Wolf Play : Fristyhills24 and Dragonpipe
06:11:40 Scary Spice
Your wolves played: ☿ Kiiya and ☿ Seeker relentlessly chase AI-Generated Sadness of pack Ecifircas through the meadow.

I snorted
06:04:10 Rev
Even if you do get something good, goo luck selling it
Not really, low chances of getting something good
Is opening geodes worth it?
 The Nightshades
06:00:58 Night Shade

At least he isn't rebellious. I have a DH that has a rebellious disposition.
Not sure if I wanna dye her or wait for a better boost/defect >.>
05:45:06 Rev
I'm sad, his rating T.T
-WP Click-
 Avatar Of Lust
05:45:00 Asmodeus (he/they)
ewww there was an ant in my keyboard
05:44:49 Kira&they/them

Sure! If you want
Royal dye?
-WP Click-
05:43:28 Kira&they/them
[sigh] I just free ranged my wolf.
My cat started sitting on my chest and purring magical triangle ear healer baby
Reaper RP
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 Thundering Embers
05:35:41 Thunder,Ember
Charlie snaps at Fish Boy 🍂 🍃 for getting too close to their food.

Mood: Protective

Me to Charlie, me to.
05:33:46 Kira&they/them
-WP Click-
05:31:03 Cae, Blue
oooh, new cp amounts! time to start sponsoring some newbies :D
05:29:00 Kira&they/them
All I ever had, ...I lost..
 Thundering Embers
05:28:03 Thunder,Ember
-WP Click-
05:27:38 Kira&they/them
Error ;-;
 Thundering Embers
05:26:46 Thunder,Ember
So close to max cp, also paws?
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Fristyhills24 and DragonpipeJuly 25, 2021 08:13 AM

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Silver had noticed Frosty had taken a walk so he got up and decided to go and hunt for her when she got back. He didn't know much about Frosty but he knew that he should get some food for her just in case she was hungry. He found a flock of bird-like animals and hunted them. He was successful and captured three of the birds before he walked back and saw Frosty had returned. He noticed that something was wrong with her but didn't know what it was. He laid the food down in front of her. "Are you alright?" He asked.

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