10:15:30 The Monster
To be honest, I'd probably name a kid based on a video game character.
10:14:05 they/he/it α
not planning on kids and hope i never am forced to have them.. respects to people who can handle being parents.
Ghost Eater
10:13:49 Ω Hunting Souls
if i end up with a kid related to me, they're gonna be so mentally screwed :'D
10:13:46 The Monster
I think schizophrenia is genetic on occasion. I don't remember.
10:13:39 Ω Forseance
Coral river
I feel like the baby's gender shouldn't matter. I'm sorry but I don't understand why they are disappointed
10:13:11 The Monster
They'll also have a 50% chance of having schizophrenia just like me.
Coral river
10:13:09 coral, river, mother
the 3 and 1 1/2 year old allready show signs of adhd
Coral river
10:12:41 coral, river, mother
wendi thats a garentee on my end both me and my fiance have adhd and i have dyslexia as well so fun fun
10:12:01 The Monster
I know for a fact that if I have a kid, they're gonna have severe adhd.
Coral river
10:11:53 coral, river, mother
ghost its even more uncomfortable for the people who know what its like 😂 the lack of personal space and controle you have is terrifying oh and all the doctors and nurses constantly touching the mama
Ashes of Night
10:11:42 Bre(she/they)
I also don't understand the appeal of knowing the sex of a child.. Then again, I don't want to have kids
10:11:27 The Monster
Silver, same.
Coral river
10:11:05 coral, river, mother
silver i have two girls and a strong feeling this one is probably one as well only difference from the other two pregnancys this ones alot more painfull in my scar area and im in general more sore than last time
Ghost Eater
10:10:42 Ω Hunting Souls
the thought of having kids makes me so uncomfortable :')
Coral river
10:09:56 coral, river, mother
skeleton i just want a squishy baby if it could not be a giant baby this time id be pleased to not to thrilled imma have another c cection but hey is what it is
Silver Valley Pack
I definentally want to be supprised by my first kids gender
Coral river
10:09:10 coral, river, mother
though* sorry ive been texting my 13 year old sister lately lol
10:08:56 The Monster
Exactly, skeleton. You said it better than I.
Coral river
10:08:43 coral, river, mother
i litterally could care less what it is i just want it to be healthy tho if its a girl i allready have a name picked out cuz i was gonna give my next girl my bestfreinds middle name in memmory of her
10:07:34 they/he/it α
a baby's sex really shouldn't matter. sure it's fun to know and plan but like.. what's the big rush?


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