12:47:33 Rook
Thank you so much ;u;
Hey check this out and tell me what you think?
-WP Click-
snake orb
12:44:23 chaos orb
am a cute noodle boi though
12:43:51 Its Cres :D
Aight, here we go.

Houwund, you a noodle boi now-

Hoodie, oh damn, i hope youve been safe and there werent many victims and much material damage? Ive been out of the loop with literally everything so i have no clue whats going on >.<
Crescent Moon Pack
12:41:39 Blue--Devil
Bird boi, im here if you wanna talk, or just rant <3 Just take it one day at time, theres really nothing to be gained by worrying about "what ifs". As you said, positive attitude and hard work shall do the trick, and youll get through whatever youre facing :D
It means a lot broski, thank you <333
Also, lemme just get on my lightbringer side account so i can leave the pot out for you
Your Fire Hazard
12:39:44 Crystalline Dye Lord

Yea, I've had this name for maybe a month! It's because of all the fires that have been happening around here. ^^

How've you been my love. <3
snake orb
12:39:01 chaos orb
hey wait what about me
Crescent Moon Pack
12:38:25 Blue--Devil
Hoodie my love <33 New name? :o
12:37:30 Lycan
Anyone up for a human or shifter romance pm role play?
12:37:22 Rook
I have to steal it? Quick everyone put chinese pottery out for me to steal >.<
Your Fire Hazard
12:37:00 Crystalline Dye Lord

What quest is it?
12:36:45 Rook
I've been better. Struggling with some stuff but trying to stay positive and productive. I'm not sure how much value this holds but I'm so proud of you for getting your diploma! ;w;
snake orb
12:36:40 chaos orb
you know you like it
Your Fire Hazard
12:36:36 Crystalline Dye Lord
Cresc my beloved. <3
Crescent Moon Pack
12:36:20 Blue--Devil
I see Houwund lost legs and is now slithering on the ground <.<
Crescent Moon Pack
12:35:46 Blue--Devil
The chinese pottery one? You gotta be lucky enough to steal it from someones den :/
snake orb
12:35:40 chaos orb
ew gross it's cwes
Crescent Moon Pack
12:34:43 Blue--Devil
Misa, ah, fair enough. Im still ignoring mine from both swamp and jungle lmao

Bird boi, mentally exhausted but verry happy. Passed both of my very problematic exams, and now i just have to finish up my final and get that diploma :D Hows you, love?
12:33:57 Rook
Felt that. I've had a scavenger hunt quest for well over 4 real years and I can't get it to clear because it's impossible :^)
Crescent Moon Pack
12:33:36 Blue--Devil
-WP Click-
Why the hell are /you/ my oldest wolf, you ugly little shit e.o
12:32:43 Rook
Ah yes, good morning. It's nearly bedtime for me lol
How are you? ^^


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Elemental school | Semi-literate Roleplay April 7, 2021 06:57 PM

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Acceptance letter
Dear student, your application has been accepted and you will be attending the Four Star academy (FS academy) this year. We hope you enjoy your stay with us where you will learn how to use your powers, among other things. When you arrive please report to the main building where you will be given all you need for your term.
~SF academy
Four Star academy. A place where children from all over similria come to enhance their powers. Everything is normal, everyone Is training, laughing and making friends. But the fun and games are about to end when the dark lord Atlantese unleahses his hordesof goblins, imps, and many other terribleness creatures upon the school to capture its students and the few teachers to use their powers for evil, will the children be able to protect their school? Or will they all be imprisoned by Atlantese forever?
Elemental school | Semi-literate Roleplay April 7, 2021 07:22 PM

Posts: 2100
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List of Roleplay members
- Asher | Male | 16 | Lord of the Wolves/chicolate | Wind | student
- Jesse Berwick | male | 16 | Zamakura | Wind | students
- Alice | Female | 14 | Willow reeds | Magic | student
- Oliver Thorne | Male | 17 | Soul Eater | Shadow | student
- Akira | female | 17 | Black Widow | Magic, Fire | student
- Ayira | Female | 17 | Skullhorse | Earth | student
- Jack Hickory | Male | 16 1/2 | Honeybee falls | Light/fire = lightning | student
- Fire Frense | 17 | Male | La Push | Fire student
- Henri Laurant | 17 | Male | Luminescent | Fire | student
- Farrow Finley | 19 | male | La Push | Shadow student
- Jasper Harmon | 16 | Female | Fallen one | Fire/Earth student
- Meraxies | 25 | Male | the Great Sage | Earth | teacher
- Hannah Mrytek Campbell | 15 | Female | Moonlight stars | Magic | student
- OSA | 17 | female | Mist Cassie | Shadow/wind | student
- Abnir | 89 | Male | Earth/wind = wind/nature

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Elemental school | Semi-literate Roleplay April 8, 2021 07:23 AM

Diablo's Ridge
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Oliver I Male I 17 I Shadow I M: Open

Getting his trunk from the stopped taxi car, Oliver got out some money to pay the man, eyes widening as the guy peeled off a bill and handed it back to him. "Good luck, sir," the guy tipped his hat before driving off, leaving a stunned man in his wake. Oliver mentally shook himself off, chiding himself for acting so unappreciative. The man appeared to be in the same financial predicament as him, with a young family, and yet he handed back, to a stranger, a meal's worth in money.

Let him have some luck, he thought with a small smile, heading up the stairs to the school entrance. The main building must be here. He went inside and looked around with a frown, unsure where to go or who to talk to. The school wasn't too full at the moment...was he too early? Did he even arrive at the right school? No..that sign said it was the Academy so.. Oliver leaned against a wall and waited, fighting his rising panic.

Elemental school | Semi-literate Roleplay April 8, 2021 10:54 AM

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Asher | Male | 16 | wind | M: Oliver
Asher woke up with a start. "Oh No! I'm late for registration!" He thought looking at his alarm clock. He quickly got dressed and grabbed his one backpack that held his sleeping bag, his toothbrush, soap, toothpaste, and several otter things that me might need. He bolted down stairs and grabbed an untainted bagel form the counter. With a goodbye to his parents he ran swiftly outside and ran the two miles to Four Star academy. He had always hadn't incredible stamina since he had started doing his morning run routine. He got to the academy but to his dismay no one was here. He checked his watch. "What? An hour early!" Asher shouted out loud without realizing it. He walked up to the gate. It was closed. He saw another student waiting outside. "Hello!" He said smiling disputes hsi dilemma. Maybe he would atleast have a friend to hang out with until the school opens. The entire school was a huge camp. The driveway itself was atleast a quarter mile long. He could see stables, barns, csoem of the abins, and the admission desk so far. But he had a feeling there was much more. Asher looked around. He could see the city gates from his vantage point. The gates where almost always open except for when they where under attack. Asher was glad he didn't have to pay to get a buggy to bring him. He had forgotten to bring money with him.
Elemental school | Semi-literate Roleplay April 8, 2021 11:25 AM

Posts: 15
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Ósamræmi | Female | 17 | Shadow/Wind | M: Oliver, Asher

Osa was spat out by the morning mist with an arrow stuck in the heel of her boot. She pulled it out, glad she had tripped over that cliff at such perfect timing to arrive without injuries. "Very hospitable place, that one," she said as she popped a green gem from a dent in her compass and placed it in her bag. Looking up, she saw she was on the roof of the main school building. Her hair was Einstein level eccentric from the humidity and her grey coat was splashed with iridescent mud but for a trip across worlds, she could say with confidence that it went well. And just in time for school too, she thought, I wonder if this will work...
Ever the ambitious adventurer that she was, Ósamræmi had decided she wanted to have very memorable introductions on the first day of school. A week prior, she'd gone hiking to find a new fog and jumped in in search of something to give her better control over her wind abilities, albeit she expected such an item to be temporary. Taking a large, wing-shaped bottle from under her coat, she pulled the cork and inhaled. "Achoo!" she said, blowing herself off the roof with what would normally have been a very discrete and quiet sneeze. As she began to fall, she exhaled again and blew herself into a torrential spin. With a startling clang, she landed painfully on the tip of the gate, upside down, and saved from more than a bruising by her coat, she let out a cough and watched as a silver vapor left her mouth. All I wanted was to float upside down, she thought. the bottle fell from her pocket and shattered on the walk, just inside the school grounds. Regaining her bearings, Osa looked down, or for her, it was up at the moment. Two other new arrivals were there waiting for the school to open up. At least I got the upside-down part, she thought.

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Elemental school | Semi-literate Roleplay April 8, 2021 11:39 AM

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Ayira | Female | 17 | Earth | M: Asher, Osa, and Oliver
Ayira hugged her dad goodbye before she walked out the door. She fought back tears, but knew that this was going to be a good year for her. In her hand she held her acceptance letter. This is going to be a good year, right? She asked herself, thinking about the question. She almost tripped down the steps but was saved by her huge furry companion. Zeus was her large malamute/wolf cross. His shoulder practically reached past her belly button, but she was small to begin with.
He trotted long beside her as she walked down to the car. She sniffed, wiping a tear away from her face. Zeus rubbed up against her leg, somehow sensing she was sad. She ran her fingers through his fur and sighed. "This year is going to be better, right buddy?" She asked him, stopping for a moment. He looked up at her, turning his head like he didn't understand. She weakly smiled. "Ya it will." She decided, taking the final few steps to the car.
It was a convertible, two seater. Used to be her dads car, but then when her surprise baby brother came into the world he gave it to her and bought a new car. She opened the car door and let Zeus go in before her, sitting in the passenger's seat. She got in after him and sped off to the school, trying not to let her nerves get to her.
She pulled upto the gate and it didn't open. She quickly parked the car, then got out, noticing some other people waiting. She knew it must not be open yet. Zeus followed her and stretched once he was out of the car. It had been around a 5 hour drive there and her hands were still shaking a bit from the close call she'd had on the way there. A person almost T boned her at an intersection. She shook it off, grabbing Zeus' leash and clasping it onto his collar as she walked closer to the other students.
She studied them briefly, one gal, stuck on the top of the gate for some reason, and two guys. She didn't go up to them or say hi, she just sat on the ground. Zeus looked at the other people, curious. Once he was satisfied with sizing them up, he went and laid down next to Ayria, resting his head in her lap. She gently stroked her head, trying to not look at the other waiting students.

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Elemental school | Semi-literate Roleplay April 8, 2021 01:31 PM

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Abner | Male | 89 | Earth/Wind = Wind/nature | M: Osa, Asher, Oliver, Atira
Abnir woke up in his cabin on the campus of Four Star academy. He had been teaching there, as welll as living there for many years. He walked outside and streatched his back. Then he bagan the long trek to the Want race of the academy to see if anyone had arrived early. Sure enough there where several kids waiting at the black iron gate. His grandaughter —Osa— stuck on top of the fence. She must have been expiramneting with her powers again, Abnir smiled to himself. He called up his natrie powers to shoot to giant vines out of the ground. He made a circling motion with his hands, and the vines gently lifted her off the fence and inside the school grounds before walking to the gate and swinging it wide. "Hello students! I am Abner but you can call me teacher, Mr. Abner, or whatever you like. I'm not picky, let's get you all to the registration desk to get everything you'll be needing for your term here" he turned and walked toward a large building with a brown roof and stone walls. He motioned for everyone to follow.
Elemental school | Semi-literate Roleplay April 8, 2021 04:33 PM

willow reads
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Alice | Female | 14 | Magic | M: Osa, Asher, Oliver, Atira, and Abner

Alice watched the world go by from the window of her sister's car. Well, half-sisters if you wanted to be picky. Sky pulled up in front of a gate that was just being swung open. "Here you go. I'll miss you firefly." Alice climbed out of the car and grabbed her bag. She waved at Sky once more before heading after everyone else into the school.

Despite her calm exterior, on the inside, Alice was a mess of panic. She had never had to do anything alone, Sky had always been there. She wouldn't be surprised if she was the youngest there, after all, she was only 14. Would she have trouble making friends. "It does no good to dwell on the future 'Live in the moment' Sky always said," Alice said quietly under her breath.
Elemental school | Semi-literate Roleplay April 8, 2021 05:55 PM

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Akira | Female | Magic, Fire | M: Osa, Asher, Oliver, Atira, and Abner
Akira walked down the sidewalk towards the Academy. She was nervous and shy. Her backpack drapped on her back and her bookbag over her shoulder at her hip. Her two companions walked beside her, as she got closer to the Academy she saw others outside the gate gathering around waiting for the gates to open. She stopped for a moment hesitating as her anxiety rose she felt a nudge against her leg and a small whine as her companion tried to comfort her. She looked down at them and smiled taking a deep breath and nodded before looking back to the group her head held high. She strolled forward again soon coming close enough to the group to call out. "Hello." She gave a shy wave.
Elemental school | Semi-literate Roleplay April 8, 2021 06:16 PM

Diablo's Ridge
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Oliver I Male I 17 I Shadow I M: Everyone

Bowing his head to everyone that arrived, Oliver shyly have a greeting, eyes mostly focused on the teacher once the older man had introduced himself. Internally, however, Oliver was sizing up each of the students and seeing how they would possibly match with his personality type. Of cojrse, one could not guess accurately based on first appearances, but he could already tell the girl that had found a perch on the top of the gate would be an interesting if not terrifying possible friend. Adventurous, yes, but also reckless in a way that he wasn't sure could be trusted. She probably was loyal and kind, yet still the stats would be unsure till he actually got to talk to her. The girl that drove here in a car seemed friendly enough and she had a dog as well. Bonus point for that. His own dog would be delivered later in the day or tomorrow even, as Alpine, his husky-shepherd, needed special transport.

The boy that had first come here seemed interesting and Oliver was intrigued by the idea of befriending him, as well as the female with a bookbag. The latter was shy, the former relaxed with a slightly anxious air that have hint to a dishevelled mind, which meant much was going on in there. Then there was the youngest in the group. Sweet and innocent, undeserving of his dark aura. He would ensure to treat her kindly, but not too personally. Perhaps more so like a bit brother, should she want one. Though something in her eyes told him she could take care of herself. And the teacher...well Oliver didn't really want to befriend a teacher, but perhaps the side man could tell him some interesting experiences he had over the course of his life.

Finished with his analytics, Olliver turned towards Mr. Abner, waiting for the man to lead them to the school.

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