Teeth Junkie
12:23:42 TableclothStan/Vapor

Hit me up in DMs :O
Anyone good with names want to pm me? I've got some unnamed OCs who need some names >.>
Teeth Junkie
12:22:39 TableclothStan/Vapor

A little tired, but I'm kind of wanting to draw? I'm a little out of it though lol

12:22:02 Techno | The Blade

Speaking of writing. I sent you some.
Kyram Pack
12:21:41 Mando, Ky, Bear.
How are you?

Where are we going o.o
12:21:30 Techno | The Blade

Bruh my aunt found my writing on Wattpad when I was younger and called up my parents keen on the fact that I wanted to kill em. I didn't even tell my parents I was writing at that point.
Epiphany Insight
12:21:12 Its Inter, fishes
Someone give me a hellhound character. I know its random, but it's just what I want to do-
Teeth Junkie
12:20:37 TableclothStan/Vapor
Heya kyram!
Kyram Pack
12:20:29 Mando, Ky, Bear.
Heya Toofers
12:20:14 I was Kobel
The easy solution to that is just don't let 'em see it ;>
Teeth Junkie
12:19:49 TableclothStan/Vapor
Graphic gore my beloved,,, Primrose and feathery gore,,
Epiphany Insight
12:18:56 Its Inter, fishes
OH now I get it
Now I get what Tech is writing. I cant relate
12:18:32 Techno | The Blade

While it is fun I kind of would rather not have my parents try and send me off to a psych ward again ;-;
Your Summer Swimsuit
12:18:05 Crystalline Dye Lord
Techie's writing is something.
Epiphany Insight
12:17:10 Its Inter, fishes
Right? ;;
Epiphany Insight
12:16:54 Its Inter, fishes
Because I have no other option, lmao. I'm just a lil' person ever here that only is able to soak up my own writing-
12:16:38 I was Kobel
Okay but graphic gore do be kinda fun though,, :eyes:
12:16:13 I was Kobel
Epiphany Insight
Perfect- perfect lmao-

You'd certainly go some interesting places with him-!
Kyram Pack
12:15:21 Mando, Ky, Bear.
Yes. Best friend vibes.
12:15:09 Techno | The Blade

Why does your mind have to go to the worst case here. I'm not writing gore and I haven't written graphic gore in a little over 2 years.

I think you have the wrong idea of the kind of writer I am.


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