11:37:39 Aries
Hey chat

Can I get some gear suggestions for this character I’m makeing ?
Moonlit Wolf
11:37:15 Tristan, Hawk
i wish it would snow here in texas
~The ultima pack~
I wish i could have snow
Thicc Sloth
11:36:56 Eeeekkk, chat killer

Oh, I see, I did not like living in Alaska, it was super cold and I hate being cold.
I live in southern Ontario and my are has very little to no snow right now c':
Moonlit Wolf
11:35:47 Tristan, Hawk
this girl needs to pop>-> -WP Click-
Ice Shard
11:35:36 Icey -3-

when I get snow, I'm lucky o-o
11:35:25 Mass Exploring Queen
But I lived on the coast where we got a lot less snow.
11:35:24 Kit, Tails, Kitsu
Eyyyy im in Canada gang too ^^
~The ultima pack~
@Sunstone i knoow how u feel its really annoying
Thicc Sloth
11:35:01 Eeeekkk, chat killer

Wow... yah Alaska gets a lot of snow, I used to live there too...
11:34:57 Plumperson | Tris
1 foot of snow in my driveway, 4 feet on the yard, and 6 feet in the woods. I love living in Canada >.<
11:33:15 Mass Exploring Queen
I wish I lived there. Its the first snow of the winter for me! Oh, I sure do miss living in Alaska
11:32:23 Kit, Tails, Kitsu
See ya Bean ^^
11:32:15 Sunny
I hAtE it when I respond to a RP and I don't get a response back for 3 days, and then they expect me to respond immediately lmao
I'll just retreat back into the hole I came out of... the dark, moist, damp hole in the ground...
Thicc Sloth
11:31:56 Eeeekkk, chat killer

No problem!^^
Thicc Sloth
11:31:44 Eeeekkk, chat killer

Oh cool! I myself am pretty tired if the snow, we have gotten at least 6 feet uugh.
Lucid Dread
11:31:43 Heibai
Im logging off now Kitsune. See you in Science :3
Ice Shard
11:31:07 Icey -3-


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    Bachelor horse rp thread October 21, 2020 10:44 AM

Icy Eclipse
Posts: 541
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Honey | 8 | Played by Icy Eclipse

Storm | 6 | Played by Icy Eclipse

Callie | 5 | Played by Blackydeathkitty

Lilly | 4 | Played by ~FernPack

Aldonza | 3 | Played by Peaceful Vengeance

Onya | 4 | Played by Peaceful Vengeance

Kaala | 5 | Played by Northern Pack

Bachelor Group 1:




Bachelor Group 2:

Callidus | 4 | Played by Rest In Peace

Dusty | 5 | Played by Blacky Death Kitty

Zodiac | 3 | Played by Blacky Death Kitty


The Pair

Riot | 2 | Played by The Corona Virus

Venom | 3 | Played by The Corona Virus

Lone Stallions:

Kane | 4 | Played by Peaceful Vengeance

Despito | 4 | Played by Starstomore


Elara | Female | 1 | Played by Peaceful Vengeance

Please pin this! Also, tell me if I missed anyone!

Edited at November 9, 2020 02:06 PM by Icy Eclipse
Bachelor horse rp thread October 19, 2020 05:17 AM

Lunar eyes
Posts: 362
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The rp thread is here! Can all people playing bachelors pm me! Then this will be updated further.

Edited at October 19, 2020 06:22 PM by Lunar eyes
Bachelor horse rp thread October 19, 2020 05:32 PM

Lunar eyes
Posts: 362
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The terrain
The terrain is a mix. It is a sanctuary set up for conserving wild horses. In some areas there are dead end valleys while in other areas there are beaches and wide open sunny fields. There is also plenty of forestry for horses to take shade in. Or now to even hide... Everyone in the rp will help develop the terrain as time goes on.
Bachelors territory
Each bachelor group has their own little area. It is hard to know where they reside as they are constantly moving about to find mares. They usually have a place to keep their captured mares. They will take the mares to graze under careful supervision in a secure area. Most of these precautions are in case another bachelor group decides to raid them to get more mares, which happens.
Occasionally a group of humans will pass through. They might be hunters, campers, or researchers. The only ones that you need to be careful of is the hunters. They aren't meant to be there but they can slip in. You could be caught by one. The researchers won't interfere with the horses, even when this bet is going on. They only interfere if there are hunters or when a horse is dieing. Even then they might not notice.
Bachelor horse rp thread October 19, 2020 05:38 PM

Lunar eyes
Posts: 362
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A few rules to add...
You will be suspended for two days if you write below 50 words three times.
Bachelors can steal from other groups.
Bachelors can breed.
With perm bachelors can kill foals.
Bachelors usually don't kill.
Mares can escape if there is a good escape scene, not just that your horse ran away in one line.
Please put, Name-age-group-role at the start of a post.

Edited at October 19, 2020 05:41 PM by Lunar eyes
Bachelor horse rp thread October 19, 2020 06:21 PM

Lunar eyes
Posts: 362
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Diamond looked down into a ravine she had stumbled upon. She saw a large group of stallions gathered. She noticed that most of them were bachelors, (kane can be here too). Curious, she decided to listen into the conversation. The bachelors were gathered each at a separate boulder. They seemed to be in their groups . There was also a small boulder for the lone stallions. The bachelors were excitedly talking about a bet to do with mares. She lay down to watch and listen in.
Bachelor horse rp thread October 19, 2020 07:27 PM

Posts: 623
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Edited at October 19, 2020 07:33 PM by Blacky death Kitty
Bachelor horse rp thread October 19, 2020 08:06 PM

Posts: 3454
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Dipili sighed. It was a beautiful day indeed. She swished her tail and began to walk to a greener patch of grass that she saw. *Hmm maybe this will be sweet grass* Dipili thought as she glanced over at the other horses for a second until lowering her head to graze upon the lush green grass that was there. Her ears were back slightly but that was just to she could listen behind her. One of her ears flicked forward as she heard something. Dipili was sure it was nothing so she went back to grazing. Mouth full by mouth full of grass she ate. Swishing her tail she decided to move to a different area.
Bachelor horse rp thread October 19, 2020 08:06 PM

The Corona Virus
Posts: 1023
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Riot - 2 Years - Group 1 - Bachelor

Riot, a beautifully gorgeous black stallion was grazing upon the fresh, green grass alongside his brother, Venom. He pounded his large hooves a few times, here and there due to the annoyance of flies and bugs. "Damn it!" He lifted his head and snorted. "These damn flies never leave me alone," he snorted, shaking his long mane. He looked around, searching for any mares insight, none. The large stallion started to walk about, getting some exercise.

Riot wasn't the kind of horse to stay in one spot, he loved to move around, due to his large amount of energy. "Never any thrill rides around here..hey. Venom, how bout you and I lead the group around, see if we come upon a herd or a few mares?" He looked over to his brother, awaiting an answer.

Venom - 3 Years - Group 1 - Bachelor

Venom snorted and raised his head. "Bro, chill. You need to stop being so-horny," he laughed, flicking his tail before grazing once more. He could see that Riot was offended, and just started to graze once more. This certain bachelor group didn't have a 'lead' per ssay, just a Stallion in charge. Which was Venom, being the largest and strongest of the group, of course, he would be in charged.

Venom raised his head, wishing for water. He trotted through the group of bachelors, trotting to a nearby pond. It was quite full, so he could drink as much as he wanted. He lowered his head, dipping his muzzle into the fresh, cool water.

(If you want to see Venom and Riot's looks, go to Page 9 in Sign Up's)

Bachelor horse rp thread October 19, 2020 08:19 PM

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Zodiac sat down quietly, pondering about his next plan. What would be his next strategy to to get a mare? He still thought about it as he approached a stream. The cool water refreshed his face, making his coat gleam a little bit more. He looked at the sun staring at it, looking for some inspiration but nothing.
Bachelor horse rp thread October 19, 2020 10:07 PM

Posts: 317
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~The light cream mare slowly trotted around, the warm breeze and fresh scent filled her with happiness, her slow trot turned into a gallop as she ran around happily, after sometime she slowed down and took a breath. "A Perfect Day to run around and live happy ay?'.~
~She lowered her neck to take a bite out of the fresh new grass, she then lifted her head and smiled happily at the other mares before trotting off to a small lake/pond nearby she dipped her head an began to lap up the water, her tail swished side to side as she lifted her head again, her light green eyes shining in the suns beauty~

Edited at October 19, 2020 10:11 PM by ~FernPack

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