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Champions of the Seven - Human Roleplay February 28, 2019 08:28 PM

Corax Noir
Posts: 1960

You have been chosen. That's all you know. You were sent a messenger from one of the gods, telling you to meet at the rocky Paragon Isle in the Brine Sea. There will be others like you, they said. You knew you had little choice but to obey. Whatever is going on, whyever you have been chosen, you will find out soon enough.This is set in a fantasy world ruled over by seven gods. You have been sent a messenger by one of these gods asking that you complete a task in their name. What this task is, you do not know.
The world is largely unexplored, and only three small kingdoms exist among the feral and dangerous wilderness that covers most of the world.The largest of these kingdoms is the wealthy Auric, nestled in the foothills of the ore-rich Plethora Mountains. The city is diverse and sprawling, filled with fine institutions of science and art as well as academies and a large and well-trained army. Crimes such as petty theft are nearly non-existent, replaced by crime families and professional killers. The justice system is large and complicated, and mostly results in death for law-breakers.
A smaller kingdom is situated near the Brine Sea. It is the kingdom of Brontide, a kingdom swarming with sailors, fishers, and lowlifes. It is often the victim of pirate attacks, and most of the funds go towards increasing the size of the navy. The kingdom itself is poor and dirty, and many beggars and thieves live there. Most dream of moving to Auric.
The last kingdom, Feral, is the smallest. It it surrounded by woods, and very difficult to get to. It is home to many heroes and explorers wishing to expand the kingdom's territory. The people here live off of the land, and many are hunters and farmers. It is very spread out, most people living in small villages.
Many people live in the wild. Practitioners of ancient "magic", which is not necessarily actually magic, are scorned and shunned. Because of this, many live alone. There are several nomadic tribes, and many scholars and philosophers have chosen to live in harmony with nature.


Faith Abernathy // 17 // Female // Questioning // Priestess of Paq'o in Syntonos tribe // Corybant // Dysthymia

Mystery // 25 // Male // Homosexual // Thief // Maelstrom // ThisIsAPackName

Eden Falsen // 18 // Female // Homosexual // Poet // Calliope // Avelexa

Hypatia Katsaros // 23 // Female // Asexual, Heterosexual // Scientist // Selcouth // Galaxia // DOOMED

Sher Shashi // 28 // Male // Pansexual // Mercenary // Kairos // Quadropheniac

Adilet Qadir // 27 // Male // Questioning // Inquisitor/detective // Lacuna // Corax Noir

Riza Harima // 22 // Female // Pansexual // Chef // Halcyon // StolenRescue // GONE, MAN

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Champions of the Seven - Human Roleplay February 28, 2019 08:31 PM

Corax Noir
Posts: 1960

God of the Sea, Deceit, and Mischief
Maelstrom is worshiped as a patron god of pirates, sailors, and criminals. Those wishing to rebel against authority and those simply seeking luck in their less-than-honest schemes flock to him. Fishermen will pray to him for a good haul, and jesters and gamblers wish for convincing performances. Simple rogues and scoundrels, as well as those without much material wealth, gravitate towards him. Merchants and heroes alike will sometimes seek his blessing to undertake a great voyage.
Maelstrom often takes the form of a human to walk among his followers. He will become a pirate, sailing with a captain that he has deemed worthy and bringing him good fortune at every turn. Otherwise he might be a gambler in a tavern, pushing others to take unfathomably dangerous risks and rewarding those who follow through. His blessings go to those who delight him with shenanigans and cleverness, and often consist of material wealth and glory delivered by the god in a human form.

God of Conquest, War, and Civilization
Kairos is mostly worshiped by conquerors, soldiers, and generals. He is very popular among the fighting classes - warriors, knights, champions, barbarians. He is said to grant strength and bravery to those who please him, leading him to be a favorite with heroes, adventurers, and athletes. Those wishing to tame nature and create a place for humans to live and prosper turn to Kairos.
Kairos often takes the form of a bloodied and half-dead war horse when showing himself to mortals. His flesh is exposed, slashed down to the bone, and many who gaze upon his visage find themselves unable to move for fear. It is said that those who see the bloody horse after a battle will go on to be a great warrior. Those who have proven themselves by trials of combat or fortitude - some devised by Kairos himself - are blessed with the ferocity of a lion and the strength of a bear. Those who he favors the very most he grants the ultimate honor - a glorious and heroic death, one of which people will sing praises for generations to come.

Goddess of Death, Justice, and Punishment
Lacuna is revered by royalty and murderers alike. Some, mostly leaders and judges, pray for the ability to be just and fair in their judgement and to condemn only those who deserve punishment. Those who deal out death, such as executioners and murderers, ask that the death be clean and easy. Some wish for a respite from death - prisoners, criminals, and those on their deathbed seek to avoid the inevitable for as long as possible.
Lacuna rarely shows herself to any mortals, and when she does, it is usually a fleeting glimpse or foggy vision. She appears in the form of a frail black-robed figure holding a set of scales in one hand and a glistening dagger in another. Her blessings are rare and far between. She watches the mortal world and, with impartial judgement, strikes down those whose power grows too great. Those that she grants vision to are the truly conflicted in this world: those who are overcome with the inability to tell good from bad. She will guide them gently towards a definite path, letting them choose themselves whether they will be "good" or "bad".

Goddess of Knowledge and Technology
All sorts of people come to her seeking truth. Those who actively pursue new technology - inventors, engineers, scientists - look to her for inspirations, while those who seek to perfect current knowledge - scholars, teachers, students, librarians - look to her for aid in acquiring intelligence.
Selcouth shows herself to those who are close to a monumental discovery. Her advice is often cryptic, but she prides her followers on being able to decipher her messages. She appears as a bronze clockwork woman, with nothing but metals and gears making up her body. She encourages her followers to solve problems on their own, but won't hesitate to step forward and give them a nudge in the right direction if they're near a breakthrough. Her blessing is usually her advice, and rarely does she give out anything more.

God of Love, Family, the Home, and Food
Halcyon is a commonly worshiped god. He watches over children and families, seeing to it that they stay together, and many pray to him for their family's safety. His followers often include expecting mothers or those who want to have children, as well as people in want of or currently involved in a romantic relationship. Cooks, farmers, and people with culinary professions pay homage to him. He is the only god that can be worshiped alongside another deity, and he is impossible to anger.
Halcyon is always watching over his followers, and even those families and children who do not worship him. He takes the form of a young, rosy-cheeked boy with a golden aura, and if this child is found playing with one of your own children, you know that Halcyon must be protecting your family. He will appear to any who need him, and guide them in childlike innocence to safety before disappearing. When a child dies, he will often turn into a dove and cry over their grave.

Goddess of Creativity
Calliope is has the greatest variety of followers, attracting all kinds of creative people. This includes those who perform professionally and make a profit from their art as well as those who pursue creativity with more humble goals in mind. Just a few of these might include artisans, sculptors, painters, writers, musicians, entertainers, dancers, and poets.
Calliope has many forms, but is usually depicted as a collage of images, words, sounds, and color. She takes the form of whatever she believes will inspire the person she is aiding. She asks only that her followers continue to strive for creativity and see the beauty in everything. The people that she can see great destinies for, she provide inspiration for in any way needed - be it a person, an animal, a tree, a thought.

Goddess of Magic, Nature, and Travel
Those who revere this tempestuous goddess are rare, as blessings are rarely granted to them unless they prove themselves a true free spirit and friend to nature, and those of her followers who cause harm to the wild are brutally punished. There are several small nomadic tribes that revere her, as well as those who have chosen to make nature their homes, such as druids, monks, herbalists, and hermits. Being a patron of the supernatural, she is also worshiped by mystics, shamans, and witches. Those who travel often, such as merchants and wanderers, look to her for guidance in long journeys.
Corybant is often prowling the mortal realm, though she is hard to spot. She mostly takes the form of mottled brown wild animals. Some of the most common forms to see her in are an owl, a wolf, and a deer. She protects the wild fiercely, and there are many stories of the terrible things that happened to those who attempted to defy her. Her blessings, more rare even than those of Lacuna, are powerful indeed. They consist of superhuman abilities and magical powers. Magic is nearly extinct, as it may only be granted by Corybant, though there are certainly those who believe in the powers of cards, planets, and herbs.
Champions of the Seven - Human Roleplay February 28, 2019 08:32 PM

Corax Noir
Posts: 1960
1. Write a paragraph of at least four sentences. Make an active effort to have correct spelling, formatting, and punctuation. DO NOT use text slang.

2. Never try to control someone else's characters. Don't suggest to the player how their character should act. Don't whine if they don't react how you wanted them to.

3. If you want to fight, ask the other player first. Let them decide whether your fighting moves are effective or not. Let them hit you once in a while.

4. Don't force romance. If somebody says they're uncomfortable, back off. Keep everything age-appropriate. Kissing is allowed.

5. Don't be a glory hog. Share the spotlight, and let everyone have a share of the sorrow and pain. Most people like it when their characters suffer. But in reality, humans rarely dump their problems on some random people they just met.

6. Have fun. Tell me if you're uncomfortable, or feel that somebody is being unkind or breaking these rules. You can always PM me if you don't want your concerns to be publicly known. Set boundaries before the RP starts.
Champions of the Seven - Human Roleplay March 1, 2019 01:34 PM

Posts: 601
Faith /// Paq’o /// Corybant /// Mentions - Open

Stong ocean winds blew loose wisps of Faith’s hair in her face seemingly continuously despite it being braided back. The stone path was cold beneath her feet as she made her way to the top of the small hill. Shivering, she pulled the heavy fur coat around herself tighter, thankful for the outsider clothes she’d brought.

Underneath the dark-coloured coat, she wore a light grey, formfitting, long sleeve, ankle length dress that went high enough up her neck to cover most of her markings, save for the better part of the marking of Ébhadh. Her old dress was tucked in the leather satchel slung over her shoulder next to the other items the Cabeiri gifted her.

Faith acquired the clothes in the small town near the port she used to get to the isle. She brought them after the townspeople noticed her marking and foreboding stares, along with whispered insults and uttered slurs, all started to be directed in her direction, And once she received her new clothes she got out of there like a bat out of hell. Historically, the tribe and small villages, such as that one, haven’t always had a peaceful relationship.

She glanced back over her shoulder at the way she just came, unsure, and then the ocean beyond. Poison water , she thought bitterly. Faith’s journey itself across the isle wasn’t exactly a pleasant one. She spent most of the time withering on the ship floor in pain as her body had an exodus of seemingly all her innards, and she prayed to Corybant for forgiveness.

Faith tried to keep herself from complaining, she knew that was her punishment for her sins. she’d entered one of their villages, wore their clothes and was no longer clean. She’d have to perform a cleansing at the first opportunity, lest she let the filth disease her.

As she crested the hill Faith came upon the glade where she was supposed to find the others, however, it looked rather vacant. The glade itself was flat and roughly shaped like a wonky oval and surrounded by a thick ring of large, thick trees, literally a perfect ring bordering the glade. These were the only trees Faith had come across and seemed to be the only ones on the island, though she wasn’t familiar with what kind they were, she hadn’t really seen anything like them before, though they did look a bit similar to swamp trees.

The floor of the glade was some strange stone the looked almost glassy and strangely sort of warm. She was cautious as she took her first steps into the clearing as if once she put her full weight on the strange stone the earth would collapse beneath her. Once she realized the wasn’t the case she took a seat in the centre of the glade and waited for the others to arrive.

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Champions of the Seven - Human Roleplay March 1, 2019 01:54 PM

Corax Noir
Posts: 1960
Adilet Qadir // Inquisitor/Detective // Lacuna // Mentions: Faith

As soon as Adilet had received his message, the church and followers of Lacuna had been treating him as a second only to the goddess herself. Luxury was not something afforded to the clergy of Our Lady of Justice, but Adilet had been basking in the respect - you might even say subservience - that he had been receiving. Arrangements were made immediately to have one of the finest ships obtained, and for Adilet to set sail directly afterwards. He packed little, as was the way of Lacunians, and the ship was brought for him within three days of his message being received. The holy priest of Lacuna came forward to bless him as the crowd thronged around the fully-manned ship, ready to see him off. "May you live truthfully and find death awaiting you." It was a traditional blessing, but one that always sent shivers down Adilet's spine.

The journey itself was brief and pleasant. The Macabre, as the ship had been named, was renowned for its speed, and the crew was very able-bodied. They encountered nothing more than a little rainstorm on the way. When they arrived on the island, Adliet was provided a ladder to climb down. None of the sailors dared set foot on the island, not if they hadn't been invited. As Adilet stood on the rocky shore, watching the ship sail into the distance, he braced himself. There would no doubt be tests. Would there be one right away?

Leaning on his walking stick and making his way towards the center of the island slowly and without any particular rush, he looked around at the island. It was bare, with only a ring of trees in the direction he was walking. The uneven ground made it difficult for him to walk - he had been born and raised in the city, and found nature both irritating and unnecessary. He wondered what the champion of Corybant would be like. Undoubtedly wild and most likely a sickly wholesome nature-oriented person.

Approaching the center, he saw a girl wearing muted tones of black and grey. She was sitting quietly, facing his direction, most likely awaiting the others' arrival. Judging by her clothes, she must be from one of the small towns near Feral. From what few factors he could judge up front, he thought he might like this girl. Calm, muted, a small town girl. Somebody who would most likely be exceptionally easy to get along with.

He stopped between two trees, leaning his walking stick up against a trunk. He wouldn't want to seem weak - it would be a dishonor to his Lady. He moved forward, much more easily now because of the smooth, glass-like stone. He seated himself directly in front of the girl, though a few feet away. He looked her over, and without saying anything else, asked her, "Halcyon?" She did seem the type.
Champions of the Seven - Human Roleplay March 1, 2019 02:16 PM

Posts: 566
Sher Shashi | M | 28 | Kairos | Mentions: Faith, Adilet

Shashi was rarely known for his sense of timing. There had been numerous occasions where, upon being entrusted with the safekeeping of some person of middling value, he found when turning up at the appointed location that they'd already been shortened by a head. Although he would have been willing to travel great distances at the messenger's request, he had been thrilled to hear that he would not be required to travel very far at all in this task. He'd been able to swing through Brontide on his way and say hello to his mother as well as see some of the other ladies who'd helped raise him. It had been a group effort, he knew, and he tried to take the time to show his appreciation whenever he was home.

Although he'd tried to boast about his shiny new sword and the fact that he was finally about to cement his name in the world, they seemed to care only about how he'd come back missing a finger and a chunk of his ear. No matter what he'd been doing or how long he'd been gone, they always seemed to make him feel guilty for some reason or another when he returned. One time his hair had been too short, the next time it had been too long. They were hard to please. After a few rounds of exchanging accusations, queries, and apologies, he'd been loaded up with food, sweets, spices, and plenty of warnings for his journey.

He didn't seem too worried about what lay ahead as he sat on a fallen tree set back a ways from the shore. He had stretched out on the tree while he waited for another sign, and was humming tunelessly to himself as he filled his belly with some of his packed provisions. He'd "borrowed" a horse for part of the way, but sold it upon reaching the sea. There was something mildly off-putting about horses now, and he probably would never look at another one without first checking it for injuries and signs of life. Knowing what he'd seen, it felt almost sacrilegious to use a horse as a beast of burden. Rather than using a horse, perhaps an elephant would make for a fine mount. He'd seen one only once before, a great grey beast with ears like shields. It had been massive, but he didn't need a huge one, a little elephant would suffice just as well.

Crusher. Bone-Breaker. Thunder. All fine names. He toyed with the handle of the golden shotel on his lap as he daydreamed about his future elephant. After he'd finished eating, he got to his feet, stretched, and sheathed the blade. Abandoning his ocean view, he walking on, into the woods, eager to receive further instruction. At the center of the island, he was greeted by the sight of two people - gods, or humans, he knew not - but he was entirely unconcerned as he approached with a crooked golden smile and a jaunty swagger in his step.

He sized the two of them up, fingering the blade at his hip. The girl was sitting cross-legged, tiny in the center of the oddly-shaped glade. The man sat across from her, like they were in the middle of a staring contest or some flim flam magical recitation.

"You are very small." He declared after a pause, eyeing the young girl suspiciously. His pale green gaze slid over to appraise the man, who gave him even less of an impression. Shashi pursed his lips and uttered a noncommittal grunt. "And you are less so."

In a flash, he was beaming again, proudly displaying his golden tooth, while his head tilted just so to show off the golden hoop in his remaining ear. "Before you ask, yes. I am Sher Shashi, the chosen champion of Kairos. I know, thank you, it is most impressive. I cannot say I was surprised, however, my name is known throughout the kingdom of Brontide, and soon everywhere else as well."

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Champions of the Seven - Human Roleplay March 1, 2019 02:55 PM

Obscurity Pending
Posts: 226
Eden Falsen // Poet // Calliope // Mentions; Adilet/Sher/Faith

Describing Eden's journey to the Paragon Isle as precarious is in and of itself an understatement. At the realization and acceptance of the message, the golden-haired woman immediately began to prepare herself for the travel, packing light and making arrangements to be dropped off at her childhood home. She cautiously left out the intimate details of her sudden visitation when writing to her parents, though they were none the wiser to doubt the matter.

Upon her arrival at Brontide, Eden was warmly welcomed by her family, and panged with guilt for having avoided correspondence with them much after she left for Auric. Having arrived late at night, Eden got away with not explaining herself, seeing as her mother made a large dinner to celebrate the rare occasion. Exhausted from the hectic energy and heavy day of travel, Eden went to bed, though she can't say she's well-rested. She anxiously spent much of the night devising an elucidation that her family would accept. While they wouldn't dare to say it explicitly, Eden knew her family's intolerance for a number of gods; Calliope being one of them.

The next morning, Eden began to clarify why she came to Brontide in such a sudden manner. Mindfully fabricating an explanation they would accept, she asked if there was any possibility she could be taken to the Paragon Isles. It didn't take much convincing for her two eldest brothers to volunteer, saying they could use their largest fishing vessel to battle the harsh waves. The thought of traveling with them set the poet a bit on-edge; she was well aware that her eldest siblings were devout followers of Maelstrom. With no other choice, she hesitantly accepted their offer.

The three set off for Paragon Isle later that day, seeing as Eden knew she had to arrive as soon as she could. The outing was as difficult as they expected, if not worse. The fishing boat, despite its size, wasn't exactly made to combat the swells of seawater. Praying for a safe arrival, Eden stayed inside the cabin while her brothers expertly navigated the vessel to the rocky isle. It took longer than expected, and Eden was anxious Calliope would be disappointed in her inabilities.

None the less, they eventually reached shore. Eden gratefully thanked her brothers, though not without checking her belongings first. She genuinely wished them a safe passage home, and stayed on shore for a few moments, watching the vessel depart once more. Turning back, the isle was nothing like what the poet had been expecting. Much more barren, she could clearly see the rough slopes and cliffs created by years of natural deterioration.

She was almost unsure of where to even begin, when a path suddenly began to become clear in her eyes. Though nothing had changed, Eden was sure that she was meant to follow this intuition. Hiking along the steep terrain, she was thankful that she had decided to pack lightly for the journey. As she walked, she began to see a ring of trees in the horizon, and she assumed that must be where she and the others would meet.

Finally approaching the large, thick trees, Eden flicked her head around, realizing they were close to the topmost part of the isle. Looking down to where she began, she noticed that she had been dropped off at the farthest point of the glade. Letting out a small sigh, she just turned back to the ring, walking the last few paces before stepping onto the stone clearing.

Eden glanced hesitantly at the other three, but decided to stick to the outskirts of the glade. She sat down and rested along a tree, closing her eyes for just a moment to recuperate. She began to run her finger along the smooth stone surface, delicately scripting old verses or sonnets she had memorized from countless readings.
Champions of the Seven - Human Roleplay March 1, 2019 03:15 PM

Posts: 601
Faith /// Paq’o /// Corybant /// Mentions - Adilet, Sher

Faith perked up when she saw another man approach, who, curiously enough, was using a walking stick. Only the sick and old used walking sticks, and he didn’t look that sick or old. Maybe he’d injured himself on the walk up, outsiders did tend to be rather fragile when it came to traversing even simple nature, and this man looked no different. Perhaps he was embarrassed. She decided she’d ask him about it later.

“No, Corybant,” She answered cheerfully, her tribal accent enunciating some words while clipping others. Her attentive green eyes flicked over the man in search of any aforementioned injury. She was always happy to talk about the mother goddess. She was about to ask the man which god or goddess he represented when another man walked up, this one definitely more threating and didn’t need a walking stick, though despite being tall and immensely intimidating, he looked like he’d give good hugs.

She watched him intently as he spoke, more focused on the unique blade at his hip than the man himself. The tribe didn’t use any sort of blade and she was intrigued, she wanted to know how one used it.

“I’m sorry? Are you an importan' savage or one of 'de Arete?” She asked, turning her attention back to the man. Faith was visibly put off and confused by the man’s demeanour. She had never heard of a Sher Shashi and didn’t understand why this man presumed she would, never mind his comment about her size. She knew of Brontide, the tribe always avoided it for man reasons, one of them being the savages. Maybe that’s what this man was. But he could also be one of the Arete, a paramilitary type group of degenerate Kairos worshipers who’ve been fighting the tribes for centuries. Either way, his presence gave Faith a foreboding sense of danger.

Realizing the man had actually introduced himself in whatever that was Faith quickly corrected herself. Never had she been so happy for her outsider name as she added, “Forgive my manners, I’m Faith”.

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Champions of the Seven - Human Roleplay March 1, 2019 03:26 PM

Corax Noir
Posts: 1960
Adilet Qadir // Inquisitor/Detective // Lacuna // Mentions: Faith, Sher

Adilet had no time to reacte to the nasty surprise of the girl's response. Not only was she a champion of Corybant, but she was very obviously from one of the tribes, though he couldn't be quite sure which one. Corybant and Lacuna had never had anything against one another, but Adilet could not help disapproving of such a blind devotion to a thing like nature, when all that mattered in life was that it was just and that it would end.

He was about to speak, but was interrupted by a large man that he immediately recognised as Sher Shashi, a notorious mercenary and follower of Kairos. He vaguely remembered hearing that Shashi had been chosen as a champion of Kairos, and it was really no surprise. Adilet stiffened, immediately feeling rather threatened by the extremely tall and rather condescending man standing before him. He heard Faith's comment and tried his best not be exasperated. With all due respect, he told her, "Shashi here is paid off to do other people's dirty work. Isn't that right, Shashi?" His tone was neutral, but there was something smake-like in his eyes. He waited for Faith to introduce herself, and then stood to shake Sher's hand.

"I am Adilet Qadir, inquisitor for Our Lady of Justice. I do believe I've heard your name in passing." He paused, perhaps for a dramatic effect or maybe because he had forgotten where he was going with this. "And surely you know me ? I am rather well-known, especially for my work on the Damji family case." It had been a very personal case for him, one that he boasted of often. Most people knew at the very least that he had been the one to bring down the notorious matriarchal crime family. "I am the chosen of Lacuna."

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Champions of the Seven - Human Roleplay March 1, 2019 08:30 PM

Posts: 566
Sher Shashi | Mercenary | Kairos | Mentions: Faith, Adilet, and Eden

Between the accusations of being a savage and a none-too-complimentary description of his work, Shashi got the first impression that both of these people were rather rude. He hadn't accused them of anything beyond being small and unimpressive, so being called a savage and a criminal was unnecessary. Despite this, he appeared wholly unperturbed, merely grinning broader as the man provided a job description. There was more to it than that, not that this man would be able to appreciate the finesse and expertise required to achieve his level of success.

"You got the 'important' part right." He said, inclining his head in a bow of respectful greeting to Faith. He straightened and turned his attention back to the man, intending to absolve himself of all charges of dirty work. "I rarely involve dirt in my line of work. I think the word you're looking for is 'blood', maybe? I do see a great deal of that."

A lot of titles, this one. It was never good to have fewer titles than the man before you. He'd have to come up with more names for himself. Worse yet, he did know Adilet Qadir's name, and it was not in a favorable light. His grin soured briefly before twisting back into its usual, slightly sinister smile. He stared, a bit puzzled at the offered hand. His gaze slid questioningly over to Faith, looking for some affirmation that he wasn't the crazy one throwing hands right and left here.

"No thanks, I don't know where that's been." He dismissed the hand, then continued, "Yes, your name does ring a bell, but I think you may be on closer terms with some acquaintances of mine. Come to think of it, haven't seen them since they went off to Auric. Don't suppose they bumped into you, Inquisitor?" He was pleasantly glib in words, if not in implications. What he'd heard of Adilet Qadir made him reluctant to undertake any task that would require him to deal with this Inquisitor of Our Lady of Being a Stick in the Mud. Perhaps the champion hiding in the trees would make for better company.

"It is unwise to show fear in the presence of Sher Shashi, chosen champion of Kairos. Come, I am about to share my gift from the mighty Kairos!" He boomed, beckoning to the other who hovered on the outskirts of the forest circle. Without waiting for a response, he slipped the scythe-like blade from its sheath and hefted it in his sword hand, letting it flip to catch the light on its beautiful golden surface. "It has no equal."

(Faith's right, his special skill is hugging. you have no idea how tempted I was to have him pull one of those alpha male crushing hug moves right there.)

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