11:54:00 Arik,Deso
I was thinking of doing a checkered pattern on her fur (like a chessboard), or something with 3 different colors?
Looking for an rp partner for an MxM rp! Pm me, I have an idea
11:52:53 Goblin Queen, Rave
Beats soaked in water will dye thinks pink naturally
11:52:23 Arik,Deso
So I was thinking about dying my cats fur...
moon of the moors
11:51:45 Dagon / Sheo
-WP Click-

Please vote
11:51:45 Goblin Queen, Rave
Someone pvp me
11:48:56 Goblin Queen, Rave
Y'all what's another topic. I don't want chat to make anyone uncomfortable.
11:48:56 Arik,Deso
I am beginning my revenge >:D
11:47:47 Red Panda Hoarder
Deso sure- im trying to watch a video on apple vs Samsung anyway XD
11:46:43 Arik,Deso
What about regular flies or horse flies?

Agree to disagree?
11:45:44 Red Panda Hoarder
Deso I strongly disagree with that but okay- snakes don't attack without reason- wasps constantly attack without reason
And fruit flies holy fuck
I’m a fan or ok with most things except roaches and maggots
11:41:25 Arik,Deso
Its like saying snakes are dangerous. The same way you dont go out of your way to attack other living things without reason, so do bugs/snakes

I dunno. I kinda like all creatures
11:41:21 PurpleRiot
Hey chat I am trying to win an alliance contest Pm me if you want to help!!
11:39:59 Arik,Deso

moths or butterflies?
Ghost Gryphon
11:39:52 Tempter | they/he
aight im out, this is making me beyond uncomfy XD
11:39:51 Red Panda Hoarder
Still- how can you think wasps are harmless? They have a painful sting and can continue stinging you for however many times they want- that's not at all harmless
11:39:27 Goblin Queen, Rave
I'm more of a moth gal
11:39:04 Arik,Deso
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Who We Are [Literate ~ Fantasy] July 1, 2021 03:50 AM

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[ Who We Are ]



[ Where To Start ]

The RP will start weeks after the kids have discovered their powers (maybe for some, it's months, but either way works). School just got out, and the kids had won trip around the USA, which they were supplied with an RV and would be bringing their own supplies. It is around 7 pm, and they are all meeting at the nearest gas station.

(This was put on by Thoh)

[ Header ]

Name | Gender | Power | Mentions:

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Who We Are [Literate ~ Fantasy] July 2, 2021 03:25 AM

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Eyphah Losett
Female/ Induce restful sleep / None at the moment

She'd found the damn thing three days ago. It'd been on the table which had immediately made her pause; the door to her house was always locked and living alone meant that there was no one who could have brought it in. To confirm that she'd not forgotten she'd crossed the room to the door and tried the handle. It jiggled but didn't open. Next she'd checked the windows - same result. A minute had passed. Then two. Frowning, and more than a little on edge, she'd finally gone over to the table.

One large envelope with her address in slanted cursive. A brochure which, when flipped open, advertised a cross-continent trip with pictures of smiling guides and scenic landscapes. She'd looked through it cover to cover and, finding nothing out of place, had set it back down. Her hand had reached for the envelope. Paused. She'd pressed her lips together and, with a resigned sigh, had torn it open.


"You have got to be joking."

She'd thrown the envelope back on the table, grabbed her coat, and had strode out through the door. And, muttering under her breath, had double checked that it was locked on her way out. Not that it would probably impede the gift-giving-lockpicking-ghost-mailman if it decided to come around again. She'd smiled to herself a little on that thought. But still. The whole thing had left her with an uneasy feeling.


Eyphah leaned against the wall and took a few moments to catch her breath. It was the early evening and outside it had begun to rain ; the waterdrops were thrumming on the roof. She flinched as something cold landed on her arm and, glancing up, could make out a small dark stain in the ceiling boards. A leak. If it wasn't too big maybe she could fix it before she left for home.

"Eyphah? Are you alright?"

At the sound of the voice Eypah turned, shifting the heavy flower crate onto her hip to ease the ache in her arms. Mrs Laurence, the owner of the flower shop and the woman for whom she worked for, stood frowning concernedly by the door. Eyphah offered a small smile.

"I'm fine, thank you. Didn't sleep too well last night but I can manage."

Mrs Laurence pursed her lips, set her bag down on the counter, and approached, heels clicking on the linoleum floor.

"Seems to happen far too often if you ask me. Shame the sleeping pills don't work. Not too worry, I can handle things here for the rest - why don't you head home? I heard your trip starts today and you should finish getting prepped."

Eyphah frowned and set the flower crate on a nearby table.

"Are you sure? It's really no problem- "
"It's fine, fine. I'm still young enough to do things, you know."
"The roofs' leaking-"
"I'll handle it."
"But -"
"Out. You need a break. You've been working far too hard as is and I want you to go have fun on that trip. Now shoo."

Eyphah let out a small laugh and allowed herself to be hustled out of the shop into the rain. She waved to Mrs. Laurence but her boss was already hauling a stepladder to the leak site and didn't notice.

Eyphah turned, pulled her hood over her head and started walking home. Gingerly, she pressed her fingers against her temples and winced, feeling a headache developing. People dressed in raincoats passed by, scurrying as the rain began to worsen. The droplets became spatters and soon there were small streams running down the sides of the street. By the time she got home her shoes and socks were soaked through.

She emerged from the house an hour later, freshly showered and dry-clothed, a backpack over one shoulder and a dufflebag in hand. The brochure and the envelope rested in the inside pockets of her coat alongisde some painkillers. The rain, by that point, had eased off and the scent of petrichor drifted in from the surrounding woodlands. Ignoring her reservations, she set off for the gas station at a steady pace, keeping careful watch on the passerbyers. No one took much notice of her, which suited her just fine.

The gas station was largely empty except for a large, white RV by one of the pumps. It was evening and the sun -visible now that the rainclouds had retreated- was setting. The concrete of the drive up was cracked in some places and littered with puddles reflecting the cream-pink underbellies of the clouds.

Eyphah headed for the bench just outside the mini mart and found, much to her surprise, that it'd kept largely dry in the rain. With a tired sigh she dumped her bags on one end and plopped down on the other, taking a quick scan of the surrounding area. The station really was completly deserted - it was quiet enough for her to hear the breeze rustling the leaves of the nearby trees.

She crossed her ankles and leaned back, discreetly glancing at the RV. No driver. Hmm. Perhaps someone would come later.

Eyphah sighed, briefly closing her eyes. The past few days had left her more tired than usual and it was beginning to get to her. Taking a nap now, however, was out of the question. She'd doubted she'd feel any more awake afterwards anyway. Not for the first time she smiled, perhaps a bit bitterly, at the cruel irony of her so-called 'gift.'

She turned her eyes to the road and wrapped her coat more tightly around herself. The temperature was beginning to drop a bit and the wind wasn't helping. Hopefully the others would arrive soon.

And hopefully she hadn't made a huge mistake.

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Who We Are [Literate ~ Fantasy] July 2, 2021 03:11 PM

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|Noah Ray Jamerson|
Everything seemed picture perfect from one side of the street. Each house built exactly the same yet decorated totally different. That typical flamingo yard decoration littered the corner houses lawn. Even though most of them were broken and the paint was fading the owner still kept them out. Next door was the biking family who currently was not at home and instead taking a summer long mountain trip.
“Good for f-ing them... rich pricks.”
Cold eyes stared daggers at the homes which seemed like something out of a movie. For the owner of the eyes he was living in a horror film. Noah has just gotten home from a walk in which he was looking for his mother. Last night she had gone out for a drink with friends and hadn’t come home. Though by the way of the open door he figured she had somehow made it back. Now he took a breath on the porch trying to hold back the anger that was rolling in his chest.
The past few weeks had been extremely hard. It was only now that the cut on his forehead was beginning to heal. Dealing with whatever powers he had was hard to do alone. Telling anybody could result in the government picking him up and taking him away to dissect his brain and run test. Who the hell asked for these sort of gifts? Noah knew it was certainly not him. Nowadays a normal life was way to much to ask for.
After plucking the mail out of the rust box on the post of the porch Noah silently entered the house. Even though across the street was a nice neighborhood the other side was the opposite. Drug dens and alcoholics now took up residence in the run down shacks. It wasn’t uncommon for drugs to enter the school because of how close it was to this side of the county.
Originally the shack wasn’t where Noah had resided. It was only a month ago that he had lived across the way in one of those fancy homes. After court the money disappeared along with his father. Forced Noah to have to work just to keep up with the mortgage on this dump. His mother drowned herself in what little money they had leftover. Best guess was that she was now passed out on the sofa.
After making his way past the empty couch Noah entered the kitchen and set the mail on the counter. Checking the rest of the house was easy since it was only 3 other rooms. 2 beds and 1 bath was all they could afford. Though it was pretty much all that they needed aswell. All the built up rage started to flow out but by bit. The table was upset and glass shattered all over the floor. Plates drug out from their places in the cabinets landed at Noah’s feet. Feet that were firmly planted all the way in the living room.
Those breathing exercises they teach you in school actually help sometimes. Most people just ignore the counselors advice and make comments about how stupid they are. In truth they do end up helping some troubled kids. After a minute Noah’s eyes flew open to reveal the destruction before him. One of today’s letters had also managed to fly across the house. Curiously Noah retrevied the now slightly damaged note off of the floor and tore it open. Inside was a map, address, and a small informative note. Something about some road trip this summer for a select few kids. Maybe it would be good to get away for a while. Give his mother time to get herself straight.
Only the essentials were packed as Noah made his way out the door. Things such as clothes, toiletries, and a sketch book tagged along with Noah. As he stepped back out into the air he found that it was now raining. After shoving a pair of earbuds in and flipping up his hoodie Noah acted as if nothing had happened inside the house. A headache pounded against his skull to keep him in check everytime he had an outburst.
“One Sketchy Gas Station.”
There was one lonely soul that occupied the space. Alongside a pretty large camper sat on uneasy concrete. One side of Noah wanted to approach the person but the other said hell no. Sighing he adjusted the bag on his shoulder and started towards the RV. There had to be a key somewhere and it was starting to get cold. After tucking away his phone and earbuds he appeared in the lot. With a quick nod to the other person he approached the camper. His hand touched the cold wet tire and he sort of flinched. Sometimes people will set the keys on top of the tire or under yet it was unlikely. Metal greeted Noah’s hand as he reached the second tire.
Above the rain was starting to pour down onto the world below. Night was approaching quickly and at this rate the group probably wouldn’t make it anywhere tonight. Popping open the now unlocked door Noah looked to the other person. It was a female but he couldn’t make out any features in the dark. Inviting her over with a wave of his hand Noah then entered the RV. Behind him the door shut softly.
Who We Are [Literate ~ Fantasy] July 2, 2021 05:41 PM

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Caleb Winters - M - Shifter - Mentions: Eyphah

Caleb huffed out a breath as he plopped back down on his couch for a well-deserved rest, a bright smile on his face as he admired his handiwork. He'd finished unpacking his boxes just a minute ago after a bit over a week of getting everything together. This was it, though. He'd moved into a new town, albeit a bit small, but he thought it was quite quaint. It'd be a great experience for him, he thought as he crossed his legs, putting his arms behind his head, closing his eyes, and letting himself get comfortable.

Living alone would probably be better for him, too, he mused, what with the whole... issue, and whatnot. He didn't really know when it would pop up again, but better alone than with his family around. They'd worry too much if they were to find out. No, no, it was better that he lived out the problem in relative isolation.

It probably would be good to meet the neighbors, though.

He'd only just started to relax, but that thought interrupted it as he opened an eye again in order to glance over at the door of his quaint little cabin near the edge of town.

A flash of white caught his attention, and his brow furrowed. That certainly wasn't there before. He stood, taking a moment to stretch before heading over, crouching down beside it in order to take a better look and finding himself a small slip of paper - an envelope, actually, he noted as he picked it up and turned it over in his hands a few times.

... What? Caleb had barely settled in, never mind set his new address to this place. His mail should still be going to his old house. He stood up to look at it again, thinking maybe it was from his family (they should be texting to his phone, but they already knew his address, so it would be the most likely option) but no, it didn't mention any of their names anywhere. He thought then that maybe it was a mistake, but nope, the phrase TO: CALEB WINTERS was there in all capital letters along with his address.

That's a touch concerning.

He quickly tore open the letter, carefully pulling out the note inside, hoping that maybe it was from his family and the lettering just had a mistake. Lo and behold, it was a letter congratulating him for winning an all-expenses-paid trip from something he definitely never applied to. Probably just an average scam, he'd think, if it weren't for the fact that he hadn't set up mail to send to his new address yet.

A small frown adorning his face that clearly highlighted his confusion, he scratched his head, looked around his house (like that would help), and then looked back at the letter, squinting at it as though that would reveal some secret text or something.

It lined up well. Really well. He'd moved in, just finished unpacking everything, was looking to meet new people. The starling he'd been taking care of found a mate and had mainly stopped coming back, so he was able to leave if he wanted. He wasn't taking care of any other animals, and there was nobody he had to say goodbye to. It was perfect timing, which made him even warier, if that was even possible.

6 others. Did other people get scammed by this? That made his concern shoot up through the roof, knowing there might be other people involved. He wasn't sure whether that was a lie or if it did get sent to other people, or even if they would go, but he at least wanted to be able to check up on them to be sure. Maybe call the police if it was dangerous, provide a little bit of solace if it was just a prank.


7 PM, a rainy summer day. The rain beat down on Caleb as he made his way over to the gas station specified in the letter he'd read before, bearing a ukulele case on his back, a bag of supplies in one hand and an umbrella in the other.

As he approached the gas station, he noticed a woman sitting on a bench nearby along with a stark white RV right nearby. He paused, blinking at the scene before him as an "Ah --" escaped his mouth from his surprise, having not expected anything to actually be here. He just stood for a moment before putting on a small (though slightly tired) smile and walking up to the bench, taking a moment to close his umbrella and shake it off away from the woman as he said a simple "Pardon me, love, but would this be the meeting place for the... er, free trip?"

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Who We Are [Literate ~ Fantasy] July 3, 2021 05:48 AM

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Eyphah Losset
Female/ Induce restful sleep/ Caleb & Noah

When the first person appeared it started raining again. Given the gloomy weather and the relative dark of the approaching evening she'd been unable to make much of the stranger. From the slope of his shoulders and the way he moved, however, she'd at least been able to discern his gender. He'd given her a short nod, found the key on one of the wheels of the RV, and entered the vehicle. She'd watched, unmoving, when he'd half turned to wave her in before disappearing behind the door.

Eyphah looked at the door for a long time, frowning. She'd sensed something emitting from him. An energy, faint - like a heartbeat, but unmistakable. The strange sensation had faded a bit after he'd gone inside the RV but even from out here she could still sense it. She'd only encountered something like this a few times with some other people her age but it had been very rare. And she had no idea what it was. Eyphah turned her eyes away and glanced at her bags - reconsidering.

Eypah was interrupted from her musing by the sound of another set of footsteps. Her eyes immediately shot to the newcomer who, too, looked around her age and carried bags. They held an umbrella over their head against the rain and approached her with a small, slightly apologetic smile. The first thing that struck her about him was that he also emitted the same strange energy. As he neared she felt it more strongly - another faint pulse like a heartbeat. When he stopped beside her to shake the rain from his umbrella she glanced at him, taking a brief moment to observe him more carefully.

From what she could see the stranger was quite tall with longish dark hair. When he finally turned to her she was slightly less on edge when she noticed that his eyes, at least, seemed kind. It was difficult to tell given the light but there appeared to be some scars on his face although they didn't look too serious.

"Pardon me, love, but would this be the meeting place for, free trip?"

His voice, too, seemed friendly. She eyed him warily and offered a vague, tired smile.

"I believe so. If not," she said, glancing at the darkening station, " then this is the place where we might get murdered."

Eyphah rose from the bench and took up her bags in a fluid motion. Her arms still ached and her fingers trembled a bit under the weight of her luggage (although it really wasn't much) but she was determined not to show the stranger how tired she really was. Not when she had to deal with the stress of the last few days, the break in at her home, her fatigue, lack of sleep, the strange energy that not one but two strangers emitted within the span of a single day, her misgivings about the trip and the tension she'd been carrying around everywhere ever since she'd encountered her powers. So, she thought, not now. Hopefully she'd be able to get some proper sleep later but somehow she doubted she would. It'd been months since that had happened.

She glanced at the stranger again and noticed for the first time a small ukulele case strapped to his back. She remembered, faintly, the memory of her uncle playing the instrument for her when she'd been small - before he'd given up on himself in the later years. The small instance brought a ghost of a smile to her face and somehow it took the edge off her misgivings about the trip. The whole situation still made her uneasy and uncomfortable but, when she glanced at the RV, it seemed a little less daunting. And plus, she was in desperate need of a trip if only to escape the town for a bit. It'd been more suffocating than usual lately.

The light by the mart flickered to life and when she glanced again at the stranger she could make out the color of his eyes. Soft gold, like honey. She pressed her lips together and, half turning, said:

"I'm heading inside. If you're here for the trip which," she gestured at his baggage, "I'm assuming you are, then I'll see you soon."

Without waiting for his reply she crossed the lot towards the RV. The rain had peetered off a bit by this point and resembled something closer to a drizzle. She knocked softly on the door and waited for a moment before entering.

The RV inside was spacious and well - lit. She pulled back her hood and, as she began stowing her bags, she heard something moving nearby and looked, accidentally making eye contact with the second stranger. She gave him a brief nod and turned her attention back to the task.

His eyes, she thought, resembled cut shrapnel.

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Who We Are [Literate ~ Fantasy] July 3, 2021 08:06 AM

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|Noah Ray Jamerson|
|Male|Telekinesis|Eyphah and Caleb|
Settling in the most secluded place was always best for Noah. Though surprisingly he had started to dig around in the camper. Some essentials such as flashlights, sleeping bags, fire starters, and even cans of beans aswell as corn had been thrown into the cabinets. It was went he went to look upfront that he heard another guys voice. Curiosity caused Noah to peer out the window at the pair still in the rain. Even with the lights of the market on their details were still hidden.
When the females started towards the RV Noah nearly fell on his face as he scrambled for his bag. Before they both got in he found it would be better to change out of the gross clothes he was wearing. Quick dressing changes was a sort of skill of Noah’s. It came from getting ready for school in the morning since he always woke up late. The new outfit was a simple black t shirt, blue jeans, black tennis shoes, and a beanie. All of his old things hung up on the very left side of the bar in the shower. Since he had been at the back of the camper Noah hadn’t heard the knocking on the door. When the female entered he sort of froze.
Taking in the person before him he wasn’t necessarily disappointed. Considering he would most likely be traveling with these people for a while he didn’t want someone hard on his eyes. On the outside every detail suggested that she was strong yet when they had met eyes he noticed the rings under her eyes. Sleep wasn’t a luxury that Noah was use to either. The hood slightly covered her hair giving it a brown appearance. Kind was a good way to describe her aura. Though kind people tend to scared Noah.
It wasn’t long before she turned away seeming to be looking for a certain something. Noah found his bag under the table and pulled out his sketchbook and started flipping through the pages. Stopping on the next empty one he began randomly sketching. After a moment he realized that he was sketching the girl in front of him. If he was going to be killed by one of these maniacs he might aswell give the police a clue when they find his stuff.
“My names Ray.”
Often enough he has people call him by his middle name. Very rarely would he tell anybody his real name. It gave him this sense of privacy. Like he had something that they couldn’t take away from him. One of the therapist he saw during court said that he was overthinking things. She had said that people couldn’t take things away from him. Yet where was his dad then?
Sitting at the table he wondered if the other 3 might actually show up. A glance at his phone told him that it was rounding 7:30. Though the time was a reminder that he had forgotten to eat dinner. Ontop of new people and an empty stomach he probably wouldn’t sleep.
The reasons for the others showing up was unknown. Maybe they wanted to get away from the small wretched town like he. Could also be the fact that curiosity got to the best of them. By the end of the trip Noah would most likely know.

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Who We Are [Literate ~ Fantasy] July 3, 2021 03:23 PM

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Caleb Winters - M - Shifter - Mentions: Eyphah, Noah

Caleb let out a sigh as the woman commented on the suspiciousness of the area. "Hah, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so, mm? This looks like the setup to a horror movie." He let out a laugh, looking up at the gas station before them. It was almost falling apart, if the bad paint job and dim flicker of the lights told him anything. Certainly nothing welcoming, and he highly doubted it had much business recently.

No wonder the housing here is so affordable, he mused, if this is the state of the buildings. It was a pretty small town, though, so he didn't really know what he expected. He cut off his thoughts before they got too far, though, turning back to the woman whose name he failed to ask for. He planned to ask now, but he paused, noticing that the woman had already stood and grabbed her bags while he was looking away. Quick. She must be heading into the RV now, then (though Caleb wasn't exactly sure why she didn't do that first, but hey, that was none of his business and he wasn't one to judge).

Just as he'd opened his mouth to say something, the lights flickered to life. It shone down on the two, allowing him to get a good look at the woman's angular features and generally dreary look and bringing to his attention dark circles under her eyes Caleb hadn't noticed before.

"I'm heading inside. If you're here for the trip which, I'm assuming you are, then I'll see you soon." The stranger said, briefly gesturing to Caleb's bags before heading towards the RV. Frowning, he turned as she brushed past in order to call out a quick "You seem tired, maybe take a nap in there?" before the door of the RV closed behind her with a gentle "click". It was unlocked, then. He probably should've guessed such, if it truly was the vehicle that they were supplied with through this trip, and as he took a better look at it with the newly supplied light, he found there was a second figure within that he could make out through the window. They must have arrived here before him, then - that, or they were the person who sent the original letter.

That caused Caleb to frown again. The person who sent that letter had ought to be a suspicious individual if going off of the mysterious circumstances of its arrival. Maybe he'd ought to go inside of the RV, just to check there wasn't anything bad going on.

He walked over to the vehicle, entering it and closing the door behind him quietly as he took a look around the inside. He noted it was in pretty good shape, far better than the place it was parked at. Taking a few steps deeper into it, he saw the second person that he'd seen through the window sitting at the table; a man, around the same age of himself and the woman from the looks of it, with a moppy mess of hair and angry blue eyes. He seemed to be drawing something and speaking to the stranger from earlier. Taking a quick once-over of the situation, it seemed like everything was okay to him. The man, at least, wasn't very suspicious, so not wanting to bother him, he brushed by with a quiet "don't mind me" and a smile as he went through the RV, taking a look at the areas where they'd be sleeping as well as within the cabinets. It was clean and had all the supplies they'd need for the upcoming trip.

It all checked out - they had everything they'd need and there were other people who didn't really seem the murderer type. A bit too early to tell that, of course, but he was willing to give a bit of good faith. He had a furrowed brow as he thought over everything, but in the end he put down his stuff (somewhat haphazardly, but he'd fix it later) and moved to exit the RV again. Someone had to greet the others, and it'd be rather awkward to be met with an RV and nothing else. He left with a small wave to the other too, though, before moving to go sit on the bench and wait.

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