Sweetwater River
11:01:26 river/sweet/swater
omg love HEE Lucky
Currently high on nothing- just drinking mountain dew with a side of a big ass
+*Amethyst Moon*+
11:00:57 cowboi2 <]:D
Sweetwater River
11:00:30 river/sweet/swater
dad hi
+*Amethyst Moon*+
10:59:37 cowboi2 <]:D
Pfft me neither
Sweetwater River
10:59:04 river/sweet/swater
on valnentines day real life im never geting asked out😥
10:59:04 Pickle
-WP Click-

Pm me name ideas?
10:58:12 The Floof
I had a bloody headache during debate and I couldn't refute during class so my coach started yelling at me and I was just like, "wha?"

reputation = destroyed

kill me now
10:57:25 Corpse or Savy
Eh, taking forever though.
10:55:55 Mass Exploring Queen
Well, thats about a third of the way there.
10:55:15 Ash Goddess
Ah okay sorry if that sounded like begging
10:55:10 Corpse or Savy
I've been working on Morana for Death Grip, but after 2 hours I've only got her to Bone Breaker >.>
10:54:15 Akuceptable Mod: Aku
No begging please.
10:54:00 Mass Exploring Queen
More exploring? Thats fine. I have done 600 moves at once a couple times. Tiring, but doable. PvP? I can work with that.
10:53:43 Corpse or Savy
I just read an old bio on one of my deceased wolves that I typed like 5 years ago... I'm cringing XD
Eternal Calamity
10:53:32 Calamity
Hey people, should I make a new avatar for myself? I've been looking at my current one, and I'm beginning to think it's a little bland.
10:52:18 Corpse or Savy
I mean if you plan on doing more exploring and PvP. It just takes a while.
10:52:06 KitKat/Stalker 1
-WP Click-

Looking for some members for my alliance!
10:50:15 Bounty, Spirit
Birb mom

Like, the import into custom option down at the bottom of wolves page?

i wouldn't ask but i may make a custom pretty soon whenever im able to get apples
10:49:37 Em
Hi people (and otherwise)
10:49:14 Mass Exploring Queen
Should I try BE training?


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Lion RP November 30, 2020 01:50 PM

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Alger | Hyena Cheif | "Fear, Cunning, Ruthlessness"

The clan waited. Some were still covered in antelope blood from the last hunt, but most were not. They would have to rely on staying downwind to remain hidden. Unfortunately, Alger was surrounded by idiots. The hyenas all waited in a line, flanks clearly unprotected. If they weren't in lion territory, Alger would have scolded each and every one of them. Though, perhaps scolded wasn't the right word. More like physically scarred them for being so blind. Alger sighed.
"Cover our flanks," Alger whispered in such a way that all his warriors could hear, and feel the anger in his voice. "We don't move until the lions do." Warthogs, my clan is made of sniffling warthogs. Alger took the head of the now well-guarded formation, waiting for the tell-tale signs of a started hunt.

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