Teddy Bear
04:46:59 Bear/Lucky/Doc/13
Okie doke :) Nefelibata it is :)

Thankyou :) She was designed by my good friend Lavender <3
04:45:10 Arik,Deso
5am gang!

Alright goodnight XD
Ghost Gryphon
04:44:09 Tempter | they/he

gah it's 5 am, I was trying all day to finish this and im finally done!
04:43:06 bre/crim (she/her)
nefelibata! i love that design :o
Teddy Bear
04:34:23 Bear/Lucky/Doc/13
Which should I name her?:
Reverie (A state of being plesently lost in ones thoughts, a daydream)
Eunoia (Beautiful thinking, A well mind)
Nefelibata ("Cloud Walker" One who lives in the clouds of their own imagination or dreams or one who does not obey conventions of society, literature or art)

Ghost Gryphon
04:22:05 Tempter | they/he
pfft crim she left almost an hour ago
04:19:20 bre/crim (she/her)
alr gn!
03:37:59 Dusk|Duks|Dusky
Well, im am gonna try and get some sleep, bye chat
03:30:27 Dusk|Duks|Dusky
lol, I just want some sleep, I am supposed to be up at 7am, ahh
03:29:29 bre/crim (she/her)
nah still got a lot of energy in me
Ghost Gryphon
03:29:16 Tempter | they/he
that sucks, what'd you do?
03:27:48 Dusk|Duks|Dusky
no she was crying for our mom.

Yup. Well at least you should be tired by now.
Ghost Gryphon
03:26:29 Tempter | they/he
^im in the same boat as crim
03:25:48 BegoneThoughts
Anyone want to RP?

also would love some likes on my OCs
03:25:36 bre/crim (she/her)
dang that sucks, ive just been up all night
Ghost Gryphon
03:25:28 Tempter | they/he
was she creepily standing over you when you woke up? o.0
03:23:08 Dusk|Duks|Dusky
Yea.. Rip sleep my sister woke me up because I think she was having a nightmare, now I cant fall back asleep....
Ghost Gryphon
03:21:25 Tempter | they/he
no mods on? cool

rip sleep
03:21:04 bre/crim (she/her)
03:20:35 Dusk|Duks|Dusky
Ahh I can't sleep, its 4:20am.....


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Inter's roleplaying help November 1, 2021 11:03 AM

Interstellar Sun
Posts: 4325
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Hello, hello! I know a lot of you are one liners or shorter than 100 words, me myself went through it. It's nothing to be ashamed of! You may wonder, 'how can I write more?' or 'how can I improve?' Well, you've to the right place.


I can help with many things. Go ahead and take a quick look at the chart below.

Tips and suggestions I can give you just some tips or suggestions on a roleplay reply novella, your bio, even chapters of some book you may be working on. I'll work like a spelling/grammar check, along with suggestions for anything to add on to it.
Roleplaying I can also help you guys improve literacy through a roleplay! It's really easier than it seems. I've gone from one liners to 1,000 plus words in a rather short period of time. This will work like any other roleplay, but instead I'll give you pointers and things along the way to help you improve. These can be short or long term.
Plots + Character sheets Stumped for more ideas on a plot? Cant decided whether to make a traumatized canine or a godly woman? Personalities are always a pain, but I have many great sources for traits and things. If you have a brief idea but need it expanded I can out in my two sense. Of course, you don't have to use what I give you.
Anatomy/Movement 'Help! I don't know how to roleplay as [blank]!' I can surely give you some pointers on this. Don't forget, research is very helpful.


Once you know what you need help with, please follow the form below!

Pack name:

What you need help with:

Examples of writing (optional):


Inter's roleplaying help November 13, 2021 11:44 AM

Flying nugget
Posts: 1523
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Pack name:

Flying nugget

What you need help with:

Plots/carter sheets,makeing my responses logner

Examples of writing (optional):

Let me find one



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