11:25:11 Eas
March 6th
-WP Click-
Stxrmmix <3
11:22:09 Wolf Hoarder, Storm
It was this year?! HuH
11:19:27 Eas
He died this year :,D I thought it was last year
Stxrmmix <3
11:18:23 Wolf Hoarder, Storm
Easmn - jsjsj, i think it HAS been ages
11:17:32 Eas
It feels like its been ages since he passed
Stxrmmix <3
11:16:47 Wolf Hoarder, Storm
Easmn - Lupus was stunning D: sadly i don't have anyone in his lines anymore ;;
11:15:59 Eas
"An Ancestor from your past, Lupus, appears.

Run with me! Lupus whispers."

How sad
11:14:05 River, she/her
Well, it's my opinion since I don't usually have very good wolves. The defect doesn't it affect it in anyway(I think...)
Stxrmmix <3
11:13:58 Wolf Hoarder, Storm
Grey - LMAO I understand. No need to apologize :p
I didn't mean it in that way I apologise I just had 3 already I wanted something else
Stxrmmix <3
11:12:53 Wolf Hoarder, Storm
Grey - I'm a clef palate baby so.. :p
Stxrmmix <3
11:12:03 Wolf Hoarder, Storm
Grey - I got my eyes set on this pretty boy *^*

-WP Click-
It is not

The defect is the bain of my life that's 3 I've had THREE
Stxrmmix <3
11:10:49 Wolf Hoarder, Storm
Soul shards - your very welcome <33
11:10:17 Soul, Falling Ash
Mixer, thank you for that :') <33

In need of some advice :/
-WP Click-
Stxrmmix <3
11:10:07 Wolf Hoarder, Storm
Grey - jsjs, would be nice either way if they didn't have said defect. ;-;
11:09:39 River, she/her
They're pretty though
Moonlight Seekers
11:09:14 Moon, Moony

of course! happy to help :3
:/ are you joking -WP Click-
Stxrmmix <3
11:08:49 Wolf Hoarder, Storm
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    Looking For RP PartnersJuly 1, 2021 05:01 PM

Posts: 289
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Hiya! Thank you, for taking an interest in roleplaying with me! However, I do have a few requirements. Some rules are loosey goosey, while others are not.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


1.) Be literate

2.) 500+ Words, or 2 to 3 beefy paragraphs (Or more if your up to it)

3.) Decent grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Does not have to be perfect, as long as it's not constant and in every sentence. Needs to be readable

4.) 3rd Person point of view only

5.) If there is romance involved, please make it slow paced

6.) Be active. Respond at least twice a week

7.) Please only human topics. There is an exception for supernatural topics

8.) Character descriptions are a must

9.) Please don't ghost me. If you'll be leaving for some time give me a heads up before dipping and we can put it on pause

Yeah, so that's all I ask of you. ^-^ Now lets talk about what you can expect from me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Expected of Me

1.) I do consider myself to be literate

2.) I can easily do 1000+ Words, or 6 beefyyy paragraphs. Most times I will match your length

3.) I would like to believe I have decent grammar and spelling. Punctuation can be a little iffy with me because sometimes I might just put a comma where it most certainly does not belong and vice versa.

4.) I do sort of have a life outside of WP so my replies may take time. I will try my best to hop on here in between my down time to respond

5.) Can't do animal rps

6.) I prefer to play a male character

7.) I don't mind cursing, so have at it

8.) Pm's or Forums is fine. I don't have a preference

9.) Warning: My starter responses tend to be short. I gotta test the waters, ya know?

10.) I'd really like to have long term rp's and partners. So if you're looking for short term, were probably not a good fit

11.) MxM and MxF are the only pairings I do at the moment. Nothing against FxF, women loving women is absolutely beautiful. ^-^

12.) Not the best at playing multiple characters, but if the rp calls for it I will try my best. However, if you are comfortable with it, I don't mind you playing multiple characters.

13.) Details are my shit. I live for detailed rps. I love painting a picture in my responses for my rp partners. So I might describe outfits, landscape, and all of the above. I don't expect you to go all out with it though. It's not a set in stone requirement

14.) If I haven't responded in a while, like a week, or so there might be a chance I forgot. Or I might think I responded when in fact I didn't, and that's all thanks to my depression brain. So just shoot me a pm, to remind me

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now for the fun part! Plots!

Plots I've Been Dying to RP

*Side Note: Actually all of these aren't really plots, but just very vague ideas of what I would like to do.

1.) Warning: This is a loosey goosey plot. Later on I would like to add some cool details to this, just haven't thought of any yet. This one will have a lot of space for expanding it and creating plot twists. Basically Character A and Character B are strangers to each other but have to team up together to figure out why dragons are coming back to life after having died out 1000s of years ago. Character A and Character B are both some how tied into the dragons coming back to life, but they don't know it. (Medieval Era)

2.) This one is similar to the first one, slightly different. Not really. Character A is of royalty and is a Prince. They are also human. A war breaks out between the supernaturals and humans. The humans think the supernaturals are purely evil and dangerous. They want to wipe out their existence. Character B is a supernatural. So the two are forced to fight. Obviously, the supernaturals are much more powerful and capable of things the humans are not. So somehow, not sure yet, but a romance begins to brew between the two. (Medieval Era)

3.) This is literally not even a plot, it's just a theme. I really want to do a gladiator roleplay. (Gladiator Era)

4.) You guessed it! This is not even a plot. I have a character I really want to use. I'll link it so you can read about him and decide if he is a good fit for your plot. He does need some work. Link: Here (Modern Era)

5.) Want to do like a military theme. So like Military personnel X Civilian (Modern Era)

6.) Any Mafia themes. Absolutely love Mafia and always down for it!

7.) It's not a regular zombie apocalypse. If you know what Fallout is then that gives a general idea of what I was trying to go for. If not I can explain it here. :) So the US basically hits the fan. The US is split among two different apocalypses. One side is very much fallout. The air quality is bad and not breathable in most areas. Instead of zombies its creatures that got mutated beyond recognition by radiation. So like a rat could be human sized and that sort of thing. There are a lot more survivors in this side of the US, as the creatures are a difficult to kill but not as bad as the other side. Character A is from the fallout world.

Now for the other side of the US, is a apocalypse run over by AI created by the government. Its basically oversized robots that are indestructible. Theres are far less survivors on this side as the robots have wiped them out. Character B is from this side and still alive and surviving.

The two worlds are split by this wall, that seems to reach the sky. It almost gives off a reflection from whichever side its on. Theres no passing over, or so it was thought to not be able to. (Modern Era/Future)

8.) This one is a more specific mafia theme. It begins in High school. Theres a bad boy and a good girl (new girl, cops daughter) that attend together. The bad boy kind of bullies the good girl to the point where they highly dislike each other. Something happens to where the two have a strong hatred for each other. Possibly the good girl gets the bad boy arrested. Then part two, the bad boy becomes a Mafia boss and the good girl could be honestly anything at this point lol.

Once I find the perfect partner for each of these plots, I will remove them from the list. Of course, I'm not a stickler for keeping these plots exactly the way I wrote them out. You can bring your own ideas and creativity to them, as well. Even after I find a partner for each, that does not mean I'm closed for business. I am more than willing to listen to your own plots you've been dying to rp!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Example of my Writing:

Not gonna lie can't remember what it was about. It was also on an old account of mine that got deleted.

Link: Here

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And thats a wrap! Sorry this was a damn near novel to read. I've just become very particular about my rps because I hate to have an amazing plot go to waste. Although, I hope you did your assignment and read it all. There will be a test on it. Just kidding. I do appreciate you reading it though. That tells me you're serious about it. One last thing I ask of you. If you are interested, please let me know and leave an example of your writing. I will pm you after you post.

Edited at March 19, 2023 01:39 AM by Ylva
Looking For RP PartnersJuly 1, 2021 06:05 PM

Posts: 835
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If you want to I'm interested in the gladiator RP and here's my finest sample (I think.. spelling error's included.)

Naomi looked at Ember and read his expression then looked down at the dragnet that he held. "He'll be a charmer when he grows up, won't he?" She directed this question to Ember but was still looking at the baby dragon. "Since you already got your new friend why don't you just get up on the stage, wave a little bit, and then go stand over in that corner as I call the others, okay?" She then looked back to the rest of the students and said, "Since this is going slowly I'll call you five at a time just to hurry this up so it doesn't take all day. So Jeta Mya Anderson, Thomas Anvidir, Heather Ashlum, Jade Brooks, and Erin River Clearview come on up here so you can meet your new messy but playful friend!



Joel Winters-21-Male-Student

Joel stared blankly at the rafters above the stage, thinking about riding a dragon up high in the sky, smelling the fresh air, and watching birds pass by. Suddenly Rena tapped him on the shoulder twenty times and kept on saying, "Joel, Joel, Joel," in different voices. "I was daydreaming about riding a dragon so this better is good." Rena cracked into a giant smile then started to laugh as loud as she could. He was pretty sure that the whole back half of the auditorium could hear her. "Ok number one you, the guy who's scared of the stuff under rocks riding a dragon?! Don't you remember, you could barely ride a horse and even then you were sitting behind Naomi! And number two, do you know any of these people since you were here last year? And number three." She showed him her black greasy hands and Joel nearly puked. He saw a pen fall out of her pocket and grabbed himself back together and told her, "One, I'm not that much of a scaredy-cat, two no I can't see anyone, three the bathroom's to the right of the custodial closet." Rena gave him a quick look then ran off to the bathroom.



Rena Winter-19-Female-Student

Rena was bored. She had picked at every piece of clothing that she had on, twisted her hair into such a tight knot that she couldn't get it out, and it had only been two minutes. She was so bored that she dug into her pocket full of gum that she had hidden from Naomi. Her hand was so deep that it nearly touched the bottom of the stickiness. She suddenly scarped against something metallic and pulled it out. It was a pen. She wiped the gum off her hand and made a mental note to clean her pockets out later. She pulled off the cap and started to write on herself. She wrote her names in different fonts then drew some smiley faces. She got bored again and decided to pull the ink rod out of the pen. The pen has so worn that the ink stick broke as soon a Rena pulled it out and did a little twist to it. Now Rena's hands were covered in black ink and she was bored again. She talked to Joel for a little bit then went to the backdoor and waved goodbye, splattering some people in the last row. She tried to figure it out then just stood there for a minute or so.

I hope this is good enough heheehe.
Looking For RP PartnersJuly 1, 2021 07:40 PM

Posts: 975
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Hello! I probably shouldn't be doing this, but I'm tempted and about to have more free time on my hands so here goes~ (btw think you have about twelve of those things?)

I'm digging your style and feel like we could vibe well together. I also generally prefer writing males, and stick to almost entirely human topics (there are a few exceptions for especially intriguing plots). Historical themes are my main jam, along with mystery, adventure, supernatural, and slow burn. I can take or leave romance. It's a "if it happens it happens" thing for me, if the characters mesh well, then well, that's how it goes, but I'm not about to dive headlong into a purely romance-driven plot. That being said, I love plotting and scheming and world building along the way and will probably toss ideas out there as we go along.

I do tend to lean towards informal/abbreviated speech while chatting, so don't mind that. I'm far more proper when writing. Examples of my 1x1 writing style can be found here and here, with additional materials on some of my previous characters or solo writing exercises in my blog. As for your plots, I'm loving the idea of #2. Never really had a chance to deeply explore medieval royalty in rp so that could be fun with the supernatural/dramatic twist.

Think that's about it, feel free to hit me up with any questions, thoughts, etc!

Looking For RP PartnersJuly 2, 2021 12:58 AM

Posts: 145
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alright I will make this fancy because i feel like it B)
The character I wish to use is Kamelia
Basic information:
Age: 27 (can alter for the RP)
Height/weight: 1,73m/64kg | 5'6/141lbs
I'd like you to state where the story takes place, I don't wanna take control of the RP.
Kamelia Dubois is an artist** who grew up in a traditionalist, poor household that disagreed with even letting her go to school. She'd sneak out often to go to the church that offered lessons in her area, but she'd always get weird stares.
Although she was soon kicked out due to her poor family status, she managed to grab a few books after she'd learned how to read in her time at the cathedral. When Kamelia wasn't put to work, she'd grab her hidden books and spend hours upon hours just lecturing.
(I'd SOO love to write a longer backstory, but I feel like I'd take up this whole forum, so I'll stop here)
Physical description:
Kamelia has shoulder-length, dark brown hair (unkempt due to the conditions of the era?), some light freckles on her cheeks and nose, bright, hazel eyes and an oval face. Her lips are small and a bit thick and her nose is narrow, straight and delicate. (for a more accurate image of her, I based her off of Joy Van der Eecken, if that's ok)
I think that's about everything? I don't want to get too into this on the forums, because I'll probably end up writing too much lol. The original character had some interests, but I don't think half of them would apply to the Medieval setting. I could describe her personality, I should probably do that.
She loves education, but is unable to perform it due to the limitations women have in her era. She's way too sassy for her own good, it's very likely that it'll come back to bite her in the future. She has a bad tendency to think out loud sometimes, and might hurt others in the process. Although she can "blow up" when she is under too much stress, she tends to be cautious around new people and will be much more quiet than usual. It is likely that she will keep secrets from others, and she will use her skill to lie that she learned thanks to her childhood, if need be.
Lastly, I think I need an example of my writing?
This has mostly just been a bunch of descriptions, if you still need an example, let me know and I'll write it. :D
*I just made this backstory up for the sake of the RP, to fit in with the Middle Ages, lol, sorry if it sounds a bit rough for now ^^'
**specific for the story I was writing, but to fit in with the first plot, I could always make her a maid (also can change her last name, she is supposed to be belgian + change her first name to a common Medieval name)
Looking For RP PartnersJuly 20, 2021 09:22 PM

Former Pack
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Hey there! If you're still looking, I would love to see if we could be able to work something out to roleplay together. I'm open for a lot of topics and ideas, so if you have any feel free to propose them or we can try adn brainstorm something together. I do have some ideas myself, but I'll hold off on them unless you'd like to see them? I can write gneerally 500-1k words, maybe even more depending on how much I have to work with. While my roleplay example is from an animal roleplay, I am very much open to do something with humans and can respond once or twice a week at the minimum

Looking For RP PartnersDecember 27, 2021 07:21 PM

Posts: 3502
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i would for sure be interested in rping with you! i use basically any pronouns (though i do use she/her most commonly), and i consider myself to be at least literate, sometimes advanced depending on how involved and into the rp i am.

my activity level my fluctuate from now to early january because right now i'm on break, but i should be able to get at least a post out a week regardless. i will always be updating you with what is going in, if i need a break, etc. i try my best to keep my partners updated as much as possible, and i hope you do the same.

as per plots, i'm open to pretty much everything. i have a few of my own plots that aren't in use if you'd like to hear those. i am super involved with worldbuilding and like to do so, as it helps me with my own world as well lmao.

thank you for considering! if need-be, i can provide rp examples and those plots if you're wanting to hear them. :)

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