Silverback Oak
10:23:54 Fire Emblem?
Lycan Blood
10:23:29 Lux

Oh my, same! If anything I can just go outside of my house for about 10 minutes and then get back in. Otherwise I'm just on screens all day long- I feel like I'll go blind.

I dislike people so much, but at this point I would cry in happiness if I could go outside to meet my friends.


Will do! I write bio's as well for some of my wolves. I just find it hard to relate songs to them- maybe that's just me though.. xD
Bella Luna
10:23:17 The Sicilian
Wait till I get going! Where was I?
10:22:48 Raven
I'm more of a Viking sort of chick. *shrug* never been too into princesses
Onyx's Haven
10:22:24 Jade
Bella Luna -
Stop rhyming now, I mean it!

Does anybody want a peanut?

10:22:01 DareDevil
What'd yu say about it?
Four Tailed Floof
10:20:33 🍪Paper Cooki
i wake up and get on wolfplay and more than half of the wolves that i put up for sale are goNe. and i still have two left . 741 mush. i guess i didnt do the math correctly, if the last two sell, then ill have more than enough mush for my first apple :,D
Bella Luna
10:20:22 The Sicilian
Did all my Princess Bride fans leave me hanging?
Silverback Oak
10:20:12 Fire Emblem?
You should check the bios of some of my wolves then!
Lycan Blood
10:19:47 Lux

Ahh I see! ^^
I don't have any songs connected to my wolves, so it's pretty cool seeing others have it c:
10:19:37 Popo / Port
@ Lux

That is very true! The first few weeks I found myself constantly sleeping the hours away just to make life seem like it's going by faster. As antisocial as I am, I seriously miss people xD
10:18:20 Sun / Sunny
Silverback Oak
10:18:15 Fire Emblem?
I connect the song to one of my wolves (Faded Shade)
Lycan Blood
10:17:34 Lux

Such a great song!
Undead Gay Boi
10:17:34 Baka/Gay/lil/weirdo
I am looking for someone to do a highschool roleplay with me could you pm me and I will tell you more and if you would read my pack page it has the rules and everything
Silverback Oak
10:16:49 Fire Emblem?
Lycan Blood
10:15:56 Lux

Good to hear! Very true, I've totally messed up my sleeping schedule because of the whole quarantine thing. Mostly because I want to sleep away the day so I don't have to feel like I want to go outside haha! It sucks though. D:
***Metal Heels***
10:12:54 Heels
PM me for FxM RP!
I'm open to all ideas except TV series- ^^
10:12:14 Popo / Port
@ Lux

Things are going well; thank you for asking. I mean there is really only so much fun in a day that one person can have during quarantine so it's normal as usual.
Bella Luna
10:11:01 The Sicilian
Wait till I get going! Where was I?


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[Interactive] Remarkable Rats! (Closed Temporarily!) March 26, 2020 02:41 AM

Posts: 65


You stumble across some sort of cabin in the woods, pushing open the creaking door and peeking in, only to discover that it's actually a little store. A person, frantically dusting cobwebs to set up for their first day, caught your gaze. They smile and wave, going back to cleaning.
"You're a little early, but hi! Welcome to my humble little shop, The Remarkable Rat! You can get everything rat-related here; food, toys, even rats themselves!"
You blink.
"It's my first day, so please be patient," they said,"Let me show you my wares! Some items will be listed as 'Out of Stock' if I can't provide them yet."

Item Shopping:

"Here you can find all sorts of things! There's food, capture items, toys, breeding tools and so on!"


"Food's required if you wanna go out and get a rat on your own."
Rat Pellets: 10 Mush - Basic and boring pellets in a little bag that usually attract common rats. (In Stock!)
Crunchy Carrot: 15 Mush - A rather bland but healthy snack for your rodent friends that'll usually attract an uncommon rat. (In Stock!)
Great Grapes: 20 Mush - Tasty, sweet, and soft, usually attracting the pickier rare rodents. (In Stock!)
Beautiful Blueberries: 30 Mush - A super sweet and delicate fruit that typically attracts unusual rats. (In Stock!) (Typically have unnatural colors.)

Explore Items

"You don't need to buy these, but they help you get closer to the rat you want!"
Flower Petals: 10 Mush - Sticking these in your bag or pocket will create a floral aroma that helps you attract female rats. (In Stock!)
Herb Leaves: 10 Mush - Putting these in your pocket or bag will create a strong herbal aroma that helps you to attract male rats. (In Stock!)

Breeding Items

"For whenever you want to be particular about the offspring."
Please note that there are no 'babies', and when the mother gives birth, the rats will immediately become adults. However, they will have a breeding cooldown of a few days.
Colorful Toy: 20 Mush - This pretty, colorful object of sorts guarantees twins! (In Stock!)
Floral Perfume: 15 Mush - Somehow, this perfume guarantees that the mother gives birth to a female rat/rats. (In Stock!)
Herbal Perfume: 15 Mush - Somehow, this perfume guarantees that the mother gives birth to a male rat/rats. (In Stock!)

Other Items

"Not necessary right now, but you might need them later on."
5 Cages: 10 Mush - Gives you five more spaces to hold rats! (In Stock!)

Base Credit

PidgePudge on DA.

The Cages

You can find all of your rats here!

Edited at April 1, 2020 11:47 AM by Simplicity
[Interactive] Remarkable Rats! (Closed Temporarily!) March 26, 2020 03:02 AM

Posts: 65


"You can go out and look for rats by exploring a variety of locations! Food is the only thing required, but you can get all sorts of helpful items from the store to aid you on your journey!"
Please understand that you can only do 2 interactive explores a week! However, if you choose non-interactive, you can get as many as you'd like. (But I'll only take up to five in one order.)


"Here's a list of all the cool places you can explore for rats!"
The Woods - You can travel deep into the woods searching for a wild rat!
Alleyways - You're sure to find one of those cute little rodents digging through a garbage can.
An Abandoned House - A creaky, old, abandoned house infested with foilage. Now that wildlife's taken over, there's sure to be a rat in there!
An Open Field - Wander aimlessly until you come across a rodent to befriend.

The Form

"Fill this out and you can be on your way!"
Pack Name:
Food Item:
Items (Optional):
Total Cost (Please don't estimate):
Allow Unnatural Colors?:

Edited at March 29, 2020 10:06 PM by Simplicity
[Interactive] Remarkable Rats! (Closed Temporarily!) March 26, 2020 03:02 AM

Posts: 65

Rats For Sale:

"Welcome to the section of my shop where I sell rats of my own! There's a tag with info attatched to their cages, but you can ask me questions if you need to. If you're sure you want to buy one, bring it to me!"
Just tell me which one you want and what you'd like to name it, and I'll give you the go-ahead when it's okay to pay.
Hmm... it's pretty empty. Check back later!

Edited at April 1, 2020 09:41 PM by Simplicity
[Interactive] Remarkable Rats! (Closed Temporarily!) March 26, 2020 03:02 AM

Posts: 65


"Here, you can breed two rats together!"

The initial cost to breed is 20 mush!
Females can breed twice a week, unless you buy extra breedings.
Males can breed four times a week, unless you buy extra breedings.
A female's pregnancy will last anywhere from a couple hours to two days, depending on how busy I am.
The rats born will immediately grow into adults, but there is a breeding cooldown period of three days after you get them.

The Form

Pack Name:
Male Rat:
Female Rat:
Items (Optional):
Total (Please don't estimate):

Breeding Center
"Take a look at these!"
If you breed with one of my females, you'll still get all of the rats! The price to breed with each rat is listed under them.

There's no rats here right now... Check back later!

Edited at March 27, 2020 02:11 PM by Simplicity
[Interactive] Remarkable Rats! (Closed Temporarily!) March 26, 2020 03:02 AM

Posts: 65
Base by PidgePudge (formerly KennonInk) on DA!
^ Uncommon example
^ Unusual example

Edited at March 26, 2020 06:10 AM by Simplicity
[Interactive] Remarkable Rats! (Closed Temporarily!) March 26, 2020 03:03 AM

Posts: 65
[Interactive] Remarkable Rats! (Closed Temporarily!) March 26, 2020 03:37 AM

Posts: 65
We are now officially open for business!
[Interactive] Remarkable Rats! (Closed Temporarily!) March 26, 2020 07:45 AM

Posts: 100

Edited at March 28, 2020 11:19 AM by Yeshello
[Interactive] Remarkable Rats! (Closed Temporarily!) March 26, 2020 08:01 AM

Posts: 65

Yeshello said:
I would like an example of the first one! ^w^
And the food can be rat pellets!
Very adorable!

I apologize, could you explain what you mean?
If you want to get one, please fill out the exploration form.
[Interactive] Remarkable Rats! (Closed Temporarily!) March 26, 2020 10:10 AM

Posts: 2374
Pack Name: after rain 246213
Food Item: crönchy carrot (15)
Location: open field
Items (Optional): herb leaves (10)
Total Cost (Please don't estimate): 25
Interactive?: yes please!
Allow Unnatural Colors?: nah

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