11:19:03 ROT, Corpse,YSF
I didn’t fall off the stage when getting my diploma so my grandma gave me 20$ LOL
11:02:00 Techno | Texhno

It's mainly Milo that forces him to do pictures and to smile. Sebastian is just in it for the comedy.
Pack of Blazing Fire
I don't have her number but i have her friends number... im going to tell them first and see if they know who she likes
Syncopated Clock
10:59:21 Kai, Synco/Clock
Burst Light Pack
Spell out your words please~
Burst Light Pack
Dm me if you can help
Burst Light Pack
Me and a friend pack need some help from a premium pack Plz
Shadow Sages
10:57:32 SS, Sages
Techno~ I'll keep that in mind.

Life~ Of course. :)
10:55:52 practice 40 hours
sounds like something he'd do, yeah--

@floof flood
don't listen to her, keep simping for the ginger grumpy fuck.
10:55:12 Techno | Texhno

His boyfriends are dying because they took the picture. The moment they got a good one he stopped smiling and shot them both with paintballs as revenge.


He already has like 2 simps he doesn't need more. His ego is big enough.
Shadow Sages
10:54:19 SS, Sages
Life~ It's fantastic.
Shadow Sages
10:53:19 SS, Sages
Techno~ Well.

That's. That's a pretty character. I'd simp, but got no brain cells left lmao
10:52:55 Red Panda Hoarder
pine, i might. i want the cool looking bracelet all the nominees get. i got one yesterday because they did it yesterday also but i gave it to my friend since they gave my friend a broken one
10:52:40 practice 40 hours
@floof flood
this is a draft of one-- like i said, not that good LMAOOO
Shadow Sages
10:51:43 SS, Sages
Life~ Yeah.

Boba tea and other things as pride art sounds interesting.
10:51:34 practice 40 hours
D A Y U M.

i'm already starting to simp, but alas. i no longer can. rip.
Dagger Pack
10:51:17 Zuko/Legacy
Looking for RP partners! PM me if interested!
10:50:39 Techno | Texhno

Here I'll show you the sketch: -Click-
10:49:59 practice 40 hours

better show me when you're done--
10:49:47 practice 40 hours
@floof flood

i will, i will--

and, yeah, pride art-- boba tea and other things. it doesn't look /that/ good, buuuuuut. i'm working on it--
ask your teacher, they'll probably get the stuff for you if you tell them. do not let this be make you sad, there is still time to fix it.


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