10:33:36 Scary Fairy ♡
When it says I have bred over 150 pups with at least a 10 rarity score... and ive only had this account less than a month...
Pack King
10:33:28 Lauren | PK
Thats okay :P
Pack King
10:33:02 Lauren | PK
it actually irks me so much how people split up in horror films :')
Crescent Moon Pack
10:32:19 Blue--Devil
PK, oh thats nice! Thanks :D
~Darks Demon Pack~
10:31:18 Ash
thanks guys!
10:31:05 KitKat/Stalker
@darks depends, if you want to breed them then nothing; they will potentially die at 15

you can buy/find raven feathers that increases chance of living but only a little bit

if its an explore wolf you can buy an apple item that deages wolf, but they cant breed if you do that
10:30:38 Mass Exploring Queen
Breed some new wolves or buy new ones
Pack King
10:30:36 Lauren | PK
its +10 damage for 20 steps. I would presume no limit on how hard they can hit?
10:30:35 Scary Fairy ♡
Start training new wolves before the old ones die
Crescent Moon Pack
10:30:25 Blue--Devil
Start getting replacements, Ash <.<
~Darks Demon Pack~
10:29:51 Ash
What do you do when your pack is getting old but they are good wolves?
10:29:27 KitKat/Stalker
@cre no i mean like its new new to me since I just came back
10:29:25 Scary Fairy ♡
7 Day Gain: 9238 7 Day Loss: 12387 7 Day Profit: -3149

This is what happens when you breed to much... most of that is just from stud fees...
Crescent Moon Pack
10:28:30 Blue--Devil
Cries, its an event item, its new to everyone
10:28:03 Scary Fairy ♡
In your den, there is a little circle bottom right of each of your wolf tabs that let's you view them from your den. Click that and there will be an option to change folders
10:27:42 KitKat/Stalker
@cres heyy and not sure, new to me since it happened during hiatus. so many updates came in wow
10:27:38 kayden/acid
-Click- Thoughts so far?
Raging Flames
10:27:34 Flames, Hubby, Nerd
Melas with blue eyes tho <3
10:27:27 Wolfblood Warrior
Thanks to those who answered :)
Crescent Moon Pack
10:27:04 Blue--Devil
So, how exactly does this strength potion work? Like, for 20 steps? Adds certain amount of battle damage, say +5? Is there a limit- like will it go over 32? <.<


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Bachelor horse rp thread November 20, 2020 03:47 PM

The Corona Virus
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Riot | Stallion | 2 | Bachelor Pair | Mentions: Kiana

Riot followed her deep into the woods, he panted and snorted loudly. He trotted past here, finding a clearing in the forest. He walked over and snorted again, whipping his tail. "I can bet you are worried and curious about what is going on," he started with a snort and flicked his tail again. "Those were trucks, made by humans. Used to chase down horses, and capture us. And domesticate us, is what they call it.

Riot sighed, "Venom and I were captured as year-olds, but thankfully we got away before they could 'domesticate' us. But they have been searching and finding us every since, apparently, he and I are rare, wild horses. So we pretty much have a price on our heads," he sighed and hung his head low. "I don't know how they keep finding us, we have traveled everywhere and they always seem to find us."

Spitfire | Mare | 4 | Lone Mare | Mentions: Hybris (ind.)

Spitfire picked up her head from the grass to noticed a stallion in the distance. What is he doing? She took a step, seeing him enter the forest, "Are you ok?" She whispered quietly to herself with a nicker. She smiled and swayed her head back and forth. The pure white mare snorted again, and flicked her tail. She whinnied loudly back to him, before grazing once more.

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Bachelor horse rp thread November 20, 2020 10:34 PM

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Kiana / female / Lone mare / 3 years / M: Riot

Kiana listened to Riot. "I see." she said as she started to calm down. "that's horrible." She said, nickering. Why would they want horses? What would they do with them?

She snorted. Humans were strange. And those trucks could have easily been faster than they were, if they hadn't turned they could have easily been caught.

She let out another nicker. "Where were we going, before we were interrupted, I mean?" She asked him. She was curious. Before, it had seemed he was waiting for someone. Could he possibly know other mares? Or was it maybe his brother he had been talking about? He sure seemed excited before the trucks found them though.

Bachelor horse rp thread November 23, 2020 08:53 AM

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Hybris~Lone Stallion~3yrs~M:Herd 1, Spitfire
Hy threw his head up and looked towards the whinny, he snorted, turned his body and trotted into the direction, seeing a beautiful white mare. He threw his head up, flicked his tail and walked up to her. ¨May i have such pleasure of having your name?¨ . He stood there gracefully awaiting an answer. He then turned his head to the herd, he grinned and neighed loudly. He snickered and neighed again. Wanting the stallions to turn attention to them, he had a plan though. Get the stallions to come over to the mare and he would go steal the mares. Hybris neighed even louder. He then galloped into the forest, hoping he had got the attention of the stallions after all the ruckus, the white mare was probs confused, but he took off. He turned and went round the herd until he was on the other side of them, hoping he had gotten the stallions yet again.

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