned, his legs stretching far and long as his back arched backwards slightly, his arms reaching out behind him as he stretched himself awake.
"Sy, you have to get going! The king will not be a patient ma-"
"THE KING-!!!"
Sylvester cried out as he quickly dashed out from his bed having forgotten what day it was, snatching his satchel from his father's hands as he began to wildly run around, grabbing large amounts of anything his fingers could curl around.
"Sylvester-! You need only take SOME clothes and some food. You're going on a quest, not a vacation." His father mumbled as he shook his head, gently reaching out as he pulled the bag out of Sylvester's hands, Sy's body relaxing as he gazed at his father with great admiration.
"Right.. sorry dad." He said as Dave let out a chuckle at Sylvester's face growing a bright red of embarassment before he grabbed the satchel, setting the satchel down on the end of the bed as he began to unload the random items Sylvester had shoved into the bag. "No need to be sorry, it's always good to be prepared." Dave said calmly as he sent a warm smile in Sylvester's direction.
"Now, go grab your box. You'll definitely need it for this trip." His father said as he waved off in the direction of the main room, where the living area and kitchen seemed to be all in one. Sylvester nodded as he headed into the next room, his eyes scanning the many levels of the shelves until they rested on a small dark oak box, a small silver loop holding the lid shut, though barely.
Sylvester carefully drew the box out of its spot as he lifted the loop to allow the box lid to open, revealing many small bottles and small woven bags containing various materials. Jars of dirt, water, plant seeds and more sat tightly packed in the box, materials Sylvester held onto for swapping his affinity.
He made his way back into his room to find his dad waiting with an almost fully packed satchel, all Sylvester's clothes were folded and tucked neatly inside with small wraps which held dried vegetable chunks, bread slices and some jerky in the outter pouch.
He gave another gentle smile to his father as he stepped over to him, lowering the box gently on-top of his other belongings as he watched his dad close the top, tying the satchel closed before holding it out to offer it to Sylvester.
"Here you go son.. Go make me proud." Dave said softly as he let go of the bag, watching as Sylvester slung it around his neck and shoulders to rest neatly at his side.
Suddenly, Sylvester knelt down to his father's level as he drew the fragile elder into a warm and careful embrace, burying his face into his father's shoulder. "I will dad. I will make you so damn proud. I promise I'll come back soon." Sylvester whispered.
With a final pat on the back, his father pulled away, resting a hand on his sons back as he half guided him outside their small shack.
"And when you do, you'd better fix that darned hole in your bedroom, I know damn well that you can." His father grumbled less amused although his eyes still shone brightly with pride and joy at seeing his son finally leaving the nest.
Sylvester ran one of his hands over his hair, softly raking the snow white locks to the other side of his head as he laughed heartily towards his father's comment. "I will, I will. Perhaps. I'll think about it while I'm gone!"
Sylvester chuckled as he darted away, being narrowly missed by one of his father's shoes as he threw it. "Jacka$$-!" His father laughed after him as he waved his son off.

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Bound Together | Fantasy RP ThreadFebruary 7, 2024 07:25 AM

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Aesira Arden | F | Blacksmith | Mentions: open
Aesira rolled over onto her side, momentarily blinded by the bright morning sun. She squinted, throwing the coverlets back as she laid there. She had no desire to get up this morning. But she had to, or she might not have many mornings left to get up.
With much effort, she sat up, stretching her arms and yawning before she sluggishly swung her legs over the bed, the cool wood chilling her feet.
It was just past sunrise, the sky starting to turn a bright blue. As Aesira stood she looked out the small window on the far wall of her bedroom. She would have enough time to visit the forge one more time before she left.
She quickly pulled on some clothes and braided her hair back. Her house was small, but cozy. It was the perfect size for her, and her alone.
She crouched down to look underneath her bed, pulling out a leather bag that was stuffed under it along with about 200 other things. Aesira gathered up the clothes she had set out the night before, stuffing them in the bottom of the bag. That alone took up about half of the space. She then walked out into the small great room into the little kitchen, grabbing some bread, apples, cheese, and pretty much any other food she could get her hands on.
Aesira's bag was nearly full after she packed the food and water, but there was just enough space for her twin daggers to fit. She tucked them in neatly into the bag, strapping it shut when she was done. She strapped her sword to her waist, slinging the bag over her shoulder as she took one last look around her little house.
Aesira shut the door, making her way out into the small makeshift stable in her backyard. She only had one horse, so she figured she didn't need anything fancy.
Her horse, Wren, was sleeping in her stall when Aesira entered, her head immediately perking up when she heard her.
Aesira quickly fed the horse, saddling her up when she was finished. She nudged Wren into a walk, planning to visit the forge one last time before she left.
The familiar blistering heat of the forge greeted her as she walked in, her power going quiet. The clanging of metal rang in her ears as she spotted Jon in the back, her boss.
"Taking off?" He asked, not looking up from his work.
"Yeah. Do you have someone to cover for me?" She asked. She felt bad leaving Jon here to do all the work by himself, so she hoped he had found someone to fill in for her.
"Nope. I can handle it, but hurry back." He said, wiping sweat from his forehead.
Aesira only nodded and made her way back out, the weight of her power falling back on her when she exited the forge.
She mounted Wren again, starting her journey to the castle.
There were already a few people there, but she recognized none of them as she pulled the hood of her cloak up.

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Bound Together | Fantasy RP ThreadFebruary 8, 2024 03:29 PM

Wolf Pride
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Jackson J. Spears l Male l Soldier l M: Revna
Jackson atop Reckless's back, made the long journey to the King's palace. He had been traveling for a bit, before he arrived at a small village, which had about thirty five houses, a cafe, a blacksmith, and a general store. He brought Reckless to a steady trot, making his way slowly into the village before bringing him to a walk. It was a fine village. A river lay to the east, where some women sat washing vlothes. A small meadow, which a bunch of smaller kids played soccer, with what appeared to be a small leather ball filled with water. He remembered playing like that when he was a kid. Before his father died, before he joined the King's army. As he approached the general store, he climbed off of Reckless, and took yhe reins and led him towards a wooden post, in front if it a trough with water, and a few oats and grains. He tied his reins to the post, and rubbed Reckless's muzzle. "Behave while I am gone." His horse neighed, which he took as a sign of understanding. He walked up the weathet wooded steps, looking up to a larger building with dark brown wood paneling, and two small windows on ejther sife of the door. He rested his hand on the golden colored doorknob, and looked back to see Reckless drinking and eating from the trough. He gave a smile, and pushed open the smaller greenish colored wooden door. A soft chime of a bell and the sweet smell of fresh breads and cheeses filled his nostrils, once again bringing himself back to when he was a kid. The cashier looked up from finished a small bag of groceries. "Welcome to Grant's General Store, how may I help you?" Jackson walked closer, taking a quick look at the shelbes before looking back to the cashier. "Just looking around. Getting some sugar cubes for my horse." He replied, the cashier nodded, and began making small talk with the customer in front of him. Jackson took that as a cue the conversation was over. He walked the Isles, looked at the rows of items on the shelfs. He picked up a small container of horses sugar dates, and a small slew of carrots. He placed the items in his left arm and kept browsing the isles. He also picked up another canvas bag, and a leather satchel. With a small pack of straps. He stopped by the bakery in the back and picked up two loaves if bread, and a block of cheddar, and a block of provolone cheese. He thanked the vendor, then went back to the front of the store. He placed the items on the counter, and gave a smile as the cashier cpunted and priced the items. "That'll be 30.36." He said, adjusting the glasses on his worn wrinked face. His grayish black slivked back hair, and dark green eyes matcjed with his blue and darker blue plad shirt with kaki pants with a dark green apron reading Grants General Store. Jackson handed him the coins and dollars, and grabbed his items before returning outside. His horse picked his head up as Jackson walked down the wooden steps, and went to his side. "I guess you were behaving." Jackson said, opening the package of sugar cubes and giving him one. Reckless munched on yhr sugar happily. While he was eating Jackson strapped his new food and supplies on Reckless's saddle, tying it down with a few of the straps he had purchased. He then untied the reins and once again jumped on Reckless's back. "Adda boy!" He yelled, and at a steady canter, he and Reckless rode out of the small village.
Jackson, atop Reckless, followed the sandy trail towards the castle. He had entered a woods with tall pines trees along with oak, and thick undergrowth, forcing him to stick to the path. Jackson knew of some of the creatures that lived there, although he didnt know how to track them. But he felt like he was being watched, and it made him get that ivky feeling. He was, at least according to his map, almost to the castle, just a few miles away when he began to hear voices in the back of his head. Jackson slowed Reckless to a stop. This was unusual. Usually Jackson vaused this to happen to other people, not happen to him. "Hello?" He asked through his mind. The voice seemed to be gettong louder and closer, but he still didnt see anyone, or anything. He looked at the path ahead, seeing another path that seemed to connect up ahead. That must be where the voice was coming from. He urged Reckless into a trot, until they arrived at the fork in the path. He looked down and saw a female atop a horse's back. "Hello!" He said, waving his arms in the air, probably appearing to look stupid. He put his arms down when he seemed to get the girl's attention, and placed his right hand on his sword hilt, just in case.

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Bound Together | Fantasy RP ThreadFebruary 8, 2024 06:59 PM

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Sylvester Montgomery | Male | Farmer |M: Bill {Tavern Owner}
Sylvester held his head high as he made his way down the path he had travelled many a time, whether it was running errands for his father to drop off or pick up produce or to visit the town on his occasional day off. Today, the same path he had always travelled seemed different, it was all the same sun, the same grass, the same dirt gravel path.. but the feeling he had today was off.
His fingers curled tightly around the straps of his satchel as it lay strung around his neck, his knuckles turning a light white from the pressure as the situation seemed to catch up to him in full.
'If we fail this.. I might never see father again.. he will have to run the farm and the shop alone since we don't have enough coin to buy a horse and wagon, he'd have to walk and carry everything..'
Sylvester began to feel uneasy at the thought of his father having to do all the work he had since retired from years ago, afraid he might hurt himself or worse with no one to help and look out for him.
His footsteps slowed to a stop as he took in a shaky breath, looking back up the path he had just walked down, his heartbeat beginning to pick up as he slightly pivoted on his feet to turn back. He took a step forward, weighing his options before he stopped again.
'No.. he wanted me to do this.. he would be disappointed to see me walk back if I changed my mind now.'
Sylvester convinced himself as he turned back around and carried back on down the path, heading towards the town, his eyes catching the last glimpse of his fathers windmill before it disappeared from view behind the various rolling hills. Sylvester began to him to himself, a way of distracting him from his conflicting thoughts about this journey, the quest he had been assigned.
'Why me..? I'm just a commoner.. a farmer. Why would the King send for someone like me..?'
Sylvester's blue-silver eyes narrowed as he lost himself to his thoughts again, his body carrying on closer to the town in an autopilot pace, his mind wandering far from where it should be.
'My power.. it's hardly useful to anyone but myself. Just fancy tricks, nothing flashy.'
Sylvester thought harshly as he lifted a hand infront of him, imagining if he had been born with a fire wielding ability, or perhaps a plant based one to make plants bigger, how much more useful they could've been.
'But no. I had to get stuck with a slight boosting ability that only works for me. Who am I kidding.. I should've declined this quest. The King should know what a mistake this is."
Sylvester scowled as he let his hand fall back to his side, his gaze returning back to the world around him as he cleared his head of his degrading thoughts.
Around Sylvester lay the small village he had grown to love so very much. A small church lay towards the village centre, a large gold bell tied to the top of the tower, gleaming in the warm glow of the morning sun, a small garden and fountain lining the village centre Infront, small wooden benches and stalls set up with merchants all calling out their items for reduced sales.
Sylvester smiled as he made his way further into the village, taking notice of the newly built school house, bustling with children as they all gathered around to play together. Some wielded sticks in place of swords as the pretended to battle one another.
A few of the houses lined the extra spaces in between some other buildings, the local smithy, stables and of course one of Sylvester's most frequently visited locations, the Gilded Hilt Tavern.
Sylvester gazed around before giving himself a small roll of the eyes as he bounded over to the tavern door, gently pushing it open before making his way inside as the sound of a small bell filled the air, alerting the tavern owner to Sylvester's presence.
"Ah! Sy, good to see you friend! It's been some time! Come, come, I have your usual here!" The tavern owner spoke in a deep yet joyous voice, his excitement clear at seeing one of his regulars.
"Thanks Bill!!" Sylvester beamed as he stepped over to the bar, taking the small wooden jug from Bill's calloused hands, lifting it to his lips as he savoured the liquid gold inside.
"Ah- Bill. Is that what I think it is?"
Sylvester smirked as he raised an eyebrow to Bill.
Bill raised his hands defensively as he chuckled before leaning forward, resting his arms atop the bar.
"Oh come off it you goddy. I know you prefer it that way. Extra honey and a bit of extra spice."
Bill winked as Sylvester lowered the jug, giving him a mischievous and cheeky grin.
"It's almost like you're trying to get me to stay, you know me far too well."
Sylvester smiled as he put the half empty jug onto the bar top, Bills smile dropping into a curious gaze as he watched Sylvester.
"You off to somewhere kid?"
Bill asked as he tilted his head very slightly.
"Yeah I am. Off to the castle. Kings summons and all that."
Sylvester shrugged as he took another big mouthful out of the jug, Bills eyes wide as saucers as his jaw hung open.
"The King!? Summoned you!? Whatever for!?"
Bill exclaimed as he grabbed a wooden jug from behind the bar, filling it up as he made his own drink.
"Just a quest. Travelling with a group of about five others."
Sylvester said as his smile dropped a bit.
"But what about'ye father? Will he be alright up at the farm alone? Those fields are the biggest ones we got around here for a few miles."
Bill said concerned as he took a big swig of his drink, the morning light barely making its way through the windows of the large building, giant metal chandeliers lay hanging from the roof, lit candles inside each of the small cage like ends.
"He can manage.. He's the one that insisted I go. I sure as hell don't want to let him down by refusing the King himself."
Sylvester mumbled as his smile completely vanished, along with the last drops of his drink.
"Gee kid, here I can get you another-"
"No thanks. I should really be heading out again shortly. Don't want to be late."
Sylvester cut Bill off as he placed a few gold coins on the bar top.
"You'll write to me, yeah?"
Bill asked as he gripped Sylvester empty jug, pulling it behind the bar as he placed it into the small basin of water to soak.
Sylvester smiled softly as he half shrugged and nodded.
"And don't ye worry about your father. I'll visit him on my days off and make sure he's alright."
Bill said with a dip of his head as Sylvester made his way back to the door.
"Thanks Bill, I appreciate it. I won't be back for a long while so stay well. I'll visit you when I return!"
Sylvester said as his cheery mood came back, a weight having been lifted from his shoulder now that he knew a dear friend could keep his dad happy and safe for him in his absence.
"See you then Kid."
Bill shouted out as he waved Sylvester off, watching as the door slowly closed behind him as he disappeared outside, the small bell finalizing Sylvester's departure from the village for the next while until the unforeseeable future.
With a deep breath in Sylvester rearranged his satchel as it still settled neatly on his side, the straps still light around his neck and shoulders, before heading back onto the path as he exited the village and carried on his journey to the castle.
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Revna Vondrake | Female | Spy | M: Jackson

The young female was listening to birds around her. The morning glow of the autumn day has begun to start awaking the forest creatures. Though the night was her favorite when the beautiful Normandi that lit up the forest and listening to the crickets in the background was enough to put Revna in a blissful mood. The cold crisp autumn breeze bit her face as it made her whole entire body shiver in discomfort. Autumn was beautiful to a point, but it brought along a long winter that could kill someone that stood too long in its path. The glow of the sun brightens up the autumn leaves and makes everything brighter. The foxes and their cubs scurrying across the dirt path. She took a moment away from her thoughts and enjoyment of the environment. She knew she should be at the castle, but for a second away from royalty is all she wanted. Away from the spoiled king and her distasteful arrangements of being his spy and a dirty toy to be used. Or what you call a mistress.. But she did what she must to keep her pockets full. The hearing started to tune out when she heard whispers of voices and her eyes narrowed. As she sat very still on her horse not to move an inch. Her breathing halted as she tracked the voices that were drawing nearer and nearer. She carefully looked around to see if she could detect what it was. A new mythical creature she pondered in her mind. It seemed everything in the forest went silent and just Revna’s slow breathing could be heard. In the corner of her eye she saw a man waving his arms at her. Hello is what the man called

She slowly turned her head to get a full visual of him. That’s where the voices were from she quickly thought to herself. She eyed him up and down trying to size him up as she could tell he was athletic and probably a military man with his hair buzzed down. She added to herself Be better looking if it was longer. Then she spoke, “Hello sir..” She then saw his hand was on the hilt of his sword and she thought Silly boy. She added “Sir if you wanna hurt a lady. You should do it more discreetly and know who you are messing with, love.” She quickly casted her hand out to pull the sword out of its sheath flying to her as she caught it with right hand. She didn’t look at it as she should have. Then she would know what she is holding. She says, “Nice sword, love.. But, you should take better care of it.” She made her horse go over to him and put the sword back in its sheath of his. She says while tapping the side of her head, “Telekinesis by the way. Very handy and well I didn’t need to take your sword. I could have.. Well.. snapped your neck.. But I have feelings or kinda know you’re part of this weird quest. So shall we get going sir.. Oh wait I don’t know your name do I? How rude I’m Revna! And you are? Oh sorry for taking your sword.” She went to pat his back and felt an electric pulse and they shared a mind link. Her eyes went white as her power went to locate his name and identity, but it was blocked. She quickly takes her hand off in an almost painful way and she quietly, “Who are you? And can you hear it too and why do we..” She trails off and looks at him with curiosity and wonder. She took off the hood of her cloak and her blonde curls blowing in the air. Her soft blue eyes staring him down with almost a sense of hope as she wasn’t alone with these weird powers. The noise around them was drowned out with their breathing and electrically pulse with mixture of voices and whispers. Revna's mind was spinning and giving her quite a headache and she looked to the direction of the castle. This was gonna be a long quest with this fella she thought. Her eyes darted back to the young man and to the sword curious if he was gonna take it out of fear and confusion. She was prepared to take him down with no hesitation.

(Not the best, deal with it)

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