Magnus Bane
05:52:15 Warlock/Mag/Nikki
Someone talk to me x.x
Magnus Bane
05:49:14 Warlock/Mag/Nikki
Probably me too
Magnus Bane
05:31:40 Warlock/Mag/Nikki
If I'm not back in 45 minutes then I'm asleep

Magnus Bane
05:31:24 Warlock/Mag/Nikki
I'm probably about to try to go to sleep
Oof I don’t think I ate yesterday either
Magnus Bane
05:30:22 Warlock/Mag/Nikki
I haven't slept
Damn have y’all been up all night too
It’s 5:30 AM here and I haven’t slept a wink
Magnus Bane
05:15:42 Warlock/Mag/Nikki
Teddy Bear
04:59:38 Bear/Lucky/Doc/13
Ooh, what about Aislinn instead? :)
It means Dream, Vision
Ghost Gryphon
04:51:44 Tempter | they/he
g'night y'all, i will see you folks later
Teddy Bear
04:46:59 Bear/Lucky/Doc/13
Okie doke :) Nefelibata it is :)

Thankyou :) She was designed by my good friend Lavender <3
04:45:10 Arik,Deso
5am gang!

Alright goodnight XD
Ghost Gryphon
04:44:09 Tempter | they/he

gah it's 5 am, I was trying all day to finish this and im finally done!
04:43:06 bre/crim (she/her)
nefelibata! i love that design :o
Teddy Bear
04:34:23 Bear/Lucky/Doc/13
Which should I name her?:
Reverie (A state of being plesently lost in ones thoughts, a daydream)
Eunoia (Beautiful thinking, A well mind)
Nefelibata ("Cloud Walker" One who lives in the clouds of their own imagination or dreams or one who does not obey conventions of society, literature or art)

Ghost Gryphon
04:22:05 Tempter | they/he
pfft crim she left almost an hour ago
04:19:20 bre/crim (she/her)
alr gn!
03:37:59 Dusk|Duks|Dusky
Well, im am gonna try and get some sleep, bye chat


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wild horses life roleplay November 30, 2021 02:29 PM

Posts: 211
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1.No god modding or powerplaying,it is unfun and unfair to others

2.Respect everyone,no arguing

(Characters of course can argue just not the people behind the scenes)
3.Ask someone’s permission before you:Kill,injure,or want to become mates with their character

4.If you want to mate,talk about it in pms,then just say and “then they mated” or something like that.

5.try and keep things realistic to a certain degree please Example:Person A’s character is badly injured but still somehow walking perfectly fine displaying no pain and is keeping up with the others!(This isn’t very realistic for if someone is badly injured they would feel pain no matter where the injury and most likely would walk a whole lot slower)

6.Me and the co-owner(I will chose once a certain number of people have joined) are the only ones who can control the weather/time,for example if I am not on but the co-owner is they can control it,but if we are both on I will

7.In personality and appearance try and write 10+ words each please,we all need a good example of what your character is like + what they look like,also it does not matter if you post an image I still wanna see at least 15+ words of so

8.You may not have anymore then over 5-6 characters,I will not bend the rules

9.Try and write 20+ words,if you have writer’s block I understand and you may write only 15+ words,also it is okay to be a little under say by 10 or 15 words but anyless and I will ask you to redo or add to your post

10.I will have a posting order depending on who signs up first,if someone does not reply in the next 12-13 hours after the person before them does then their turn is skipped till it comes back to them.Also please stay in the order,they are made so no one gets confused or left behind to much

11.If me or the co-owner find you breaking the rules you will get a strike,after 3 strikes you will be kicked but will be able to post one last time to make your character die off,or you can pm someone and they may take over your character

12.This rp is set in the medieval times,so no modern things and not very many humans at all may have up to 5 characters

Herd Rules
1.The lead mare may only mate and have foals with the lead stallion unless he permints her to bare another stallion’s foal.

2.All herd mares are expected to care for their foals as one,if not the mare guilty will be punished slightly and not too heavily but punshised nothing the less.

3.The lead mare&stallion are always equal,making choices to together always

4.Once the lead mare dies her oldest daughter if she has one will be paired off to the strongest stallion in the herd,even if the current lead stallion is still alive he will forfeit his right as lead stallion and step down.

5.The guard stallions & mares are expected to fight any predores if they approach,the herd mares & stallions though are not inclined to fight unless they want or the foals are in danger

6.Any wanders found must be turned away unless they seem like a whole new species of horse,then they may be brought to the lead stallion.The only exception is if they happen to be:A pregnant mare or foal

7.If a mare or stallion wishes to leave the herd they are to tell at least one horse,and this does not count a foal or yearling

8.If a mare and stallion wish to become permanent mates then they must ask the blessing of the lead mare as she handles those types of affairs.(Permanent mates means they may only mate with each other and are forever bound together)

9.lead stallion can breed with all female if permited


medow herd

Lead stallion:(1/1)(me silver moon)
Lead mare:(1/1)(empress of spice ashmine)
Guard stallions:(1/2)(frozen prowlers solar eclipse)
Guard mares:(0/2)

Herd stallions:(0/infinite)
Herd mares:(3/infinite)(me misty),(bear snarl moondancer),(Clementine faith)
Pregnant Mares:(2/7)(me misty)(me prinsess)
Fillies:(1/5)(grassoil lotus),
Yearlings:(2/5)(destinations end zlota),(frozen prowlers firefly)


half donkey(1,1)(destinations end seth)

here are the roles

Edited at November 30, 2021 02:32 PM by moonknight
wild horses life roleplay November 30, 2021 02:36 PM

Posts: 211
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silver moon/male/herd leader
ran up the hill as he wached his herd graze he wached the mares and filly play and eat he is sad to day
wild horses life roleplay November 30, 2021 06:00 PM

Posts: 13
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Playing and looking around, her father look sad so she run next to him and ask: 'Daddy, what wrong?'
wild horses life roleplay December 1, 2021 12:38 AM

Frozen Prowlers
Posts: 2
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Solar Eclipse/Male/Guard Stallion
Solar Eclipse galloped through the forest, his hoofs barely touching the ground. He halted as soon as he saw the stream. He took a running start and leaped over the rocks cutting across the stream.

Edited at December 1, 2021 12:39 AM by Frozen Prowlers
wild horses life roleplay December 1, 2021 10:08 AM

Posts: 211
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silver moon/male/herd leader
there is nothing rong at lest not yet then he herd Solar Eclipse running tword them way is he running
wild horses life roleplay December 1, 2021 11:50 AM

Posts: 861
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Moved this to the Roleplay area
Please PM me if you want it moved to a specific section

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