Wolf Play : Ravenshadows RP Partner request (open)
 Suburban Disaster
06:00:15 Key | Froggy | Keevy
You ever heard a fox squeak? Cutest thing ever
 Austan vindar
05:59:41 Dont call me Blep :P
Bro squeaked. XDDD
 Austan vindar
05:59:17 Dont call me Blep :P
Forgy, True, True.
 Austan vindar
05:59:01 Dont call me Blep :P
Tobias, what's wrong with taking 5 hours and using up twelve pages to make a character fall in love?
 Suburban Disaster
05:58:54 Key | Froggy | Keevy
Ey, we're keeping Fei's rp alive
 Austan vindar
05:58:04 Dont call me Blep :P
Forgy, we've filled 12 fucking pages. Oh my God, fei is gonna be so mad XD
 Austan vindar
05:57:01 Dont call me Blep :P
Froggy, yes and true.
 Suburban Disaster
05:56:09 Key | Froggy | Keevy
Correction, you are making Makya fall in love. Chasm was already head over heels for this man
 Suburban Disaster
05:55:35 Key | Froggy | Keevy
We have been rping together for 5 HOURS?!
 Austan vindar
05:55:14 Dont call me Blep :P
TOBIAS, Me and Forgy are making makya and Chasm fall in love. It takes a while.
 Austan vindar
05:54:43 Dont call me Blep :P
Forgy, yes. I counted.
 Suburban Disaster
05:53:25 Key | Froggy | Keevy
Its been 5 hours?!

But fever dreams can be fun sometimes
05:53:17 Devil (Any pronouns)

o.o Oh jeez i could never
 Raven Cry
05:52:53 Raven, Tear, He/They

But dreams
 Austan vindar
05:52:46 Dont call me Blep :P
TOBIAS, been roleplaying for..the past... 5 hours.
 Suburban Disaster
05:52:15 Key | Froggy | Keevy
Well then sleep, and then go outside and stare at a wall
05:51:12 Echu
I would turn em to bones. :(
 Raven Cry
05:51:07 Raven, Tear, He/They

Outside is dangerous

And it's 4am and dark
 Suburban Disaster
05:50:43 Key | Froggy | Keevy
Do not attempt that technique at home. At least do it outside with vitamin D
05:50:06 Pixie, Vul / Ω
-WP Click-

What do we think? Keep or turn to bones?


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Forums > Roleplay

Ravenshadows RP Partner request (open)October 12, 2021 10:44 PM

Former Pack
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My name is RavenshadowRose. Or Raven, for short.
I have multiple personality disorder and a few other... mental illnesses.
Anyway, I am bored. Er, we* are bored.
We would like rp partners!
We use forum, pm, or, although lately pm is more requested.
We play either gender, although we are bad at male.
We love supernatural romance rps.
Requests and Rules
◇ = Request ♤ = Rule
♤Be respectful. Any rudeness will result in me refusing to rp with you.
◇Be able to play Male. Not required but seriously, unless its fxf, me playing a guy pretty much flops.
♤Do NOT, under any circumstance, bully me about my... issues. I have them, I can't do anything about them.
♤I have a towing job. I will probably post once or twice a week(Monday and Wednesday).
♤Eves Rules are required to be followed.
◇Fill the form below, do not actually pm me, I will pm you.
Finally, we list the plots we search for.
♤=Strongly Want / ♡=Enjoy doing / ☆=Requested too much, but I'll do it.
Bold=Me / Italic=You
♤FxF Assassin x Celebrity
♡Fxm/f Vampire Queenx Traveler
◇FxM Human x Shifter
♤MxM Supernatural high school slice of life.
We actually have a lot more plot ideas.... except we do not remember them. We are quite open to other ideas, whatever they may be, that you might have. We are not completely opposed to playing male, but would prefer female.
What do you prefer to be called?:
Preferred Gender:
Favorite topic(s):
Semi-lit or Lit?:
Do you mirror posts?:
How often are you on WP?:
If you have other information you think I should know, tell me here:
Your rules:
Your form should look similar to this.
What do you prefer to be called?: Raven
Preffered Gender: female, though I can play Male.
Favorite Topic(s): Mxm High school romance and fxf Assassin x target.
Semi-lit or lit?: Semi
Do you mirror posts?: Yes
How often are you on WP?: Usually once a day, although it fluctuates frequently.
If you have other information you think I should know, tell me here.: N/A
Your Rules: (list your rules here)
I hope to see you all in a few minutes! If you do not believe we would be a good match, I bid you good day.
Rp Partner List: Updates frequently.
~Loner's War: Lazarus x Lady Axio
~BlackClaws: Lucifer x Elizabeth Sharpe

Edited at October 12, 2021 11:08 PM by RavenshadowRose
Ravenshadows RP Partner request (open)October 13, 2021 12:40 AM

Former Pack
Posts: 0
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What do you prefer to be called?: - Brayden
Preferred Gender: Male
Favorite topic(s): wolf/Vampire/Werewolf and much more XD
Semi-lit or Lit?: Semi Lit
Do you mirror posts?: Yes
How often are you on WP? Every Day

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