07:18:12 Cigar smoke
How are you even talking or typing XD
07:17:00 Crash
07:16:05 Cigar smoke
Oh man nothing like Crash Bandicoot invading the chat
07:15:42 Holl, Zander, Ghost
-WP Click-
07:13:34 Crash
Everyone beware!! I dangerous crash has emerged! Hehe
Black Swan
07:12:08 Swan Swannity Swan
Yup. Although, if it's homophobic in nature, I won't tolerate it
07:11:33 Cigar smoke
I saved an image to all the Vivis

And two of their sons

So now I can draw them all XD
07:10:27 Cigar smoke
The more paws I gain the more closer to evil I get XD
Peace Bringers
please pm me if you can play male in a pm rp. thanks bunches :)(:
Bear Claw
07:09:49 Kitt/annoying one
-WP Click-

-WP Click-

Supernatural Wolf RP. The specter has returned. Someone must stop her for once and for all.
07:07:56 your mother online ]
I want to join a adoptables, but I don't know what to do and I have like one hour on my device..... oof
07:07:05 Birdie
-WP Click-

25 minutes left to vote!
Currently 6 votes for 3
5 for 2
2 for 1

If an idea doesn’t win by at least two votes, I’ll take the top two plots and make a second poll
07:06:40 Cigar smoke
I see a snipe opportunity XD
07:05:58 Cigar smoke
There's nothing wrong naming it something used often

But basing it off of how many use that name would seem kind of pointless XD
07:04:18 Cigar smoke
Oh wait I'm 333 paws

I'm half evil
Star of Wonder
07:04:03 Starry, Starstruck
Ah, true are your words.

King is pretty common too, but I wasn't gonna outright say that xD
07:03:07 ET, Orbit
-WP Click-
Help me name stuff. :D
redneck christmas
07:02:49 bloodied jorts

alright thanks man
07:02:46 Cigar smoke
And you guys think King is used less? XD

I see less things named Tundra then King
Star of Wonder
07:02:27 Starry, Starstruck
Feel free to pm me.


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Call of the Wild! || Cat roleplay remake || Open August 13, 2019 01:23 PM

Shadow Stalkers
Posts: 1882
Name || Clan || Rank || Mentions

Please do not discuss things in here but you may add comments at the end of your post!

I will control day and night and any special events. Everyone together will create any special events.

Discussion Thread:
Sign ups:

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Call of the Wild! || Cat roleplay remake || Open August 13, 2019 01:35 PM

Shadow Stalkers
Posts: 1882
It is afternoon and the cats are all going about there own business around the neighborhood meeting each other.

There are dogs in the neighborhood you have to be careful about though so watch out!!
Call of the Wild! || Cat roleplay remake || Open August 13, 2019 05:03 PM

Shadow Stalkers
Posts: 1882
Ash || Dark || Leader || M: Open

The jet black cat sitting atop a brick wall separating the wilderness from the tamed territory of humans. Her tail was lashing at the thought of being out there. Not being stuck here in a neighborhood with humans she Despised even being around them her cold ice blue eyes filled with hate. But the ambition to lead was more overpowering.

WIP I’m busy right now sorry
Call of the Wild! || Cat roleplay remake || Open August 13, 2019 05:06 PM

Pride Klaw
Posts: 3145
Wisp II 8 II She-Cat II Forest Clan II Warrior II M: Open

Wisp yawned and gave a glance out to the wilderness, with huge trees and plenty of prey. It sounded very wonderful compared to the life she was living as a rouge, constant struggle for food, shelter, and water. With a sigh she finished the skinny mouse between her pretty black paws then walked into a bush to hide at the sound of human kits running out to play and approaching where she used to be. One saw the dead mouse and poked it with a stick, the other hid behind them and gave a shy glance at the creature. Wisp gave a sigh of disgust, so shy and sensitive, it was just a mouse. Her need to hunt started coming strong soon so Wisp got up and quickly dashed past the human kits, both screaming as she ran past

Mint II 5 II Tom II Stream Clan II Healer in Training II M: Open

Mint sat down, tail curled around his frosted light brown paws as he glared at a human who was looking up at him. They had chased him all the way to this tree and now where was he? Stuck! With a hiss, he puffed up his tail, the grown human not seeming to be scared and instead jumped a little, trying to get him out of the tree. "I'm not stuck you filthy rat!" Mint spat down, the human not seeming to understand him as they tried again, tapping his tail slightly. Mint hissed again and pulling his tail away from the edge, his pale green eyes glaring at the human below

Glory II 2 II She-Cat II Cloud Clan II Warrior in training II M: Wingstorm

Glory's golden eyes gleamed form the shadows of a bush as she stalked a brown tabby tom with white stripes, waiting a second before she lunged out and landed on his flank. "GLORY!" WIngstorm hissed in both surprise and a little bit of rage as the golden long furred cat pinned him to the hard ground. "hey bro!" Glory purred, obviously happy about this. "Can't you go catch a mouse or something instead." Wingstornm asked, batting her nose with his paw to make her get off. "Fine." Glory replied, sitting down next to him and licking herself before slinking off into the bushes again

Edited at August 13, 2019 05:23 PM by Pride Klaw
Call of the Wild! || Cat roleplay remake || Open August 13, 2019 05:11 PM

Moodlight Mist
Posts: 1482
Lydia | Stream Clan (not yet) | House cat | M: Open

A small she-cat yawned from in her cat bed, and got out of it to stretch. She didn't realize it was the afternoon until she jumped up to look out the window, seeing the sun already in the sky. She jumped down from her perch and walked out her cat door, now in the backyard. She was called Lydia by her owners, and to be honest, she actually liked her name very much and wouldn't change a thing about it.

Lydia jumped over the fence with ease and went to explore the neighborhood, shaking her fur and hearing her teal colored collar with a bell on it ding every time she bounded. The kit watched a nearby road and steered clear of it, aware of the metal things that drove by were dangerous. But she had gotten in one a couple times, and it wasn't a pleasant experience.

She sat down in the grass near the trees and closed her eyes, waiting for something exciting to happen. Her tail flicked as she waited, calmly opening her eyes again and looking at the trees to her right.

Edited at August 13, 2019 08:38 PM by Moondrop
Call of the Wild! || Cat roleplay remake || Open August 13, 2019 08:33 PM

Posts: 1854
Pebble || Stream || House Cat || Mentions: Open

His paws delicately placed on the picket fence. Each step with great care and balance. Every movement caused the wood beneath him to tremble. Or maybe it was him trembling. It swayed in the wind and rattled at one end. Where a loose support cord strapped into the earth. The young cat crept closer and closer to the end of the yard. Once his paws felt the unsteady wood piece, he gathered his strength in his hindlegs. Pebble hurtled himself for the next piece of wood. Pebble miscalculated it entirely.

Underestimating both the distance and the momentum he threw himself at. A small yowl left his parted jaws as the fence was a white whirl beneath him. His claws scratched against the hard material to no avail. He felt the earth collide with his side. Pebble hoisted himself to his feet, settled on the front yard of his home. He gave his chest an embarrassed few licks. Praying nobody had seen nor heard the commotion.

Call of the Wild! || Cat roleplay remake || Open August 13, 2019 08:45 PM

Moodlight Mist
Posts: 1482
Lydia | Stream (not yet) | house cat | M: Pebble

Lydia perked to the sound of a yowl and flicked an ear. She stood and stretched, walking towards the sound. Had this cat gotten stuck somewhere? The thoughts ran through her head until she walked towards a yard she was unfamiliar with and looked through the fence, seeing a cat. She stared for a few moments before speaking.

"H-Hi? You okay? I heard you from over there." She flicked her tail from the place she had just been sitting. "Did a dog scare you or something? They arent a threat unless they chase you." She was talking quite alot and that was normal for her, at least she thought so. She say down to groom her left paw, licking it while still watching him with her brownish amber gaze.
Call of the Wild! || Cat roleplay remake || Open August 13, 2019 08:55 PM

Posts: 1854
Pebble || Stream || House Cat || Mentions: Lydia, Open

His hackles lifted at the sound of a voice through the fence. Though this new feline didn't seem threatening whatsoever. In fact, the she-cat looked familiar. He made the guess that he's seen her around. "Heh, not even close," Pebble nervously mewed, timidly walking over to the fence. "I fell off the fence. Tried to jump over the loose piece of it." His tail twitched irritably at the memory. The nauseous feeling of free-falling off the fence.

Pebble marveled over her collar and the bell. Not that he was a loner, but he'd never had a collar. Not a proper one anyway. Maybe sometimes a small chain, or tagged collars. His eyes widened as wide as moons. "Wow.. that's really pretty," he murmured. Pebble resisted the urge to prod at it, knowing instinctively that would be disrespectful. "My name is Pebble.. it's nice to see you," the kitten added. "What may be your name, If I might ask?"
Call of the Wild! || Cat roleplay remake || Open August 13, 2019 09:07 PM

Moodlight Mist
Posts: 1482
Lydia | Stream (not yet) | House cat | M: Pebble

Lydia returned her attention to the tom kit, and spoke. "Oh, me? I'm Lydia." She wasn't used to talking to other cats very much and still had some learning to do. She quickly spoke again. "Its nice meeting you too." She looked at him for a moment as if studying him and then jumped onto the fence, balancing carefully as she walked across. Each paw step needed to be perfectly calculated if she wished to not have the same fate as the tom.

She had noticed his interest in her collar and wondered if he had ever owned one. She smirked a little and jumped onto his side of the fence, and flicked her tail. "Say, Pebble, have you ever went on an adventure before?" She mewed before hesitantly sniffing him lightly. He didnt smell of anything unusual. "If you like adventure, I bet you'll come with me over your fence and go in the forest." She spoke confidently about her idea and casually groomed herself.

"I mean, if your really scared I can go on my own." She added before trotting over to the fence, preparing to jump again. She waited for his response, but began to get impatient as she felt the urge to run around.
Call of the Wild! || Cat roleplay remake || Open August 13, 2019 10:10 PM

Shadow Stalkers
Posts: 1882
Ash || Dark Clan || Rouge || M: Pebble and Lydia

Ash let out an annoyed hiss hearing the meows of the pampered little humans pet cats. The meows came from just a few yards away and she craftily walked along the fence line until she was right above the two young cats. She rose all the way to her paws out of the crouch she was in her jet black shadow matching her pelt excepted for the ice blue eyes that stood out against it. Her shadow looked large and actually rather scary as it cast against the yard. “What are you kitty pets doing out here away from your humans. It would be such a shame if something were happen. To you?.” The Female sneered her long sharp claws extended gripping he wood as she continued to stand on the fencing above the cats. A malicious grin crept across her face.

Edited at August 13, 2019 10:10 PM by DarkShadows

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