Dashing heroes
08:24:20 Wolfpaws/Wolfy
Just saw 4 pheasants out the window 0-0
Deadly Tricks
08:24:20 Loki, Archangel
Castiel give me XD
08:23:27 Kal // Kali
Anyone up for a roleplay?
whats up?
08:23:13 Darky | Crowley
-WP Click-
No mine XD
Wolves of the Dark
08:22:42 Mealworm
holy shit i wonder if my wolf is going to make it to 1st place for oldest wolf. he's currently in 3rd place
Dashing heroes
08:22:17 Wolfpaws/Wolfy
Just saw 4 pheasants out the window 0-0
Deadly Tricks
08:21:55 Loki, Archangel
Castiel damn i should of brought her before you XD
08:21:51 ish
I had that issue once and I swear I was going deaf by day 2 :l
Darkened Shadows
08:21:51 Dark / Lily / Lexi
Finally done with the assignment...I completely forgot I had an extra copy on Google Docs :')
Thank god for planning
08:20:23 Darky | Crowley
Actually no not all of them XD
Castle and Castiel are but Dagon isn't I would not have spent the 200 mush on her that I did XD plus you probably would have kept her shes a 30+R Albino female AC
08:20:15 Eternity, ET
My headphone cable is broken so it keepa randomly turning the volume all the way up or down and honestly it's gonna kill me.
Ninjago Realm
08:18:55 Waterfall,Zane
If any ninja of Mine howls In sorrow Ill know why XD
08:18:22 Eternity, ET
Not enough of my wolves died ahah. I'm doing a den clearout.
Snow Moon
08:17:44 Aziraphale
I'm glad that none of my wolves are quite old enough to die. Soon, though.
Ninjago Realm
08:17:21 Waterfall,Zane
@ Legendary just you as its not that kind of game use your own songs you Like
Ninjago Realm
08:16:39 Waterfall,Zane
poffing to main account
Deadly Tricks
08:16:37 Loki, Archangel
Castiel all of which are mine xD
The Legendary Wolf
Is it just me or is anyone wondering why a game like this has no music or noise?


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Moonstone Pack - Werewolf Pack RP October 13, 2019 10:46 PM

--Spooky Cherry--
Posts: 215
Akala Amor // F // 24 // Lead Warrior // Mentions: Ivar

Akala looked deep into his eyes. Banner flicking she forced her body to become calm and collected. She was alpha now so acting as she was right now wasnt correct or proper. Licking her maw she nodded smiling calmly in his dirrection.
"Yes that would be a fine idea."
Akala said gently. She did need to tend to her wounds and change out of her shredded dress. Akala flicked her banner against Ivars side as she walked beside him. Her chest/throat and belly had closed nicely despite the fact that she still needed to clean them properly. Akala chanced a glance at Ivar. She felt so different around him.. like she wanted to be better. His touch sent pins and needles through her body.. it was a intoxicating sensation. Akala looked away her firey gaze clouded with thoughts.

Moonstone Pack - Werewolf Pack RP October 13, 2019 10:57 PM

Paquete de Muerte
Posts: 1805
Ivar Moonstone//Male//24//Alpha Male//Mentions: Akala
Ivar listened to Akala's words and smirked, knowing she was trying to act her future rank. Ivar for sure was quite uptight and tended to be his rank nearly all the time; but Ivar could also have fun... let loose and be playful. Ask they walked side by side back towards the pack house. Ivar continued to gaze at Akala, a burning passion and desire within them. "I was sure I was going to come out with no mate this Haze." Ivar said, looking towards the pack house. "If I did come out with no mate, I would have had to hand my leadership as Alpha, over to Brix." He said a worried look in his hues." But then I came across you." He said, smiling as he looked towards Akala. "I wish the circumstances could have been different, but none the less, you are my mate and I intend on keeping it that way." He teased, nipping her shoulder. A playful smirk lined the brute's muzzle.
Moonstone Pack - Werewolf Pack RP October 13, 2019 10:58 PM

Paquete de Muerte
Posts: 1805

Edited at October 13, 2019 10:58 PM by Paquete de Muerte
Moonstone Pack - Werewolf Pack RP October 14, 2019 12:13 AM

Posts: 1210
Yuda Evans||Male||21||Hunter||Mentions:Jay

As Yuda filled the glass with the refreshing,bountiful water he lifted it to his lips with a throaty sigh. Only mere seconds after he had licked his lips after the sip he heard the footsteps of another. At first he just shrugged and kind of shriveled in,not wanting to drag unwanted attention at the sight of him alone. But then,he felt his shoulders press against his naked chest as he curled in, his gaze immediately filled with panic. As he stood and attempted to scramble to his quarters before the silhouette of e feminine approached. Yuda watched as she passed and took out a slice of cheese. It was a weird and unusual choice but he seemed to like that subject today. As the question left her lips and the slam of the fridge erupted into an echo,Yuda stuttered. He usually wasn't this shy but the impacts of the haze,and his loneliness had cornered him all up in his feelings. He just wanted a hug from his sister and perhaps a bit of pep talk. Anything to take his mind off of his cold side where his mate should be.

"I-I just came to get water. No hiding here. But I do see you are untouched aswell." His voice was rather cool and calculated, something he liked about himself. He wasnt one of those red cheeked, blabbering bimbos who couldnt get a word out while looking down. No, he displayed an intimidating aura himself yet his tone was still wavery. Yuda bit his lip,inching closer towards the corridors in hoping he could make a run for his closet. After all,he was a Male basically showing all bicep to the feeble eye. Not just anyone could look..To be honest he had hoped he could build up the courage in the future with his mate, let them take a look for themselves--Just a peek before he would wrap himself back up with embarrassment. Yuda sighed,feeling disappointment as he knew that wasnt going to happen, as the only sparks around him would most likely be platonic.

Edited at October 14, 2019 12:13 AM by Robyn.

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