Wolf Play : [ craving roleplay partners ]
 Raven Cry
05:52:53 Raven, Tear, He/They

But dreams
 Austan vindar
05:52:46 Dont call me Blep :P
TOBIAS, been roleplaying for..the past... 5 hours.
 Suburban Disaster
05:52:15 Key | Froggy | Keevy
Well then sleep, and then go outside and stare at a wall
05:51:12 Echu
I would turn em to bones. :(
 Raven Cry
05:51:07 Raven, Tear, He/They

Outside is dangerous

And it's 4am and dark
 Suburban Disaster
05:50:43 Key | Froggy | Keevy
Do not attempt that technique at home. At least do it outside with vitamin D
05:50:06 Pixie, Vul / Ω
-WP Click-

What do we think? Keep or turn to bones?
 Raven Cry
05:49:40 Raven, Tear, He/They

But the sick will go away if I depressingly stare at the wall long enough
05:49:39 Devil (Any pronouns)

I'm alright, you?


Not much! Been tired so i may play video games for awhile <3

My friend brought me some of his games that he doesnt play anymore

How about you?
05:48:43 Leo, Lion (He/him)
Be back!
 Suburban Disaster
05:48:31 Key | Froggy | Keevy
Yes, sleep!
 Raven Cry
05:48:15 Raven, Tear, He/They
It's almost


Do I sleep? (I'm sick-)
 Suburban Disaster
05:47:48 Key | Froggy | Keevy
How come?
 Austan vindar
05:46:26 Dont call me Blep :P
Forgy, writing this is embarrassing meeee
05:44:04 Leo, Lion (He/him)
Dang it my bald eagle feather got stolen!
05:42:39 Leo, Lion (He/him)
Quick PvP someone?
 Austan vindar
05:41:38 Dont call me Blep :P
Forgy, Uhm-, you are too!
 Austan vindar
05:41:23 Dont call me Blep :P
Okay, ermmm, you guys are at primordial god their.
 Suburban Disaster
05:41:22 Key | Froggy | Keevy
I aint even really near s tier
05:40:55 Leo, Lion (He/him)
Then you're at....... What can we say? God tier?


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Forums > Roleplay

[ craving roleplay partners ]October 7, 2021 10:30 AM

Former Pack
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hello! i'm popee/sleepy and i use they/xem pronouns :) i'm interested in a long term, semi-lit to lit roleplay. find an example of my writing [ here ]
i love horror, romance, and a confusing mix of both! i'm on phone so this is hard to type out, but i'll add more later :)
[ craving roleplay partners ]October 7, 2021 07:44 PM

Dagger Pack
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Hello! I am always looking for RP partners, I don't have many rules, and my biggest topic is romance based usually. I prefer female as it is what I am most comfortable doing! I don't care about length as long as I have something to go off of. I usually respond with the same length of my partner unless I am having a writer's block or if I get excited and go to far. Preferably don't ghost, I like to send a check up PM after seven days of no RP response unless informed of reason of disappearance(Had to go on family trip, bad storm internet down, etc) and I would prefer you to let me know when/if you will be gone and how long. You do not have to tell me the reason why! If you are interested please PM me!

[ craving roleplay partners ]October 7, 2021 09:14 PM

Sir Froggington
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Hello, things are a little slow right now, so I'm open to new partners.
forum, literate (at least I consider myself that.) 500+ words, a response once a week or let me know if something is going to happen where you can't respond (You don't have to say anything specifically)(sometimes I put if I'm going to be inactive on my page, because I have a lot of roleplays) I'm open to most plots.
Let me know what you think about world building or time period
[ craving roleplay partners ]October 10, 2021 10:30 PM

Posts: 11035
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Hello again, my fellow enby-umbrella. We're already both in a roleplay together so I'm assuming we know each other's average word count but my min is usually 300 anyways. I can reach up to 2.5k+ at times though lmao. Anyways- I like anything with angst and some slow burn. I can play literally any gender, sexuality(other than straight oof), and type of relationship(Mono, poly, etc). I have a few different plots in my blogs but I'm open to coming up with a new one with you too. Just shoot me a PM lmao

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