Valiant Winecup
09:28:11 Kurt the Val
Really? Nice.
Wandering Spirits
09:27:48 Wander, Spirit, Wand
um cries
Amazing Angel
09:27:28 Chat Nickname: Angel
flying potato
09:27:16 TAM potato lord
both litters has a DH father one liter has DH mother piared with the DH male and another was a viti female paider with the DH male..and then i lost my mela female's pups(fatherd by a mela) and they where all on my maine account
09:26:45 KitKat/Stalker 1
-WP Click-
a small suggestion where injury symbol is moved to wolfÂ’s name

-WP Click-
Suggestion where private breeding can be set up several times

-WP Click-
Please PM me, if you want a spot in my alliance and I can make some space:) it looks full but space can be made. My alliance focuses on focus on contests, dominance and socializing! Dom. Requirements is only 250. We have a contest on summer 3, so hurry!
Little Evergreen
09:26:40 Your Bread Lord
-WP Click-

And now to wait >:)
Valiant Winecup
09:26:32 Kurt the Val
Wander, potato
xd thanks. I might keep her. I don't know yet though.
09:26:28 Old Spice Swagger
Holy fuck! Genie has produced a 49R AC albino :o
09:25:33 🐢
I know right, it's always the ones you least expect, lol
09:25:23 Ze grand zucchini
That sucks, sorry to hear that potato
flying potato
09:25:12 TAM potato lord
shes pretty
Wandering Spirits
09:25:11 Wander, Spirit, Wand
thats sad, she is pretty though
flying potato
09:24:40 TAM potato lord
i lost 3
Destinations End
09:24:36 Desti, Coy, Coydog
Chim grandparents.

But it's also possible for a wolf to randomly have a chim without being a chim,, or having a chim parent themself
Valiant Winecup
09:24:22 Kurt the Val
So good news! Got a defect from wolfparty! The bad news is, it's not one worth anything. >->
-WP Click-
09:24:14 Ze grand zucchini
Lost a litter today ._.
And the rest were duds
~Milk Babe~
09:24:07 Flesh-Peddler >:)
I don't know why you're complaining xD
flying potato
09:23:31 TAM potato lord
k im back
09:23:13 Emmet :: Twice
This little shit produced a chim. How?!

-WP Click-
Wandering Spirits
09:22:59 Wander, Spirit, Wand
thats sad


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Forums > Breeding Discussion > Breeding Ads

Starlit Astrologos Shop: Wrestler, talents & boosts April 3, 2021 01:04 AM

Starlit Astrologos
Posts: 220
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This post is for all about your favorite studs and broods, plus tons of discounts and other wonderful news.
Currently, we have these following studs. The ones without links are unavailable - due to boarding or being BE trained.
- Excellent Howler/Apple rated 49 Wrestler: 3 years old, 7 talents, 12 rarity scores, 121 pounds, +12 vitals, 80/200 charisma (still increasing daily!). Top 10 FMC Wrestler March 2021.
- Second Sight Hero: 5 years old, 5 talents, 20 rarity scores, 142 pounds, +17 vitals.
- DH Leucism line: 2 years old, 16 talents, 21 rarity scores. Leucism father.
- DH Amela/Chim line: 2 years old, 3 talents, 9 rarity scores. Amela father, Chim grand.
- DH Leucism line High Vitals: 3 years old, 1 talent, 0 rarity scores, 112 pounds, + 44 vitals. Both father and grandfather are Leuc.
Currently, we have these following females. The ones without links are unavailable - due to boarding or being BE trained.
- G1 Excellent Howler 51R: 9 years old, 9 talents, Honey 2 Dynamic coat, 200 maternal. Gave birth to an Albino and a Divine Health, plus two more 30 talents pups. Top 10 Howler February 2021.
- G6 DH: 7 years old, 16 talents, 14 rarity scores, 131 pounds. Hog line and Amadeus line.
- G5 DH: 4 years old, 2 talents, 8 rarity scores, 140 pounds. Chimera father, Melanism mother. Gave birth to a DH
[Extra breeding rules for less stress]
Some of the studs and/or females have breeding price already available when you click on the link. For the females, this mean you get POL.
Getting another POL will cost you 80 mushrooms - must be sent before the pups are born.
Before sending items for the female breeding, please send me a mail. I will reply you when I'm online to receive the item. If you send it right away, there might be a chance for other packs to steal them.
Other offers can be made here. I accept wolf and art trade. Jasmine and fern's price is according to the market price - which is listed at the bottom of the post.
- For all alliance members, you have -20% stud fees. Please notify me before breeding the stud, so I can lower the price for you. The best scenario would be putting up your female on private, and send me the fee through the game system.
- For people who made the favorite hooman list: You have a random chance of getting discounts ranging from 25% to 100%. This come with a side serving of imaginary cookies, please state your favorite flavor before the actual breeding so I can bake you a new jar.
Jasmine: 600 mushrooms - 3rd of April, 2021
Green Fern: 900 mushrooms - 3rd of April, 2021

Edited at April 3, 2021 01:05 AM by Starlit Astrologos
Starlit Astrologos Shop: Wrestler, talents & boosts April 4, 2021 10:24 PM

Starlit Astrologos
Posts: 220
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Please put your offer below. We can negotiate, but I won't tolerate lowball

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