03:53:51 Aikō
Took my dog to the beach the other day
x Nights Touch x
03:37:53 Taz | Dusk |
yeah ithink ima put it on DA
x Nights Touch x
03:36:11 Taz | Dusk |
but i think i could get away with it because its a dragon head lool
x Nights Touch x
03:35:22 Taz | Dusk |
And Thank you
x Nights Touch x
03:35:14 Taz | Dusk |
Yh i have a thing for big heads - can never get them the right size XD
03:35:00 King
Stranger things rp anyone? Pm me, please be able to play male
03:34:27 King
Skylanders academy rp anyone? Pm me
13 Lucky Stars
03:33:59 13 | Bear | Lucky
I love it :) it's so unique, I especially love the way the tail is like a fire :)
I think the head is a little bit big for the body (I'm not great at anatomy though so I may be wrong) but otherwise it looks awesome!
x Nights Touch x
03:32:34 Taz | Dusk |
Hey guys Can you give me some comments On my Brand new Wolf Dragon i drew ^^
13 Lucky Stars
03:23:25 13 | Bear | Lucky
Of course <3
03:23:01 SS | LSS | KQ
I think I might just try to fix it tomorrow. I feel like I could fall asleep while playing WP. Is it ok if I PM you for now?
13 Lucky Stars
03:21:51 13 | Bear | Lucky
Have a look through here too :)
-WP Click-
13 Lucky Stars
03:21:22 13 | Bear | Lucky
I'm not that great at it either but I can do a little bit, so it's more than okay if you're new <3
13 Lucky Stars
03:19:35 13 | Bear | Lucky
I might need to have a play with it but I'm not sure how to change that but I'll have a look and see :)
03:18:00 SS | LSS | KQ
Yes. And you know where the green Chat word is when you hit send? I want to change that too. 😓 I have no coding experience, forgive me.
13 Lucky Stars
03:16:05 13 | Bear | Lucky
I'll have a look, but you're wanting to change the text colours for the pack names and nicknames in chat as well as the text where the weather, season, currecncy etc. is in the little bar right? If so then I can PM you the codes for them :)
03:13:06 SS | LSS | KQ
I cannot figure out how to change the Chat in the bright red box. (It is currently green)

I also forgot which Coding thing changed the Currency color part (currently bluish)
x Nights Touch x
03:07:31 Taz | Dusk |
:( i only have 22 days remaining of meh premium
13 Lucky Stars
03:07:28 13 | Bear | Lucky
Depending on what you need a hand with I might be able to help :)
03:04:07 SS | LSS | KQ
Is anyone able to help me with my palette?


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