Rose DM me I'll help you out
I keep getting spam calls and with my headphones on I notice, it turns the microphone on
10:28:49 make one uwu [laffy]
people have answered your question multiple times.
The Dragonborn
10:28:49 basilisk || fetus
hey hotstuff (amnesia)
Just A Dreamer
10:28:49 Chip
Why do I have so many bones on my den? I need to do so much retiring >.<
how do i mate my wolves??????????
10:28:25 Mc.Swagger
hey chat ;)
@king I should say lost half her fur, that’s what I meant XD
The Dragonborn
10:27:05 basilisk || fetus
crackles of plasma asks for financial advice from the Secretary Bird.

damn, only a year old and already hitting his existential crisis-
10:26:37 Hoogle

Take a lyric from a song and use one of your OC's doing said lyric
10:26:35 make one uwu [laffy]
that is uh, morbid
10:26:14 make one uwu [laffy]
oh- I didn't realize. hmm, perhaps then draw a random animal?
10:26:00 Lune, Lunar, Captain
Chris: Done and done
Covidic Coffee
10:25:55 Rona
-WP Click-
RP ;-;
ApplePie looks like she’s missing half her skin when I set her pose to alpha male
Need Emotional Help
10:25:47 Chris/Le$bean
That would be awesome
10:25:11 Aires/Aztech
King - I have no wolves to play with lol
10:25:01 Lune, Lunar, Captain
Chris: I might nickname myself captain just for you
C o f f e e
10:24:58 Totally Cries
Go to your wolf>manage your wolf>Breed
10:24:35 make one uwu [laffy]
do the pack life game thing and draw whatever it gives you


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The Red Blizzard|| Roleplay Thread February 15, 2021 06:29 PM

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Roleplay Thread: You are here

Discussion Thread: Click Me

SignUp Thread: Click Me

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The Red Blizzard|| Roleplay Thread February 15, 2021 06:40 PM

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Lead Dog

(Dead/Lost)- Ghost||5||Male||German ShepherdxWolf-Dog||#253090||1

Swing Dogs

-Hail Storm||3.4||Male||Alaskan HuskyxMix||#269879||1

-Noel||2||Male||MalamutexSiberian Husky||#270800||2

Team Dogs

- Aiashi||2||Female||Canadian Eskimo||#271195||2

-Nika||2 1/2||Female||Seppala Sleddog||#270917||3

-Tachi||2||Male||WolfxDog||#271616||3 (Scout until another team dog)


Wheel Dogs

- Rapids||5||Female||Canadian Eskimox Malamute||#242319||1

- Mobe||2.5||Male||MalamutexSiberian Husky||#270800||2




1. All Wolf play & Eve rules apply always & should be respected & followed.

2. I am the host of this role play. I control the weather & the time of day of the role play & will choose who is accepted & who is declined. No one else.

3. No over powered characters. No Mary Sue's or Romeo & Juliet's. This is a realistic role play, don't spoil it. No god modding.

4. Please be active at least once a day and get a reply in at least once a day. If you are going to poof for a few days, then PM me and we will just have your character follow along quietly.

5. Everyone's character will get injured. If you aren't okay with this then you shouldn't join this role play as it is primarily about the dogs trying to survive, find their way to a town potentially, & the sled dogs being/becoming injured; emotionally, mentally, & physically.

6. This is, basically, a survival role play. If you get, for example, a broken paw, the dog will be limping. If they don't keep off it and mess with it constantly, it will either heal awkwardly or it just wont heal at all. If you get hit by a moose, you have a high chance of dying or getting critically injured. Always keep this in mind.

7. They will need to eat. They will need to drink. They will need to sleep. This is supposed to be realistic. PM me the date you finish your sign up (just month and day) so I know you have read the rules and that you have finished.

8. Try not to trigger anyone on purpose. Unless it is their character, then have at it. Also, hate the character, not the player. I can not stress this enough.

9. Reservations will be 24 hours long. Don't hesitate to pm me if your reservation or someone else's reservation has expired. I don't bite :)

10. Please be Semi lit - lit. Meaning, 3+ paragraphs per response and 7+ sentances per paragraph. I understand writers block, but always try to reach over 2 paragraphs. Small grammar issues are fine. Though, spell check is there for a reason. I also understand quick writers. I am one myself.

11. LGBTQ+ dogs will be accepted as I don't think this role play will last long enough for puppies to be born. If it does though, I will re-open sign ups and have another sled dog team join the OG team of dogs. This will be described in further detail in the discussion thread.

12. More rules will be added as I see fit.

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The Red Blizzard|| Roleplay Thread February 15, 2021 06:56 PM

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This is where I will post the current weather, time, and possible warnings for possible danger. I will also post what major things have happened. The date is the day I posted it, not what day it is the the roleplay unless stated otherwise.


Febuary 15th, 6:44 PM: Musher is dead. Lead dog is no where to be seen. Either dead or got lost. The Snow is dying down slightly so the dogs can actually see a little ways infront of them and see eachother. They are all lost, confused, and mourning their fallen musher and the possible death of their Lead Dog. They can scower through the sled to find food, but otherwise it is useless. Snow is deep, but they don't sink too much into it thankfully. They are in a forest that has thin, evergreen trees.

Note: They all are unclipped due to the powerfull magic of off camera stuff (aka, Votum really not wanting them to sit their for a roleplay day and figure out how to get unclipped) They all still have their harnesses. They aren't probably that hungry as they ate the night before when they stopped to rest.

The Red Blizzard|| Roleplay Thread February 15, 2021 06:58 PM

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You may now post :)
If you aren't in the roleplay, please do not post here. Instead PM me.
Use the following format:
N=Non binary
TW=Trigger Warning (blood, etc.)
Name||Gender(F/M/N)||Mentions: ||(If there is, but I highly doubt)TW

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The Red Blizzard|| Roleplay Thread February 15, 2021 07:17 PM

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Rapids||F||Mentions: Most of the pack
Rapids shoved the rest of her hindquarters out from under the tree's branches. Thankfully, she didn't get hit unlike the musher. She knew he was dead as she heard her pack mates murmer about it and by the scent of death mixed with the musher's own scent. Rapids shook out her fur, getting rid of the twigs and branches. She looked over, seeing if Mobe had been able to free himself of the tangle of branches. The tree trunk had just fallen behind them and, unfortunatly onto the musher, causing his death.
Rapids looked around, now able to see a little ways in front of her unlike how it was before while they where all running, their musher still alive. She slipped her was amongst the pack. She felt unable to calm them as she too was depressed over the sudden death of their musher. She didn't know where they were nor where they should be going as the musher only knew where to go. He large figure seemed to sage, quite unlike her usually cheerful self.
Rapids did a head count. She then noticed their lead dog, Ghost, the eldest besides Rapids was missing. Rapids wasn't as experienced at Ghost, nor had his knowledge as this was her first time truely out on an actual run. She ever only helped haul things across the place wheather it be around town or at home. She sat down, seeming startled and wide eyed.
The Red Blizzard|| Roleplay Thread February 15, 2021 08:08 PM

Stalker of Prey
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Hailstorm||Male||Mentions: No one really||
Ghost. Ghost. Ghost. The word floated around his mind as Hailstorm paced. The ice clicked under his claws. He sighed and watched as a little cloud emerged in front of his face, then faded quickly. Hailstorm lost his grip on the ice for a minute, distracted by his own thoughts. Scrabbling at the ice, Hail managed to regain balance. Sighing, he closed his eyes, remembering.
They had been trotting along at normal speed. A wild wind storm had caught them off guard. The few trees creaked and snapped. Hail remembered seeing a huge one. He had stopped dead with fear as it slowly bent forward, getting faster and faster by the second. And it was right next to them. The last thing he saw was the tree, falling. The last thing he heard was a shout from his beloved owner and musher. And the last thing he tasted, was blood in his mouth. And then he had blacked out.
Hailstorm screamed. The pain all come rushing back to him, all at once. He remembered the happy moments he and his musher once had. He remembered the strong friendship between him and Ghost. But now, their musher was dead, and Ghost was probably dead or lost. But now, they were all alone in the wilderness, without any food and living supplies. But now, he had lost almost everything.
Hailstorm's mind clashed. He wobbled, dizzy. He whimpered and limped off the ice to where all of the others were gathered. Hail saw the worried look on their faces when they had heard him scream. He watched as Rapids pulled herself out from under the tree and walked over, checking if she was okay. Hail knew he wasn't the lead dog, but he still felt as a Swing Dog, he was like the second-in-command and that he would take over if the first in command was not here.
Closing his eyes, Hailstorm ran his thoughts through his head. Injuries first, he thought. "I need you all to check if you have injuries." he announced to the others. "I want to take a moment to gather my thoughts first, though." Hail turned away and sat.
The Red Blizzard|| Roleplay Thread February 17, 2021 02:08 PM

Former Pack
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Nika||F||Mentions: Hailstorm, Rapids and the rest of the pack
Nika was still struggling to regain her balance from the crash, barely managing to shake the soft snow off of her fur. She whimpered as she felt pain in her front paw as soon as she had set it down. was most likely sprained. The dog glanced around her, her ears lowering and dread washing over her when she noticed that their lead dog was missing. Did Ghost die too? What were they going to do now that their musher and the lead dog were dead?! She hoped that they wouldn't starve... Nika knew how to hunt small things like rabbits, mice, voles and birds, but she knew that those wouldn't be enough to sustain an entire pack of sleddogs for too long..
Her thoughts were interrupted by Hailstorm screaming, which only made the sleddog lower her ears even further. Nika wanted to go and comfort him, but she personally didn't know the swing dog too well and on top of that, he had said that he wanted to gather his thoughts.. Sighing, she limped towards the other dogs, making sure that they're okay before finally making her way to the wheel dogs. Nika eventually got to Rapids, sniffing her and then letting out a small whimper. "Are you alright? Nothing broken or sprained?"
The Red Blizzard|| Roleplay Thread March 1, 2021 03:29 PM

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Rapids || F || M: Nika, the rest of the pack
Rapids was worried for Hailstorm, and felt slightly guilty as she, being the second eldest, should take up the responsibility. Yet, Rapids knew she wouldn't be a good leader. She wasn't the type of dogs who enjoyed telling others what to do. She sighed however, knowing Hailstorm was probably assuming role as the leader, at least for now. She wished she where at least a little more capable.
Rapids was sniffing her own pelt, looking for any injuries as she was the closest to the crash and expected at least some injuries. She looked up to see Nika comng over, asking of she was alright. "I think so, surprisingly." Rapids streatched out each paw in turn. Bruises at most, possibly just some pain from the branches, but nothing serious. Rapids looked back at Nika, "Are you alright?" She asked, hearing the wimper Nika had let out. She noticed Nika keeping pressure off one of her legs and immidently became concerned for the Team Dogs health. "Do you need any help getting around or anything?" She asked, her brows pinched together in worry, her ears slightly held back. She didn't want Nika to be in any pain and attempting to move around. She didn't know Nika well, nor the rest of the pack, but she still cared.

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