Different Times
11:25:45 BBQ Tiddied Kermit
Gabriel/The Trickster/ Loki
"Remember, I'm in the citizen protection program"
11:25:28 Summer!
11:25:20 Summer!
That is alarmingly true. Oh my Gish, I can’t get that imagine out of my head
Human bacon is rather horrifying lmao
King Nothing
11:25:09 Misha
Ponies are the best, my friend tried to get me to ride a big horse and she remembers me going, “There isn’t enough sass”
11:24:10 Summer!
Yup, ponies will be ponies lmao. I’ve ridden two absolutely wonderful pony geldings. It was the mare that figured out how to undo a quick release knot, managed to get out of her locked stall more than once, and almost ran away heh
King Nothing
11:23:54 Misha
Yes, I am rewatching SPN and Gabriel is in about 4 eps and he is my fav character
11:23:44 Your Maternal Figure
Lmaooo xD

Wait that means we taste like bacon if we're cooked correctly o_o
Shadows in the Mist
11:23:38 Shadow, Mist
Haha no I was referring to what human meat most tastes like. Some cannibals supposedly called human meat “long pig” since it tasted like pork, but was not actually pork
11:23:22 Lucifer
brooo, I feel like the most underrated characters who get little screen time in TV shows have the BEST lines
King Nothing
11:23:04 Misha
-WP Click- Have you guys had pennyroyal tea?
11:22:21 Summer!
Hm, yes. I’m rather unsettled now lmao
Now I won’t be able to stop staring at my brother and imagining he is a pig
Oh, wait
Cough that wouldn’t be any sort of change cough
King Nothing
11:22:13 Misha
Lol the only ponies I would lease would be the bad geldings who were smarter than me and the mare ponies that liked to kick, my gelding once bucked a whole circle at a show
Dagger Pack
11:21:39 Dag/Verity's Wife

Why? Nothing has happened in sales
11:21:36 Your Maternal Figure
Excuse me what the fUCK did you just say

did you just call the state of Indiana "the long pig thing"? xD
Rageing Stormz
11:21:29 That Pet Spider
Yeah XD

Yeah whenever you get a boost
Check their stats and see what was changed
Shadows in the Mist
11:20:26 Shadow, Mist
Oh yeah the long pig thing
11:19:48 Your Maternal Figure
I love regular, but cheddar cheese is my ultimate favorite >:3

Someone did like an interview with cannibals to get that little tidbit of information there
11:19:27 I’m Aquarius
Can we get a mod in sales?
11:18:59 Cliff
Thanks rageing stormz!
11:18:16 Your Maternal Figure

I should probably get to bed, I gotta get up early tomorrow to clean and collect my cousin who came all the way from INDIANA! >:D


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Moonstone Pack-Wolf Rp-Roleplay October 9, 2019 12:40 PM

Raven's Hollow
Posts: 787
<div align="center">The story of the Moonstone Pack;
<div align="center">The Light Pack was known for the strength and land that they controlled they governed two other packs as well, the Midnight Pack and the Star Pack both branches of Light Pack and brother and sister Alphas led Light Pack, Midnight Pack, and Star Pack. Light Pack held the eldest sibling Alpha of which was why Light Pack governed Star Pack and Midnight Pack.

<div align="center">All of this was true until the birth of four pups, sons and daughters of Light Pack's Alpha pair. These pups were strange each had some sort of elemental power. The first born pup had fire, the second born pup had ice, the third born pup had nature, and the final pup had wind. These pups changed everything in Light Pack, Midnight Pack, and Star Pack. The Alphas merged the Packs into one large pack called Moonstone Pack. When Moonstone Pack was formed the three Alphas decided that they would all remain Alphas and would all govern the pack that they had merged into one. The four pups were special to the pack and were told that they alone held the pack's fate because they would become the next Alphas.
This is where you get to decide the story.

<div align="left">The Elemental Pups:<div align="left">Fire Pup: Myri-Female-Tauriel
<div align="left">Ice Pup: Aura-Female-Raven's Hollow<div align="left">Nature Pup: Wooly-Male-dojeje's wolf pack<div align="left">Wind Pup: Talrah-Male-Spooky Spark<div align="center">
<div align="left">The Governors:<div align="left">Light Pack's Alpha Male: Reserved By: Very Spooky Ending<div align="left">Light Pack's Alpha Female: Zara-Female-Raven's Hollow<div align="left">Midnight Pack's Alpha Male: Mikazuki-Male-Tamashii<div align="center"><div align="left">Star Pack's Alpha Female: Panic Room-Female-Dangerous<div align="center">

<div align="left">Pack Wolves:<div align="left">
<div align="left">Hunters:<div align="left">-Zeus-Male-Raven's Hollow<div align="left">-Blade-Male-Wolves<div align="left">-Hatshepsut-Female-TimesGhost<div align="left">
<div align="left">Patrol/Scouts:<div align="left">- Zero-Female-Plague 049<div align="left">- Queen-Female-Raven's Hollow<div align="left">-Euclid-Male-Plague 049<div align="left">
<div align="left">Den Mothers:<div align="left">-Kakadu-Female-Uzumaki Naruto<div align="left">-<div align="left">
<div align="left">Other Pups:<div align="left">-Keter-Male-Plague 049<div align="left">-Firen-Female-Fireblazers<div align="left">-Neveah-Female-Terra Trackers<div align="left">-<div align="left">
Rules :<div align="center">Follow all WP rules, RP and not.<div align="center">Put Element in Other<div align="center">Hate the Character not the player.<div align="center">Alphas eat then pups, after pups then den mothers, after den mothers hunters, after hunters patrol/scouts.<div align="center">Actually put Wolfies in Other<div align="center">Do not kill another wolf without the person playing the character's permission.<div align="center">Have FUN!<div align="center">
<div align="center">
Form :<div align="center">Name:<div align="center">Age:<div align="center">Gender:<div align="center">Rank:<div align="center">Are you one of the pups:<div align="center">Appearance:<div align="center">Personality:<div align="center">Other:<div align="center">
<div align="center">Season: Early Fall
Edited at October 9, 2019 03:52 PM by Raven's Hollow
Moonstone Pack-Wolf Rp-Roleplay October 9, 2019 04:12 PM

Raven's Hollow
Posts: 787
Aura-Ice Pup

Aura was quickly moving about the pack. Leaves were just falling from the trees. Reds, yellows, browns, oranges, and little bits of green fell to the ground. She yipped in delight and jumped up towards one of the as it fell to the ground. She caught it easily between two of her paws and landed on the ground easily. She smiled and frosted the leaf ever so slight so that it was cool to the touch. There was no sign of actual frosting though.

Aura liked the cold, to her it was much better than the summer heat. Her coat was thick and lightly colored making it close to impossible to see her in the snow. She liked this and sometimes refered to herself, but only when she was alone, as the "snow ghost" for she was almost a ghost in the snow. Her eyes were aqua and had little flecks of white through them.

Zara-Alpha Female Of Light Pack

Zara lay and watched Aura for a while in silence. Aura was an Ice Pup, but what exactly was an Ice Pup? }In that matter what was a FirePup? Or a Nature Pup? Or even a Wind Pup? All of her pups had powers and Aura had ice. Aura had gotten her aqua eyes from her, but the white flecks had not come from her. Zara's pelt was black, the darkest any had ever seen and had star like patterns all over her body. Where he children had gotten powers, she did not know, but she did know that they were unique.


Zeus hunted alone. Getting up early and going out. That was his thing. Get up early and hunt. He was hunting now even. It was sometimes after dawn but not quite noon. He was quick about his hunting most of the time and now easily spotted a rabbit. He had already caught a squirrel and a sparrow, but one more piece of prey wouldn't hurt. He dropped low into a hunter's crouch that he had mastered at a young age before creeping up slowly behind the rabbit carefully staying down wind. He lunged suddenly and trapped the rabbit between his paws before swiftly killing it with a sharp bite to the neck.


Queen woke up slowly. Her tail stired then her ears. Her eyes opened and she lifted her head from her paws, were she had rested ik while sleeping. She had been up late last night on patrol. She patrolled at dusk, even though knew that Zeus, a hunter woke up very early and went out hunting. Most of the time there wasn't anything to see on patrol, but last night there had been a pair of foxes and a badger. Slowly Queen stood up and walked slowly out of her den with a yawn. She looked up in search of the sun. It was somewhere between dawn and noon. She had slept in, but none seemed to notice.
Moonstone Pack-Wolf Rp-Roleplay October 9, 2019 04:20 PM

Posts: 1545
Hatshepsut - Hunter- Female

Hatshepsut slid through the trees, her flax coat easily blending in with the autumn colors. She was a strange wolf and knew it, though she cared little what the others thought. Her days were spent deep in the forest, searching for prey and on occasion, she'd join one of the other hunters. A smile lite her face as a few leaves feel around her. Oh how she adored this season! The colors and cool air were her favorite, making her feel alive!

She tilted her head when she spotted Zeus' dark coat. Sitting back, she watched him curiously. He seemed to be such a workaholic and she wondered if he ever took the time to enjoy life. Her tail swished slightly, causing the leaves to rustle around her. Flattening her ears, she inwardly scolded herself for being so careless.
Moonstone Pack-Wolf Rp-Roleplay October 9, 2019 04:30 PM

Raven's Hollow
Posts: 787

Zeus turned feeling eyes apon him. He picked up the rabbit and saw Hatshepsut looking at him. He had also heard the rustling of leave behind him. His aqua eyes narrowed for only a second before recognition lighted his eyes. He dipped his head slightly and set the rabbit down. "Hello Hatshepsut. How are you today?" He asked kindly and sat down the rabbit between his paws. His tail wagged slightly, but it did not brush any leave on the ground.
Moonstone Pack-Wolf Rp-Roleplay October 9, 2019 04:40 PM

Posts: 1545

She felt embarrassed but stepped over to him, ears perking back up. "I'm doing well," she replied, suddenly feeling shy. Hatshepsut scolded herself for such childish feelings as she looked at him. "And how are you? It is such a lovely day to be out." Her brown eye seemed to blend with her coat while her green eye contrasted against it, the intelligence shining through them both.
Moonstone Pack-Wolf Rp-Roleplay October 9, 2019 04:46 PM

Raven's Hollow
Posts: 787

Zeus tilted his head up towards the sun. "Yes, it is isn't it." He said kindly, "I am doing well. I have just finished hunting witha good score. A sparrow, a squirrel, and finally this rabbit." He said gesturing towards the rabbit at his paws with his muzzle. "Have you scored anything yet? I was thinking of going back into the camp. I want to see what the Element pups are up to, this is only their first fall anyway."
Moonstone Pack-Wolf Rp-Roleplay October 9, 2019 04:55 PM

Posts: 1545
Hatshepsut- Hunter- Female

"A fancy score for sure," she complimented his kills. "I have managed two squirrels and a branch in the face," Hatshepsut gave a smirk, remembering her failed attempt to grab the third squirrel who had pelted her with acorns. Glancing towards the direction of the camp, she thought of the strange pups the pack had been blessed with. What could their births possibly mean?
She looked back at the large male, "I didn't know you liked pups. But I wouldn't mind heading back."
Moonstone Pack-Wolf Rp-Roleplay October 9, 2019 05:05 PM

Raven's Hollow
Posts: 787

"Yeah, well I have a soft spot for the little balls of fluff." He said then narrowed his eyes standing up. "Don't tell ANYONE that I said that." He said abruptly. His aqua eyes he knew were like Zara's in fact, Zara was actually his sister, though they rarly talked often having different opinions on things. He doubted that any of the elemental pups even knew he was their uncle, but it didn't bothe him much. He was fine the way things were.
Moonstone Pack-Wolf Rp-Roleplay October 9, 2019 05:13 PM

Posts: 1545
Hatshepsut- Hunter- female

She laughed a gentle laugh, one that seemed to float through the forest. "I wouldn't dare tell a soul that a stoic hunter such as yourself could possibly have feelings for adorable pups. For shame!" Hatshepsut teased him though she felt as though his mood slightly darkened. She shrugged it off. Nothing good company couldn't fix. Yet, she couldn't help but notice that when he stood, he did tower over her. Ah, the complications of being smaller than average.
Moonstone Pack-Wolf Rp-Roleplay October 9, 2019 05:16 PM

Raven's Hollow
Posts: 787

Zeus shook his pelt out. Lowering his head he picked up the rabbit. "Shall we walk back then? I must stop on the way back to get the Squirrel and sparrow." He said and started off in the direction of camp.

(Sorry short.)

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