08:16:10 Nightshade

Lean and wiry build.
08:15:06 Rory
Uhh... does the Reset Palette button remove the entire code or just set your palette to the default?
 Sassy Otaku
08:14:11 Chuuya/Ruggie
Defeat 3 Squirrels in battle

Well this will be an easy 10 mush
08:12:16 Brett/BRUCE/she!
Will, a cowboy and cowgirl theme ranch
08:11:53 Will

Humanoid design
08:11:36 Brett/BRUCE/she!
Will, for what?
08:11:19 Wild, Bau, Amazon

08:10:55 Will
Somebody give me a theme and/or body type
08:08:06 Cloudz, Pumpkin
I just got off of work and now i have 10 hours before i got back to work xD
08:06:21 Brett/BRUCE/she!
Rusty, ooohhh ok XD
 Broken Rivers
08:05:33 Winter, Rusty, Snake
Brett, thatÂ’s my snake that I put in chat to see if anyone notices me!
08:05:29 miss fine dining
-WP Click-

Come Join ; Semi-Literate To Literate Wolf RP!
08:04:58 Will
Oof none are open 😭

Goodness I may host a contest at this point lol
 Blood lust tide
08:04:55 BewareWhoYouTrust
Your wolves played: ⚔️Killswitch eats something rotten and immediately throws up.
08:03:06 Brett/BRUCE/she!
Welcome back Rustle!! Rusty...Snake DXDX
08:03:03 Rory
If I may ask, what's your first language?
08:02:55 Morgana
That's great. I say go for it :)
 Broken Rivers
08:02:29 Winter, Rusty, Snake
Hi Morgana!
08:02:18 Will

I can definitely bang stuff out tonight lmao
 Sassy Otaku
08:02:15 Chuuya/Ruggie
-WP Click-
Not quite a heavy weight, but I won't complain too much


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Always up for RP partners!July 12, 2021 03:42 PM

Rose Vine
Posts: 303
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Will normal just do 1x1 RPs but if you would like to do a group RP then I’ll do a 4+ people 8 max.

Must be Semi-Literate

-At least 4 to 5 sentences for each response.

-I can do both PMS or Forums (but prefer Forums)

Topics (I am willing to try others)

-Wolves (Alpha x Omega, Alpha x Loner, Loners, Alphas son/daughter x Loner)

-Horse Rider

-Deer (Herd)

-Lions (Pride or Lone)


I will NOT play any type of fandoms


I can play either Male or Female (not really a preference)

If there is Romance I prefer MxF but I can do FxF (it just won’t be as good)

I prefer if RPs that pertain to animals that are realistic.

If you want to RP leave a comment or PM me and I’ll get back to you 😁

Forums > Roleplay


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