08:49:17 Alpha // Jo
200 moves earned 440 mush
Deadly Tricks
08:48:26 Loki, Archangel
Castiel if you want to go through all my wolves be my guess XD
How to I train wolves
08:47:41 Darky | Crowley
True XD
Deadly Tricks
08:45:46 Loki, Archangel
Castiel also most of my wolves have long blood lines ut would take me forever to go through them XD
08:44:46 Waterfall,Zane
I hope Willow-song lives to 22 :)
08:44:28 Waterfall,Zane
no wolves died wow I shocked
08:43:53 Waterfall,Zane
abyone up for a ninjago pm rp ?? Pm me
08:43:34 Rey/Musa
Can't believe that I am 23 years old today. :)
Deadly Tricks
08:42:53 Loki, Archangel
Castiel yep
08:42:36 Darky | Crowley
I mean they're mostly from you so you never know XD
Global Warming
08:39:42 Crisis, GW
Kokytos rips flesh Grizzly Bear 1 and hits for 30 damage.
Death tail slaps Grizzly Bear 1 and hits for 32 damage.
Eir tail slaps Grizzly Bear 1 and hits for 30 damage.
Mourin snaps their spine Grizzly Bear 1 and hits for 32 damage.
Hades death grips Grizzly Bear 1 and hits for 32 damage.
☣Archeron death grips Grizzly Bear 1 and hits for 32 damage.
Grizzly Bear 1 attempts to rake ☣Archeron but they miss.

That was satisfying-
Deadly Tricks
08:39:05 Loki, Archangel
Castiel possibly XD
Guys what do I do with character points
08:38:23 Darky | Crowley
I'm pretty sure all my wolves are related somehow.
Ninjago Realm
08:37:56 Waterfall,Zane
I should of let Overlord live but meh Now I must find soon after I get LLoyd the golden master and Pixal ( Zane's Love intrest )
Deadly Tricks
08:37:02 Loki, Archangel
Castiel well then XD im pretty sure most of my wolves are siblings XD
08:34:57 Spoopy Salty Pans
I need to labor for mush
08:34:56 Darky | Crowley
-WP Click-
So this wolf is supposed to be a male XD I changed it's gender it was a male that I was going to name Castiel till you gave the wolf that is Castiel now.
Another fun fact their siblings XD


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Lion Rp Rebooted (Thread) August 17, 2019 10:09 AM

Posts: 2800
The Lion RP

Lion Vocabulary Pride- group of lions Coalitions- group of male lions Pride Area- Area occupied by a pride Range- area occupied by nomad lions Lioness- female lion Nomad- these are lions that aren't part of a group. They roam around.
Rules Rp rulesAll of WP rulesKeep it semi realisticImportant WP rulesNo God moddingNo perfect characters3+ sentences (give us something to work with)(Post writer's block if you don't write more than three sentences)Reservations last at least 24 hoursPlease post at least every three daysTell me if you are going to be gone longer than five daysPut Chordata in other if you read the rulesNotify me if you are going to quit this rpAs many characters as you can handlecubs under 2 years old need a mother at least at the beginning
Pride Rules:Lionesses hunt and/or take care of cubs.Lion's protect the pride. (They don't have to hunt if they don't want to.)Everyone obeys the Dominant Lion. His word is the law.All lionesses and cubs obey the dominant lioness.No one hunts in somebody else territory. I don't know if lions will all eat together at the same time, but with this rp if a lion/lioness wants something that a less dominant lion/lioness wants the less dominant lion/lioness will give it up. Coalition Rules: They are only males. They can't trespass on other lion territory. There is one dominant male, who everyone obeys.
Nomad Rules: You have to ask the dominant male lion for permission to join a pride. You don't trespass on other's territory.
Characters If it's not a lion, it's a NPC
Lion Rp Rebooted (Thread) August 17, 2019 10:10 AM

Posts: 2800
Pride 1 (Chaos Pride)

Dominant Lion- Chaos/4/Candor

Dominant Lioness- Chandraage/4/bubbletea deceased Indigo/5/Primal Silence

2 Jasiri/3/Heather pack

1 Ivy/4/F/Heather pack
2 Katlego/4/Imperial Sands
3 Nagasi/4/bubbletea

-Luna/F/saratank future cub
- Nyasi/3 months/M/Heather pack
-Tara/F/9 months/saratank
-Kiroho/M/future cub/bubbletea


Pride 2 (Karaz Pride)(Nicknames for Pride:Damu)

Dominant Lion-Karaz/7/bubbletea

Dominant Lioness-Khaleesi/4/Candor

1 Aslan/5/saratank
2 Siku/5/Heather pack

1 Kenya/10/Candor dead
2Naita/5/Mission Kaowtz
3 Ukuta/6/Heather pack
5 Zura/4/Heather pack

-Kesiri/Age Unknown/F/bubbletea
- Jackal/3 months/M/Mission Kaowtz
-Album/1 month/F/Caeruleum
-Amra/4 months/F/Lovata dead
-Jaytone/Unknown age/M/Mission Kaowtz dead

-Alias/M/3/Primal Silence

Ajihad Pride
Dominant Lion-Ajihad/2/M/Candor
Dominant Lioness--Amara/2/F/saratank

Lion-Nanook/2/M/Wolves Outcast
Lionesses-Astrid/2/F/ Candor

Nomads/Outcasts (Only one nomad per person)
-Lilacia/F/5 years/Primal Silence
-Noctum/M/4 years/bubbletea

Coalitions (There can be multiple coalitions. There is a dominant lion and a few other lions in a coalition.)

Edited at September 22, 2019 08:41 PM by Candor
Lion Rp Rebooted (Thread) August 17, 2019 10:10 AM

Posts: 2800
You may begin

Edited at August 17, 2019 10:10 AM by Candor
Lion Rp Rebooted (Thread) August 17, 2019 10:16 AM

Posts: 2800

Khaleesi woke up tired and hungry. She decided that she would get some of the lionesses to hunt. Karaz would be crankier if there was no food ready for him to eat when he woke up.
Lion Rp Rebooted (Thread) August 17, 2019 10:16 AM

Posts: 4537
Amara/2/ Chaos Pride

Amara stirred as she looked around. Her blue eyes flicked from one lion to another before she got up and stretched. She padded out of the camp to gather water soaked moss for the others when they woke up. Having a small smile on her face she glanced around as she walked, smelling a rodent here and there. Once she reached the water and grabbed as much moss as she could she soaked it and started making her way back to the camp. She dropped most of it off by Chaos before she left the rest for other and laid back down in the shade.

Aslan/5/ Damu pride

Aslan was still sound asleep, kicking and twitching as he remained asleep. The male was not having pleasant dreams.
Lion Rp Rebooted (Thread) August 17, 2019 10:19 AM

Posts: 2800
Chaos/4/Chaos Pride

Chaos' eyes were slitted sleepily. He nodded his thanks to Amara for bringing the wet moss. He took a quick sip before he lay back down. He looked around and crossly realized that the dominant lioness hadn't sent out a hunting party yet. He was hungry, and didn't hunt for himself.
Lion Rp Rebooted (Thread) August 17, 2019 12:10 PM

Alpha Aloha
Posts: 507
Naita || female || Damu Pride

She stirred slightly, then lifted her head sleepily. Naita yawned, her sharp teeth glinting in the dawn light. She flicked her tail, looking over to her cub Jackal. Her heart warmed, and she licked his ears. When he yawned, Naita whispered to him, “I’m going out to hunt. I’ll be back, Jackal.” He muttered a goodbye and went right back to sleep. She slunk out of the den, her golden fur glittering. She trotted over to the edge of camp, crossing out. Carefully almost, she lifted her head. A slight breeze blew from across the lands, and she relished the feeling. Naita sniffed the air, her eyes narrowing as she caught the scent of a meager herd of antelope. She bounded back into camp, racing over to the dominant lioness’s den. She poked her head through. “Sorry to bother you, Khaleesi. Can I lead a patrol out? I’ve scented a herd of antelope.”
Edited at August 17, 2019 12:11 PM by Mission Kaowtz
Lion Rp Rebooted (Thread) August 17, 2019 12:32 PM

Lovota Feels Spoopy
Posts: 2412
Amra was asleep and thats pretty much it. (also Mission agreed for Naita to be her mum :3)

Pandora @Naita @Khaleesi
Pandora walked through the shadows, her black pelt blending in perfectly. She stalked around the second packs pride, wondering what they were up to. The morning sun hadn't yet to touch her black-soaked pelt, and she often hated sunlight. it made her drousy when she needed to be alert, so she had only knew shadows her whole life. he green eyes peered out of the shadows, peircing her gaze at naita and khleesi. Yes, she was in pride territory, but she had mastered the skill of stealth, stalking, and cunning. she crouched lower, curling her tail up and stairing at the two lioness(s/'s?).
(ps. Pandora is crossing onto their territory cuz shes a rebel and dont care >;3)

Edited at August 17, 2019 12:56 PM by Lovota
Lion Rp Rebooted (Thread) August 17, 2019 01:19 PM

Posts: 2800
Khaleesi/Lioness/Damu Pride

Khaleesi raised her head, when Naita entered. "I'll come with you. Let's pick up some more lionesses on the way out," she arose and exited her den. Her blood began coursing through her veins in anticipation of the hunt. She let Naita recruit the other lionesses. Khaleesi wanted to smell where the antelope were.

That's okay. It happens pretty often. Really the only thing is if anything happens to them on land that's not their own, they can't seek revenge. The land owners also get to punish them if they are caught)
Lion Rp Rebooted (Thread) August 17, 2019 01:23 PM

Posts: 4537
Amara/Juvenile/Chaos Pride

Amara nodded to Chaos as she rolled only her back. She wanted to hunt, but she needed to wait for others. Sighing, she rolled back onto her stomach and looked for Ajihad. When she spotted him and smirked and started to stalk him before leaping onto his back. "Gotcha!"

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